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Can Research Methodology Predict the Coming Events in America?

I have taught research methods to graduate and undergraduate students and, modestly,  I believe that these academic skills have assisted in helping me to better analyze the globalists, their motives and their future intentions.

One of the hallmark principles of research protocols consists of doing a meta-analysis.  A meta-analysis is where a researcher takes known facts related to several previously conducted research studies conducted on a topic and performs a statistical analysis (e.g. multiple regression analysis) and then forms decisive conclusions based on an overall analysis of the data sets.

After writing over 200 articles since September of 2012, I decided to perform my own meta-analysis of existing and known facts in order to form cohort conclusions regarding the trend curves and what likely lies ahead in America’s future.

Three months ago, I began constructing a categorized list of events and began to look for patterns in terms of how the globalists are attacking our citizens.  After a careful analysis,  I have subsequently arrived at the conclusion that America has presumably reach the point of no return.  I will continue to fight because our God does perform miracles and we might forestall what may be inevitable by pushing these events back. Metaphorically, we are racing down a narrow two-lane mountainous road and the brakes have failed and we should be bracing for catastrophe.

The following is a categorization of themes in which clear and distinct patterns have emerged. One of the art forms in good research is to establish a data base of information that a knowledgeable person can begin to predict future events. This article briefly reviews what is known and what is likely to occur.

Red Alert: Ex-Intel Have Gone Into Hiding

I have known for some time that America, and humanity as whole, is in a lot of trouble at the hands of the globalists. However, my personal sense of urgency greatly increased when a recently retired employee with an intelligence agency and his family, whom I have personally known since the 1990’s, relocated to a “safe haven” with like-minded people from the same background. A month later, a deep throat source of mine from the DHS relocated to another geographic area but for the same reasons designed to take their collective families out of harm’s way. You can read about these accounts here and here.

These officials were quite clear as they stated that Obama is the right man at the right time to take down this country and he is prepared to do whatever it takes. This was a decided wakeup call as I knew the days of hell on earth, that we have all talked about for so long, was now at our front door and were preparing to kick the door in.

DHS Is Preparing for Civil War

As has been repeatedly reported in all levels of media, DHS has armed themselves to the teeth with the purchase of 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers. There can be absolutely no doubt that DHS is clearly planning to take on the people, in which some, not many, will rebel when the martial law crackdown finally arrives.

As an interesting aside, a conversation took place in my son’s Karate studio today with the owner and the American Grand Master of this form of Karate and a couple of parents including my wife.  He asked my wife about my radio show and she gave him an overview. He responded that he was familiar with FEMA Camps being ex-military intelligence. But even more revealing is what transpired when he was speaking to a few of the parents and this topic came up again. One of the mom’s of a boy who participates in his Karate classes, said that she was recently let go from General Dynamics in which they built 1500 of the armored personnel carriers for DHS. She said something big was coming and that was why they were all let go in an effort to compartmentalize the coming events. The Karate instructor also told my wife that he was aware of a United Nations run FEMA Camp just east of the McDowell Mountains just outside of metropolitan Phoenix. We have known this instructor for almost eight years and had no idea that he was this dialed in. This is an anecdotal account, but it serves to support what has been reported in many places in the alternative media, namely, this administration is preparing to totally subjugate the American people in an unprecedented manner and it does not appear that they care who finds out.

Foreign Troop Assets Are Being Prepared to Take Control

Russia, through the traitorous cooperation and complicity of President Obama, is positioning its assets in order to attack Alaska.  I have been contacted by 12 people who claim they have firsthand knowledge of the compromising of our defenses from the suspensions of F-16 and F-22 surveillance over-flights along the coast, the presence of large amounts of Russian immigrants who appear to be military as well as multiple sightings of Russians soldiers in uniforms walking around in Alaskan towns. The sources purport to be pilots, military, ex-military, government employees, etc. However, only one person has had the intestinal fortitude to be willing to put their name out in the public arena and her name is Amanda Mitchell.

