tipping point 1Rome burned as Nero fiddled. Today, the American-Mexican border is beginning to go up in smoke. First, the Bushes, then Bill Clinton and now Obama, have fanned the flames of border violence through their unyielding attitude of corporate servitude resulting in providing the globalists with an endless supply of cheap, illegal alien labor, not to mention Fast and Furious, regardless of the cost to the American people and their safety. Meanwhile, national security issues, related to the border, are ignored.

President Obama is attempting to offer de facto amnesty to untold millions of illegal aliens currently residing in the country as well as grant their family members citizenship status. Obama is not just fiddling as America burns, he is playing the whole orchestra. What Obama wants to do with admitting family members of illegal aliens, soon to be declared citizens, will deal a death blow to our country. And please spare me the racist argument, this is about sheer numbers, lack of employment opportunities and a dramatic shift in social class structure. So stick that Obama “divide and conquer” rhetoric in your back pocket and pay attention to how this is going to impact you.

Unofficial estimates place the number of illegal immigrants presently in the country at about 25-30 million people. An estimated 11 million illegal immigrants experience periodic to permanent unemployment.  It does not matter if this country offers de facto citizenship or not. The fact is that these 11 million illegal immigrants need to eat and where will there turn for help? And when Obama’s immigration legislation passes, or he simply invokes a citizenship decree for up to 30 million foreigners by Executive Order, the friends and family exceptions of Obama’s provisions will kick in and kick in with a vengeance .

The Math of Obama’s Approach To Illegal Immigration

In the State of The Union Message, Obama bemoaned the fact we (Americans) need to rectify the separation of illegal alien families which takes place when people illegally cross the border. This means that for every illegal alien which receives citizenship, we could be looking at 4-10 additional “guests” legally coming into our country. Just how many people are we speaking about? The Obama administration and other low end estimators state that there are 11-12 million illegal aliens presently in the country. That is about the same number that Bush cited in 2000 and that number was criticized as being too low. The high end estimators place the number of illegal immigrants between 20-30 million. I find the latter numbers much more realistic.

If Obama’s “friends and family plan” comes to fruition we are looking at crushing numbers coming into our country. Taking Obama’s numbers, on the low end, we could look at as many as 50-100 million new “citizens”. On the high end we could be looking at 75 to 200 million new residents. Before you tell me that Mexico doesn’t have that many people, let me point you to the following chart which represents an estimate of where the illegal immigrants are coming from. As you can see, these illegal residents are not just from Mexico. These people are from a multitude of countries, all with many relatives chomping at the bit to come to America.

immigration breakdown

The Net Effect of Massive Immigration On Crime and National Stability

border 2If we allow, say, 75 million new immigrants (low end estimate of the impact of the “friends and family” plan) to come to America to 200 million new residents (high end estimate), we will witness the collapse of our social and economic institutions. Hospitals alone will be crushed by the sheer volume. Water and food resources will be stretched far beyond capacity. Schools will be unable to find seats for all the students. Our infrastructure will collapse. Additionally, our civil liberties will totally disappear because how many of the 150 million will understand the tenets of our Constitution? If I wanted to subjugate a relatively free people, armed with constitutional protections from government abuse without firing a shot, I would overpopulate the country with people who know nothing of the culture and the unique American political system. The sheer numbers of immigrants could drown out the cries of unconstitutional allegations against an out of control government. as martial law is rolled out and the guns are confiscated.

These dangers and far more are coming to our in country in the near future if Obama is successful in undermining our immigration laws. However, the immediate short-term effect will show up in a rapidly escalating crime wave, the likes that America has never seen.

The First Impact of Unbridled Immigration

Raise your hand if you know people who are presently unemployed or underemployed. Ok, put your hands down, it looks like we are surrendering en masse. Just imagine what tens or hundreds of millions of new people coming to our country will do to the unemployment rate. And any sociologist can tell you what high unemployment rates do to crime rates?

When one considers the criminal cartel infrastructure, already in place in our hemisphere and developing within our boundaries, ask yourself what is going to happen as we receive millions of largely uneducated laborers who cannot find legitimate work, what will be the impact on our society? If you are not prepared to be shocked, do not read on.

The Rise of Massive Criminal Cartels

obamunismThere can be no question that the activities of the Mexican drug cartels are impacting the quality of life across the border in the United States. Phoenix, Arizona is now the kidnapping capital of the country and nearly all the kidnappings are related to either human smuggling and/or drug trafficking ( Arizona Republic, February 4, A-1). The imaginary line called the international border will not shield, nor protect American citizens from the growing holocaust that is presently underway in the narco-terrorist state of Mexico

In the first four weeks of 2013, 1,300 Mexican citizens, including 18 children, have fallen victim to the Mexican drug cartels and there is no end in sight. It is hard to not feel empathy for the Mexican people and to fully be cognizant of the fact that these are human beings who have worth, not just statistics on some police blotter. A Mexican publication, Exonline, even maintains an online daily tally of the deaths related to the drug cartels in which a visitor to the web site can mouse over each Mexican state and review the death counts which are broken down by gender and age.

Mexican authorities are intimately involved in this growing human carnage which is reaching epic proportions. For example, in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Federal Attorney General (PGR) agents discovered a list of approximately 200 police officers who are receiving orders from Los Zetas, the notorious “enforcers” of the local Gulf drug cartel. According to the report, the cartel pays out an annual $6 million dollars in hush money to local police officers in order to operate their drug trafficking, unabated, in the state of Tabasco.

As I earlier stated “There are 11 million illegal citizens in this nation now unemployed and the count grows daily.”  Who will employ these unfortunate people? It is not likely that all 11 million will return home to an economy that is in far worse shape than the United States. How many will feel compelled to go to work for these cartels within our own borders because they are out of economic options? Exactly, who are these drug cartels? Soon, their names will be a part of the American lexicon. We should be mindful of the fact that these drug cartels will not just employ Mexican nationals who are here illegally. America’s underclass will undoubtedly fall under their control, as American children, if not already, will be wearing their colors and look to the cartels as a source of income. Other foreign nationals who cannot find work will add to their ranks.

For the record, the names of the six major Mexican drug cartels are Cartel de Sinaloa, Cartel del Golfe, Cartel de Juarez, Cartel de Tijuana, Cartel de Oaxaca and Cartel de Milenio. Meanwhile, Obama “fiddles” with the notion of putting troops on the border while the crisis increases with each passing moment.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Do you remember when the popular television show 24, airing on Fox, devoted an entire season to a plot involving a notorious Mexican drug cartel which expended tremendous energy and resources to obtain a nuclear weapon presumably to blackmail or use against the United States for interfering in their drug activities? The savior of the country and star of the show, Jack Bauer, was able to stop the threat, but Bauer is mythical; the threat of the drug cartels is very real.

All of a sudden, the fantasies of Hollywood do not seem so far-fetched.

I have lost faith in our government, but perhaps this one time, we might want to exert pressure on our representatives to block Obama’s “friends and family plan.”