//Resistance Against the Globalists Is Futile Unless …
Resistance Against the Globalists Is Futile Unless …


It is hard to argue that early winds of revolution are not swirling in the American air. Even the dumbed down populace is aware that something, yet remains undefined for the ignorant, is terribly wrong as all signs point to very bad times ahead. Those of us who are not prisoners to network news, are all too aware of the depopulation schemes of the globalists who have seized control of the US government. Obama and his handlers seem content to let the coming conflict unfold and come to fruition in order to squash any meaningful resistance to the complete establishment of a scientific dictatorship controlled by the five megabanks.

We see evidence of the coming martial law crackdown as evidenced by the fact that Russian commandos are training and providing policing duties in Colorado Springs. What are the Russians preparing for? Judging by Obama’s recent statements, gun confiscations are a safe bet. When one considers the NDAA, secret midnight arrests, torture and executions of identified dissenters would be another safe bet.

Many Americans brag that American citizens have an estimated 300 million guns and nobody, not even the government, would ever dare to try and subjugate America.

The Hope of a “Red Dawn” Is Long Gone

It is amazing how some very naive Americans put their faith in the Red Dawn scenario in which average American people, armed to the teeth, mount a defense against an invading army or even a tyrannical government. And these naive Americans actually think they can win. These self-deluded people often quote the architect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto,  as saying “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Some historians dispute the fact that Yamamoto ever made the statement. Whether this quote, is true or not, this extremely inaccurate belief system may make us feel emotionally safer for a short while, but in reality, we are all in a great deal of danger considering that the Department of Homeland Security recently purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. I do not foresee any scenario where DHS, FEMA or the TSA are going to face off against invading Chinese and Russian armies in the near future. The next logical question should be, who will be the targets of these newly purchased rounds? Since DHS, FEMA and the TSA are all involved in liberty-suppressing activities within our national boundaries, the answer should crystal clear. And if you require more information in order to make this assessment, consider the DHS inspired MIAC report which identifies Second Amendment supporters, Ron Paul supports, Libertarian and Constitutional Party supporters, pro-constitutional supporters and most of all, returning veterans are labeled as domestic terrorists. And let’s not forget about that little piece of legislation, the NDAA, in which you can now be “disappeared” without due process. To you fans of O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, etc., can you at least now connect a few dots?
The DHS ammunition purchases are just the tip of the iceberg related to the dangers that Americans are facing.  And if the DHS ammo purchases are not concerning enough, proof of the globalists’ intention to place Americans on the most endangered species list with its domestic UN and foreign assets, every American should consider what is going on inside of  DARPA. For those of you who have not figured out that we are about to enter American hunting season and you are the game, you should know that DARPA is the top secret research arm for the Department of Defense. Their sole purpose is built around the goal of developing more efficient and greater means of  killing. Most of their latest innovations are not based upon use on a strategic battlefield. The intended targets are anybody who opposes the infinite QE banker bailouts, endless wars of occupation and supporters of the Constitution.

Omnipresent Surveillance

Americans forces, stationed in urban Iraqi areas (e.g. Baghdad) are still coming under fire.  DARPA, has responded with technology which allows the military to spy on whole cities with its  Large Area Coverage Optical Search-while-Track and Engage  (LACOSTE). LACOSTE is a program of imaging technology that will allow for “single sensor , day or night, ongoing tactical surveillance of all moving vehicles in an urban area.  LACOSTE will eventually be able to identify individual humans in the same manner. This surveillance system is being integrated into department store video surveillance, the street light turned spy Intellistreets and all traffic cameras. If the globalists want to find you, you better have a darn good place to hide.

DARPA’s Straight Shooters
vs. the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

In the original Red Dawn movie, I chuckle at the scenes where Wolverines successfully ambush convoy after convoy of enemy columns. This might have been possible in the 1990’s, but that day is long gone. You see, NRA members, the military now possess bullets that cannot miss.  On your last trip to your local gun range, how close to 100% was your accuracy?
EXACTO, or the  Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance, is the first ever guided small caliber (“smart”) bullet. If you’ve ever watched a heat-seeking missile follow a fighter jet on the big screen, then you would comprehend the idea of DARPA’s intention for  creating a maneuverable and flexible bullet, which is controlled by a guidance system,  that moves with the target and adjusts in mid-flight and to eventually shatters a human skull.

“Take Cover” Commands Cannot Save You

Meet the XM-25 “smart” grenade launcher. The weapon is portable and can be carried to the battlefield by a soldier, or even better, a DARPA killer robot who has orders to search and destroy a specific target which will be identified by facial recognition. Once you are located, the X-25 possess a laser range-finder built in that can detect the distance to the wall or trench that you’re hiding behind and then blow you and your cover to oblivion. Again, there is nowhere to run and hide.

Every Move You Make,
DARPA Will Be Stalking You

Many gun owners mistakenly believe that they are going to be able to carry out acts of terrorism against an illegitimate government as they begin to lockdown the country under a martial law takeover. Thwarting most ideas of a revolutionary effort  can be found in  the Battlefield Optical Surveillance System, a device that can be mounted on a truck that scans and deciphers the landscape with lasers and sensors. When it sees the almost imperceptible glint of a rifle scope, or more amazingly it also recognizes you through your retinas as the detection device “paints” you with a laser beam, just prior to your demise.

And even in the unlikely event that you can slip into firing range of your intended target, the Boomerang countermeasure system uses an array of microphones which will be able to instantly decipher the speed and direction of your shot, based on the muzzle report and the shockwave of the bullet as it zips past. Immediately, Boomerang knows where the shot came from, and even what kind of weapon was utilized. This system will reduce all future sniper missions to a Kamikaze endeavor.

