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History Speaks  —
Will America Listen? (Part Four)

Attention Tea Party members, John Birchers, Constitutional Party members, Libertarians and all others that think your political efforts are going to make the slightest bit of difference in preventing the unfolding of the American holocaust, I have news for you, stop wasting your time and begin to prepare in earnest for what appears to be the inevitable.

The United States government is totally illegitimate and it is absolutely under the control of the international bankers who want 95% of you dead. When historians revisit our time and write about the fall of the American empire, they may disagree on the exact date that the international banker coup d’état was successful in taking over our former constitutional republic, but that date will most certainly precede 2012. In other words, America has already been conquered and you reformer types are engaged in a fool’s errand in trying to change something that no longer belongs to you. Your efforts are hurting the chances for survival of your fellow citizens who will put their faith in such reform movements such as the former Ron Paul movement, when they should be focusing on individual survival and not some distracting pipe dream. The America you thought you knew, no longer exists.

Please allow me to digress for a moment and answer what some of you may be wondering; When did it all go wrong? The nexus of the power shift between legitimate and illegitimate government will most likely be placed in 2008 with the first wave of massive wealth transfer from the American public to the international bankers with the series of banker bailouts. The greatest wealth transfer in human history was spearheaded by the former Secretary of the Treasury and former Goldman Sachs gangster, Hank Paulson, when he threatened Congress with the rollout of martial law if Congress did not let selected Wall Street firms loot the American treasury and to let the FED print untold number of fiat currency to give away to their foreign banking interests. And if the threat of martial law wasn’t enough to twist the arm of our two legislative houses to give away the American dream, Paulson and his criminal gang of international bankers certainly have access to electronic surveillance of Congressman, and their illicit behaviors, so their voting practices could be compromised by blackmail. The blackmail was often accomplished by the sponsoring of wild parties and orgies which were secretly videotaped with the evidence being saved for opportunistic “arm twisting.” And if that still wasn’t enough to twist the arms of our largely hedonistic representatives and senators, there’s always the blackmail associated with members of congress recreational participation in the services provided by child sex slavery rings, involving such nefarious events such as the Franklin Scandal (see below).

If Congress isn’t irrelevant, due to many of the members  being personally compromised because of their immoral lifestyles, insider trading, campaign donations from corporations which have been caught running child sex rings (e.g. Goldman Sachs, Dyncorp) and taking outright bribes, then please explain why Congress has quietly abdicated its power to declare war to the United Nations and NATO, from which our military now takes orders from. Please explain why members of Congress have not been implicated in the Franklin Scandal child sex trafficking as willing participants despite overwhelming documentation?

We all should know that Congress is horribly corrupt. Unless, you are suffering from normalcy bias, you should know that Congress is also hopelessly compromised and the Wall Street gangsters that own Congress are morally bankrupt and have sociopathic rates which dwarf the general public’s rates of this criminal mental illness.

Psychologist Martha Stout , faculty member in psychiatry department at Harvard Medical School, estimates in her book, The Sociopath Next Door, that as many as 4% of the population are conscienceless sociopaths who have no empathy or feelings of remorse with regard to the suffering caused by their inhumane acts. Political figures have double the rates of sociopathic behavior of the general population. And Wall street financiers may possess sociopathic rates which are three times that of politicians!  And you think you are going to find justice from people such as these?

Even when Congress, on the surface, appears to do the right thing by attempting to defend the rights of Americans, they lack the courage to stand up to the tyrants which have ruined American society. TSA administrative head, John Pistole, refused to appear before a Congressional subcommittee to testify about the abuses of the TSA’s unwarranted and unconstitutional victimization of the flying public. Pistole said “no” to the legislative body that funds the TSA to the tune of an $8-billion-a-year budget, paid for by U.S. taxpayers. In effect, Pistole stated that Congress has no authority over the TSA. As shocking as this revelation is, Congress’ reaction is even more shocking. Congress has the power to declare Pistole in contempt of Congress and to jail this out of control thug. But what did Congress do about Pistole’s illegal refusal to appear before Congress? This morally bankrupt and spineless body did absolutely NOTHING!  And why would Congress refuse to enforce its own laws?  They refuse to enforce their own laws because they are compromised by their own ill-gotten gains and their lewd lifestyles.

There are two steps that are currently underway which will completely subjugate America, namely control of communications and gaining the unchecked ability to round up and exterminate dissidents who would oppose the banker takeover of the government. Do you really think Congress is going to mount an effort against this tyranny? Quite the contrary, Congress has been reduced to being a ceremonial body. They care nothing for the people who elect them. Total control of communications is in progress. Heinrich Heine’s quote ” Where They Burn Books, They Will Also Ultimately Burn People,” applies to the time we live in as Obama, through the United Nations, will soon completely censor the last bastion of free and truthful expression the public has available, the internet. Your ability to perform your civic duty to warn others on the internet about the takeover of the American government by the bankers will soon be gone and Congress does not have the intestinal fortitude to stop it from happening. The second pillar of the banker-controlled takeover, detaining and eliminating dissidents, is right around the corner. When the secret police of the American Stasi begin to secretly arrest and to “disappear” political dissidents under the NDAA, passed by Congress, Congress, again, will remain silent.

Does anyone remember the Vietnam era war missing POW shirts which decried Congress’ lack of action on the topic? I predict we are going to see missing Americans under the NDAA shirts and again, Congress will promise to investigate and nothing will happen as more and more of us will disappear East Germany Stasi style.

There is no form of legitimate political action that will save this country from the holocaust that I revealed is presently unfolding in Parts 1-4 in this series. You should be very concerned if you have ever registered any opposition to the tyranny which runs rampant over our country. For if you are to survive the American version of the Final Solution, you are on your own. There is no body of government which is going to lead to any kind of reform effort which will help to protect you, your family, your rights and ultimately your life.

If you allow yourself to be taken by the authorities, in the coming crackdown, you will not likely survive. Even if you do, you will never see your family members again. Just what can you do to survive the American genocidal holocaust? There are no guarantees, but if you read Part five of this series, you may increase your chances of survival where I discuss how to increase the odds of you not being taken.


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