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Prerequisite Conditions Needed for Civil War II

Many Americans brag that our citizens have an estimated 300 million guns and nobody, not even the government, would ever dare to try and subjugate America. I have bad news for these “wishful thinkers”, America has already been conquered and the occupation forces are implementing a police state surveillance grid like the world has never seen.

The bravado of gun owners might help them sleep better at night, until they understand what they are up against. These same naive people often put their faith in the Red Dawn scenario in which average American people, armed to the teeth, mount a defense against an invading army or even a tyrannical government. And these hopelessly naive Americans actually think they can win. And even if a successful confrontation of the globalists was possible, the prerequisite conditions needed to ferment a successful civil war are not yet in place.

Most Americans Fail To Recognize Their Current Place In History

The very small percentage of Americans who are awake enough and who actually think that they preparing to fight to preserve the Republic are self-deluded. They remind me of Japanese soldiers found on Pacific Islands years after WWII was over who thought they we still defending the Empire of Japan. These Japanese soldiers had already lost the war and so have we lost our war to the globalists.  An economic coup d’état has subjugated the country which has also been followed by a political takeover. Also the use of the word “revolution” is a misnomer. The present talk of rebellion should accurately be labeled as a counter-revolutionary movement which seeks to restore the rule of law to our country through the re-establishment of the supremacy of the Constitution which has been systematically hijacked over the past several decades.

The United States is both a conquered and occupied nation. Our presidency, our Congress and most of our statehouses are beyond the reach of the people because the globalists have already hijacked these political institutions as evidenced by the fact that Agenda 21 policies are everywhere.

The globalist controlled judiciary in this country has declared that they can steal your bank accounts any time they want and the globalists have been robbing you blind since 1913. The theft of America’s resources moved out into the open in 2008 with the commencement of the bail outs and the brazenness of the NWO occupation forces  got right up into our faces when MF Global stole billions of dollars from already secured investor funds. Your police departments have been federalized, meaning that they are under the control of the globalist occupation forces. You are forced to eat GMO’s through control of the food labeling process. You are powerless in stopping the poisoning of our water through fluoridation. You live in a country that pays more for health care than any other nation, yet we only have the 51st longest lifespan. On more days than not, the gangsters who run this planet tag our skies with poisonous chemicals as a seeming reminder that they own the hood. The small percentage of you who even know what a chemtrail is, are powerless to stop the  decimation of our atmosphere. The people are not preparing to defend anything. Subsequent talk of a revolution represents childlike fantasy thinking.

Sadly, most Americans do not even know that they have already been conquered because CNN has not told them so.

Yes, more people are waking up to the tyranny, but most are still mired in the left-right paradigm and fail to grasp who their real enemies are. America is not preparing to enter into a civil war, they are preparing to have a tantrum as the refuse to retreat their room as they have been ordered to do by their globalist parents.

Could this new era of citizen discontent mushroom into a high level of civil disobedience which is always a precondition to revolution? Events are certainly moving in that direction. If the government makes a decided move on either guns, the Internet or our financial instruments (e.g. pensions, bank accounts, 401K’s, etc.) there will be violence in the streets. And once civil disobedience reaches a certain level, a spark could set off a civil war. However, the requisite conditions needed to set off a civil war have not yet been met. And, for a civil war to be effective, a significant portion of the military must join the fight on the side of the people. For that to happen, we need to realize that there is not going to an Eight Days in May scenario where military planners secretly plot to overthrow our globalist hijacked government. The Patriot Act and other assorted tyrannical acts of usurpation of the Constitution have made that impossible because ALL military leaders are under 24/7 surveillance.

The Elements of a Civil War

In the previous two revolutions, specifically, the American Revolution and the Civil War, each side of the conflict had equivalent technology and as a result, similar weaponry. Superior weaponry does not always guarantee victory, however, the odds obviously shift dramatically to the side with the deadliest weapons. American gun owners, at this point in time, are only capable of bringing a butter knife to a gun fight. Part three of this series will demonstrate why an armed grassroots revolution cannot succeed. The remainder of the article will focus exclusively on the prerequisite elements needed to launch a successful revolution.