Please permit me one digression. Because of a Dallas police motorcycle radio which was stuck in the on position, which recorded the shots of the Kennedy assassination, it would now be possible to pinpoint the exact location of all the shots fired at President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, assuming anyone in an official capacity would truly want to take the risk to ascertain the truth.

Speaking of the Kennedy assassination, it is now possible to thwart an assassination attempt on a presidential motorcade. The Gizmodo Iron Curtain countermeasure can protect a moving vehicle from an incoming RPG, by detecting it and then detonating it. The next generation will be able to do the same with bullets. This is the original Star Trek television show application of Scotty “raising the shields.”  It does not take a rocket scientist to project the next development using this technology. This is clearly a Star Wars application on a micro level. On the macro level, we are seeing evidence of a technology which can be applied to an intercontinental ballistic missile shield. So if you and you merry band were able to get a hold of a WMD, the impact could be negated.  As difficult as it will be for the average person to fathom, this technology is right here, right now, and it has proven to be effective on a simulated battlefield as evidenced by the following video:

Even the Pros Have Nowhere to Go

I have first hand knowledge of some alphabet soup agency members who have taken retirement/early retirement and located en masse to one of several areas, in the United States and abroad, in which they believe there are “safe areas” in which their survival is enhanced from an upcoming apocalypse.  Unfortunately, I believe that these men and their families are going to be very disappointed. Their survivalist plans contain years of stored food, access to fresh drinking water and they are also capable of being off the grid. These new style preppers have also built into their new abodes, an underground hideaway/bomb shelter. Unfortunately, for these freaked out former intelligence types, if somebody, in an official capacity wants these ex-officials dead, DARPA’s Strategically Hardened Facility Defeat program is developing a nuke-free, earth-penetrating munitions to counter the perceived threat of hardened and deeply buried hideaways.  These powerful, high-impact, computer guided weapons will be designed to tunnel deep beneath the earth before exploding. Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men.

And We Have Not Even Spoken About …

Regardless of your orientation towards the origins of diseases like AIDS and Lyme Disease, it would be foolish and naive to believe that the next generation of viruses have not been developed complete with antidotes. The strategy would be simple, inoculate the preferred and leave defenseless the great unwashed. I find it interesting that Plum Island’s operations have been subdivided into “branch offices” located in Kansas and the University California at Davis. If anyone thinks that this strategic relocation, which now stretches from sea to sea is a coincidence, I have some proverbial swamp land to sell you.

Salvation From the Coming Apocalypse

You are probably wondering if there any viable options to combat the tyrannical takeover and ultimate planned collapse of America. It is possible that salvation can come in two forms. First, God can provide direct relief through divine intervention. However, if we apply Galatians 6:7 to modern times, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Subsequently, I am not optimistic regarding our chances of immediate and complete divine intervention. It appears from where I sit, God has, at least for now, removed his blessing from our country. And who could blame him, you live in a country which has murdered over 50 million babies since 1973 at the Planned Parenthood Death Camps. However, I would suggest hedging your bet and to keep praying for the elusive divine intervention.

Temporary salvation could also come from a disenchanted UN controlled US military which could dramatically decide to take matters into their own hands. There is growing evidence to support the claim that there appears to be a bifurcation in the US military and this will be explored in a future article.

For now, I would suggest getting our spiritual house in order and speaking about the coming dangers to as many military personnel as possible because as far earthly solutions go, they may be our only our hope.


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  1. European American December 9, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    There are timeless, invaluable Spiritual “Tools” available, for those who want to align themselves with Natural Law and tap into the field of all possibilities, that transcend a veritable kaleidoscope of sophisticated weaponry emerging from the elite globalist arsenals. The only intelligent method to circumnavigate, relatively unscathed, through these proverbial mine fields (located on all fronts of the War Zone one finds oneself in, on all levels), will be if one is established in Being – Yogastha Kuru Karmani – where the support of Cosmic “Higher Powers” will guide one, naturally and automatically, past potentially dangerous situations, undetected. When one aligns oneself with That Force that governs all of creation, one will spontaneously know how to safely tip toe through the herd of sleeping elephants.

    Learn how to effectively Tap into Consciousness and become Established in the Self. That will be the only “safe” place to BE; to ride out the Storm.

    Good “luck” to all.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I am going to be discussing the concept of resilience (bouncing back from adversity) and Wayne Dyer’s notion of the Power of Intention (getting what you want even in a period of chaos). I think, on this point, we are on the same wavelength

  2. Anthony Clifton December 10, 2012 at 2:52 am

    To reach a true conclusion one really needs true information…it’s True.

    there is only one source for lies…on Talmudvision…


    copy right away…

    WHY do idiots and “JEW” worshippers hate Truth ?

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  4. CoreyG/Texas December 10, 2012 at 5:32 am

    Great article, a lot to swallow but this is a pill that we all need to take. This is extremely real. I know among all of the crazy conspiracy sites and writers our there that this may blend in with the background noise. We have been in Military Intel, worked directly for DOD contractors as well as been employee’s of Pharma Companies as well as The Federal Reserve Bank as well as about a dozen other banks (US and EU) and have seen all of this first hand… This is not “I heard from a guy” but are “I held the document, was in the meeting, was guarding the site” kind of people. We have been posting a lot of this on our facebook site (I know, major asset of the ark side, some times you have to use your enemies weapons against them). This article sum’s up a LOT of what we have been saying. We are posting this article/link to this story right now! Those of you on this page, read this and take it to heart. According to our intel we sat back for tooo long and have lost… check mate. Conventionally speaking. Those of of Oath keeper, Current and former soldiers that still believe in the idea of America are going to have to be willing to find another way to dig our selves out of this mess. Let us hope we can find a peaceful way to do it less we patriots be labeled terrorists of the nation we are trying to resurrect.