Obama’s actions, such as giving away seven strategic Alaskan Islands appears to be complicit in the US allowing this Red Dawn type of scenario to occur. Now, more proof has come out of what I claimed last year, namely, that Russia is preparing to make a move on Alaska. And now it is being revealed that there are multiple and confirmed sightings of foreign and UN troops inside of our country. Can you say “martial law occupation force?”  And they will surely do the job that US troops do not want to do against the American public.

 The Martial Law Beta Test

The fact that the Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag event can no longer be in question. But to what end was the event carried out? The number one motive, is that this is a covert method to begin the widespread implementation of martial law without actually declaring martial law. This is brilliant, because this may allow this administration to avoid waking up more of the sleeping sheep.

The Boston Marathon bombing was perpetrated to be the latest in a series of false flag attacks to be visited upon American soil. Boston provided an excellent backdrop to beta test martial law gun confiscation procedures through the unwarranted entry into average citizen homes who were not suspected of any wrong doing.

Martial Law Requires a Pretext

Hitler burned down the Reichstag to gain control of the German government in a proclamation of protecting the German people from communists.

Insiders brought down the WTC and attacked the Pentagon on 9/11 in order to usher in the police state under which we now live in order to protect of us from terrorists.

This administration has been experimenting on the use of false flags and gauging the public’s reaction. They have attacked movie goers, elementary children and have attacked innocent sports spectators. They have used the latter event in order to test the public’s reaction to the roll out of martial law. They have gathered their data and they are ready for their next and most dramatic move and will no doubt target imaginary “domestic” terrorists.

Martial law requires a physical presence in the streets and at public events. This is exactly what the false flag events of the past 10 months have centered on. Therefore, I look for a series of false flag events which will target various public venues where large numbers of people can be targeted thus creating a more dramatic event.

I look for the coming false flag events to occur on holidays. How many past false flags have occurred on holidays or other important dates such as Patriot’s Day or Hitler’s birthday? This weekend, July 4 or Labor Day are likely target dates.

One thing I can say for sure is that I fully expect Chicago to be attacked. Jeff Joe Black frequently called into my talk show.  Black shared with me that he had discovered that Rahm Emanuel, suspected Mossad agent, left his lofty position in the White House in order to become lower level politician as he got elected to the Mayor’s office of Chicago.   At one point, Black was scheduled to be a guest on my talk show to discuss what he found out. Black cancelled at the last minute and stated that he was going into hiding.

Late last summer, Black resurfaced and contacted me and had changed his mind about coming on my show to talk about Emanuel and his evil intentions towards the city of  Chicago. Before he could appear, Black was murdered this past October and his death is being investigated as a homicide. I will share with you that Black had told me that we were going to see Chicago become the site of a massive false flag operation which will be the catalyst to martial law. He further stated that following the undefined false flag attack, a massive wave of house to house gun confiscations will commence and would provide the lead up to the implementation of full-scale martial law. Isn’t this eerily similar to what just happened in Boston with regard to martial law style house-to-house searches? Jeff, may you rest in peace. Oh, and I almost forgot. Obama sold his Chicago home late last year and moved his permanent residence to Hawaii. Of course I have to become more accepting of the coincidence trail that seems to follow this administration.

Also, as a footnote, during the NATO Summit held last May in Chicago, martial conditions were imposed in the vicinity of the conference.

The First Phase of Martial Law

After a succession of false flag flags, America will soon discover the real “why” that the NDAA was covertly passed on New Year’s of 2011 with much of the country reveling in a drunken stupor.

The NDAA has provided this criminal administration with all the “authority” that they need in order to secretly arrest and even murder dissidents without a trial. The NDAA can be viewed as nothing but an East German Stasi enforcement mechanism which did the same exact behaviors in the hell that was East Germany. Thus, the claims of the intelligence sources about removing dissidents for “re-education or worse” is now within the grasp of this administration.

In this phase, we will see that activation of the FEMA Camps and its first detainees will arrive. In the question of “re-education of worse,” this group will comprise the “or worse group.” These will be the potential leaders of the resistance and they/we will not survive.

