Tonight on the show, Dave interviews Dean Henderson and they will be discussing  the 8 families that run the world, the 4 Horseman of the Gulf Oil Cartel, the linkage between the Lincoln and JFK assassinations, and Dean and Dave are going to do some prognostications on the immediate future (election results, war with Iran).  Also Dean is going to reveal some solutions regarding our present dilemma including debt repudiation.

In the last hour of the show, Dave welcomes Roger Brown, from the Sociology Center, and they will be discussing death squads which are now sanctioned to operate on American soil. Roger’s information is provactive and frightening at the same time.

And of course, no show would be complete with The Under the Radar News with Annie DeRiso. In the news segment Dave and Annie will discuss his appearance on Dutch talk show host, Desiree Rover, as they discussed world wide child sex rings controlled and utilized by the elite. Dave will also be discussing the results of his research on the Chris Stevens assassination in Benghazi.  And Dave and Annie will be discussing the similarities between the show Last Resort and what happened in Benghazi. And Dave and Annie might squeeze in a little on the election, as if we can trust the results.