//The Common Sense Show
October 7, 2012
The Common Sense Show
October 7, 2012

DHS Is Preparing For Mass American Casualties


On The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges, Dave describes the electronic harassment that he is experiencing at the hands of the legal/judicial criminal cartel located in Larimer County, Colorado.  Dave revealed criminal corruption in the Stacy Lynne child abduction case in retaliation for her public anti-Agenda 21 stance in which her child was stolen from her by Judge Julie Field with so much as an allegation of wrongdoing by the court.  Dave recently published a blockbuster article describe the tangled web of corruption in Larimer County.  Since the story aired, both Dave and the show have experienced multiple incidences of electronic harassment. Some of the more nefarious forces in Larimer County have direct ties to  ln-Q-Tel which has direct communications ties with the CIA. The harassments include  7 instances of electronic interference on last week’s show, the erasure of Dave’s Facebook account, and the hacking of his laptop’s satellite uplink system.  Annie  De Riso will also be presenting The Under the Radar News  Segment not reported in the mainstream media.

Popular guest, Cassandra Anderson (www.morphcity.com) returns to the show at the bottom of the first hour. Despite the fact that scientists warn that geoengineering could kill billions, the programs under the direction of such globalists as Bill Gates continues unabated. Cassandra will also be discussing the next scam in the green energy movement, namely, algae.

Susanne Posel  (www.occupycorporatism.com) will be joining Dave for the last part of the show and she will be discussing what really happened in the murder of “Ambassador” Stephens and how his death is being politicized. Susanne will also be revealing unmistakable proof that the Government is planning to deal with mass American deaths on an unprecedented scale in the very near future.

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