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Ex-CIA Officer Has More Stunning Revelations Than Q-Anon

Robert David Steele, ex-CIA clandestine case officer. In Parts One and Two of this presentation, Steele has more stunning and pertinent revelations than Q-ANON           For more stories like [...]

Wyoming’s State Government Is Betting That the Dollar Is Near Collapse

Gold, in particular, and silver are a definite hedge against the collapse of the dollar and runaway inflation.. Wyoming has decided to tax-exempt gold and silver from taxation. Does this mean that Wyoming's tate [...]

Trump Is Bringing Control of the Secret Space Program Under the Control of the Elected Government

For the past 3 years i have been writing about how the secret space program was the dominant program and it had its origin in the 1950's and the technology behind it was light years [...]

Home Depot Joins the American Party

Something magical is happening to American based corporations. In the name of pursuing Trump-created profits they are turning their collective backs on the old guard on Wall Street which is controlled by the Deep [...]

Health Ranger lawyers issue demand to YouTube: Show justification for termination or reinstate video channel

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) In the most egregious demonstration yet of outright tyranny and oppression of free speech, YouTube terminated the entire Health Ranger channel(“TheHealthRanger”) without explanation over a week ago. [...]

Who Would Have Thought San Francisco Bay Would Become Ft. Sumter?

An elevated starboard view of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) passing under the Golden Gate Bridge during Fleet Week activities.   President Trump is spitting in the face of the [...]

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Boost your body’s regenerative potential with these healing foods and nutrients

 by: Zoey Sky (Natural News) Whether you’re in the pink of health or suffering from medical conditions, it’s best to read up on these foods and nutrients that can help regenerate body tissues. When we’re healthy, the [...]

The TSA Is Expanding Their Perimeter of Tyranny

The TSA is indeed coming to a neighborhood near you. No longer will they be confined to the nation's airports. Although they have never caught a terrorist, that won't stop them from coming to [...]

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