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HR 6393 Will Put the Alt Media In Prison for Criticizing the Government

Shh! Don't criticize the government or they will send you to the Gulag! HR 6393 Do you remember when George Bush, in responding to criticismso fhte destruction of the 4th Amendment because of [...]

David Petraeus and Hillary Conspired to Have Ambassador Stevens Murdered- Trump Must Run From This Criminal

CIA Director, at the time of the Benghazi murder, David Petraeus, and his mistress, Paula Broadwell. Petreaus not only cheated on his wife, he cheated on his country and his actions led to the [...]

Why Is Trump Promising Tax Breaks to the Top 1%-Genius or Liar?

Why is Trump giving tax breaks to the top 1%? Is he a genius or a liar? IS he forsaking his campaign promises, or is there a master plan in effect that will benefit everyone? [...]

Why Is Obama Staying In Washington DC? Will He Refuse to Vacate the Presidency?

  Obama has announced that he is not leaving Washington D.C.  That contradicts what happened near the end of his first term when he sold his Chicago home and was making plans to move to [...]

Women to be Drafted-Can WW III Be Far Behind?

  Hillary was for drafting women and now Congress is following suit.   Hillary Clinton has champtioned the idea. What idea? The idea that women should register for the draft. What? There is [...]

Good call, Trump: It’s time America recognized Taiwan as a sovereign nation (and rejected the bullying of communist China)

by: Mike Adams (NaturalNews) Keep reading if you want to know the real story about Trump, Taiwan and communist China. While mainstream media outlets are losing their minds over the fact that Taiwan president Tsai [...]

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The Election Is On The Verge of Being Stolen: The Globalists’ Three-Pronged Strategy

If you write about controversy long enough, you will eventually hear from all sides. And I have heard from all sides. This may be the most pivotal story I have ever written, or will write. [...]

More Facebook Gestapo Style Censorship-There Is An Alternative

  Facebook's new Community Standards Department censoring as many conservative opinions and news as possible.   It is not surprising that Facebook is a tool of censorship and spying for the elite. However, [...]