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Moral Degenerates Are Running the Colleges of America

In the first two parts of this series, the financial larceny associated with obtaining a college education  was exposed. The government, the banks and the institutions of higher learning are involved in predatory loan practices which turns many of our young people into debt slaves for the rest of their lives. The Department of Education “swat teams” people who are delinquent on their student loans. The United States has the most expensive and abusive post-secondary education system in the world. As I demonstrated in Part Two, I illustrated how to dramatically cut college tuition costs.

Unfortunately, cost is not the only issue with our college campuses. Just who and what will be influencing our impressionable young people when they depart for college this coming fall?

Increasingly, our post-secondary institutions of higher learning are being run by moral degenerates of the highest order.

Your Children Belong To Us

Tulane professor and MSNBC host, Melissa Harris-Perry is bold, bold enough to proclaim that the collective (i.e. the state) owns your children. Isn’t this the mantra of CPS and many of the family court judges? These child kidnappers are becoming so brazen that they are out in the open about their intentions.


Metro State University

Adjunct professor, Andrew Hallam, assigned a writing assignment in which he demanded that students trash the reputation of Sarah Palin.  The following video clip is difficult to watch and represents extreme political indoctrination to the liberal world view.

If the collective owns our children, then they have the right to brainwash, exploit and even murder them.

 University of Southern California

Political science professor, Darry Sragow, recently ranted to his class about the racists that run the Republican party.  Sragow did not confine his rants to Republicans, he went on a classroom tirade about evil white people to his captive audience. The Hitler Youth Movement has nothing Darry Sragow.

Marshall University

"NRA members should be executed."  Professor Swindell, Marshall University

“NRA members should be executed.” Professor Swindell, Marshall University

Marshall University journalism professor Christopher Swindell argued that the National Rifle Association “advocates armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States of America.” Swindell also said that the NRA is guilty of “treason” “worthy of the firing squad.”

So much for educated professors using their intellect to solve problems peacefully.


Ohio State University

President Gordon Gee

President Gordon Gee

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee reportedly receives $1.9 million a year, and he isn’t bright enough to keep his foot out of his mouth as he has something in common with DHS and Obama, they want to persecute Christians. Gee publicly stated that Catholic schools, like Notre Dame, should not be allowed into the Big 12 Conference.

“The fathers are holy on Sunday, and they’re holy hell on the rest of the week,” Gee said to laughter at the Dec. 5 meeting attended by Athletic Director Gene Smith, several other athletic department members, professors and students.  “You just can’t trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or a Friday, and so, literally, I can say that,” said Gee.

Ohio State University President  Gordon Gee

The University of Texas

University of Texas Professor, Eric Pianka

University of Texas Professor, Eric Pianka

In 2006, Dr. Eric R. Pianka gave a speech at the Texas Academy of Science  in which he advocated for the extermination of “90% of the population” through the airborne Ebola virus. These heinous comments were inspired by allegiance to the global elite’s horrifying intentions at population control.   

Pianka also said “We’re no better than bacteria!”, and that Ebola would be an effective means of reducing population. Pianka enthusiastically advocated airborne Ebola as his preferred method of exterminating 90% of all humans. Pianka stated that Ebola is preferable to AIDS because it is a quicker kill. Ebola victims suffer the most tortuous deaths imaginable as the virus kills by liquefying the internal organs. The body literally dissolves as the victim writhes in pain bleeding from every orifice. Pianka gave his speech while standing in front of a slide of human skulls. He also stated, “We bury nine for every one who survives.”   These comments need no further elaboration.

Rutgers University

Move over Tony Soprano. One would think that Rutgers President, Robert Barchi’s, would be an intelligent man given the fact that he makes in excess of $1 million. Yet, he wears the label of New Jersey’s most notorious figure as he has managed to embarrass the entire state of New Jersey. You see, at New Jersey’s Rutgers University, the coaches physically assault their athletes. Watch the following video where former Rutgers coach, Mike Rice, was being physically and verbally abusive to players. This great molder of character should have been thrown in jail for these exploits.  

