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What Did the President Know and When Did He Know It?

Who could ever forget this old familiar media refrain from the Watergate era?  Thirty nine years later, this familiar refrain has gone full circle.

The criminal Obama administration has been rocked by a series of scandals which dwarfs the seriousness of the Watergate scandal which brought down the Nixon presidency. Among the scandals is the noteworthy IRS harassment scandal in which the IRS abused its authority to spy on political enemies of the Obama administration, chief among them were the various Tea Party’s and various anti-abortion groups.

The IRS Is a Private Corporation

Technically, the IRS does not work for the President of the United States. They are an independently owned corporation which serves as the debt collection agency for privately owned Federal Reserve. As demonstrated in later paragraphs, it could be accurately stated that the IRS is the Gestapo of the Federal Reserve bankers. The same sponsors who pushed the Federal Reserve Act and the Sixteenth Amendment through Congress in 1913, also created the IRS. In later paragraphs, it is quite clear that the IRS and Federal Reserve do not work out of the same playbook as the President of the United States.

It is presumed that the IRS is harassing anti-abortion groups as well as the Tea Party because of its opposition to the Obama administration. That is a logical assumption because there is a lot not to like about the Obama administration. If this assumption proves to be true, this is an impeachable offense. However, this assumption presumes that the Obama administration controls the IRS and would do Obama’s bidding.

Two Possibilities

With regard to IRS Gate, there are two distinct possibilities:

1.    Obama is using the IRS as his private henchmen to harass his political enemies.

2.    The IRS, being a  privately corporation, is merely freelancing and representing “other” interests besides the President and in the case of the present scandal, Obama’s interests and the IRS’ interests merely intersect but the IRS does not answer to the President.

Does the IRS Work for the President?

Certainly, the first possibility is very plausible as the President has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a person with a complete lack of integrity and would be no doubt capable of such an abuse of power. In the present scandal, the IRS has mainly harassed anti-abortion groups and those that would oppose Obamacare. Through Obamacare, the President is clearly pro abortion and is mandating that all organizations offer abortion and contraception even with such organizations such as the Catholic church. Further, the organizations harassed by the IRS also oppose Obamacare in its entirety and the IRS has a new lucrative mandate, to enforce Obamacare.   

With regard to enforcing Obamacare, the IRS will be equipped with a plethora of new powers as it relates to healthcare. For example, Americans will be required to prove to the agency that they have a “qualifying” health plan, or pay a penalty to the IRS, who in turn deposits the money in offshore Federal Reserve accounts. The IRS is also charged with passing confidential tax information to the Department of Health and Human Services, which will determine eligibility for new health-care subsidies as Americans will be required to report changes to their lives that might affect their eligibility for subsidies. This will lead to the establishment of the biggest of big brothers with the creation of the largest data base in human history. This means the hiring of many more IRS agents and a greatly increased budget. Subsequently, the President and the IRS are on the same page with protecting Obamacare and to hell with the Constitution. Therefore, it makes good financial sense that the IRS would be doing Obama’s bidding and as such, IRS officials should be going to jail and Obama has provided the impetus for impeachment.

Is the IRS Pursuing Its Own Agenda?

Conversely, the IRS may be acting independently, and given the fact that the IRS is a private corporation, makes this possibility a completely believable scenario.

I would find it considerably more comforting to consider the fact that Obama is behind IRS Gate than the fact that the IRS is pursuing their own independent agenda. Because if true, this means that the American people are living under a totally criminal mafia type protections racket. Along these lines, I have been able to learn that the IRS is an organization which is not under the control of the President in any way shape or form. Pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order # 91, the IRS entered into a Service Agreement” with the United States Treasury Department (See Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26 (Bankruptcy) ) and the Agency for International Development. In other words, the IRS is a fee-for-service organization for the U.S. government. Indeed, what I asserted at the beginning of this article is true in that the money that the IRS collects is deposited with banks controlled by the private Federal Reserve. Subsequently, the IRS is charging you and I for the right to do business in this country and takes this money and deposits the money with another and presumably more powerful private entity, the Federal Reserve.

I can find no proof that IRS tax collections ever make their way into the coffers of Congress or the Treasury Department. This makes our tax system a criminal protection racket in the highest degree. I am referring to the type of criminal protection racket in which the mafia offers to sell protection to local businesses in order to protect the business from the Mafia.

Allow me to be blunt, when I state that the IRS is shaking down the country and enriching the private bankers of the Federal Reserve. And this makes a great deal of sense, given the fact that the former Director of the Internal Revenue Service, Steve Miller, admitted at a Congressional hearing, stated that the payment of taxes to the IRS are strictly voluntary, not mandatory! Also, please consider that the Federal Government  is prohibited from directtaxing as indicated in Article 1 section 9 clause 4 of the Constitution. In the following case the US Attorney General disclaims that the IRS as an agency of the US government (see Civil No.93-405-E-EJLShow me (http://www.jusbelli.com/diversified3.html). It might also surprise the readers to know that the IRS is an international paramilitary operation.  And according to the Department of the Army Field manual (1969) 41-10, pgs 1-4, Sec. 1-7 (b) & 1-6, Sec. 1-10 (7)(c) (1), and 22 USCA 284, their duties include such duties  as, “Assumption of  full or partial executive, legislative, and judicial authority over a country or area.” As I read these regulations, in addition to worrying about the country falling under UN control and having our streets patrolled by blue helmeted troops, we should also be worrying about falling under martial law controlled by the IRS. I would suspect that the IRS would be working in conjunction with DHS in such a scenario. And who did we see protecting an IRS office during a recent Tea Party protest? Why it was the troops of the DHS!!!

