September 23, 2012

Manufactured Presidential Assassination Attempt Expected to Justify Martial Law : A Common Sense Show Exclusive

The staff at The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges abhors all forms of violence  and as reprehensible as the prospect of any attempt on any president  might be, we feel compelled to bring to you, in the second half of The Common Sense Show, Susanne Posel ‘s ( account of what she believes is credible evidence that the Obama handlers are going create a false flag attempt of a Presidential assassination in order to justify the roll out of martial law and garner sympathy from the voting public in this election season.  Posel does not believe that the threat is real, but will be designed to make it appear so. Ironically, did you know that Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State predicted in 2008 that Obama might be assassinated as JFK had been killed in Dallas, Texas?

First hour guest, James Smith, author for discusses the inner workings of what it would be like to reside in a FEMA camp and more importantly, how to avoid capture.

Annie Di Riso will be bringing the audience the latest in her Under the Radar News segment as she reveals the extreme preparations presently taking place