When the above video of former Rutgers coach Rice surfaced as he was hurling a ball at players, cursing them and using homophobic slurs went viral, the coach was fired.  It was soon discovered that Athletic Director Tim Pernetti had only suspended Rice for three games as he thought that would be enough punishment for the goon that abused his players. Pernetti soon resigned under pressure.

Just when parents thought it might safe to send their children to Rutgers again, President Barchi repeated history and hired two more losers. First, the school hired former NBA head coach and Rutgers alumni Eddie Jordan to take over the basketball program. Now when I coached college basketball, I was required to have a minimum of a masters degree. On his resume, new coach Jordan falsely claimed that he had a college degree. Did it cost him his job for lying on his resume? Despite the fact that Jordan never graduated from Rutgers and lied about it on his resume, he kept his new coaching job. This, however, was just Barchi’s warm-up act.

 After the departure of Pernetti one would think that the Rutgers President would be very careful who he brought in to oversee the scandalous athletic department. This appeared to be the case as Barchi hired a head-hunting firm which provided a list of 47 candidates to replace Pernetti.

Enter Julie Hermann, she did not make the cut on the head-hunter’s list, but that’s OK, she was added as an afterthought. And guess who they hired?  The one candidate that did not make the cut on the list but was surreptitiously added by an “insider.”  And why is this significant?  Well, not only did Rutgers waste $70,000 in taxpayer money to conduct the search, they hired a Hermann who had the same pedigree as fired basketball coach Mike Rice. In other words, she abused student athletes when she was the volleyball coach at Louisville. Fifteen of Hermann’s players had signed a letter outlining the details of abuse as reported in the Star-Ledger. Hermann was accused of calling her female athletes “whores, alcoholics and learning disabled.”

Hermann also told one of her assistants, at the assistant’s wedding that if she got pregnant, she would get fired. The assistant got pregnant and was subsequently fired. The assistant sued and won an out of court settlement. Rutgers reportedly is spending an addition $150,000 of taxpayer monies to a “global crisis communications firm” to deal with the resulting negative publicity.

And your tax dollars are going to fund the installation of transgender restrooms in the new athletic arena being constructed on the campus of Phoenix area, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, as the insanity continues.

Penn State

Your in good hands at Penn State

Your child’s in good hands at Penn State

In November 2011, when the Jerry Sandusky scandal first broke, Pennsylvania ESPN sports radio host Mark Madden stated that “I will use the only language I can, that Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich Second Mile donors.”

Sandusky was actually under investigation by legal authorities as far back as the 1990’s.  However, the investigation stopped when District Attorney, Ray Gricar disappeared and his body was never found after he had begun to investigate. His car had been moved and cigarettes had been smoked in Gricar’s automobile. Gricar was not a smoker. In a strange twist of fate, the FBI did find Gricar’s laptop in a local river bed, but claimed the laptop was too damaged to obtain any of the computers contents.

The implications are stunning in that a sex ring was being run out of a major American university, a DA was murdered to cover it up, the FBI stonewalled the

District Attorney Ray Gricar

District Attorney Ray Gricar

homicide investigation and when the sex ring trail reach the Pennsylvania Governor’s office and the halls of the U.S. Congress, a media blackout was instituted.Couldn’t the FBI have obtained DNA samples from the cigarettes in Gricar’s vehicle?  Was the vehicle dusted for prints? We will never know because the case is closed and sealed.

In the media frenzy that followed the Sandusky revelation in the fall of 2011, the main stream media did not touch the Gricar connection. Why? Who was being protected? How high up did this conspiracy go?

There were multiple witnesses who had first hand knowledge that Sandusky et al were abusing boys for years with complete impunity. Unquestionably, as Madden pointed out, all signs are suggestive of a massive sex ring between Sandusky, his charity known as the Second Mile and Penn State boosters, some of whom reside in Washington DC. Stop for a second and consider this, a homosexual child sex ring was being run out of a university campus. Of course the spin doctors have contained the damage in order to protect the rich and famous.