  5. EyesWideOpen December 10, 2012 at 6:30 am

    Globalists = Zionists

  6. Internet Pedo December 10, 2012 at 6:56 am

    Shut up, you idiot. If the Taliban can do it, so can others. If there is a will, there is a way.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Please read the last paragraph of the article- I just told you how it will be done.
    “The Idiot”

  7. Dave Hodges December 10, 2012 at 8:09 am

    Corey, I would like to have a conversation with you. [email protected]


  8. f8te December 10, 2012 at 8:34 am

    I live in Colorado Springs and there are NOT russian soldiers partaking in policing duties! If there are I would like to hear about it. Russian soldiers doing “joint training” with soldiers at Ft Carson, and sharing in policing duties is totally different.
    Let’s try to stay out of the alex jones embellishing territory for increased readership eh.

  9. cindy December 10, 2012 at 9:24 am

    Sorry, but I don’t buy into that!!
    A friend of mine just called a day ago, THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY, and I was able to pick-up on that with telepathy, BEFORE HE CALLED! Why does that matter??
    It PROVES TO ME, we have the ability to EFFECT CHANGE WITH OUR MINDS!!
    As the masses WAKE=UP, this power is intensifying , and it is CAUSING MAJOR POSITIVE CHANGES!!
    The consciousness field is AWAKE AND ALIVE, so use those TOOLS AS WELL!!

  10. European American December 10, 2012 at 10:16 am

    I would like to add that the article was excellent, clearly we are out gunned, literally and metaphorically speaking. They are so far ahead of us (those that somewhat “get it”) technologically and psychologically that I revert back to my original post for possibly having the skills to transition to “the other side”.

    What is so disturbing is, those that don’t “get it” are being programmed to turn on those that do get it or those showing signs of getting it. It’s a two edge source in this case. Damned if we do and damned if we don’t. The so called millions of “gun owners” who claim of “rising” up against the enemy, might see the enemy as being anyone other than themselves. I suspect that the amount of programmed fear (of “the unknown”) being subliminally generated and already in place in those minds, has created an army of “do as your told or else” robots; ready to react at a push of a button. We live in a War Zone even though it looks relatively calm outside. This is no drill!

  11. Dave Hodges December 10, 2012 at 11:18 am


    Please share with us how you see that we are winning and I will publish the victories

    THank you.

  12. Larken Rose December 10, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    I beg to differ. All the fancy toys in the world are basically worthless in a conflict where: 1) the state’s “toy operators” are outnumber by targets a thousand to one, and; 2) there is no “front line,” but a country full of people, where you can’t tell the resistors from the sheep. War toys mostly work against other armies fighting war the way states always fight wars. An armed populace with NO organization at all is harder to defeat that an organized standing army. The control freaks in “government” WANT the non-conformists to image that those in power have super-human knowledge and ability, like in the movies. They don’t. They are good at propaganda, and very little else.

  13. SamFox December 10, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    The good news for true followers of The Way is that all satan’s peeps can do to us is cause us pain & suffering. I can live with that. If they are allowed to kill us all they do is change our address. They may be allowed to snuff our natural body, which would make us martyrs for His cause, but Yeshua will usher us into His heavenly kingdom like Paul said in the last chapter of II Timothy. How did Paul get there? He was murdered.

    Poppa has allowed US to be at the mercy of our enemies to some degree. But HE isn’t. And He has not forsaken His own. Psalm 91 for me. Ephesians 6. Know these verses. Yeshua has already won. When He came out of the tomb He brought with Him the keys of death, hell & the grave. He crushed satan’s head as predicted in Genesis.

    Note also that in Eph. 6 we find the source of the ‘fight’ is the spirit dimension. Go to BibleGateWay.com & read Eph. 6 there. Very informative. We are not in a battle with ONLY flesh & blood…

    No other power can take on satan but the I AM Who spoke to Moses. We need to be IN that One by way of Elohim’s Holy Spirit. More good news. I AM already beat satan up. We Christians will be protected, but that does not mean that we can’t be painfully transferred out of our physical bodies like Paul & millions of other Christians have been through out the centuries.

    I disagree that resistance is futile. Resistance is mandatory!!! That’s what I say.


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  15. Patrick Henry December 10, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Throughout history liberty has eventually defeated tyranny. Yes those military assets exist but they are still mostly in developmental stages or are sparsely distributed amoung troops in the field. If used they will be used in secured areas or fall back areas deemed vital to national security, i.e. Norfolk/Newport News, DC, etc. There are not enough troops, DHS, FBI, etc personnel to do what they want even with trained UN troops, there are still not enough. Stop squashing hope and motivation. Your article is more a disinformation/troll aligned with a government agency than pursuing the defense of the republic. So your alternative must be to turn in our guns and BILLIONs of rounds of ammunition(purchased over the last ten years) by Americans, and bend over and become slaves. The only alternative if they already have us defeated. Take my advise, please stay out of the way for real patriots to take on the mantle of defeating tyranny. We’ll find a way without you!

    You are one pitiful loathsome soul.

  16. Thomas Gambill December 10, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    In a very short summary of the reality of what all this is about is this. Those that do not believe in the supernatural will never be able to put the pieces together to know what the outcome is going to be and who is behind it. The main perts are fallen angels controlling human servers, from the Priesthood (Vatican insiders and new Age agenteurs), 26 Illuminati families (13 inside loop and 13 outside loop, high level freemasons, Knights of Malta, and Political zionist or fake Jews in Israel. The real issue at stake here is whether Jesus Christ or Satan will ultimately reign as King upon this Earth. We know from Scripture, King James Bible that Jesus, creator defeats the Transhumanized 200,000,000 at Armageddon a ways down the road yet. The Supreme directors of this Satanic conspiracy are a small group of men who believe in the supernatural but control the world in 7 areas. They are Politics (CFR, RIIA), Education, All Religions, Science, Philosophy, Arts, Finance all worldwide. They have committees, councils, Secret societies, all military, all intelligence agencies, financial institutions to give you an idea. They have in fact use Atheistic materialism to bring in human beings away from Almighty God. Their master is SatanLucifer. The New Age aka is Sanat Kumara, and a few other names and over 66 fallen angels. Its about the battle of your soul. Those that follow Jesus and those that deny God will end up in the Dimension called Hell. The fundamental principle of the Satanic Illuminati is to divide different races, religions, political groups, social classes, and nationalities to make them fight each other using the Hegelian Dialectic. These actions then weakens the groups in manpower and ruins them economically. This entire plot is to lead the groups, countries to accept “WORLD PEACE” or internationalism, however, at a high cost.