Woody Allen at the end of “Annie Hall,” said that “Love is like a shark. Unless it moves forward, it dies.” The same is true of revolutions. Revolutions thrive on the symbolic and the strategic and they also follow very predictable steps. The American Revolution followed very predictable steps on the way to a successful revolution. The following recounts many of the elements needed to have a successful revolution.

Revolutions Require the Development of a Collective Consciousness

I have often said that a person’s process of awakening to the globalist tyranny which is in the process of enslaving our nation has many entry points which leads to the tree of knowledge. For me, the tree of knowledge and awareness opened when John McCain and friends attempted to steal my property and 300 of my neighbor’s properties, without a dime of compensation, to make way for the CANAMEX Highway system. From there, I learned about the North American Union and how NAFTA and CAFTA gave away American sovereignty and jobs. Then the flood gates of information opened up and I saw the true nature of the beast that has absconded with our Republic. As a result of our struggle against the globalist occupation forces, almost all of my 2,000 rural neighbors and friends have come to understand about the source and nature of the encroaching enslavement we are facing. I have said for years that if only the country could come to learn what my neighbors have learned, we could wake up the majority of the country. Well, we do have such an opportunity and it is right here and right now.

The British Parliament literally did all the work in unifying a significant number of colonists against the Crown. The passage of the hated Stamp Act which taxed all legal documents and even went so far as to even tax playing cards, made the King the most hated person in the colonies.  For the first time, a large number of colonists began to see the government of their mother country to be a detriment to their way of life. Therefore, it is prudent to ask the question if Americans of today have an equivalent “Stamp Act” which could serve as a rallying cry against the tyranny coming out of Washington DC? The answer is a resounding yes!

Obamacare will fully expose the globalist tyranny for what it is. Few things will raise the ire of a populace than to greatly overpay for an assumed right or privilege. The greatly escalating healthcare costs, accompanied by age-related denials of service (i.e. death panels) will do more to unify this country against our criminally controlled government than anything else imaginable. Once the majority of the people understand that their government has set them up, many will begin to see the tyranny in other areas of government as well. The new and emerging collective consciousness will become the breeding ground for a revolution.

Thanks to Obamacare, the process of waking up much of the country, will take between two and five years as the draconian nature of Obamacare will begin to reveal itself and there will be no way to conceal the fact that we live in a conquered and occupied country. Does America have two to five years to wake up? I am not sure. A currency collapse could be a real game changer and if it happens before this new awakening can take hold, all bets are off and a new set of circumstances related to our potential and total enslavement will come into play and this will be a topic covered in Part three of this series.

A Revolution Requires Acts of Civil Disobedience

The federal government has correctly anticipated, through the purchase of massive amounts of ammunition and acquiring shooting target sheets depicting average Americans as the targets, that as more Americans awaken to the reality of our situation, we will witness dramatic acts of civil disobedience. A series of Boston Tea Party “events” could serve as a rallying point and brand the developing conflict into a clear cut “us vs. them” scenario. The globalist controlled government knows this as well. Why do you think that Homeland Security (DHS), through the MIAC Report, has branded returning veterans (the 21st Century equivalent of the colonial “Minute Men”), Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists and pro-Second Amendment supporters as the new terrorists?

Cyber Attacks Will Become the New Civil Disobedience

What will be the tactics of the modern day “Boston Tea Party” patriots?  I think it is a safe bet that selected cyber attacks will be generated against institutions such as the Federal Reserve or the favorite sons of the globalist corporate empire such as BP, EXXON, Halliburton and General Electric. You may have noticed recent chatter about the federal government contemplating the preemptive use of lethal force against “cyber terrorists”. Make no mistake about it, they are not talking about the Chinese, they are talking about Americans who have had enough and begin to vent their frustrations against the system by engaging in cyber attacks upon the establishment’s favorite sons.

