//Could You Be the Next Linda Peeno?
Could You Be the Next Linda Peeno?

This Thanksgiving, I have constructed my list of people and things that I am indeed thankful for. Among them, I am thankful for the courage and conviction of Dr. Linda Peeno.

In my role as a radio talk show host, I am usually able to put aside my feelings in order to bring a story out in the open for public consumption. As an interviewer, I am supposed to remain objective and dispassionate. In most of my interviews, at least superficially, I experience little trouble carrying out these standard mandates of broadcast journalism. However, I conducted an interview, nearly three years ago, with managed health care whistleblower, Dr. Linda Peeno, and the content of that interview has continued to haunt me. Linda Peeno embodies what it means to be a hero, who risks everything and uncompromisingly stands against tyranny without asking for anything in return.

What started out as an interview with the objective consisting of presenting the listening audience with an expose on the inherent evils of managed health care, the interview turned into what John F. Kennedy would refer to as a shining example of a “profile in courage.” Yet, it is a profile in courage that has neither been championed or rewarded. Rather, Peeno’s statements and actions have been met with denial, derision and disdain.
Certainly, Linda Peeno’s trip down whistleblower lane appeared promising when the following Congressional testimony was prominently portrayed in Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, as Peeno told Congress, “I wish to beginby making a public confession: In the spring of 1987, as a physician, I caused the death of a man. Although this was known to many people, I have not been taken before any court of law or called to account for this in any professional or public forum. In fact, just the opposite occurred: I was “rewarded” for this. It bought me an improved reputation in my job, and contributed to my advancement afterwards. Not only did I demonstrate I could indeed do what was expected of me, I exemplified the “good” company doctor: I saved a half million dollars. I contend that “managed care,” as we currently know it, is inherently unethical in its organization and operation. Furthermore, I maintain that we have an industry which can exist only through flagrant ethical violations against individuals and the public.”

As a guest on The Common Sense Show, Dr. Peeno stated that the man whose death that she took responsibility for, in the name of managed care, saved Humana $250,000. Peeno went on to state that shortly after the man’s death, she passed by a bronze statue outside the Humana headquarters building, where Peeno was employed, that she later learned cost $3.8 million dollars. This gross contradiction led Linda Peeno to wonder out loud “How many people must needlessly die in order to perpetuate corporate affluence?”

In the 2002 Showtime production, Damaged Care, talented actress Laura Dern played the part of Dr. Peeno as the docudrama portrayed the shift in consciousness that Peeno experienced as she became managed care’s biggest whistleblower because she could not longer trade lives for corporate profits by stamping the word “denied” on a preauthorization form requesting medical treatment.

Certainly, Dr. Peeno’s Congressional testimony and the Showtime docudrama secured her spot as an American hero, didn’t it? Could there be any doubt that there was a lucrative book deal along with endless public appearances championing her personal courage in the name of protecting the public. In fact, there was no lucrative book deal and Dr. Peeno’s livelihood was stripped away. After all, what managed care company would ever let her name appear on a provider’s list of physicians? To add insult to injury, Humana attempted to impugn Dr. Peeno’s credibility in a June 28, 2007, press release about Sicko, when Humana declared that Peeno was never a Humana permanent, full-time employee (despite drawing a six figure salary). Humana further went on to state that Peeno was nothing but a mere part-time contractor. Humana also took exception with Peeno’s Congressional testimony by stating that the referenced patient’s healthcare plan did not include coverage for a heart transplant. Therefore, according to some twisted sense of justice, Humana claimed that the denial of coverage was valid. But isn’t that the problem here in that we permit managed care to commit rationed health care genocide on the American public and then punish the whistleblowers, like Linda Peeno, for doing no more than attempting to fulfill their sacred medical oath “to do no harm”?

For a brief while, I wondered why Humana did not issue their denials in rebuttal to Peeno’s 1996 Congressional testimony. Then I realized, it is not a crime to lie to the press, but it is called perjury when it is done in front of Congress.