San Diego State University


Rich Farver

Rich Farver

Rich Farver was a 29-year-old San Diego State University (SDSU) political science teaching assistant where he had already earned his masters degree, died of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain cancer on October 11, 2008. Rich’s mother, Virginia, began a quest to find out why. Virginia discovered that several students and staff were dying on the campus of San Diego State University of various cancers. Virginia was subsequently told that Rich’s cell phone was the culprit. Shortly after that, she found an article entitled  “Brain Cancer Cluster on the San Diego State University Campus.” The light came on and Virginia met off-campus with some professors mentioned in the article. The professors told her that they had asked for a toxicology study, as there is a huge cell tower right next to the building where Rich spent most of his time grading papers and doing research at Nasatir Hall. The SDSU administration stonewalled the professors and Virginia Farver as they/she sought answers. The answers that Virginia found are not answers that the parents of college age students are going to want to hear.

Play ball, get cancer

Play ball, get cancer

In nearly every major university in America, wireless carrier corporations and the various governmental alphabet soup agencies have combined to place dangerous arrays of electromagnetic towers on campuses frequently near dorms and college offices. Some of these towers are merely cell phone towers. Some towers have implications for “national security.” Regardless, universities all across this country are displaying profound sense of depraved indifference towards the well-being of students, staff and faculty who live and work on these campuses. These institutions of higher learning are paid big bucks in order to accept these towers. And if these towers are not dangerous, then why do the corporations spend millions trying to disguise the towers by making them look like trees?

Let me be clear, Virginia Farver has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that when your child goes off to college in the fall, they are playing Russian Roulette with their health.

Pseudo Science and American Universities

In 1633, Galileo Galilei was convicted of heresy and was sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life. He was convicted of teaching that the earth was not the center of the universe despite the fact that scientists had known for centuries that this was the case. The Catholic church took nearly three centuries to clear his name.

Today, an extreme false doctrine is being promulgated to college students and to the general public as a whole. This extreme doctrine, which carries all the religious zealotry as the 17th century Catholic church is known as climate change. Briefly, climate change  postulates, without any hard data, that man is to blame for the rise in CO2 gasses  which is heating up the planet and will someday lead to our extinction.

green collegesIn November of 2009, hacked emails from the University of East Anglia University and (surprise) Penn State University were made public which showed that the global warming scientists were cooking the books and that the mean temperature of the earth was actually decreasing over the previous 15 years. Not to be deterred, the main stream media and our post-secondary institutions, who were already heavily invested  in this pseudo science, ignored the evidence and continued on with the myth and this myth is permeating most college campuses and their curriculum’s.

One of the pioneer institutions for global warming “science” was Arizona State University (ASU). In fact, I was actually invited to attend the roll out and introduction of the Sustainability degree program at ASU in which this “enlightened” university would use taxpayers money to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in this madness.

The only difference between the Galileo heresy case of 1633 and this 21st Century fraud was that the post-secondary education had supplanted the Catholic church as the guardian of the false doctrine. In the last 10 years, professors who speak out against this nonsense are purged, denied tenure and lose out on research grants. Universities will only fund pro-global warming studies and I can find no research money being spent to debunk the myth.

green colleges 2ASU President, Michael Crow was and probably still is an agent of the CIA.  Michael Crow is also Chairman of the Board of In-Q-Tel . In-Q-Tel is a CIA creation and it is where the spy boys go in order to procure their toys. It is also one of the data gathering arms (spies) for the CIA. Michael Crow is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). You remember the CFR, don’t you? It is the globalist think tank organization whose goal is to create a one-world economic and governmental system under the control of the technocrats.

Can any person actually believe that the installation of Crow as the ASU president was a coincidence? He was brought to ASU in order to establish the first degree program in sustainability. One of the memories of the conference I was invited to was the proclamation by ASU officials in which they admonished professors to stop teaching the concept of American exceptionalism. In other words, America is just another country and our students should see themselves as the citizens of the world instead instead of exceptional Americans.