If the intent of an emerging freedom movement was to paralyze and neutralize the globalist occupation forces, cyber attacks are a brilliant tactic. Of course my legal disclaimer is that I am not suggesting that such cyber attacks take place, I am merely observing that such an approach, by analyzing through the lens of history, would be an excellent tactic because the acts would be relatively easy to conceal, there is no direct confrontation in which one overtly risks physical injury or arrest, nor could the globalists anticipate where or when the next attack would take place. Remember, the Sons of Liberty dressed up like Native Americans in order to carry out the Boston Tea Party with relative anonymity. The brilliance of this approach to civil disobedience would become apparent to all if the internet was to be shut down in order to prevent further attacks. And I believe that a shutdown of the internet will awaken most of the country the tyranny which inhabits the halls of Congress and the Oval office.

Of course, cyber attackers would be well-advised to avoid attacking the power grid or any other entity which could serve to alienate the unaware and asleep public because the goal is to win converts while mounting resistance.

Revolutionary Movements Require Symbols of Martyrdom

The Boston Massacre did more to push the colonists toward revolution. In the same fashion, the Kent State Massacre did more to end the Vietnam War than any other act of protest. The authoritarian globalists will make mistakes. They will, no doubt, will unwittingly make innocent Americans into martyrs as they continue to impose their tyranny upon our occupied country. Symbols of martyrdom will clearly add to the collective consciousness of the growing group of Patriots which will eventually oppose the globalists.

Revolutionary Movements Require Charismatic Leadership

Americans lost a real opportunity with the retirement of Ron Paul as he was the lone national symbol of resistance against the globalists. And please do not mention Rand Paul. Rand Paul showed his true colors when he endorsed de facto Obamacare author, Mitt Romney, for President.

One of the major reasons that a revolution movement cannot be pushed forward in the present environment is that there is a decided leadership void. Leaders of the new revolution will undoubtedly emerge in ways that we cannot predict. However, we should be careful to not blindly follow one charismatic leader because there is infiltration in the Patriot movement by globalist operatives. Rather, like our forefathers, the colonists put their faith in a number of the Founding Fathers instead of blindly following one charismatic leader. We would be wise to do the same.

All Revolutions Require a Trigger Event

History clearly demonstrates that trigger events which leads to wars and revolutions just don’t spontaneously happen. Trigger events are the result of a series of events which makes the coming conflict inevitable and the coming conflict is simply looking for the right spark. For example, nobody could have accurately predicted that the assassination of a low level political figure, such as the Archduke Ferdinand, could have resulted in World War I.

The trigger event for the Revolutionary War was undoubtedly the failed attempt of the British to seize arms and ammunition of the colonists at Lexington and Concord. I suspect, in light of the present political climate, a similar trigger event will occur multiple times should Obama make a move on our guns.


Once the trigger event occurs, the matter in which Patriots approach rebellion will be critical. The last thing that Americans should want to do is to confront the globalists on the battlefield or even in the streets. This is a prescription for American genocide.

The folly of allowing ourselves to be seduced into confronting the globalists in the open will be discussed in Part Three of this series.

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  1. Michael March 23, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Very well organized thoughts and probability of correctness at least 95%. Of course there are many factors to consider if it comes to revolution.

    Yes, Rand Paul did make a big mistake and he is not his father, but I do think he has a lot of his fathers qualities and I am sure he learns from his mistakes.

    The US Citizen has made many grave mistakes over the past 100 years.

    1. Failed to learn from history or know history
    2. Failed to keep themselves solvent; accepting perpetual debt as a way of life.
    3. Looking to Government for assistance rather than learning to stand on their own two feet.

    Social Dependency is a killer of dreams and of nations.

  2. mike March 23, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    You are wrong. If the Afghan people and the Iraqi people can put up a decent fight against the most powerful military to date then I know that the American people can do better, drones or not. Also if the American people go to war with the globalists then lots of other countries citizens will follow. You must remember Americans are made up of every countries citizens we will Unite. The Globalists will lose massive amounts of power from people leaving after seeing the truth their technologies will be stolen not to mention the very great minds of lots of freethinking Americans you can bet people will come up with all sorts of powerful weapons rather fast. The major tactic of the globalists is fear and if or when the war does start the initial fear will be over and people will step up and I believe the war would be over within a couple of years at most leaving all those globalists tarred and feathered. It is really obvious that they fear us more than we do them.

