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  • power grid
    Multiple Sources Indicate North Korea Will Attack the American Power Grid

      Last week, I reported that Western bankers have committed two acts of war against Russia. First, the West has driven down the price of oil to such an extent that the Russians are being forced to tap into both their gold and oil reserves to keep their economy afloat. Further, there is a direct attack upon the Ruble by the West as Russia’s financial ..

  • police state amerika
    Random Examples on Life Inside “Police State America”

        We no longer have to ask foreign refugees what it is like living inside a police state. All we have to do is to read the daily accounts of innocent Americans being abused and murdered through the excessive use of force being used by local police who have been federalized by the Department of Homeland Security. What used to be the beacon of ..

  • its war on streets of america
    It’s WAR On The Streets Of America

    By Michael Snyder       Make no mistake – there is now a state of open warfare on the streets of America.  Earlier this year it was being reported that the number of police officers killed on the job was up 40 percent in 2014, and that was before all of the civil unrest caused by the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  At this ..

  • korean hacker hotel
    Inside the ‘Surprisingly Great’ North Korean Hacker Hotel

    Michael Daly North Korea is so isolated that rather than bring the Internet to its hackers, it brings them to it—in a swank hotel in China. The luxury hotel that has been called a command post for North Korean hackers would make for a unique holiday getaway and give you lots to talk about back home. “Surprisingly Great Hotel – Clean, Tasteful…. and North Korean!” says ..

  • National-Debt-425x282-400x265
    Russian Roulette: Taxpayers Could Be on the Hook for Trillions in Oil Derivatives

      by Ellen Brown The sudden dramatic collapse in the price of oil appears to be an act of geopolitical warfare against Russia. The result could be trillions of dollars in oil derivative losses; and the FDIC could be liable, following repeal of key portions of the Dodd-Frank Act last weekend. Senator Elizabeth Warren charged Citigroup last week with “holding government funding hostage to ram ..

  • Attkisson asserts that the CDC admits they are not telling the truth about Ebola.
    Ebola Is Coming Back With a Vengeance

      From a Fox News interview on the #MediaBuzz, Sharyl Attkisson said that she has uncovered evidence that Ebola is making an impressive comeback. Actually, comeback may be the wrong term. The proper term is coverup. Here is an excerpt from the Attkisson interview: “Infectious disease experts remain very concerned about the disease. A lot of the media coverage has gone from overtime to almost nothing since ..

  • sheep attacking
    Can Americans Win a Guerrilla War Against the Banker Occupation Forces?

      “It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog” This axiom is soon going to be put to the test in the United States. In any upcoming revolution, the American people will be outnumbered by foreign troops and Artificially Intelligent Robots and other high tech devices designed to destroy any rebellion. While some of ..

  • he Russian radar station in Lourdes, south of Havana, was the Soviet Union's largest foreign base, and will now be reopened. Photograph: Cristobal Herrera/AP

      The Russians, or dare I say the reincarnation of the old  Soviet Union has reopened an intelligence facility south of Havana in an area called Lourdes. The Lourdes facility puts unfriendly Russian “eyes” on Western Hemisphere communications. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, this development follows Russia forgiving 90% of Cuba’s unpaid Soviet-era debts Putin recently visited Cuba, and subsequently the Kremlin press service said the ..

  • Vaccine-Syringe-Gloves-Shot
    Shameless health authorities keep pushing flu vaccines even after openly admitting they don’t work

    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger   NaturalNews) The shamelessness of vaccine pushers knows no limits. Even when the vaccine admittedly doesn’t work — as the CDC has openly admitted — the mainstream media, drug companies and vaccine zealots keep pushing it on everyone. All those same people and institutions are simultaneously attacking Dr. Oz, primarily because Oz refuses to promote pharmaceuticals as the answer ..

  • the-other-interview-trailer-600x349
    Trailer Released for “The Other Interview”: The Film That North Korea Doesn’t Want You to See

      by Dean Garrison Much has been made over the past week of Sony bowing to the pressure applied by alleged North Korean hackers. The studio has pulled “The Interview” from theaters and seemingly given in to the demands of the cyber terrorists. Whether or not this story is real is another issue. Some believe it is just another conveniently placed propaganda piece, resulting from an inside job, which ..