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Is America Becoming a Military Dictatorship?

's farewell  Civilian authority over the military is a hallmaark principle over American government. In this role, the President reigns as the "Commander-in-Chief", not the other way around. This principle has ensured the preservation of [...]

Drug overdose deaths now kill more Americans than the Vietnam War

SHOCK: Drug overdose deaths now kill more Americans every year than the entire Vietnam War… after Democrats refused to protect the border from drug cartels  Mike Adams (Natural News) For the last eight years, Democrats [...]

Trump Is Using China Like a Long Lost Friend

      Russia is still wondering what happened as China prepares to attack North Korea on behalf of the United States. However, this development does not come without serious consequences. Get the entire story [...]

The UN Coup to Takeover Amerika

  Please recall that I had previously reviewed my revelations about UN involvement on our soil and that they were going to respond to a manufactured crisis in order to assume control over the country. [...]

UN Plot Unfolding Which Includes Gun Confiscation and Sanctioned Terrorism

  The Gun Ban Treaty took effect on December 24, 2014. The UN is preparing to act on that ban. I wrote the following in 2014: I WANT TO BE CRYSTAL CLEAR. WHEN [...]

This Is the Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

  TheHuffington Post is the most stupid publication on the planet. You will not believe your ears when you listen to this. After listening, please leave a comment telling us the most stupid thing you [...]

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Gestapo Airlines Does It Again

    Only days after United Airlines was responsbile for breaking the nose of a man who did not volunteer to give up his seat to an airline that overbooked his flight. Lightening has struck twice. [...]

Who Will Speak for America If Social Media Forces the Alt Right Out of Business?

YouTube's new program where kids as young as 13 will decide what you will see and hear. It's called the Heores program.   YouTube (i.e. Google) and Facebook are acting as unregulated monopolies. [...]