  3. Times Up March 23, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    I see that DHS has purchased 2,000,000,000 bullets, Americans have 300,000,000 guns so, lets do a little math. Cut that 300,000,000 in 1/2 to 150,000,000 but wait, let’s cut that in 1/2 to 75,000,000. Now, lets say each gun has 100 bullets (conservatively). That equals 7,500,000,000 bullets.

    So, if 1/4 of the 300,000,000 guns have 100 bullets to use, effectively that is better than a 3.75 to 1. The advantage goes to the American Public. So, if big numbers matter (and they do here), it doesn’t take a math major to realize the 3.75 is bigger than 1. The only variable is accuracy by said gun owners. Also, I think the pregnant mother, child, and senior “no hesitation targets” are quite telling, don’t you?

    Seems like the Globalists are assuming that the American Public will be a pushover for a takeover. We may have been “over taken” for the short term but, 300,000,000 (and counting,) guns owners believe otherwise. I say, we need to all be armed to the teeth and then we can live our lives in peace.

  4. Eric Ballou March 23, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    It took 18 days for the people of Egypt to bring it’s government to it’s knees and they were unarmed. How long do you suppose it will take Americans to bring the scumbags in the US Government to a halt? My guess is mere hours.

  5. Anglo Saxon March 24, 2013 at 12:58 am

    Mike says: “Also if the American people go to war with the globalists then lots of other countries citizens will follow.”

    I agree wholeheartedly with this. I strongly believe this domino effect will happen. And quite rapidly too. In fact, I have promoted this very idea via earlier comments posted at other (alternative) Blog pages these past 18 months.

    You Americans are not alone; so don’t worry that you are or might be. It’s just that you appear to us non-Americans to be best placed to make the first move against the Globalist scum. Your access to guns, ammunition, and alternative means of sustenance are superior to most other places.

    Furthermore, we non-Americans are still totally p*ssed off with the average American for being so easily manipulated and misled by the Zionist lying trash; who have been leading your representatives around the show ring on a leash since the 1930s, just like a prize heifer. You making the first move will partially atone for such past, meekly failures.

    England can’t grow enough food to feed a third of its current population, and guns are almost impossible to come by (legally, or illegally). So, unless catapults, swords, and martial arts are used to drive forward any uprising, the obedient and race-blind ‘English’ will have to wait for America to ignite the great march back to sanity first.

    What is required is an identification of strategic choke points. Come the day, these are where you must focus your initial efforts. The big problem will be attacking New York City in order to capture the several thousand “while collar” criminals it has long been home to. Just remember there are underground escape routes out of Manhattan (such as the underground train line constructed for FDR that leads to Washington) so one of your first priorities must be to completely seal off Manhattan Island, and quarantine it until you starve the b*stards out under a white flag.

    And please put 200 tons of TNT under that pathetic statue that has stood in the approaches to Joo Yawk City since 1886. We’ve all had more than enough of the bullsh*t that ugly monstrosity represents! We must totally destroy all of the NWO’s ubiquitous symbolism. Smash it all to rubble, and make the Rockefeller family breath the dust.

  6. ringelree March 24, 2013 at 5:10 am

    @mike, its true to an extent..but keep in mind that they have been anticipating a conflict like this for sometime now, and as was correctly brought out toward the end of the article, goading the globalists and their forces into outright warfare is a bone-headed move.

    One of the things no doubt that would be done is hit-and-run tactics employed on the part of the American people, or asymmetrical/guerilla warfare.

    Phyrric victories is fine, its the major battles that one would need to get up for..

    Just my two cents

  7. kenzer March 24, 2013 at 8:14 am

    As Sun Tzu said” If you know yourself and not the enemy you will lose half your battles. If you know not yourselves or your enemy, your defeat is certain”. And who is the enemy? What tribe owns the Federal reserve and all the large banks, all the media of any size, most important corporation and of course controls the government? Ah, when you know that, then you have a chance of victory. Your true enemy can be found in every town and clustered in the cities. They are quite available to use those 300 million guns on. Yes,even Islam knows who the enemy is, how come you don’t or fear to even speak their name? Get serious or home.
    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” , Voltaire

  8. Patriot John March 24, 2013 at 10:56 am

    United States has got the dumbest people in the world!

