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October 21, 2012
The Common Sense Show
October 21, 2012

Tonight on the October 21st edition of The Common Sense Show, News Director, Annie DeRiso, interviews Dave Hodges, about his latest findings related to the Gulf oil spill.  Does Louisiana need to be evacuated? Is an extinction level event in the cards for the Gulf and could the developing catastrophic effects be even more far reaching? Tune in and find out.

During the news segment, Annie also interviews researcher, Kara Blake, as she revisits the Columbine massacre by examining the fate of Mark Taylor.

Barb Peterson (farmwars.info) as she and Dave discuss the labeling of GMO’s and the controversial Prop 37, which is on the ballot this November. If passed, GMO’s would have to be labeled.

In the last hour of the show, Marti Oakley joins Dave to discuss several issues including the Agenda 21 tax (eg., VMT) which would set auto insurance rates by the number of miles driven by motorists. Dave and Marti will also be discussing the topic of predatory guardianship and how the elderly are being robbed blind by a corrupt judicial system.

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October 21, 2012

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