Crow and Obama

Crow and Obama

In case you have been out of touch for the past decade, the global warming spin off program called Cap and Trade would reduce your energy usage by as much as 80% and plunge the industrialized world back into an 1890’s lifestyle. And who would own and control the energy? Why of course it would be the globalists, the very kind  of globalists that belong to the CFR.

Interestingly, Obama originally campaigned on implementing Cap and Trade and along with Valerie Jarrett. Together the two of them created the Chicago Climate Exchange which was to be the stock market of all energy. That is why Obama was made President and perhaps why he is so closely aligned with Crow. The whole climate change fraud is a scheme to control money and people, plain and simple.

This is snapshot of the indoctrination your child faces when they go off to college next fall.  


Back in 2007, I was coaching college basketball on a campus who had a first year college president. She boldly announced that she was going to hold stakeholders meetings with the various groups on our campus in order to counteract the perception of low morale at the college. I thought it was a great idea to open the lines of communication. However, no athletic teams were invited to the meeting. Also, no Christian based organizations were invited either.  I guess they were trying to avoid controversy because they did invite an off-campus Planned Parenthood chapter, the campus gay and lesbian organization, Democrats, Republicans and the transgenders, but not athletics or Christians. I almost forgot, they did invite a Muslim organization,so at least not all religions were excluded. This speaks volumes as to who is running our college campuses across America. They seek to indoctrinate, to intellectually dominate and to undermine the moral training that parents have imparted to their children.

What’s a parent to do? In Part Two, I provided a detailed plan on how to dramatically cut financial costs associated with financing a college education. In this article, I am unequivocally stating that you should strongly encourage your children to pursue a college degree only through online means. I know that this is not a practical solution for the pursuit of a law degree, to attend medical school and some other assorted academic endeavors. However, it is possible for the majority of majors offered by colleges. Time and time again, universities are proving that they are no different than Wall Street with a demonstrable display of questionable ethics and the pursuit of the almighty dollar. If your child is not being propagandized, they are being abused or their health is being endangered. I would encourage all parents to explore alternatives because your child’s life is potentially at risk.

Part One

Part Two

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  1. GrandDaddy June 4, 2013 at 9:10 am

    College is a racket.

  2. Bimbam June 4, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    As the Bible says, in their attempts to become wise they became fools. The same thing that fooled Adam & Eve and brought human misery and suffering and then DEATH.

    This is the same beguiling all intellectuals and the elite who keep cropping up in history to practice their deadly craft otherwise known as “his-story”.

  3. OzzieThinker June 4, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    I have agreed with every single article attributed to you thus far and find you an excellent, balanced writer who expresses issues as they should be expressed – “as they are”. Nevertheless the above has crossed the line and the assertion that Sarah Palin had any SERIOUS political/social credibility I find laughable. She is and was the first true bimbo senator. Although, others have gotten close…..

    Many of these lecturers, I feel, taking their wider output and the fact some comments were exaggerations made “in jest” or out of “repetitive tradition” (it has long been known that states “feel” populaces “belong” to them, even if populaces don’t capitulate with this view). Your wider point directed at the “education” (sic) mechanism being a feeder shaping social views and behaviours is taken and accepted. This indeed does need to be remedied if we are to see social improvement.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I agree with you about Palin’s credibility, but that bias does not belong in a literature assignment as it represents brainwashing of the student by the professor.

  4. David Baumann June 4, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    We need stop stop all research funding immediately. Most of the money goes to pay for bloated compensation for tenured professors who teach one class per year and spend much of their time trading stocks on their Iphones. Only a small percentage of the money goes to the research and for the meager amount that graduate students make. I could go on and on for hours about this. Academic research is a huge SCAM! Equipment is cheap on the internet, but these pikers insist on spending massive amounts on new equipment so they can show off to their Ivy League buddies.
    A concerned graduate student.

  5. Professor Doom June 4, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    I have serious doubts about online degrees. Keep in mind, employers throw applications with online degrees directly into the trash; even if accredited, my own institution gives no respect to them.