  9. Danny Adams March 24, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    This is also assuming that those gun owners disagree with the dictator. Despite the Internet memes going around, Hitler only banned Jews from having guns, not the rest of the German population. He was so confident that he had the German population at large behind him that he didn’t feel like he needed to ban guns.

  10. paul W of Stamford March 24, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Also, let’s not forget that a real large part of the population had been chemically castrated by plastics in the water, by chemtrails in the sky, by designer GMOs in the foods, by soft core swill in the media, and by heavy doses of pro-state propaganda. The enemy of the rebels won’t be just the govt drone soldiers but the citizenry too.

  11. laura m. March 25, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    As a retiree, even people my age are stuck (brains turned to rocks) in stupid and ya can’t fix stupid. Patriots are few and many patriots have given up on America 100% incl.me, as I see no hope with all the hi tech warfare equipment mentioned, which will be used on patriots. Live for self/family enjoy what time is left.

  12. Christian March 25, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    This entire argument, (BOTH sides), is futile & time wasting, simply because there IS NO REVOLUTIONARY BODY in America, NOR is there ANY Civil War Grouping, NOR is there ANY UNITY.

    ALSO, MORE TO THE POINT, it’s time for the American people to take a HARD LOOK at the multitudinous decisions, THEY, THEMSELVES, have made, over the last 7 decades, (everything from removing the influence of PRAYER & the BIBLE from the Public Education system, to ESTABLISHING child murder Laws, {covertly covered by an ambiguous word “Abortions”}, to developing & perfecting “Political Correctness” as a Social Necessity, to NOT accounting our National leaders ACCUONTABLE for such horrendous events as assassinations, theft (Lincoln Bank scandal), and NUMEROUS utter murders whitewashed as “SWATT” or “NECESSARY DYNAMIC ENTRIES” {aka: WACO, Ruby Ridge, O.K. Murrah Building explosion, etc. AND, the allowing of our National leaders to establish this Republic as an Empire, and perpetrator of “CONSTANT & CEASELESS WAR”!), just to name a few decisions along the path to Dictatorship!

    B.O. is NOT responsible for those events that have enabled him (and his CADRE), to establish a dictatorship…WE ALL are!!!

    No matter HOW innocent YOU personally FEEL you are, DID YOU stand and FORCE issues such as INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATIONS of the acts of violence perpetrated by our Government, upon (un-accused, un-tried, un-convicted of ANY crime) citizens? Did YOU STAND UP and FORCE your State Reps and Senators to DO THE RIGHT THING, by developing a MASSIVE State Wide “call in” against certain Godless Legislation, or STUPID National Immigration policies, or, unnecessary WAR…Etc.? The mere FACT that VERY FEW Americans DID ANY such acts of resistance, is why we’re where we are today! And, merely shouting angry words and mottos, isn’t going to do ANYthing…and spouting mere bravado declartions of “How much we out number them” isn’t going to stop that vicious machine that we’ve allowed those evil masters to build, (RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!), isn’t going to break and STOP that machine…and, by THIS TIME…we’re outnumbered, (don’t forget that the “entitlement class” is + — over half of our population, and MANY MORE are “brinksters”, (people just BARELY squeaking by), and these will, UNANIMOUSLY support the MACHINE!

    AND, last but NOT least…where are the REAL, STUDLY, BRILLANT AND CHARISMATIC leaders??? As Lee Iocca put it! They’re AWOL…So…

    TAKE A REAL, HONEST, HUMBLE look at YOUR course over these last decades, and ask this question: “WHAT SHOULD we expect, since we’ve, (as a People),forgotten the one who BLESSED our land & doings…?? What happened to Israel, when they did? We’ve gone a bit too far down the road of selfish, self indugence, and greed, to turn this mistake aroud this time…ALL we can HONESTLY DO, is beg HIS forgiveness, CONFESS our errors, and Beg HIM for mercy…strength, FAITH, and OBEDIENCE! AND PRAY that HE guide you through the days ahead…and HE WILL!