    The 20th century is unlike any other now that the technology and systems are not at a level to achieve world government. There are five fields of thought that took hold in the 20th century. One is Christianity which teaches that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God and he will return to this Earth and restore law and order. This is the actual end result after all the next set of events begins. In the meantime international Communism which teaches Atheistic materialism claims that everything starts from Matter or energy, and returns to Matter. Therefore its leaders work to bring about an International Athestic dictatorship, lead by none other than the ANTICHRIST. The Illumianti or GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD as they are called desire to bring about the Despotism of Satan upon this Earth. Political Zionism is aimed by control of the Zionist Jews not to be confused with the Hebrew Jews. Finally international Nazism which teaches about the deity of man and that the state is all supreme. The leaders at that time sought to impose their ideas for a military dictatorship upon the people.

    Everything in the article above is very true about how these groups, I’ve just mentioned have established the 7 areas including high tech weapons to accomplish this goal. The Declaration of Independence and revolutionary war, War of 1812, Civil War, Sinking of the Maine, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor (Planned by FDR, cousin Churchill, and Japanese elite, the Mitsuis; before 1928), the Korean war, Vietnam War, and even 911 were all preplanned and were instigated into false flags to accomplish the bigger objective. Two Russian Revolutions, WWI, WWII and coming WWIII was all planned in conceptional terms before 1871 by Albert Pike.

    The Revelations of the Bible (King James) and return of Jesus to this Earth is the reality and everything else is just establishing this one world government, one world Religion and one world currency eventually to be destroyed by Jesus at the REAL Armageddon and not the fake one coming. Disclosure will be the big lie about aliens, ascended masters and UFO hoax you will see under Project Bluebeam to bring about a FALSE peace. then after this the truth will unfold to the Tribulations in the Bible to return of Jesus.

  17. Steve/WV December 10, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    Great article! I would like to believe that our military personnel would stand down when tyranny is the order of the day. However history has shown us this is often not the case. The Nazi’s at Nuremberg were just following orders, Khmer Rouge of Pol Pot, the Stalin purges were all exampes of following orders. Look at Mai Lai or the events at Abu Gharib for more contemporary examples. Many people will say that these are extreme examples but Milgram’s experiment shows that even average ordinary everyday people will do things that they normally would not when given the order by an authority figure. Granted the lives of the enemy are devalued and makes such atrocities more likely to be carried out. You fight for the guy next to you in the foxhole and seeing those friends perish will cause you to be more willing to kill the enemy. When it comes to disarming or killing your own citizen however, there will need to be a spark to start the fire. There must be a galvanizing event to gain military support and popular sympathy. Take a look at the psyops TM/FM or internal foreign defense tactics (sorry training manual/field manual for those infamiliar with the abbreviations) to see that is SOP (standard operating procedure for the uninitiated). The powers that be can’t afford a schism in the armed forces, so expect a false flag laid at the feet of militia,patriot,constitutionalist movement to ensure support. All of us who served in the armed forces were taught it was our duty to disobey an unlawful order however history and scientific study has shown us that most will follow almost any given order. Ah there is so much more I could get into………………………

  18. Hmmm December 10, 2012 at 6:30 pm


    I feel the same way you do.

    Just look up the sky and see how helpless we’re with the chemtrails. All we can do is run our mouths because we don’t have anything that can shoot that high.

    Surrender and pray to God is the only way.


  19. Denton December 10, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    I’ve figured the same way for a while.
    Not only does the military have wild and wonderful weaponry that will make resistance extremely painful, but the elite have access to armies that would be absolutely ruthless with our people.
    Our metro centers have so many people that they dictate the president, nowadays. How hard do you think it would be to cut the cities off and starve the people into submission?

    How about them rural types? You know, the rough, tough, rugged people. Ever viewed one of those videos where the bad guys are milling about, totally unaware that a Hell Fire missile is travelling their way, courtesy U.S. Army Apache? The avionics packages in the Apache or the Kiowa Warrior make people stand out in the dark of night, magnified so that the target hears nothing and the missile accurate enough so that they will feel nothing. The chain gun isn’t as merciful, of course, but the pilot will say, “Hit’em again” and the gunner will look into the video game like viewer, pull the trigger and fire some more rounds for a higher score.

    Yes, today’s resistance will not be easy, if it comes to such a thing. There was no way the founding fathers could have imagined such military power, but, then again, the founding fathers really expected us to keep the federal government inside the steel cage called the constitution, and they expected us to maintain the faith upon which this nation was built. We dropped the ball on both expectations.

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  21. Anthony Clifton December 11, 2012 at 4:00 am

    see the increase in the debt limit…WINNING !!

    See the “Jewish” State avoiding TRUTH & JUSTICE….WINNING !!!

    See America overdosing on “JEWISH” blessings….WINNING !!!

    it is eternally imprudent to make obscene gestures to the Almighty & Jesus.

