Many Americans brag that our citizens have an estimated 300 million guns and nobody, not even the government, would ever dare to try and subjugate America. I have bad news for these “wishful thinkers”, America has already been conquered and the occupation forces are implementing a police state surveillance grid like the world has never seen.

The bravado of gun owners might help them sleep better at night, until they understand what they are up against. These same naive people often put their faith in the Red Dawn scenario in which average American people, armed to the teeth, mount a defense against an invading army or even a tyrannical government. And these hopelessly naive Americans actually think they can win. And even if a successful confrontation of the globalists was possible, the prerequisite conditions needed to ferment a successful civil war are not yet in place.

Most Americans Fail To Recognize Their Current Place In History

The very small percentage of Americans who are awake enough and who actually think that they preparing to fight to preserve the Republic are self-deluded. They remind me of Japanese soldiers found on Pacific Islands years after WWII was over who thought they we still defending the Empire of Japan. These Japanese soldiers had already lost the war and so have we lost our war to the globalists.  An economic coup d’état has subjugated the country which has also been followed by a political takeover. Also the use of the word “revolution” is a misnomer. The present talk of rebellion should accurately be labeled as a counter-revolutionary movement which seeks to restore the rule of law to our country through the re-establishment of the supremacy of the Constitution which has been systematically hijacked over the past several decades.

The United States is both a conquered and occupied nation. Our presidency, our Congress and most of our statehouses are beyond the reach of the people because the globalists have already hijacked these political institutions as evidenced by the fact that Agenda 21 policies are everywhere.

The globalist controlled judiciary in this country has declared that they can steal your bank accounts any time they want and the globalists have been robbing you blind since 1913. The theft of America’s resources moved out into the open in 2008 with the commencement of the bail outs and the brazenness of the NWO occupation forces  got right up into our faces when MF Global stole billions of dollars from already secured investor funds. Your police departments have been federalized, meaning that they are under the control of the globalist occupation forces. You are forced to eat GMO’s through control of the food labeling process. You are powerless in stopping the poisoning of our water through fluoridation. You live in a country that pays more for health care than any other nation, yet we only have the 51st longest lifespan. On more days than not, the gangsters who run this planet tag our skies with poisonous chemicals as a seeming reminder that they own the hood. The small percentage of you who even know what a chemtrail is, are powerless to stop the  decimation of our atmosphere. The people are not preparing to defend anything. Subsequent talk of a revolution represents childlike fantasy thinking.

Sadly, most Americans do not even know that they have already been conquered because CNN has not told them so.

Yes, more people are waking up to the tyranny, but most are still mired in the left-right paradigm and fail to grasp who their real enemies are. America is not preparing to enter into a civil war, they are preparing to have a tantrum as the refuse to retreat their room as they have been ordered to do by their globalist parents.

Could this new era of citizen discontent mushroom into a high level of civil disobedience which is always a precondition to revolution? Events are certainly moving in that direction. If the government makes a decided move on either guns, the Internet or our financial instruments (e.g. pensions, bank accounts, 401K’s, etc.) there will be violence in the streets. And once civil disobedience reaches a certain level, a spark could set off a civil war. However, the requisite conditions needed to set off a civil war have not yet been met. And, for a civil war to be effective, a significant portion of the military must join the fight on the side of the people. For that to happen, we need to realize that there is not going to an Eight Days in May scenario where military planners secretly plot to overthrow our globalist hijacked government. The Patriot Act and other assorted tyrannical acts of usurpation of the Constitution have made that impossible because ALL military leaders are under 24/7 surveillance.

The Elements of a Civil War

In the previous two revolutions, specifically, the American Revolution and the Civil War, each side of the conflict had equivalent technology and as a result, similar weaponry. Superior weaponry does not always guarantee victory, however, the odds obviously shift dramatically to the side with the deadliest weapons. American gun owners, at this point in time, are only capable of bringing a butter knife to a gun fight. Part three of this series will demonstrate why an armed grassroots revolution cannot succeed. The remainder of the article will focus exclusively on the prerequisite elements needed to launch a successful revolution.

Woody Allen at the end of “Annie Hall,” said that “Love is like a shark. Unless it moves forward, it dies.” The same is true of revolutions. Revolutions thrive on the symbolic and the strategic and they also follow very predictable steps. The American Revolution followed very predictable steps on the way to a successful revolution. The following recounts many of the elements needed to have a successful revolution.

Revolutions Require the Development of a Collective Consciousness

I have often said that a person’s process of awakening to the globalist tyranny which is in the process of enslaving our nation has many entry points which leads to the tree of knowledge. For me, the tree of knowledge and awareness opened when John McCain and friends attempted to steal my property and 300 of my neighbor’s properties, without a dime of compensation, to make way for the CANAMEX Highway system. From there, I learned about the North American Union and how NAFTA and CAFTA gave away American sovereignty and jobs. Then the flood gates of information opened up and I saw the true nature of the beast that has absconded with our Republic. As a result of our struggle against the globalist occupation forces, almost all of my 2,000 rural neighbors and friends have come to understand about the source and nature of the encroaching enslavement we are facing. I have said for years that if only the country could come to learn what my neighbors have learned, we could wake up the majority of the country. Well, we do have such an opportunity and it is right here and right now.

