Six months ago, I lamented the fact that America had missed a golden opportunity by not grabbing the Benghazi situation and using the heinous criminality of this administration to drive Obama, Clinton and ultimately Holder from power. I realize that these minions are merely whores for the New World Order, however, if these scoundrels were driven from power for their role in such fiascoes as Fast and Furious and the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, the NWO agenda would suffer a serious setback because  of their criminality  

America has a rare second chance to stem the tide of tyrannical oppression which is sweeping this country.  Every American needs to become a citizen journalist through the upcoming summer. Each American needs to become responsible for spreading the truth about the criminals who have hijacked our government. I am not seeking a revolution against the United States government, I am seeking to drive the criminals  from power who have hijacked our government.  These criminals are destroying this country through abuse of power, malfeasance of office, treason against the Constitution of the United States, fraud, theft and ultimately murder. They need to be brought to justice at all costs. Obama and Clinton need to be tried for first degree murder for the planned death of Chris Stevens.

Testimony of government whistle-blowers has established the fact that there was plenty of opportunity for the Obama administration to save the life of Ambassador Stevens and his security detail. However, the Communist News Network (CNN)  as well as ABC, NBC and CBS refuse to provide any meaningful coverage of the C-Span televised congressional hearings.  However, the truth is out there on Youtube and all through the internet. I don’t care if the MSM refuses to cover the first degree murder of Chris Stevens carried out at the behest of key members of the Obama administration. We, the general public can take this information and disseminate it to a dozen colleagues, friends and family members because the present congress will not act.

The Memory of Chris Stevens Cries Out for Justice

Chris Stevens and his security team need not have died in vain. The circumstances surrounding his death give freedom-loving Americans the chance to expose elements of the NWO to the unaware public. Over the next week to 10 days, we are going to see a multitude of evidence which shows the following facts:

  • ·         We now know that Hillary Clinton suddenly resigned as the Secretary of State but not before it was established that three times Stevens requested an increase in his security detail and three times, Clinton refused to honor the request, thus leaving Stevens exposed. With all the money that this administration wastes and with the billions of dollars of fraud connected to the bailouts as perpetrated by this administration, are we really supposed to believe that Clinton could not assign a dozen more marines to protect the ambassador? It is clear that Clinton, on behalf of the Obama Administration want ed Stevens dead because he was the link between the administration and gun running to al Qaeda. Can you imagine the fall out when al Qaeda takes down an American airliner with one of the 20,000 stinger missiles that we let “fall” into al Qaeda’s hand in Libya. 
  • ·         We know that in defiance of Obama’s orders, Admiral Gayoutte and General Hamm attempted to launch a rescue mission to the save the life of Chris Stevens. They were promptly arrested, relieved of their command and being held in undisclosed locations and the Ambassador’s last hope to stay alive was squashed. These two men are heroes.
  • ·         We now know that David Patreaus did not resign from his role as CIA Director because of an extra-marital affair. He resigned because as CIA Director because Congress could have compelled his testimony. As a private citizen, he could invoke the Fifth Amendment and claim the right to avoid self-incrimination. This is critical to understand because it is now clear that Stevens was providing guns, for the CIA, to al Qaeda to aid in the proxy invasion of Libya and now in Syria.  Stevens had to be silenced as this administration could not be seen as complicit with the alleged planners of 9/11. As CIA Director, Patreaus was caught in the middle. It is also appears likely that Patreaus was not on board with the Obama’s assassination of Stevens and could not be counted on to take a bullet for the administration. Congress should have interviewed him six months ago. I pray for Patraeus’ safety. Given Hillary’s penchant for being followed by a trail of dead bodies (see Part one), his life is in grave danger.
  • ·         We now know that Clinton resigned as Secretary of State because like Patreaus, her testimony cannot be compelled, in opposition to her Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination.
  • ·         We now know that that there was a well-armed rendition (torture) camp less than a mile from the compound where Stevens and his security team were murdered at the behest of Obama.They could have rescued the Ambassador.
  • ·         We now know from the Hicks testimony, that there were weaponized drones flying overhead which could have stopped the attack on the compound. This means that there were three separate ways that Stevens could have been saved and Obama’s Murder Inc. blocked all three potential rescue attempts
  • ·         We now know, and the media cover-up is out in the open, that the media are nothing but lap dogs for Murder Inc. (the Obama administration). While the Hicks testimony, more damning that Watergate, was playing live on C-Span, the Communist News Network, under former CIA operative, Anderson Cooper, was silent on the issue. Also, the globalist controlled media of ABC, NBC and CBS were mum as well. If there is a silver lining to this tragedy it shows why none of us should ever watch the corporate controlled presstitutes except to see what the enemy is up to.