  22. Douglas Nusbaum December 11, 2012 at 10:10 am

    And here is what I see. A great deal of name calling. You know, the rhetorical technique used by those who have neithre information no logic to support their point of view. And in the unlikely event that they had either information or logic, their resort to name calling is a strong indicator that they probably do not have the intellectual firepower to use either correctly. Or as “president bartlet” said. They have .22 cal minds in a .357 world 🙂

    By the way. One more evidence of the total control that Jews have over the world. Chess games are rigged by the zionists. They can do that. How else do you explain the allegation that about 1/2 of all world class chess players have at least one Jewish parent or grand parent. They can not possibly be that smart Can They…? It would be scary if they were.

    And speaking of Jewish conspiracies. How best to shut them down. Why have the local leaders killed by their own children. This is easy to do since people with this mind set tend to be prone to violence, and easily manipulated. And the Jews do, after all, control all the media.

  23. Hmmm December 11, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    I changed my mind because I feel horrible. It’s the feeling of a sheeple. It’s true the globalist has nice toys but they also don’t have it. They lie constantly and we slurp it all up. They lied about the moon landing and 9/11 so they lie about other things and what they actually have.

    We should stop being negative.

    So this is a big screw you to the globalists — Merry Christmas to all! They will not buy me into the Happy Holiday crap.


  24. Bernie December 12, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Very interesting article. I am certainly looking forward to a more solution based follow-up article addressing your views on the military ‘bifurcation’. Personally I think that the human drive to thrive will overcome this period of darkness imposed on us by the very small group of inhuman control freaks at the top.

    FYI- I enjoy your articles and topics over all!

  25. bobd76 December 12, 2012 at 11:45 am

    You Christians scare me. Do not look for salvation from any mythical figure, it won’t be coming. The Bible is rewritten Sumerian history mixed in with some old morality tails that has been used (like all religion) to control peoples minds and behavior. The only reason that any Biblical prophecy appears accurate is because the powers that be have time travel technology; the Bible says what they want it to say. I know several people from within the Montauk Project, they are genuine, I have seen evidence that their stories are true. Information that I was given in the late 90s has been verified within the last few months. Do not believe me, do your own research with your mind and eyes open and you can verify this for yourselves.
    I truly believe that our only hope is the overthrow of this government. Mr. Hodges is right when he says that the military option will prove futile. We must simply stop cooperating with the criminal element that has taken control of the government. I realize that this is a tall order, but it is the only real hope we have of restoring this country. The citizens of the US must call for the impeachment of our elected officials, the end of the Federal Reserve, and an end to the idea that the US needs to be an empire that controls the rest of the world. We must establish a new government that functions to serve the needs of the American people rather than those of the corporate and banking elite. We must learn to say no.

  26. Hmmm December 13, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    Hi Dave,

    Please don’t approve my previous message because of this:

    Without faith, we’re left with reason and it’s a hit and miss. After re-reading your post bob, I concluded that you’re just a mediocre type. That’s the conclusion, a product of my reasoning. I’m using the same process you do to conclude that God is false.

    I was trying to demonstrate that reason is not good enough for anything, let alone dismissing faith. But I did it poorly and it lessens the impact of my entire post.


  27. bobd76 December 14, 2012 at 3:09 am

    To Chan,
    First, please forgive my misspelling of the word “tale” in my original post. I did not catch the error in my initial proof read.
    As to your reply. I did not mean to imply that I deny the existence of a higher intelligence, one that may be behind the existence of our physical reality, that is illogical, it is impossible for us to know one way or the other. However, all religions have the same fatal flaw; we cannot presume to know the true nature of any omnipotent entity, yet most religions operate on the my way or the highway school of thought. I have heard many a Christian say that the Bible is the inerrant word of God because it says so in the Bible. This is circular logic that makes for a very poor argument. Mohammed, Joseph Smith, and L.Ron Hubbard all wrote books that say the same thing.
    Personally, I would very much like to believe in Christianity. There is something very appealing to the idea that all of my transgressions are forgiven simply for accepting the notion that Jesus died so that I could be free of guilt. The truth is that I just don’t believe it. This is not a matter of choice, it is just the way my mind works. If God created each of us, then he created me. If I don’t believe because I just can’t, and he created me to be this way, I am condemned to the fires of Hell for all of eternity as a consequence of birth. If I lie about it and tell people I believe and attend church and otherwise go through the motions of belief for fear of damnation then I am a liar, thereby breaking a commandment and once again I am damned. If God made me this way, and I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t, I cannot think of an act more cruel than my own existence. I would have been made by my creator to live a brief life and then spend eternity (eternity is an awfully long time) suffering in a lake of fire. I can’t think of anyone I dislike more than my ex wife, but as much as she might deserve it, I would not condemn her to an eternity of pain. Perhaps I might let her off the hook in a few trillion years, big of me eh? Yet God does not allow for parole? How can I, a mere mortal, possibly be more merciful than God?
    I have no wish to offend anyone. I am sorry if I offended you. I am simply worried about the state of the world. I find it difficult to hear people talk about some savior coming to the rescue in the face of what appears to be impending war, tyranny and suffering on a scale we have never seen before. The people that are in control have weaponry and technology that is far, far in advance of anything that we could imagine. Structures exist all over the world that have been here for thousands of years that we cannot build today. Case in point, the stone platform in the town that used to be called Baalbeck, in southern Lebanon. The ruins of an old Roman temple sit on it now, but it predates Rome by thousands of years. It contains three stones, each estimated to weigh between 800-1200 tons. These stones come from a quarry 35 miles away. The academic community ignores it. They cannot explain how these stones were moved. We cannot do it now. Somebody had the capability to move this weight thousands of years ago. The only answer that makes any sense given our knowledge of the ancient world now is that the ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets that tell the story of an extra-terrestrial race with advanced technology that came to Earth to exploit its resources is accurate. They are responsible for advancing our evolution through genetic engineering. They are the source of the myths of ancient “Gods”. They have been here for a very long time, and there is no reason to believe that they are not still here. It is this group that is the power behind the elite and their network of secret societies and wealthy “Illuminati” families. They are the power behind the American government. These are the Reptilians that people talk about. My friends who were involved with the Montauk Project worked with one of these aliens. They are the source of the Montauk technology.
    The only advantage we have is in our numbers. We cannot defeat them militarily. We dismiss their existence at our own peril. I am used to having people laugh at me and dismiss me as a “crazy conspiracy theorist”. To believe in a magical being that lives in the sky and knows every thought in every head is perfectly acceptable. To believe that a more advanced race of beings may be controlling the world from behind the scenes makes one “funny”. I find it odd that this is the state of affairs on this planet which is full of physical evidence for the existence of this race (Baalbeck, Malta, Giza, Machu Pichu, Gobeckli Tepi etc.) while evidence for God is limited to faith in old stories that cite themselves as a source.
    I am sorry for the length of this post. This is a complex subject and cannot be covered in a few brief paragraphs. Once again, don’t believe me. Open your mind, look for yourself. As Chris Carter said, “The Truth is Out There”.


