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The Real Reason Behind Cloning and How the CIA Plans to Use It

  A lot of infromation is coming to light about cloning. Ask yourself a question, when has the government not weaponized an invention of breakthrough? If you can answer that question, then you are ready [...]

New York Times: Spike the food supply with sterilization chemicals to cause global infertility and depopulation

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) A November 4, 1969 New York Times feature article authored by Gladwin Hill called for sterilization chemicals to be added to the food supply in order to achieve globalist goals of human [...]

Obama Paved Way for Russia and China to Takedown US Grid

With the news that Hackers can take over the grid on command, we must consider the fact that when Obama allowed the Russians and the Chinese to participate in the EMP prep drills calls Grid [...]

The Deep State Is Arming Every Institution In Preparation for the Coming Civil War

  117 Ammerican Universities have now armed themselves. Armed themselves for what? Are the students partying to hardy and they must establish a beach head at the nearest frat house? Why are America's universities [...]

This Is the Country That We Have Left Our Children

    What kind of America are we leaving our children? This can best be summed up in the following: 1984 has arrived complete withe police state surveillance, mayhem and murder. America is well on [...]

What Is Coming Is No Longer Coming, It Is Already Here-The CSS- Bob Griswold

                      They say preppers should wear tin foil hats. However, preppers may be the only people that survives what is coming. I recently interviewed Bob [...]

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UN Troop Infiltration In No. Colorado- CSS 9/10/17- Paul Martin

I recently interviewed Paul Martin regarding the plethora of eyewitness sighitngs of UN/Foreign troops in Northern Colorado. Clearly something big is coming and Northern Colorado is the key to undertanding the coming threat.   Please [...]

History Shows That America Is on the Verge of Genocide

The 20th Century was the bloodiest century in the history of mankind. Tens of milions of people died in world wars and tens of millions of people died by the hand of their government. This [...]

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