An increasing number of Americans are not buying into the “you must give up your liberties so we can protect you” message from the authorities.

The nation looked on with horror as the authorities locked down an entire region in search of one gunman following the Boston Marathon.

If only King George III had commanded SWAT teams, the Boston Tea Party would have been suppressed, and our kids would be singing “God Save the Queen” in our government schools!

The New American Democracy

This is American Democracy at work plain and simple in which the government  places an entire city under house arrest to catch one 19 year old kid who was probably acting on the advice of an FBI provocateur. As we have come to learn, the Modus Operandi of the FBI has been to set gullible people up for terrorism charges and then claim there is a terrorist danger, rack up a patsy and subsequently keep the hysteria of the war on terror going.

In Watertown, MA., we see the SS tactics carried out against an average American neighborhood. And before you tell me this was a martial law situation. How many police incidents involving a gun take place in every major city, every day in America and entire metropolitan areas are not locked down. Look on with horror at the new America as this martial law beta test takes place.


Ray Charles could see that these ego-maniacal law enforcement thugs are mocking the population. As they foam at the mouth and their eyes buy out, they want make certain that they demonstrate to the citizens that they are nothing and they control everything.

Increasingly, Americans Are Not Buying the Police State Paradigm

Recently, Fox News conducted a poll in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings in which they survey a random cross-section of Americans on whether they would you be willing to give up some of your personal freedom in order to reduce the threat of terrorism. Forty five percent of the respondents said they would not be willing to sacrifice some of their liberties for protection from terrorists. Unfortunately, the Wolf Blitzer Kool-aid crowd, totaling 43% of the respondents said they would sacrifice their liberties for some vague promise of security.

The numbers for the trade liberty for security crowd is down from 54% from a similar poll in 2006 and astronomically down from the 9/11 era in which 71% of the people said they would acquiesce. Long story short, Americans are growing weary of the encroachment of the police state upon their liberties.

A Washington Post Poll conducted at the same time show that Americans are beginning to see through false paradigm of terrorist threats in which 92% of the country is not avoiding crowded or public places because of a risk of terrorism.  Further, 57% expressed doubt that the government could prevent terrorist attacks. The government is losing their control over the American people and the global elite knows it.

Federal Police State Tyranny Goes Local

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is federalizing and militarizing our local law enforcement. Overwhelmingly, these officers used to view us as our friends and they truly put on the badge to serve their community and the overwhelming majority did so with distinction. The worm has decidedly turned.

The DHS has given $31 billion in grants, since 2003, to state and local police forces. They are being trained to view you as the enemy. In this troubled economy, they have become the mobile tax collectors for their community as they hide behind bushes waiting to ticket motorists for minimally speeding.

The following paragraphs contain examples of what the public is getting for its $31 billion dollar investment.



Nowhere is the abuse of citizens by law enforcement better exemplified than by the conduct of Storm Trooper Kelley Helleson in Irving, TX.

This is the most horrific abuse of power by a so-called police officer that I have seen. In the following video, you will witness the most heinous roadside search imaginable in Helleson penetrates two separate women,  Angel and Ashley Dobbs. Amazingly, Helleson does not change gloves before penetrating the second woman. The women were accused of possessing and using marijuana but no marijuana was ever found. Please note how Helleson is enjoying the experience.


The two victims filed numerous complaint with DPS and they were basically ignored. Finally, after months, the ladies sued. Here is that story.


Despite the fact that Helleson was fired for her perverse actions, DPS is defending their actions in court in this new America.

Even Your Camera Makes You a Criminal

No Expectation of Privacy

The Supreme Court has ruled that when an individual is in public, they have no expectation of privacy. The courts have also ruled that it is legal to videotape the police. However, someone forgot to tell the police

If a police officer is performing their lawful duties with integrity and nobility, they should welcome being videotaped. However, increasingly, police officers treat the videotaping public with a sense of indignation when they know they are caught on tape. Why? Don’t the authorities repeatedly tell the public that if you are not doing anything wrong, you should not mind being surveilled. Why should law enforcement be treated any differently?

In April of 2013, A Hialeah, FL. Police officer, Fritz Janvier and his gang of thugs arrest Eric Faden on public property for filming them. Watch the overreaction by the police. These are NAZI tactics.


 Gabe Lira, a Hawthorne, CA. resident, was arrested for recording police while on public property.

 A  fellow Hawthorne, CA. resident stymies the police after being confronted with videotaping officers in which he uses the magic phrase:

This Is Our Future America

We are being conditioned for the full roll-out of martial law. The citizens of Boston grabbed their ankles and submitted to illegitimate authority. My considered advice to America is to reach for your camera. Americans should also refuse to submit to these unlawful orders. Yet, we still have too many sheep living among us to reclaim our lost liberties and to be safe and secure within our homes.

Will America acquiesce to the New World Order without so much as a whimper?

The martial law experiment in Boston was a smashing success and will undoubtedly serve as the model for full scale implementation of martial law following the collapse of the dollar.  The next times we see troops entering American homes without a warrant will be searching for guns and political enemies.  Now we know why DHS purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition.


Am I free to go or am I being detained is the magic question.  Soon, the entire nation will be asking this question.