The British Parliament literally did all the work in unifying a significant number of colonists against the Crown. The passage of the hated Stamp Act which taxed all legal documents and even went so far as to even tax playing cards, made the King the most hated person in the colonies.  For the first time, a large number of colonists began to see the government of their mother country to be a detriment to their way of life. Therefore, it is prudent to ask the question if Americans of today have an equivalent “Stamp Act” which could serve as a rallying cry against the tyranny coming out of Washington DC? The answer is a resounding yes!

Obamacare will fully expose the globalist tyranny for what it is. Few things will raise the ire of a populace than to greatly overpay for an assumed right or privilege. The greatly escalating healthcare costs, accompanied by age-related denials of service (i.e. death panels) will do more to unify this country against our criminally controlled government than anything else imaginable. Once the majority of the people understand that their government has set them up, many will begin to see the tyranny in other areas of government as well. The new and emerging collective consciousness will become the breeding ground for a revolution.

Thanks to Obamacare, the process of waking up much of the country, will take between two and five years as the draconian nature of Obamacare will begin to reveal itself and there will be no way to conceal the fact that we live in a conquered and occupied country. Does America have two to five years to wake up? I am not sure. A currency collapse could be a real game changer and if it happens before this new awakening can take hold, all bets are off and a new set of circumstances related to our potential and total enslavement will come into play and this will be a topic covered in Part three of this series.

A Revolution Requires Acts of Civil Disobedience

The federal government has correctly anticipated, through the purchase of massive amounts of ammunition and acquiring shooting target sheets depicting average Americans as the targets, that as more Americans awaken to the reality of our situation, we will witness dramatic acts of civil disobedience. A series of Boston Tea Party “events” could serve as a rallying point and brand the developing conflict into a clear cut “us vs. them” scenario. The globalist controlled government knows this as well. Why do you think that Homeland Security (DHS), through the MIAC Report, has branded returning veterans (the 21st Century equivalent of the colonial “Minute Men”), Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists and pro-Second Amendment supporters as the new terrorists?

Cyber Attacks Will Become the New Civil Disobedience

What will be the tactics of the modern day “Boston Tea Party” patriots?  I think it is a safe bet that selected cyber attacks will be generated against institutions such as the Federal Reserve or the favorite sons of the globalist corporate empire such as BP, EXXON, Halliburton and General Electric. You may have noticed recent chatter about the federal government contemplating the preemptive use of lethal force against “cyber terrorists”. Make no mistake about it, they are not talking about the Chinese, they are talking about Americans who have had enough and begin to vent their frustrations against the system by engaging in cyber attacks upon the establishment’s favorite sons.

If the intent of an emerging freedom movement was to paralyze and neutralize the globalist occupation forces, cyber attacks are a brilliant tactic. Of course my legal disclaimer is that I am not suggesting that such cyber attacks take place, I am merely observing that such an approach, by analyzing through the lens of history, would be an excellent tactic because the acts would be relatively easy to conceal, there is no direct confrontation in which one overtly risks physical injury or arrest, nor could the globalists anticipate where or when the next attack would take place. Remember, the Sons of Liberty dressed up like Native Americans in order to carry out the Boston Tea Party with relative anonymity. The brilliance of this approach to civil disobedience would become apparent to all if the internet was to be shut down in order to prevent further attacks. And I believe that a shutdown of the internet will awaken most of the country the tyranny which inhabits the halls of Congress and the Oval office.

Of course, cyber attackers would be well-advised to avoid attacking the power grid or any other entity which could serve to alienate the unaware and asleep public because the goal is to win converts while mounting resistance.

Revolutionary Movements Require Symbols of Martyrdom

The Boston Massacre did more to push the colonists toward revolution. In the same fashion, the Kent State Massacre did more to end the Vietnam War than any other act of protest. The authoritarian globalists will make mistakes. They will, no doubt, will unwittingly make innocent Americans into martyrs as they continue to impose their tyranny upon our occupied country. Symbols of martyrdom will clearly add to the collective consciousness of the growing group of Patriots which will eventually oppose the globalists.

Revolutionary Movements Require Charismatic Leadership

Americans lost a real opportunity with the retirement of Ron Paul as he was the lone national symbol of resistance against the globalists. And please do not mention Rand Paul. Rand Paul showed his true colors when he endorsed de facto Obamacare author, Mitt Romney, for President.

One of the major reasons that a revolution movement cannot be pushed forward in the present environment is that there is a decided leadership void. Leaders of the new revolution will undoubtedly emerge in ways that we cannot predict. However, we should be careful to not blindly follow one charismatic leader because there is infiltration in the Patriot movement by globalist operatives. Rather, like our forefathers, the colonists put their faith in a number of the Founding Fathers instead of blindly following one charismatic leader. We would be wise to do the same.

All Revolutions Require a Trigger Event

History clearly demonstrates that trigger events which leads to wars and revolutions just don’t spontaneously happen. Trigger events are the result of a series of events which makes the coming conflict inevitable and the coming conflict is simply looking for the right spark. For example, nobody could have accurately predicted that the assassination of a low level political figure, such as the Archduke Ferdinand, could have resulted in World War I.

The trigger event for the Revolutionary War was undoubtedly the failed attempt of the British to seize arms and ammunition of the colonists at Lexington and Concord. I suspect, in light of the present political climate, a similar trigger event will occur multiple times should Obama make a move on our guns.


Once the trigger event occurs, the matter in which Patriots approach rebellion will be critical. The last thing that Americans should want to do is to confront the globalists on the battlefield or even in the streets. This is a prescription for American genocide.

The folly of allowing ourselves to be seduced into confronting the globalists in the open will be discussed in Part Three of this series.