  13. B Stein March 25, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    THANK YOU for an excellent, insightful article pointing out the realities of US citizens’ collective situation. I agree with most of what you wrote. Will we have an economic Titanic event, gradual mass wakeup a la Obamacare? Who knows. I think it will happen eventually but fear it will be too little too late. We have 300 million guns? If we get into an open shooting match with the US govt. they’re gonna be lobbing more than bullets, people. Try portable non-lethal “crowd deterrent” weapons like the one heats up your skin like it’s being fried by a microwave…or the sound device that creates waves to rotor-rooter your thought processes (more primitive tool was used at Waco). They also have black boxes that can trash all comm. devices, even SW radios, for several square mi. And I’m sure there’s more. This is why I agree any resistance will need to be fought mainly by stealth. If the initial rebel fighters get creamed most others will back off out of fear and a sense of futility. That’s not gonna win the battle.

  14. SYP March 25, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    The novels “Unintended Consequences” and “Term Limits” involved plots in which decent people took permanent actions against government employees and elected officials in order to resist oppressive government. But the central characters were men and women with highly specialized knowledge and training.

    However, there are ways to bring Government to it’s knees that do not involve sophisticated weaponry, highly trained commandos, or large-scale coordination. If some event provoked a small number of people to action, it could spread like wildfire. By that I mean the assassination of prominent leftists. That would include — but not be limited to — (1) elected officials and government employees, (2) high-ranking banking and financial officers, (3) prominent members of the news industry, (4) university professors, (5) clergymen, (6) police officers, (7) powerful investors who have been pulling strings, (8) political spin doctors, (9) political activists, (10) union officials, (11) officers of companies that received Federal bailouts, (12) major contributors to corrupt elected officials, and (13) others like them.

    Some targets — like Members of Congress — might be out of the reach of Joe Six Pack in Backhome, USA, but the manager of the Senator’s local office is not. Others who have access to high-level government protection would be hard to get, but their families are not. The Secretary of the Department of XYZ may difficult to reach, but the Regional Director of the Dept. of XYZ is not. If underlings start dying and other underlings flee their comfortable positions, the entire organization crumbles. If Senator Mo Graft’s lobbyist son gets whacked, the Senator may experience a sudden reverence for the Constitution. What happens to cronyism, if the CEOs of some Federally-assisted, environmentally friendly manufacturers get recycled themselves? If the Majority Leader’s son slips and breaks both knees . . . .

    There are a lot of clever Americans. Fighting from behind barricades is for fools. If a rebellion starts, I don’t think you’ll see much of that.

    Considering the rate and direction this government is moving, it would not surprise me to see something like this happen.

  15. laura m. March 27, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    B Stein: I totally agree. I heard about weapons that cause strokes; passing out, and as you said brain scrambling devices and skin burning or eye burning chem. weapons, etc. Prepping except for weather disasters, is really futile and so are 99 percent patriot websites which offer no solutions period, and never have. I think prepper websites serve a purpose with good info.. Political activity/voting has been useless for many decades also, Patriot website folks need to shut down and spend time w/ friends and family travel, dining, boating, golf, etc. Oath Keepers may be our only patriot org. left to stand up and fight back. I know of no other.

  16. ARIZONA March 29, 2013 at 2:04 am

    NIBIRU,will bring nation wide war to america,but even then not till everyone sees their neighbor being hauled away by military forces,by that time haft of america will have been killed,talking about the millions of weapons doen’t change anything,the government is ready for open war and DOES intend to start it,THE TRIGGER EVENT,will be the arrival of nibiru,haft the country will be destroyed by the earthquake,the power will be off everywhere,there will be NO FOOD,and any kind of supplies will be scarce at best,TO many americans are screwed,they will fall on their knees and beg for crumbs,this nation embraced LUCIFER,and nothing was done about it,WHEN that guy in texas was fighting it out with the police gang at his house,and his do gooder neighbor,sneaked around behind him and shot him in the back,I knew right then america was finished,STUPID RUNS this country and no amount of wishing and hoping will fix that,THE ONLY ONES who will survive the coming war,are the ones who know the lord,the rest will perish,..GEORGE WASHINGTON..said a prayer to the lord before every battle and WON,americans will curse the lord and lose,their that stupid………………………….

