sandy hookThe Batman Aurora, Colorado shooting this past summer was clearly the work of a mind controlled Manchurian candidate. It is obvious that many of these mass shootings follow the same pattern and cumulatively, they serve the same purpose of justifying the need for gun confiscation.

Out of respect for the families and friends of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting victims, I will refrain from speculation, for the time being as to the motives behind this senseless tragedy. However, it should be pointed out that the Obama gun control forces and the state-run media have been ramping up the rhetoric in favor of gun confiscation and subsequently, THEY are the ones who are exploiting this horrible tragedy in pursuit of their own gun confiscation agenda. Let it be clearly stated, right here and right now, that our current president could not even grant the victims’ families a moment to grieve before calling for his version of draconian gun confiscation. Unqualified members of the mainstream media have also been piling on as exemplified by sportscaster, Bob Costas. While broadcasting a football game, Costas could not resist stepping into a realm he knows nothing about as he called for a gun ban while broadcasting a recent NFL game. The liberal media is incessant in its call for gun confiscation. Even Harry Belafonte is telling Obama to arrest dissenters like they would in a third world country.

I hate to confuse the gun control advocates with the facts, but nearly every infamous mass shooting occurs in a gun free zone where even the legal conceal and carry of firearms is prevented. The very notion of gun-free zones are based on an erroneous principle, namely, that murderers will follow the rules. This flawed logic is an insult to all law-abiding citizens.

armed israeli teachersDoes anyone doubt the fact that any of the family members of the Newton, Connecticut shootings, wish that the teachers, administrators and security were armed with guns on the morning of December 14, 2012. How many lives could have been saved if we armed school personnel in previously gun free zones? The Israeli’s spare no expense in defending their children from these heinous acts. In Israel, teachers carry guns. In America, thanks to the notion of gun free zones, Americans leaves its children defenseless.

The average police response time, in America, is six minutes and the average draw-and-shoot response time for a concealed carry weapons holder is five seconds.As flawed as the anti-gun advocates logic is, the fact remains that the more guns that a community possess, the lower the violent crime rate. This point is clearly illustrated when a reasonable person compares Germany to Switzerland and discovers that gun ownership is three times as high in Switzerland, yet the Swiss have a much lower murder rate. This is also true in rural areas in the United States, which have historically higher rates of gun ownership, yet have far lower murder rates. Further, gun ownership doubled in the late 20th century followed by a decreasing murder rate. Stricter gun laws create more death, just look at the astronomical homicide rates in Washington DC, New York City and Chicago. Yet, these facts are rarely commentated on in the media. And speaking of the media, there was another shooting in Aurora, Colorado, other than the Aurora, CO. Batman shooting. Unbelievably, the mainstream media chose to ignore this event because the hero of the story stopped, what could have been, a massive tragedy, through the use of his gun that he had on his person at the time of the attack.

parker 2On April 22, 2012, Kiarron Parker, recently released from prison, sped into the parking lot of an Aurora, Colorado church and shot and killed one of the members of the congregation, Josephine Echols.  Perhaps, the gun control advocates of the corporate controlled media failed to report that Parker’s murderous rampage, was cut short by Antonio Milow, an off-duty Denver policeman, as this hero drew his concealed revolver from its holster, took aim and saved several lives of innocent churchgoers by taking Parker down. Isn’t it a shame that Antonio Milow was not in theater number nine, at the Century 16, on July 20, 2012? Isn’t it tragic that Milow was not present at the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting? How many lives could Antonio Milow, or some other CCW armed person like him, have saved on those fateful nights in both Aurora, CO. and Newton, CT? .

In a move that could be described as grandstanding, Obama visited the victims of the Aurora shooting.  Why didn’t Barack Obama visit the Josephine Echols’ family, or call them, or at least e-mailed his condolences? The simple answer is that Obama doesn’t want the uninformed public seeing that an armed populace is much more safe than depending on law enforcement. Isn’t it interesting that this Aurora church tragedy was conveniently ignored by ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN and CBS and in large part, the local affiliates in Aurora, CO?

I literally became nauseous as I watched Obama launch into his fake crying routine in his December 14, 2012 address to the nation over the most recent mass shooting.


This is the same Obama whose Predator drones kill thousands of Afghan children without blinking an eye. This is the same tearful Obama who has shipped 40,000 guns, under Fast and Furious, into Mexico which has resulted in the deaths of three US Border Patrol Agents, 200 other Americans and tens of thousands of Mexicans, including children. Where’s Obama’s tears for these poor souls?


Obama's Fake Tears

Obama’s Fake Tears

Fast and Furious was clearly orchestrated to undermine the Second Amendment. Who is this illegitimate president kidding? Obama has never visited the families of the three slain Border Patrol Agents (e.g. Agent Brian Terry), yet, as he did after the Batman shootings, and you can bet he will visit the families of Sandy Hook victims because he can exploit the situation in the furtherance of his gun confiscation agenda. And why is Obama so hell-bent on getting our guns? Simple, a disarmed population offers less resistance to a totalitarian takeover of the government. More on this point in a future article.

It has been said that guns are to crime as to what gasoline is to drunk driving. Gasoline does not cause drunk driving. Guns do not cause crime. Are most Americans really stupid enough to believe that there was no crime before the advent of gunpowder? Sadly, I am afraid that they are. And as long as our abject ignorance persists, gun free zones is where victims will continue to be murdered.

As tragic as the mass shootings are, gun confiscation will do nothing to prevent further tragedy and gun confiscation will surely serve to threaten every freedom-loving American

I pray that God brings peace of mind to the survivors of this tragedy. May the Lord also bring some measure of comfort and ease the pain of the victims famiies. And may He keep the souls of the victims with Him forever and ever,  Sandy Hook elementary school families, the nation cries with you tonight.