Obama Is Innocent of Using the IRS to Harass His Enemies

The purpose of this article is not to directly impugn the integrity of the IRS, they do quite well on their own. However, what has just been demonstrated is that the IRS answers to the office of the President about as much as does the Federal Reserve Board. In other words, this organization does not truly answer to anyone in government and therefore President Obama is not guilty of getting the IRS to spy on the America. I am sure that those who are familiar with my writings just spit out their drinks in stunned amazement as I state that Obama is innocent of the charge of using the IRS to harass his enemies. The charges cannot be sustained.

On the surface it does appear that Obama’s interests are being served by the recent illegal actions of the IRS.

·         The harassment of the Tea Party and their decided anti-Obamacare stance

·         The harassment of anti-abortion groups when Obamacare seeks to force every employer to offer abortions and mandatory contraception

However, these facts are offset by the fact that the IRS is acting in its own interests by harassing the aforementioned groups.

·         The IRS would have motive to intimidate any group which would threaten Obamacare because of the increase in budget and numbers of IRS agents due to the newly tasked oversight of Obamacare which takes effect on January 1, 2014.

However, as I spent time trying to assess motives of both the IRS and the Obama administration, it became clear that given the fact that the IRS answers only to the Federal Reserve, there is likely an IRS motivation that could largely be independent of Obama.

The IRS Is Protecting the Depopulation Agenda of the Globalists & Its Own Financial Interests

Those of you who are not “asheep at the wheel,” you should be familiar with agenda of all central bankers regardless of their location. The chief motivation of these criminal bankers is twofold, namely, the establishment of a one world governmental/economic regime and the pursuit of a depopulation agenda. And who was the IRS harassing? All groups whose end goal would result in an increase in population. If women aborted less, we would see a spike in the birth rate. In fact if abortion was still illegal our population would stand at 50 million greater than it is today. And to those groups who oppose forcing businesses to offer sponsored health benefits of abortion and mandatory birth control, we would also see a corresponding birth rate spike if these aspects of Obamacare were to be eliminated. This runs contrary to the philosophy of the globalists which promotes anything which serves to reduce the birth rate from supporting homosexual causes to government funded transgender operations.   Any aware person understands that Obama is a puppet for the NWO. It is also likely that the IRS’s globalist-serving agenda is what the IRS was pursuing and the fact that these interests intersected with Obama’s makes perfect sense since the agendas come from the same source.


What did the President know and when did he know it, is far less important than what we know and what we are going to do about it.

Obama could and still should still be impeached and he should be going to jail for his complicit role in the death of Ambassador Stevens. However, on the charge that he knowingly used his power to get the IRS to pursue the harassment agenda of the IRS cannot be proven and it assumes that the President has power that he does not possess. Both the IRS and the office of the President are the being controlled by the same forces so their respective agendas would appear similar on the surface.

Despite the fact that I do not believe that this President cannot be removed for the actions of the IRS, America still has a wonderful opportunity sitting right in front of them.

The US existed for 120 years without an income tax, and our subsequent liberty and prosperity were well served for the majority. The country would only benefit from getting rid of the current tax system. If we eliminate the income tax, the government would have to go back to the collection of tariffs of imported foreign goods in order to financially survive. This would mean, praise the Lord, the elimination of all free trade agreements. Subsequently, manufacturing jobs would return to the US. Decimated cities like Detroit would experience a renaissance from the return of the auto industry because corporations like GM could not afford to pay the tariffs. Our economy would return to its lofty status. The government coffers would be filled along with bank accounts.

If the income tax generated debt collection arm of the criminal Federal Reserve, the IRS, could be destroyed, the Federal Reserve would lose a lot of power over the American people. With the IRS gone, the Federal Reserve could be next.  We could finish the job that JFK stated when he began to issue interest free money which competed with the Federal Reserve prior to his “coincidental” assassination. With the IRS and the Federal Reserve banished from our country, we would greatly reduce the encroaching level of globalism which is eating away at the fabric of our country. We could stop killing babies by the tens of millions, we could then take the next step in reform by disallowing all lobbying and campaign donations by Congress so members of congress, like Feinstein, Pelosi and Reid could not be legally bought off.

To make all of this happen, we need to blow the IRS scandal sky high. We need to be relentless in the destruction of this agency by sending its leaders to jail and by eliminating all tax on income. This window of opportunity will not last long. We need to remain relentless on IRS Gate.

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  1. Danny Adams May 25, 2013 at 9:35 am

    If the intention was politically motivated, it certainly backfired in ways other than the obvious. Two things: One, the numbers of new Tea Party members are swelling because of this, when the Tea Party’s popularity had been on the way down. And two, the inspector general’s report itself, the one that started the whole business, points out on page 10 that by its own assessment of the targeted groups, 69% of them were involved in “significant political intervention” of campaigns that would have disqualified them from tax-exempt status, and yet likely because of the targeting, all of them eventually got that status regardless.

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