The Second Phase of Martial Law

As the first phase of martial law moves toward completion, Obama will fully invoke Executive Order 13603, The National Defense Resources Preparedness Act,  in which the administration will seize control of everything including all food, water and every other resource in America. Americans will be rendered helpless and will be totally dependent upon the government. This Executive Order is posted on the WhiteHouse.gov web site.

This act will eliminate any opposition to all of what is coming because the people will be rendered totally dependent upon the government to survive. This will also be phase of the takeover where Bill Ayers confession to former FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, becomes significant in which Ayers told the former FBI informant that 50 million Americans would have to re-educated with at least half of them eliminated, meaning murdered. Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dorne, launched Obama’s political career from their living room and Ayers still visits Obama at the White House.

The Currency Collapse

Many people mistakenly believe that a currency collapse will precipitate a martial law take down. Respectfully, I could not disagree more with this prediction. If a currency collapse was the planned trigger event for the roll out of martial law, then the present establishment would have to contend with tens of millions of riotous Americans in the streets. The blood would flow freely on both sides. This could set off a protracted civil war. The globalists have no desire for massive resistance because they do not have unlimited resources to in which to subjugate the American people on their terms.


In following the aforementioned two step plan for the implementation of martial law, the administration accomplishes two very important objectives. First, there has been time for the administration to eliminate the leadership of any potential resistance movement. Secondly, the people will be totally dependent upon the government for food, shelter and relative safety, thus making it far easier for them to control. The resulting currency collapse will simply deepen citizen dependence upon this criminal government and the globalists will have the people where they want them. If the globalists want WWIII, who will be able to oppose both the civilian and military conscription contained in EO 13603? If the NWO professed desire to cull the population by 90% begins to come to fruition, who will be left to defend the people? No, a currency collapse will happen after martial law. Costa Rica and Norway are beginning to look pretty good about now.

In using qualitative data analysis techniques, researchers, first and foremost, look for reoccurring patterns which are present in the data stream. Can there be any doubt as to the overwhelming propagation of data which tells us that we face totally tyranny and the  total loss of our liberties and possibly our lives.

The tenets of qualitative and quantitative analysis clearly point to one direction with regard to intent of the globalists  of these multiple events and they speak to subjugation and extermination. The facts are so obvious, so clear as to intent and motivation, that Ray Charles could likely see where we are headed and be able to accurately predict the coming results.

From analyzing the 200+ articles I have written since last September, this seems to be most likely chain of events. If you come to a different set of conclusions based upon the known facts, then I would like to hear from you.



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  1. Thomas May 25, 2013 at 1:59 am

    Dear Mr. Dave Hodges,
    your articles are very good and
    I read every one of them.
    Regarding this article
    I would like to make a correction.
    Alaska was never sold to the USA.
    Russian czar leased it for one hundred years
    to the US. The czar was to be paid $7.2 million in gold.
    The gold was loaded on a ship that conveniently sank
    near the Canadian shore. Very likely, if the ship was lifted
    there would be no gold.
    In 1967 Russian leader Khrushchev asked for
    the return of Alaska. The US refused and
    declared Alaska a US state.
    If what you are describing in your article is truly
    happening the US government wants to do the right thing
    and return Alaska to its rightful owner.

  2. Johnd May 25, 2013 at 5:42 am

    America has too much rural area with many independent thinkers to make this a slam dunk. People in cities for the most part are afraid of their shadows and will go along with the take over in the name of security. Our country bumpkin cousins have had it pretty good but are gradually being subdued by things like exorbitant power bills, land use laws, water rights and commodity prices to slowly break the small farmer which is the heart of the small communities and actually America. Although this is happening it will take a few years for the control to be in place.

  3. David May 25, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    I’ve lived in Alaska, and as far as I know it was purchased from Russia on March 30,1867 for $7.2 million; no ship sank, however it was called Seward’s Folly (Seward was Secretary of State under Ab Lincoln) for buying such a isolated piece of land for so much money; became incorporated on May 11, 1912, and the 49th state of the U.S. on January 3, 1959.