  28. Steve/WV December 14, 2012 at 9:33 am

    To Bobd76,
    Hey brother I understand your argument however you need to check out ancient aliens debunked. In Baalbek tere is structures dating far prior to the roman period, however the large stone is used as a retaining wall, and in Jerusalem a few hundred miles away the romans moved, lifted, and placed a stone weighing 600-700 tons (second largest single stone) so ergo why couldn’t they move 800-1000. I like ancient aliens and am a big fan of the series, however they use a strawman arument ( a weak argument not endorsed by most archeologists and compare it to theirs to make their theory look like the best option, however if they use the main view of archeologists in these areas their argument falls apart). I started researching ancient aliens facts when I saw something on the show which I knew to be false, after a few years ancient aliens debunked came out and answer most of my questions. I loved ancient aliens and was really disappointed but I realized it is just a show for entertainment purposes and I should enjoy it as such. Please watch the video ancient aliens debunked it was an eye opener. The biggest thing you see is the native residents of these areas tell you exactly how most of the structures were done and often they demonstrate it using old tools etc. The thing that first got me to realize some info on ancient a was wrong was the talk that the egyptians couldn’t possibly have drilled holes or cut using copper and sand. Sand contains basalt, granite, obsidian, quartz depending on the area basically materials that are very hard and abrasive. Today sand is used in mortar, concrete, brick, glass and of course sandblasting is a common practice. Anyway I just wanted to let you know because I once subscribed to the ancient aliens theory, though I believed them to be the nephilim of genesis, but the evidence showed me that these indigenous people were far more capable then we give them credit for.

  29. Denton December 14, 2012 at 11:03 am

    To Bobd,

    You non-Christians scare me. You people have nothing but your own standards of right and wrong to guide you, not to mention those spirits you don’t even acknowledge are real, therefore have no defense against their manipulation. At the same time, you people seem to be fixated on those of us who realize who the Creator is, the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the same God who the founders saw as the God of “the laws of nature and nature’s God” fame. Your fixation is concerning because we see how unhinged you people are, and how your zealousness in erasing all bastions of Christianity in this Christian nation will eventually get down the the outright persecution and killing of us.

  30. Anon December 14, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    You wrote: “For now, I would suggest getting our spiritual house in order and speaking about the coming dangers to as many military personnel as possible because as far earthly solutions go, they may be our only our hope.”


    Mark Passio – Free Your Mind Conference 2011
    U.S. Soldiers, Cops – YOU SERVE THE 1% – WAKE THE F#@$ UP!


    Operation Vampire Killer 2012


    The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope

    Even U.S. Troops Are Waking Up To The New World Order

  31. bobd76 December 15, 2012 at 8:17 am

    To Denton,
    I have seen Ancient Aliens Debunked and Phillip Coppens’ reply to it, Ancient Aliens Debunked Debunked. As Coppens says, not every idea presented in that series is going to be correct, and not all are going to be wrong. People postulate theories and they are examined and tested for their validity over time. The truth is that as far as the ability to move these tremendous weights over long distances is concerned, no archaeologist as yet has discovered how it was actually done. The 650 ton stone you are referring to is I believe in the foundation of the second temple in Jerusalem built by King Herod with the help of his good buddy Caesar Augustus. All that says is that we know very little about the true capabilities of the Roman world. An equally valid question is I think, how did the Romans manage to put the 160 ton poured concrete dome on the Pantheon? This is another seemingly impossible feat for a society without advanced technology. The truth is that we really know very little about the ancient world. The academic community makes a lot of authoritative sounding suppositions, but in truth they lack a great deal of hard facts. The facts about moving gross amounts of weight today are that the most powerful cranes that we have can handle less than 400 tons, and are usually found in large ports (New York, Hong Kong etc.) and they need to be cemented in bedrock. I have seen many attempts at explanations for how the ancients managed to move massive amounts of weight. Most sound good when given by people with Doctoral degrees, most of whom have no idea what hard physical labor actually entails, but they always seem to fall short in practice. In a recent documentary about Stonehenge an archaeologist attempted to move a ten ton stone on a wooden skid hauled by oxen. Within a short time the wood started breaking down.
    In any case, this is simply an intellectual exercise, I appreciate your keeping it friendly.

    To Anon,
    You on the other hand are the reason that most of us in the secular world find it difficult to deal with religious zealots. Having an open mind does not mean I am being manipulated by demons. The principal author of our founding documents was Thomas Jefferson, a Deist, NOT a Christian. The US Constitution guarantees freedom of religion; this is not a Christian nation but rather a free society that allows for the co-existence of all faiths. What disturbs those of us who do not share your faith is your desire to base US law on what you people believe. An aborted fetus is just that, it is not a murdered baby. Every sperm is not sacred. The nonsensical argument that one cannot judge right from wrong without adherence to or belief in the “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” is also particularly annoying; tell that to Plato or Socrates or Hamurabi. There are about two billion Christians in the world. That leaves five billion who are not. Some of those are just as invested in their belief system as you are in yours. Do you really believe that a God that created all men would abandon the vast majority of his children for being indoctrinated into a belief system other than yours? As far as killing Christians is concerned, this is another absurd notion. The secular community is not out to get you. I have managed to make it through 54 years on this planet without harming another soul, and I am a gun owner. Just amazing isn’t it? You would think a heathen like me would spend his spare time raping and pillaging, after all, I lack any sort of moral compass.

