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War Is Coming- How to Tell When? Must Listen Broadcast

  The world is more than likely going to war.  Everyone wants to know when for all the obvious reasons. Do you know what to look for so you can step up your preparations? Here [...]

Very Concerning: More Predictive Programming From Designated Survivor

You won't believe what is playing on this show.   Believe me, I only watch the show for the predictive programming aspect. This show is championing the Cliinton/Obama agenda to a large extent and [...]

North Korea’s 3 Deadman Switches-Are We Ready?

to protect the grid from an EMP attack? North Korea has the ability to bring down holy hell on our country. There is no question that NK can be destroyed by the might [...]

Look Out Below- Oroville Dam Spring Run-Off Begins- 2 Million In Danger- Paul Preston Interview

    Major breaking story at the Oroville Dam. There are number of formidable challenges facing the Oroville Dam. First and foremost, the spring runoff has started and unless there is an usually dry spring, [...]

NYT Supports ISIS As An Instrument of US Foreign Policy

    The New York Times (NYT) is living proof that in the mainstream media, investigative journalism is dead and propaganda is King. You will not believe what the NYT said we should do with [...]

The Number One Heinous Crime In America

  There is no more of a heinous crime than child sex trafficking.  From what I have observed, the media, with its deep state backers will bring extreme pressure to bear in order to cover [...]

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Must Listen: Can the Mind Heal? The Medical Conspiracy That Supresses the Truth

      Many have commented that this is one of my best broadcasts.  Why? Because the topic helps people realize that they have much more control over their lives than they are led to [...]

Before WW3 Sets In, Enjoy Your Life

As we head to the dark side, take time to enjoy the small, but important things in life. Here is a reminder and we ask the question, "Can mass consciousness bring about a change in [...]