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Do These People Know What They Are Talking About?

I offer this thread without comment for your review. Are they correct? Please respond in the comments section. Doug Lewis‏ @umpire43 Follow More Everyone should check your stores & weapons. There is a very serious Democrat [...]

10 Things Trump Must Do to Save His Presidency and His Life

Trump must take charge immediately! President Trump will not be President much longer. Yes, he's survived the Russian nonsense which is why it has faded. He is now being cast as an overt [...]

CSS- 8/20 Doug Hagmann and Gary Heavin-New Listen by Phone 605-475-8092

Listening to the Common Sense Show by phone   ADDING THE LISTEN BY PHONE OPTION 605-475-8092 See you tonight at 8pm Eastern! Tonight’s guests are: Hour 1- The Hagmann and Hodges News Hour Hour 2: [...]

Will the Deep State Turn Out the Lights During the Upcoming Solar Eclipse?

? I recently was speaking with Bob Griswold from Ready Made Resources and we were speculating about how ideal and convenient it would be to turn the lights out during the upcoming solar eclipse.      [...]

In This Time of Increasing Racism, This Is the Worst Ism of Them All

  The Deplorables are not entitled to freedom, any level of self-determination, standard of living, healthcare, hell, they are not entitled to live......     This is the worst ism of them all and it [...]

A total eclipse of SANITY: America under the spell of mass hysteria engineered by a dangerous, globalist-controlled media

   by: Mike Adams (Natural News) The total eclipse of sanity is now under way across America. Mass hysteria has gripped the minds of the gullible, many of whom now hallucinate their “reality” on a moment-by-moment basis. Before [...]

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is About to Slip On a Banana Peel

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is about to slip on a banana peel. Why?  Awan is ready to make a deal with the DOJ. If he makes the deal with the DOJ this goes back to [...]

Anti-cancer breakthrough: 52 herbs were tested, and only these three were found to effectively fight cancer

by: Isabelle Z.  Natural News (Natural News) The search for a cure for cancer wages on, and many people remain convinced that our planet’s many natural resources could hold the key to fighting this deadly disease. [...]

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