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Is the Economy going to tank? Is there going to be a currency collapse? Should we, can we, go back on the Gold Standard? We cover this and more as Joseph Meyer joins Dave in the first portion of tonight’s show.

Joseph E. Meyer is a 40-year Wall Street veteran and is president of Meyer and Associates and is the editor of the Macro Economic and Financial newsletter Straight Money Analysis. Mr. Meyer has appeared with Coast to Coast AM since 2004 and has appeared on ABC, NBC and CBS News and has been quoted in Foreign Policy magazine and Forbes. Mr. Meyer is also a Securities Law Expert witness and a Arbitrator / Mediator with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority . FINRA is the largest independent regulator of Securities firms doing business in the United States

In the last hour of the show, Dave will be joined by Sherrie Wilcox (  Sherrie was one of the first in the country to break the MERS mortgage fraud.  Sherrie has one of the most informative blogs on the internet. Tonight, Sherrie joins Dave to discuss what her insider sources are saying about what lies in America’s near future. Time permitting, Sherrie will expose why Obama’s “sequester” threats are nothing but nonsense and are disingenuous, at best.

Annie will be flying co-pilot tonight, just in case TPTB decide to play their games with tonight’s broadcast.