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Rome burned as Nero fiddled. Today, the American-Mexican border is beginning to go up in smoke. First, the Bushistas, and now the Obamatrons, are fanning the flames of border violence through their unyielding attitude of corporate servitude resulting in providing the globalists with an endless supply of cheap, illegal alien labor regardless of the cost to the American people and their safety. Meanwhile, national security issues, related to the border, are ignored.

There can be no question that the activities of the Mexican drug cartels are impacting the quality of life across the border in the United States. Phoenix, Arizona is now the kidnapping capital of the country and nearly all the kidnappings are related to either human smuggling and/or drug trafficking ( Arizona Republic, March 4 A-1). The imaginary line called the international border will not shield, nor protect American citizens from the growing holocaust that is presently underway in the narco-terrorist state of Mexico.

In the first ten weeks of 2009, 1,295 Mexican citizens, including 18 children, have fallen victim to the Mexican drug cartels and there is no end in sight. It is hard to not feel empathy for the Mexican people and to fully be cognizant of the fact that these are human beings who have worth, not just statistics on some police blotter. A Mexican publication, Exonline, even maintains an online daily tally of the deaths related to the drug cartels in which a visitor to the web site can mouse over each Mexican state and review the death counts which are broken down by gender and age.

Mexican authorities are intimately involved in this growing human carnage which is reaching epic proportions. For example, in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Federal Attorney General (PGR) agents discovered a list of approximately 200 police officers who are receiving orders from Los Zetas, the notorious “enforcers” of the local Gulf drug cartel. According to the report, the cartel pays out an annual $6 million dollars in hush money to local police officers in order to operate their drug trafficking, unabated, in the state of Tabasco (

There are 11 million illlegal citizens in this nation now unemployed and the count grows daily.” ( Who will employ these unfortunate people? It is not likely that all 11 million will return home to an economy that is in far worse shape than the United States. How many will feel compelled to go to work for these cartels within our own borders because they are out of economic options? Exactly, who are these drug cartels? Soon, their names will be a part of the American lexicon. We should be mindful of the fact that these drug cartels will not just employ Mexican nationals who are here illegally. America’s underclass will undoubtedly fall under their control, as American children, if not already, will be wearing their colors and look to the cartels as a source of income. For the record, the names of the six major Mexican drug cartels are Cartel de Sinaloa, Cartel del Golfe, Cartel de Juarez, Cartel de Tijuana, Cartel de Oaxaca and Cartel de Milenio ( Meanwhile, Obama “fiddles” with the notion of putting troops on the border while the crisis increases with each passing moment.

Do you remember when the popular television show 24, airing on Fox, devoted an entire season to a plot involving a notorious Mexican drug cartel which expended tremendous energy and resources to obtain a nuclear weapon presumably to blackmail or use against the United States for interfering in their drug activities? The savior of the country and star of the show, Jack Bauer, was able to stop the threat, but Bauer is mythical; the threat of the drug cartels is very real.

All of a sudden, the fantasies of Hollywood do not seem so far-fetched.

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  1. Karmen Nava January 9, 2013 at 6:59 am

    Ever since they implemented Plan Mexico the deaths have escalated. Mexican towns throughout Mexico were once a haven for tourists and a nation comfortable to the pocket book, and far less crime than many upscale cities throughout the world just eight years ago. Unfortunately the schemes of the satanists have succeeded in destroying economies all over the world. I live part time in Mexico and I have seen the changes from 2006 until now. Do not be deceived these events have all been planned by the globalists. Mexicans deserve a square deal and respect just like any other world citizen who is also under attack. Just visited Argentina recently and they too are in worst shape then ever. People sleeping in mattresses strewn throughout Buenos Aires the once glamorous metropolis, and one of the finest cities in the world–now is filled with thieves and people begging for a few pesos to eat. They no longer have an active millitary and all military airplanes and ships suspended. Paraguayans are being uprooted and fleeing to Argentina and foreigners are now outnumbering the natives in Paraguay. The story is the same all over the world from one end to another.

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