    There are websites that will write, on demand, academic papers, for a small fee. When looking at the ‘hits’, its quite possible there are as many customers of these websites are there are students in online programs…the level of cheating going on in online courses is staggering, just staggering.

    An online degree only helps if you’ve already got the job, but need a degree to advance. University of Phoenix or whatever really won’t open any doors for you that you can’t open yourself.

  6. Bobby June 4, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Thanks Dave, I knew about much of this, but your’ve effectively ruined my day with the rest of it. Knowledge is power however, and thank you really, for doing this important work. Morality is a touchy issue and I think these people are degenerates in any case, moral or otherwise. They have no class and are similar to communist commissars of the past.

  7. Bad Santa June 4, 2013 at 10:41 pm

    Wow! And it took sheeple only 100 years to realize that fact. If sheeple keeps that kind of pace, they will realize they are being manipulated sometimes in the year trillion… LOL

  8. Michele June 5, 2013 at 4:16 am

    Columbia College at ccis.edu has a Middle East class in which the professor, who claims to be an ‘U.S. Army officer’, only allows Islamic sources/taqiyya. I wrote an assignment using Islamic sources/taqiyya but also included scholarly sources/truth but received a failing grade for including scholarly sources/truth. Columbia College also uses a textbook in one of its sociology classes that says that everyone is bisexual and if you disagree then you are either mentally ill or a religious zealot. The University of Maryland uses psychology textbooks that claim that divorce is normal and that, according to evolutionary perspective, families should only stay together for 3-4 years for the sake the children. The University of Maryland is so pathetic now that Obama cut tuition assistance for the military that grade school children are quite capable of completing assignments.

  9. signalfire6 June 5, 2013 at 7:44 am

    College campuses aren’t the only places with cell towers. And once someone is old enough to go to college, they are old enough to realize that everyone has an opinion, and professors will voice their opinion. It’s called developing an ability to think for oneself and to be exposed to all topics. How about going after religious leaders and their moral degeneracy? Or Congress?

    Have you looked into how students in Scandinavian countries leave college with fully paid for tuition and money in the bank because the govt gives them a 1000$ stipend every month to live on, or are you against that idea because that’s ‘socialist’? Are you okay with the amount of money being spent on the Pentagon while our bridges collapse around us?

  10. Gerry June 5, 2013 at 8:33 am

    I’ve got a BS, MS & PhD. When I got my last degree, my PhD, I was completely asleep to reality. At that time, I would have told people the most important thing one can do is pursue formal education. Today, years later, wide awake to the fake reality that is our true reality, I would give the exact opposite advice. Going to college to get any type of formal education today is a crap shoot at best in terms of future “success”. A degree is nothing more than a fake piece of paper, necessary to obtain a fake job in our fake economy in order to make fake money to live a fake life.

    And on top of all of that, we come out with thousands of dollars of fake debt that we need to slave away for to pay off for the rest of our lives. And to do all of this for the jobs that are all going away for good anyway (technological unemployment, depopulation, etc.) Not a bad deal, huh? Most of us today are nothing more than cogs in the wheel of the Matrix machine, and sadly unknowingly and unwittingly. My advice to a HS grad would be to learn a trade or teach English and travel the world and meet people, learn languages, absorb new cultures.

    We are going through a massive shift in the world today, where nothing will ever be as it once was. To fight this by staying in the system, getting a college degree, etc. etc. is pure delusion. We need to embrace what’s coming, and that new reality will be in every way, shape and form the exact opposite consciousness to everything that we today call normal and real.

  11. Aaron June 5, 2013 at 11:16 am

    Virginia Farver is the real deal. What happened to her son and others at SDSU is being covered up. Readers of this article please look into it and support her. Web search “san diego state cancer cluster”.

  12. arizona June 14, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    I scored 100% on the college entrance exam and had a 4.0 gpa,..AND then they told me,either your with us or against us, MY answer was, screw you, I paid to come to college,I’am on my side……and the reason,we had a runin was I caught them LIEING all the time and called them on it,BOY,they didn’t like that,cause I called them on it right in front of the other students…hahaha………………………..

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