Please allow me to encapsulate what Dr. Peeno did for you and for me. After working most of her adult life to become a physician, she cast all of that aside in the name of saving lives by calling attention to one of the greatest evils on the planet, managed health care. Her reward was the loss of her medical career and subsequent livelihood. And as Dr. Peeno revealed on my show, she not only lost her medical career, she lost her marriage and was reduced to living month to month.

I and many of my fellow citizens have frequently wondered why more Americans are not taking to the streets in protest of the corporate take-over of our country. Some have sarcastically, and sometimes seriously, have suggested that too many of our citizens have been drugged, sprayed and injected with chemicals in order to induce passivity. Some have suggested that Americans are just too busy making ends meet to pay attention. Many others have suggested that the average American is so dumbed down by a failing education system that they cannot fully appreciate what we have lost to the fascist corporate power structure. However, my interview with Linda Peeno speaks to the fact that too many Americans are simply cowards and lack the back bone and the necessary personal conviction to do what Linda Peeno did.

Lest we think that President Obama has ridden in on his white horse to save the health care day, please allow me one digression. If you really think that President Obama is truly going to reform health care into a patient friendly system, think again. If Obama was truly interested in reform that would benefit patients, then why wasn’t Linda Peeno part of the national discussion? Why wasn’t she invited to serve on an Obama-appointed government committee on health care? After all, can anyone name a physician who has done more and subsequently suffered more for advancing the cause of patient rights? Does anyone doubt that Humana did not have a collection of their minions on these types of committees? Although I share in Dr.Peeno’s idea for taking the profit out of health care in order to restore a patient-centered system, we cannot ignore the proof that the Obama reform efforts which could end up being another Obamageddon in which none of us are safe from the greedy clutches of the health care companies which now will be operating with the full authority of the government.

Today, Linda Peeno teaches adjunct courses for Allied Healthcare as she attempts to make ends meet. Whoever heard of a physician without health care? However, this is the case Linda Peeno says she can’t afford even the cheapest policy sold in her state. One might think that Linda Peeno would be embittered with all that she has endured, but she is not. She spoke eloquently about finding contentment emanating from within while continuing to work for reform in the health care industry. Her grace and soft spoken manner has left an indelible mark upon me.

The world did not need Linda Peeno’s medical practice nearly so much as it needed Linda Peeno’s courage and conviction. The nature of her actions and her sacrifices commands us to take a very deep look at our own character and devotion to doing what we know is the right thing. Why aren’t there more Linda Peeno’s? Just what does it take to become a meaningful reformer? These are important questions because Obamacare is indeed frightening and we desperately need whistle blowers to come forward to call attention to the evils while we still have time to stop the implementation of a system that will not only destroy patient healthcare, but will also destroy what is left of the American economy.

You, as the reader, have taken the first step, in developing a sense of awareness towards understanding this modern day version of the unholy marriage between government and the corporations by merely visiting this website. However, if awareness does not culminate in action against what we know to be wrong, then awareness means nothing.

Some of you will profess to lack the eloquence, the resources or the knowledge needed to help reclaim our lost country. Being a true reformer does not require any of these attributes. Then what does it take to help change one’s society? The attributes needed to become a reformer consists of answering one question and taking one action. Simply ask yourself, “Is this America that you want to raise your children in?” Then take a moment to reach around yourself and see if your backbone is still intact. If it is, you have what it takes. And please spare me the worn out argument that you don’t have the time. When an Obamacare healthcare provider stamps the word “denied” on your child’s medical authorization for a much needed life-saving surgery, will you then wish that you have found the the time then? History awaits your participation. I hope that a year from now, I could be writing about your selfless contribution to humanity. Until that time, I will say a brief prayer for Linda Peeno as I sit down to my Thanksgiving dinner.