    One additional note to Chan, the first Christian to reply to me,
    As I said, I had no wish to offend, but honestly, you said I was “a mediocre type” which I conclude meant that you believe I have a mediocre mind. Just to set the record straight here in the anonymity of cyber-space. The average IQ in this country has dropped to 98. This is quite an achievement in light of the fact that in terms of IQ, 100 is at once the mode the median and the mean, a statistical anomaly in itself. The fact that we could knock two points off that is truly a dubious distinction. In any case, my IQ is 145 as measured by the standardized tests when I was in high school. As back in the seventies, I was the sort of kid that put the “high” in high school, before first period every day and usually at least once more during lunch, study hall or while cutting one class or another, it is possible that had I taken the test straight that 145 may be a bit lower than it actually is. Since 140 is considered genius, I must tell you that I find your judgement of my intellect as mediocre to be born of insecurity. Those of us who feel free to think for ourselves without the constraints of religious indoctrination always seem to upset those who adhere to these controlling belief systems. In any case, if you think that I am a simpleton of some sort, I’m afraid you are quite mistaken.


  32. Hmmm December 15, 2012 at 9:13 am


    I have no doubt that atheists are intelligent because it’s a prerequisite for being intelligent that one must abandon religion. I admit I’m struggling in my previous posts and as Chris Hedges said, atheists are moving in for the kill — to get rid of faith — in for the “betterment of humanity”.

    But your intelligence has limits and when reason fails, it relies on the mass media to cover its mistakes. Atheists/scientists have managed to convinced a whole lot of people that they have detected black holes when none had been, and the Big Bang created everything out of
    nothing, thus obviates the need for a Creator.

    I have concluded that the science is a fraud and thus it puts a limit on the usefulness of the rational mind’s ability to decipher God.


    What you’re doing is attacking stupid religious people — those who thought Rick Santorum was a savior. Do you realize that when the battle is outmatched, the winning side often back off due to the lack of interest? But I see no sign atheists are backing down and that’s why I fear. You all are driven to win, pure and simple.

    But I shouldn’t be fighting atheists. We need to focus on restoring the Republic and prevent our enslavement.

  33. bobd76 December 15, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    I assume I am addressing Mr. Hodges here, as the last reply was unlabeled. I am not an atheist, I would not even consider myself an agnostic. I am sure that there is some form of intellect behind the curtain, I just don’t believe that we have any idea what form it may take, or what it thinks, or if it is even aware of this speck of dust on which we reside in this infinite cosmos. It is only human arrogance that assumes we are of any importance at all to what I prefer to think of as Source. I am sure that the idea of God was planted in the heads of primitives by one or more of the superior alien races that have had a presence here on Earth for a very long time. The more primitive the race, the more some sort of control would need to be used to establish dominance in a situation where a more advanced culture must deal with a less developed group. I think that given the immensity and complexity of what appears to be a multiverse of universal bubbles that exist in parallel, each containing 11 dimensions (this is the number that the mathematicians have come up with, a science that is far too complex for my feeble little mind-so I am willing to take their word for it on this one, if whatever their equations say balances out on both sides of the equal sign, it must be right) I would think that somewhere in the past Source was able to set the ball rolling and allow mayhem to ensue.
    As far as the Big Bang is concerned, I agree that it sounds like a stretch. I too find most of the noise that I hear from the media to be a lot of drivel. The world of academia is pretty much a joke. Scientists have to live in the same bubble as the rest of the academics out there, so to keep their cushy jobs they repeat whatever nonsense they are told is factual and don’t rock the boat. Do some research on zero point energy and you will find that we could be off of carbon fuels in a few years if some money and effort were put into research and development, but the corporations (the oil companies and there partners in crime) will not hear of it. So the scientists spout the same old noises, it’s not possible, it violates the laws of physics, blah, blah, blah. I quit school at 19. I thought at the time that I was surrounded by intellectual giants. I went back at 36 (due to an extremely bad back problem I decided to become a teacher as it would be a job I could do physically, even as my condition deteriorated, unfortunately the supposed desperate need for teachers turned out to be a need for our fine institutions of higher mind indoctrination to make money-but that is another story) and found that most of the professors were actually a bunch of ego-maniacs who had never had an original thought in their lives. To do well in college, listen to your teachers opinions on any subject and feed it back to them in your essays and research papers, even if they are wrong, just stroke their egos and you will get an A in their class. I graduated with a 3.8 average, accumulated about $60,000 worth of debt and learned nothing that I did not know already.
    Anyway, I have spent a great deal of time and effort contemplating the nature of existence, of Source or God if you like, and of my place in this freak-show, and have concluded that some questions just cannot be answered in a definitive fashion from our three dimensional perspective. Although I am not a believer, I do not begrudge anyone else their faith. I do not seek to eradicate religion, I wish know one harm. I too fear for this Republic. I am a patriot. I just find it a bit scary that people are looking for help from a supernatural source that has hitherto done us no favors. I fear that we are on our own.


  34. Anon Patriot December 27, 2012 at 10:42 am

    The QUIET, or SILENT “Revolution” (you know, between now and when the actual shooting starts!)

    Solutions, Solutions, Solutions

    Removing your money out of any TBTF Bank is ONE thing that you can do. However,
    there are many, many other things that we can all do, too! Home-Schooling is another excellent solution.

