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The Civil War Will Begin In California-Paul Preston with Dave Hodges- CSS Hour 3

  Middle and upper middle class people are fleeing California in droves. they are weary of high taxes and liberal policies befitting a communist country. What is California turning into? This interview with Paul [...]

The UN Is Poised to Make Their Move- Paul Martin with Dave Hodges-CSS Hr 2

    I recently interviewed Paul Martin of Revloution Radio.org. Paul had a key alphabet soup source quit because he is bugging out to avoid the coming conflict between the UN and the forces loyal [...]

Irish Citizens Coerced to House Muslim Immigrants

  Do you remember your American History when the British demanded that the colonists housed British soldiers? After the war, we passed the 3rd Amendment which prohibited quartering. Unfortunately, for the citizens of Ireland, [...]

Police State Surveillance Grid In Sacramento-Is Your City Next?

Drones Over Sacramento. It is likely that you could be looking out our bedroom window and there is the government drone staring right back at you. Admittedly, this is tin-foil hat conspiracy theory. [...]

EMP Commission warned in 2017 report: “Millions” of Americans would die following “blackout” of power, food, water that could last more than a year

By JD Heyes A chilling report from 2017 by a congressional commission established, in part, to study the effects of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) incident in the United States paints a grim picture. Portions of the [...]

Economically, 75% of the US Is On the Edge of Disaster

Trump's policies are improving the country economically. However, many Americans are not being positively impacted by the President's reform efforts. Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Almost half the country is in poverty [...]

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Ebola Unleashed by Bill Gates and CDC-Major Profit Motive

Ebola is raging through the Congo. Bill Gates has recently stated that 30 million people are going to die from some unknown virus. The head of the World Health Organization has said the same. The [...]

An appeals court says CA can list the herbicide glyphosate as a carcinogen

  by: Vicki Batts   (Natural News) After much fanfare, a state appeals court has ruled that California can list glyphosate as a carcinogen — and that the state’s ban on discharging the herbicide into public waterways [...]

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