Now that we know and understand all these things, it is time to begin educating our neighbors as to how corrupt and dangerous this administration is.

America’s Last Hope

The military is the last great hope for taking back the Republic and freeing the American people from the bondage of the New World Order. 

What the American people need to realize is that the next election is not going to prevent the further enslavement of the American people. Due to electronic voting machines, American elections are no more than mere coronations. Further, the court system is not going to rescue our country from the clutches of the globalists by convicting Clinton and Obama of first degree murder. We the people, are not going to be able to free the citizens of our country because the globalists organizations are too well armed and too well funded. Any civilian uprising would be squashed like the proverbial bug on the windshield. 

America’s last chance lies in the hope that the military will seize power. We came close in Benghazi. If AFRICOM, under General Hamm, and Carrier Task Force Three, under Admiral Gayoutte, has succeeded in rescuing Stevens, the abject murderous criminality of the Obama administration would have been on full display. There would have been too many important people for Clinton and Obama to murder. The Pentagon’s credibility would have been on display and the only course of action they could have taken would be to have moved to seize control of the government. Make no mistake about it, if we had succeeded, last September in bringing down the administration, the globalists plans would have been set back by years.  

Sometimes We Get Second Chances

Through the providence of God, we have a second chance. We have a opportunity, right now, to change our history. The Benghazi event is a game changer in that we can use the blatant abuse of power and abject criminality of the present administration to expose the New World Order Agenda to the American public.  Our military needs to complete the work started by Hamm and Gayoutte and seize control of the government and its key infrastructure centers of power. The military needs to launch its own version of Occupy Wall Street  and all executive officers at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Chase, Wells Fargo, Wachovia and Rockefeller’s group the For Profit NYC, need to be arrested.  Their business interests needs to be seized and held in military receivership. Further, BP, Transocean and ultimately Goldman Sachs needs to be nationalized as punishment for their role in the Gulf Oil Explosion of 2010 and for their failure to make proper restitution.

The surviving members of Seal Team Six, should be given the pleasure of seizing and guarding the Federal Reserve in a counter-insurgency move which negates the coup that hijacked our government in 2008 by Hank Paulson, Geitner and their other criminal friends.

The United Nations building needs to be seized. All UN personnel needs to be deported immediately.

All three branches of the government needs to be seized and its members need to be placed under house arrest while each individual’s criminality and any potential violation of their oath of office needs to be determined. Military tribunals need to determine the legal fate of constitutional usurpers such as Pelosi, Reid, McCain and Feinstein. Their double dipping, insider-trading assets needs to be seized. DHS needs to be totally disbanded and their 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition needs to be redistributed to the military. Napolitano needs to be charged with treason for her repeated violations of her oath of office. The FBI, the CIA, the NSA needs to militarized.  All surveillance on American citizens needs to immediately cease!  The TSA needs to be shut down and replaced by the military.

The media needs to be shut down and the old guard needs to be fired as does the Trilateral Commission and the CFR. It needs to become illegal for these groups to meet in public or in private. We need to treat these Rockefeller think tank groups like the modern day Germans treat the display of the Swastika. Namely, send these criminals to jail.

The military needs to shut down all cap and trade operations as well as remove all University Presidents with CFR and global warming think tank connections.

Occupy Amerika needs to take place and take place now!!! The military occupation of this country needs to last for two years, the time it would take try such double dealing criminals such as Dianne Feinstein. And Obama, Clinton, Panetta and Holder, and they all need to be the last people arrested under the NDAA, before we abolish this unconstitutional practice.

Finally, General Hamm needs to be appointed to oversee a committee which strikes from the books any laws which violate the Constitution. Corporations need to be banned from ever donating to political campaigns. Hamm should oversee the process of breaking ties with the Bank of International Settlement. Congress should have its Constitutional power to coin money returned.

It does not take a revolution to restore our country. We merely need to remove criminals who abused their oath of office. Our government should remain intact after the criminals who have hijacked our government are tried and sentenced. If a member of the House of the Senate voted for the NDAA, then they should be adjudicated under the NDAA. If they voted against the NDAA, then they should be tried, if need be, in a court of law under the rules and provisions of the Constitution.

Therefore, I am not calling for a revolution, I am merely calling for the military to arrest the thieves and murderers which have assumed power and then we can re-establish the Republic.

Give this article to every veteran, every active duty member of the military and impress upon them that America’s future will be determined by whether of not they act decisively against these criminals. Further, you need to give this article to 10 Americans who know little about the New World Order. We need to stop preaching to the choir and reach outside our comfort zone in order to recruit more Patriots.

If we do these things, then Ambassador Stevens will not have died in vain. We have a real opportunity America. Copy this article and widely distribute it. We may not get another opportunity such as this.