  17. ARIZONA March 29, 2013 at 2:28 am

    WHEN I HEAR some moron mocking the LORD,I always say to my self,WELL THERES ANOTHER ONE WHOS GOING TO THE FEMA DEATH CAMPS, AND I think obama knows it too,cause they sure have built a lot of them and the MARK OF THE BEAST will be readily accepted to get food,cause no one I talk to sees anything wrong in america with the government,they think everythings fine,maybe just a tempory slow down in things,it’ll all get better at the next election,speaking about the mark of the beast,DOES ANYONE KNOW its filled with REPITLIAN DNA,and after the population is all chipped,a satelite will send a signal to their chip and it will release the repitilian DNA into the blood stream and within a short time their skin will begin to change into scales,at which point in time they will become a NON-HUMAN,never to be allowed in heaven,what fools they will have been to allow that…………

  18. Han_Solo March 29, 2013 at 7:55 am

    As history has shown, technology in no way guarantees victory; the unquenchable human desire to be free cannot be extinguished with all the drones or fancy weapondry in the world.
    The criminal cabal relies on keeping the masses in check with lies and deception while they go about doing what they are doing. All that is needed is one of their big lies to be exposed, or for them to overplay their hand, and a slice of the population will finally wake up. With the current level of surveillance, large resistence organizations would be infiltrated and controlled. Although patriot groups might lead the way initially, it is individuals and small groups grabbing their guns across the country in spontanious acts that will crush the criminal cabal; death from a thousand cuts.

  19. keymandan March 30, 2013 at 7:40 am

    While there was a sizable percentage of colonist that supported the revolt against the King, only 3% that actively participated. These were the ones at Valley Forge. And the British were better equipped and certainly better organized than these upstart colonists. How dare them challenge the Crown? But, since you are looking at one Revolution in America, why not look at the results of the Southern States in revolt against the Federal government? That didn’t turn out so well did it, and I’m a died in the wool Confederate.

  20. Anon April 4, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    Just live like Mexican illegals, oblivious to USSAGov. Millions work in Homeland Fortress America while laughing at its fence, gun laws, and ID requirements. Freedom!

    Nineteenth-century America had an underground railroad, very illegal, and very noble. It crossed into Canada. Sheriffs helped.

    Even soccer moms ignore speed limits and sales taxes in garage sales. Scale up.

    When SHTF the real value of things will create economy and no government will stop it. The Fed’s green t.p. will become irrelevant.

  21. Kiwicris July 17, 2013 at 7:08 am

    I have to agree with SYP. . There will not be any national leaders emerging to front the “revolution”. They are either agent provocateurs or they will be IDed through their emails and interweb postings and quickly rounded up, probably on the QT and either double tapped or FEMA Camped (in case he /she is needed later) What will happen is groups of lifelong friends and perhaps even some of the Motorcycle gangs will launch localised assasinations of law enforcement (and boy a lot of them have got it coming the way law abiding citizens are gunned down on a daily basis mostly without any sanction), federal and state govt “functionaries”, media higher ups, bankers, etc. SYP has provided a fairly comprehensive list.

    When this does start to happen – the sudden uptick of deaths , look for the lame stream media to initially down play, then stop coverage of these events entirely. Along with this, localised “outages” of the web, twitter and other social media will happen where there has been attacks on “organs of the state”. They run into trouble credibility wise when they start that though. Joe public sees or hears of from neighbours, that several police cars were shot up . . . and there’s nothing on the news – TV or print and they wonder how long this has been going on for. Just remember what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said in “The Gulag Archipelago” that once they got to the camps and started talking amongst themselves they really regretted that they hadn’t waited for the snatch squads in the night with axes and iron bars and hammers. If everyone had of done it, the NKVD/KGB would’ve soon lost their appetite for roundups, knowing they might not live to see the daylight again.

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  23. opzionibinariefalla.weebly.com August 27, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Very descriptive article, I enjoyed that a lot.

    Will there be a part 2?


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