More than 760,000 customers are still without power following the massive Con Ed explosion on October 30, 2012. Very conveniently, the public has a perfect, studio grade, bird’s eye view of the series of explosions which rocked New York City and nearby New Jersey.

Amazingly, New York City survived the hurricane with the lights on, and only after this event did the lights go out. And this happened in the least likely place of all, right at the power station where there are no trees that can fall into lines.

What are the odds that the Con Ed Plant explosion, which happened on East 14th Street and the FDR Bridge in New York City is not a con job?  I would put the odds at about a “Trillian” to one that was a contrived set of explosions designed to vacate a large portion of New Jersey. Just so very coincidentally, Trillium Media was able to film the entire event in stunning detail and with preplanned clarity.

Anyone with any common sense can ascertain that the camera was “miraculously” pre-placed on a tripod where the explosion would take place in the dead center of the screen in high definition resolution.   If anyone has any doubt as to the veracity of this allegation, then explain why the filming company, Trillium Media,  had already set up licensing rights through to profit handsomely from the footage in advance of the event. I think members of public should call and ask if they also have any high def footage of the people who went into the Con Ed plant to plant the bombs beforehand.


It is interesting to note the Trillium Media is an unwavering Agenda 21 advocate. Trillium represents the viewpoint that students should have to earn a degree in environmental science before obtaining a high school diploma.

And when Trillium is not espousing the virtues of an Agenda 21 based education they are advocating for other Agenda 21 programs such as giving up your car keys to obtain a free life-time bus pass.

Given the propensity for Agenda 21 advocates to support the de-industrialization of the United States, these media companies must be reveling in staggering impact that this series of explosions has had on the NYC area.

The local Brooklyn news that power may not be up for a lot of people for ten days or more. So, I guess they do not get to vote. It just looks like that  if this insane administration is not complicit in the assassination of Chris Stephens in order to cover up their gun running operations into their CIA created Al-Qaida operatives in Syria, or they not rigging voting machines to show Obama has already won an election before the voting begins, now the Obama administration appears to be doing whatever they can do to halt an election that they know they cannot legitimately win without a helping hand.

There are only three days left until the election, but this could prove to be a very interesting three days as the desperate communists which currently occupy the White House may have much more dastardly plans in store before November 6th.