Linda Peeno showed me what it takes to be a selfless hero. We desperately need many more like her in these times of extreme challenges and dire threats to our indivdual liberties.


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  1. Jeff S November 22, 2012 at 5:12 am

    Once again you write an article about a very important topic in which you seem to grasp many of the problems, but then completely lose all credibility by blaming Obama. If a visitor to this planet were to read your articles, they would think that life in this country was a veritable paradise before President Obama took office, and that he has systematically destroyed this country in 4 short years. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Let me say that I am not an Obama fan, not even in the least. I did not vote for him, even as the lesser of two evils, as he most assuredly was. He is beholden to his corporate and Wall Street masters, just like almost all other politicians are. I am also not a fan of Obamacare. It is nothing but a complete sell-out to the for-profit, pharmaceutical and insurance industry dominated health care system that we have had in this country for a long time.

    “Although I share in Dr.Peeno’s idea for taking the profit out of health care in order to restore a patient-centered system, we cannot ignore the proof that the Obama reform efforts which could end up being another Obamageddon in which none of us are safe from the greedy clutches of the health care companies which now will be operating with the full authority of the government.” I have news for you. We are already not safe from the greedy clutches of the health care companies, and we haven’t been for long before Obamacare.

    We will not have a moral system of health care in this country until we move toward a true single payer system like every other civilized country in the world has. It is not Obamacare that has caused any of the problems that we face in health care today, nor is it the main cause of concern moving forward It is out of control vulture Capitalism based on greed and corruption that controls our system, and will continue to control it, that is and will continue to be the problem.

    Jeff, the elite of the managed health care companies are going to run Obamacare and it will be a monopoly on steroids. Obama is not the creator of this insane and greedy approach to healthcare, the healthcare corporations are. However, the Universal Health Care System bears his name and the buck, at this point in history, stops with him. His insane legislation gives these companies the power to determine life and death. For these reasons and more, he must remain the symbol of our opposition and Congress must share responsibility with him. In other words, the people must have an indentifiable target to fight back against even if the targets are only puppets because we can make them blink if we apply enough pressure.

  2. David Mepsted November 22, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Thank you, Linda Peeno, you are a hero.

  3. Al S November 22, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Use the wonderful power of the internet, and learn to know the hormones, vitamins, minerals, herbs; physical activities, and well being that comes from the practice of self care, and the confidence it builds. Save medical attention for broken bones and stitches. Leave the chemical industry’s drug inventions alone! An insurance for such treatments is needed, but insurance for every little bug that can be defeated by applying self care, I don’t think so!

  4. Strayhorse November 22, 2012 at 11:56 am

    The Nobel Peace Prize was created for brave individuals like Dr Linda Peeno, who single handedly presented herself as the fix for a healthcare system that will not improve unless greed is diagnosed, surgically removed, and a recovery model implemented to aid the healing where oath to “Do No Harm” is infused back into the accepted standard of healing professionals.

  5. Aristotle Lives November 22, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    Maybe many people can not be a Linda Peeno because they have nothing to blow about.
    Do not sit on the couch and hope others de the job..
    Seek ways to support them, look for the associations that do and pitch in.

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  7. Jeff S November 22, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    The reply to my post above was well said and I agree substantially with what you said. I know that you care about what is happening to this country and are trying to do something about it. I sometimes get frustrated when it seems to me, rightly or wrongly, that blame is placed on the minions instead of their Masters. Thanks for the courteous reply.

  8. DoubtingThomas December 28, 2012 at 8:11 am

    It is terrifying to see government, which legitimately has the power to kill to protect our rights (Rom. 13: government bears the sword as a minister of God and avenger to bring wrath upon those who practice evil.), also proclaim itself to be the source of life, or “health” care. This is not a legitimate purpose of government, but is a usurping of power. Thus, this is an abrogation of the contract and due cause for the People to exercise our right to “alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Forms, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” (Declaration of Independence)

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