  4. Buh-Bye May 25, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Thomas, you know what the Chinese say? They say if you go to commit revenge, dig two graves. One for the one you’re after and also one for yourself. Inviting the Russians in is simply to have the Russians and the Americans kill each other off. Europe will benefit. Probably not for long, though. Jesus is back soon, so relax.

    I sure like these puzzles. Hey look, a tiger!

  5. M May 26, 2013 at 2:00 am

    If the homo christardicus are killed by their oppressors . Don’t they get too go see jeebus ? Er what is the problem here ?

  6. Joseph Hyde May 27, 2013 at 2:11 pm


    Here is a research tool that may be of use to you that I came across a while back, the discoverer or the inventor calls it “The Random Block Theorem”. It’s useful in ‘data checking’ as is so important these days since lies, damn lies and statistics are so prevalent these days! Thanks.

    It’s here:


    Here is a video presentation of the theory by the author on YouTube at a conference apparently.


    Mr. Foos is also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alanfoosfineart

  7. Student June 24, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Well if it’s too late to prep or you face a FEMA camp or one of those boxcars with shackles and guillotines then think about the reality after death. Everyone is accountable for their actions and the evil ones will face the terror they caused others.

    Death for those who have tried to live their lives in love, truth, honesty and simplicity and who are not inherently evil, will not be an event to be feared as many who have had near death experiences report and those come back often say they never wanted to come back. There are also those who speak of hell and who warn others about living good lives.

    Prepping has limitations and in every case will only buy extra time and that time will be short for various reasons even if one is in a secure deep underground military base with decades of supplies.

    All who have done a lot of research know this is the end of physical life on Earth.

    Here a list of what I know about the END OF THE WORLD and all life on it:

    1. Catastrophic pollution of environment by Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) & pesticides
    2. Bees being wiped out by Neonicotinoids and pesticides and total collapse of the global food supply
    3. Chemtrails causing vitamin D3 and B12 loss causing global dementia
    4. Chemtrails contain aluminium, barium, strontium, blood, bacteria and viruses
    5. Morgellons from Chemtrails that contain nano engineered biological material
    6. Race specific genetically engineered Bioweapons material in Chemtrails
    7. HAARP weather weapons
    8. Solar decay caused by a number of planet sized alien craft in orbit around the Sun
    9. Solar changes including a large triangular hole used as an inter dimensional portal
    10. Return of the ancient sun gods travelling between star systems using stars
    11. Sun no longer generating vitamin D3 in humans and variable rates of isotopic decay
    12. Fukushima catastrophe
    13. Chernobyl disaster
    14. Leaking nuclear power plants
    15. Radiation from weapons including plutonium, uranium alloys and depleted uranium
    16. Toxic waste pollution
    17. Mercury in amalgam fillings, fish and vaccines, vaccines
    18. Toxic aluminium in the environment
    19. Total global financial collapse
    20. Launch of Titan (SKYNET) with all computer systems and weapons systems controlled
    21. World War 3
    22. Massive increase in alien and UFO activities (Evil Reptilian saucers versus Good Elohim plasma craft)
    23. All surviving humans to be microchipped with RFID and linked to Titan (SKYNET)
    24. CME (Coronal Mass Ejections)/Solar Flares wiping out all unshielded computers
    25. CME destroying all unshielded power systems and grid/water supply/distribution/transport
    26. CME/ElectroMagnetic Pulse wiping out all unshielded communication systems (not valves)
    27. Global Ice Age
    28. Pole Shift the poles (geographic and magnetic) and Planet Earth falling on its axis
    29. Planet X/Nibiru destroying the surface of Earth and pulling Earth and Moon out of orbit
    30. End of life on the surface of Earth and Deep underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
    31. End of life in Hollow Earth (Hollow Earth (Agarta) as reported by Admiral Richard Byrd Diaries)
    32. End of The Planet Earth
    33. End of The Physical Universe

    The physical will end but the consciousnesses or spirits will continue and those not evil will be able to live in a new reality without fear, punishment or loss forever free from all evil in a world filled with love, peace, harmony and bliss.


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