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Occupied FEMA Camps In Santa Ana, CA

    I have written about it before.  There was an emphasis, four years ago, to begin building mobile detention centers. There were funded by the Army and DHS.  This is what we are seeing [...]

What Exactly Are the Soros Gangsters Protesting?

  The Faces of Civil War   Forget the “build the wall” pledge by Donald Trump for just a moment. Everything else he is trying to do benefits the American people, even the most ardent [...]

Worsening Oroville Dam Crisis: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Later tonight, the first of 3 major storms will hit the Oroville area. Will the Oroville Dam hold? We collectively pray that it does. During the present crisis and largely due to the fact that [...]

Is Pence Setting Up Trump for Impeachment?

Recently fired NSA Director Michael Flynn. Is Donald Trump going to get impeached.  I think so.   Flynn and Trump have been isolated with regard to communicating with the Russians, while Obama was [...]

The Oroville Dam Crisis Is Not Over- Gov Brown Demonstrates Lack of Concern for Citizen Welfare

The Oroville Dam crisis is a long way from being over. The threat to life and property remains in place regardless of what Gov. Jerry Brown says.   As I reported on 2/14/2017, the National [...]

Eye Witness to Failing Oroville Dam Speaks Out

  Is the Sacremento Valley ready?   Can the Federal Government turn this dire situation around?   I just interviewed Paul Preston. Paul is a radio broadcaster on Agenda 21 Radio/Red State Radio [...]

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Oroville Dam Nearing Collapse-Local Officials Begin Evacuations

I have received some incredibly ignorant emails regarding the condition of the Oroville Dam.  One email said the government has nothing to worry about and they have "fixed" the problem.  If the government has fixed [...]

Tillerson Is Cleaning House at the State Dept- Is he going deep enough

  I was opposed to the Rex Tillerson appointment to the Secretary of State position.  I may have been wrong. Tillerson is winning me over. Among the good things he is doing, he is getting [...]