    Here are just a few more:

    1) BOYCOTT – learn this concept well, and EMPLOY IT – against those enslaving you!
    3) QUESTION all ‘authority’ (Big Business/Government, Big Religion, Big Media, etc.)
    4) Get out, and/or stay out, of DEBT!
    5) USE CASH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Avoid using credit, debit, and customer loyalty cards
    6) Bank at a local credit union!
    7) VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! (What do you support, with your time, money, and energy?) (Buy true ORGANIC, & MADE IN USA!)
    8) Contact your Representatives on critical issues: such as “END THE FED!”
    9) Re-read the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It isn’t about hunting. It’s about government tyranny, and protecting yourself from it.
    10)Buy (products) Made in U.S.A. Let’s put AMERICANS back to work!
    11)Invest in precious metals, primarily SILVER (and gold) bullion
    12)Buy ORGANIC food! Support your local Organic Farmer, food store or Co-op!
    Support the true HEROES of organic food production (on the right side, of the following poster: http://www.cornucopia.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/prop37-poster3.jpeg)
    13)Start your own garden using NON-GMO, non-hybrid seeds!
    14)Pray or meditate – reduce your stress!
    15)Read a book, you know, an actual book! Open your mind!
    16)Exercise your brain muscle!
    17)Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient or other music you thoroughly enjoy!
    19)Take a high-quality daily multi-vitamin


  35. Rebecca January 2, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Its hard to know how much armed resistance will get for us, but we all know what no resistance will get – %100 satisfaction and success for treason. Remember that most countries around the world have had their “moments” with tyranny and it has not lasted forever, even if it has lasted a long time. Armed resistance is the only chance real Americans have. As for our Savior, Jesus Christ, yes BobD76, he will save us, but not in the way that you’re thinking. We know not to expect him to come flying out of the clouds with a sub-machine gun shooting down all of our enemies. But, you’re thinking about it the wrong way, just as the people in Jesus’ times wanted him to save them from the Romans. He came to save us from our ultimate enemies – death and hell, which will come to all who die without him. If we die in the action ahead, we still win, because we go to a safe place. Not everyone can say that, because not all have let him save them. We’re saved from hell and eternal death already, no matter what happens.

  36. Take A Gambil January 28, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    Take a Gambil, Tom has stated on his show on TheMicroEffect.com numerous times statements to the following effect as shown in parentheses () below.

    (Alex Jones is a gatekeeper for the illuminati)
    This is an interesting idea. A number of people have criticized Alex Jones for presenting only part of the truth. Let’s investigate that some more. But what about Tom ? What else has he said and is it even possible for him to know it?

    Tom states unequivocally that (there are no Alien Life forms anywhere else in the universe).
    Well, how does he know this? Has Tom traveled throughout the entire universe and seen and verified that this is a true statement? Has Tom received a direct revelation that this is true?
    You see, why is he saying things like this that he has no way of knowing? Has he not IN HIS MIND risen above the Most High and now Tom is the fundamental authority.
    “Dogma” = “am god”, in reverse.

    Now, when questioned about this He provides no real proof that there are not “God-created alien life forms” elsewhere in the universe. He draws an assumption from the Genesis account of the creation of man that there are no other such beings in the universe [let’s call them non-animal advanced living flesh beings, for example, man and woman]. He further bases the assumption of ‘no alien life forms’ on his statement that there will be a future faked Alien Invasion; well, the existence of fake aliens and even fake alein UFO’s does not mean that all apparent aliens are not real ! So his argument is lacking logic. Illogical. Do not base Your knowledge on illogical fallacies.

    The point here is that most of us have heard dogmatic preachers who insist they are right and gain a sort of cult following. They are loud, boisterous, insistent on their own views and make a number of unsubstantiated statements. They present a number of intriguing ideas and some truth, but they seem, in the end, to be no different than Alex Jones in many respects. Tom exhibits this same sort of behavior and not only makes unsubstantiated statements, some of which may be true, but makes some statements that are not known to be true or even knowable and others that are just plain false or misleading. He appears to be attempting to get one to close their mind and accept HIS view and THOUGHTS as “gospel”.
    Then if someone points out an error in one of his statements or an illogical statement of his, they are either banned, called an infiltrator or member of some covert group that is out to attack him. Well, folks, this guy has become DELUSIONAL. People simply acting alone and hear some silly things he is saying and are bringing it out. They are not all “plants of the illuminati” or some other silliness. Yet Tom will clearly state that they are when HE HAS NO SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE or STRICT PROOF. This is what happens when one’s ego (flesh) takes over forming a cult leader rather than servant of the Most High. This sort of lowly infantile mindset is what is formed in them (like ‘now it’s time to dedicate the broadcast. Lord….’ and he goes on with some lengthy prayer feining that he is serving God.
    2 Timothy 3:5
    Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. “Praying in public places to be heard’
    Matthew 6:5
    And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.).
    Well, thus I do not see much good coming out of his efforts. So if there is really some benefit in what he is doing, please let us know. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. So we see that there is some truth (1-99.99%) with some falsehood mixed in. Do we thus accept everything that is said? When we go to church, do we question EVERY STATEMENT also?
    So what we are dealing with here appears to be a spiritually immature meathead puffed up by a little knowledge and with that pride fabricating falsehoods and demanding that they are the truth.
    Colossians 2:18
    Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind
    Been there, done that, and done with that.
    “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.”
    So, Take this Gambil, and the next time you listen to Tom, ask yourself after each statement that he makes, does he provide proof substantiating the validity of that statement? Keep doing this and you will see he fills his show with many unsubstantiated claims.
    So to know whether any of these are true, they need to be substantiated. Thus if you start accepting some of these statements, you might find yourself Blindly Following a cult leader’s myriad of unsubstantiated statements and false statements. Tom needs some maturity to change and turn from his ways.

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