Some readers have expressed displeasure with the notion of a military coup to purge the government of the bankers and their minions, who have violated their constitutional oaths, from either elected or appointed office.

Some readers have pointed out that history is filled with examples where military dictatorships have wreaked havoc upon their innocent civilians. On that point, the critics are correct.

Some readers have pointed out that history demonstrates that when a military coup takes place, the civilian controls over government, in many cases, are never restored. On that point, the critics are also correct.

To the people who have written to me with the aforementioned observations, I completely agree with your criticisms and expressed concerns. However, after you read the following paragraphs, please tell me what other options we Americans have other than walking off quietly into the night and passively submitting to a tyranny which wants most of us dead.

enemy of the state1 

You Have Been Labeled As An Enemy of the State


Most Americans are already prisoners of the states by virtue of the fact that we are also enemies of the state.  In fact, some of the activists living on borrowed time as we are already sitting on death row. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has declared that the war against terror is still alive and well. However, we are no longer waging war on international terrorism, DHS has changed their targets. If you have been declared a terrorist, then you are an enemy of the state by default.  

According to DHS, you are a domestic terrorist if you possess any of the following attributes:

  • Christians in the Crosshairs

    Christians in the Cross-hairs

    If you are Christian who believes the Bible is the word of God, then you are a terrorist.

  • If you are a returning veteran, the you are a terrorist.
  • If you are a Libertarian, then you are a terrorist.
  • If you are a supporter of the Constitution, then you are a terrorist.
  • If you are a supporter of Ron Paul ideals of limited government, then you are a terrorist.
  • If you store more than three days of food and water, then you are a  terrorist. enemy of the state preppers
  • If you grow your own food, then you are a terrorist.
  • If you are a gun owner or support the Second Amendment, then you are a terrorist.
  • If you question government authority and notice the conspiracies that they ferment, then you are a terrorist.
  • enemy of the state- pepper spray videotaperIf you protest against the government, then you are a terrorist.
  • If you take photographs in public, then you are a terrorist.
  • If you videotape the cops committing police brutality, then you are a terrorist.
  • If you make a phone call, send a fax or text message, visit a pro-constitution tsa land of the freewebsite, email anyone, post or visit on Facebook, use Google, travel by plane, then you are a terrorist because every one of these actions are monitored under the guise of detecting terrorism.

Every man, woman and child in this country, unless they work for NWO interests, are  government declared terrorists.

You Have Been Targeted for Unwarranted Detention and Extermination

The Nazis, the KGB and the East German Stasi have nothing on DHS. What would have been unthinkable only a generation ago in the form tyrannical abuse of power by the government, has arrived inside our country and it has arrived with a vengeance. Below, is just a small cross-section of the tyranny which has been visited upon America.

  • enemy of the state just following ordersThe NDAA allows for unwarranted, illegal and indefinite detention of American citizens without the due process of law. Every person reading these words fits into one of the above categories in which DHS declares you to be a terrorist. This violates the entire Bill of Rights. No lawyer, no bail, no arraignment, no show cause hearing, no restrictions on length of incarceration, no right to cross examine witnesses against you and no right to ever be heard from again. Attorney General Holder has declared that Obama can use this act to murder Americans, through the use of domestically deployed drones, and it is presently being done. This act alone negates any civil liberty protections from this criminal enterprise government.
  • The Patriot Act gives the government the right to spy on your every communication in violation of the Fourth Amendment
  • New gun legislation sweeping the country negates your right to self-protection against intruders or an unconstitutionally intrusive government.

The above is only small cross-section of what has been and what will be done to us on a legislative front.

Remedies to the Tyranny Being Perpetrated by the NWO Through the Power of Government

enemy of the state 4To those who wrote to me in protest of encouraging a military purge of certain criminal government leaders, both elected and appointed.

  • We the people can assassinate key leaders of the enslavement movement. This is destined to fail and runs in the face of everything I believe, therefore, I reject this option wholeheartedly.
  • We the people can submit to the authority of the NWO and accept unwarranted detention, unwarranted executions and being the victim of a planned depopulation Eugenics program.
  • We the people can use the next election cycle to unelect all politicians who do not support the Constitution. This is beyond naive, it is just plain ignorant. The NWO controls both major political parties. Who do you think is behind the outlawing of the Constitutionalists and Libertarians by DHS in the MIAC Report? The banksters own and control the electronic voting machines. In short, our “right” to vote has been reduced to a ceremonial gesture by the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission who determine the winners of major elected office.
  • We the people can launch “The People’s Revolution.” Really? Do you seriously see yourself picking an RPG or a gun and taking on DHS and UN troops who are presently in our country? Only the delusional would believe such a solution is viable. Voting has been reduced to a form of symbolic protest.
  • We the people can support the continuation of the Lexington and Concord movement started by General Hamm, the deposed commander of AFRICOM, as he tried in vain to rescue Ambassador Stevens from the first degree murder plot perpetrated by this government.  Obama is purging the military with a vengeance because he knows that he and his merry band of communists are most vulnerable to a military coup. A military coup is the only real threat to the administration.

enemy of state- citizen rpgI find a military coup to be as distasteful as do many of you. However, what choice do we have left? Below on the comment board and would like to hear some viable solutions to a military coup.Do you really see yourself doing this?



Look in the mirror, America, you are either the resistance, or you will become an accomplice to your own murder.