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Breaking News From New Mexico

  Hey, there is major, breaking news coming out of New Mexico. The stunning details are here. Nothing like this has ever happened here. The stunning details are here.     The Best Food [...]

Why the Censorship of the Social Media Gestapo Is Doomed to Fail

The Chinese have the best censorship devices on the planet courtesy of the communists at Google. The same technology is being employed here in order to promote extreme censorship. However, the social media gestapo is [...]

Mueller Guilty of Participating In Soft Coup Against Trump

Robert Mueller is busted! The Dossier is implicating him for participating in the soft coup against the Trump administration. He is guilty of violating FISA rules and he might even be guilty of treason. [...]

First They Came for Alex, Then They Came For You

  First they came for Alex and nobody spoke. Then they came Drudge and nobody spoke. Then they came for all of us and there was no one left to speak. Where's Trump? [...]

Voice to Skull Technology Is Embedded in 5G-Mind Control Reaches Its Apex

  Recently I has approached by a self-described "insider" who had at one time worked for DARPA. He insisted that the new 5G technology being rolled out across the country was both lethal and contained [...]

Bangladesh Is the Model For Martial Law-Why You Won’t Read It On Reddit

It is complicated, but it is also simple. Africa is exploding in violence. South African radicals are murdering white farmers. Bangladesh is exploding in violence. The blueprint for marital law is emerging in Bangladesh [...]

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They No Longer Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist

There is no such thing as a conspiracy. At least that is what CNN has told me. So when another eyewitness to the Vegas Massacre ends up dead, we are just to supposed to [...]

The Modern Day Nazis Are Taking Over: The Rise of the Social Media Gestapo

My father's side of the family escaped the ravages of Nazi Germany. My German grandmother and my father made certain that I learned the lessons of oppression, discrimination and genocide very well. These principles were [...]

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