fox guarding the henhouseI have concluded that I live in the proverbial hen house which is increasingly being guarded by the foxes. 

Yet, when I look around and see my friends and family, I almost get a sense of normalcy. I drive by my local fire station and the American flag is still flying. I recently witnessed a Highway Patrolman helping an elderly motorist with a flat tire. My neighbors are nice and I (temporarily) have some money in the bank. On the surface, it seems like everything is normal. I am constantly reminded of how easy it would be to fall back into being a fat and happy sheep living in the pasture not knowing what lies ahead.

I have recently and repeatedly found myself making plans for next year and the year after based upon my self-deluded assumption that all is well and nothing major will change. Yet,  I also find myself contemplating visiting Costa Rica in anticipation of fleeing there before all hell breaks loose. And then I turn around, remain in the matrix, and plan a fun vacation trip to Catalina Island this summer as if nothing is wrong.

It is hard not to red of bluebe deceived by the thin veil of normalcy which covers the trend curve of unprecedented and tyrannical historical events which loom on the horizon.

It is a red or blue pill kind of thing.

I Feel It In My Bones

In my quiet moments I know what is coming and if I don’t let myself get distracted with the details of living, I have strong feelings of foreboding and I no longer feel safe and secure in my home. I know the FEMA Camps are real. I know that we are on the edge of martial law. I know the marines that now border Syria are not there as “peacekeepers.”

The agencies which used to inspire trust, mostly, the police and military, now promote paranoia bilderberg 2013and fear in me as they train to subdue patriots for not submitting to the will of the New World Order.

This week the global elite are holding their annual Bilderberg meeting.  The meeting will take place from June 6-9, with 140 delegates from 21 countries and all of them have an agenda which is not American friendly. You remember that agenda we have heard about so many times, the 90% population reduction agenda, the currency collapse agenda and the enslavement of the remainder of humanity agenda. Make no mistake about it, the Bilderberg crowd are not friends of humanity and my intuition tells me that what comes out of this present unholy 2013 Bilderberg meetings will consist of extreme game changers for all of humanity. The globalist train is racing for its final stop at the station and we should all be bracing for impact.

The Tin Foil Hats Are Off

 All 5-10% of us who are actually awake, realized a long time ago that if we could only awaken the masses to the deception and the slow burn tyranny engulfing our country, that we could stop this insidious bankster inspired invasion. As Jim Marrs likes to say,
“there are a lot more of us than there are of them.” The goal of awakening humanity has driven many of us to do the advocacy work that we do. I am, however, beginning to realize that this goal of awakening the masses will never be achieved in the amount of time we need to save the Republic.

For decades, globalists were adept at keeping key information out of the mainstream media (MSM). In fact, the banksters have spent a fortune acquiring the key power centers of the media so they could exercise complete control. 

The globalists control of the dialogue has been so effective, that there was a time that if one spoke about the annual Bilderberg meetings, they were dismissed a fringe lunatics and should immediately don their tin foil hats.

"Hey dude, don't you know that there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory."

“Hey dude, don’t you know that there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory.”

 The media worm has turned as last week the local police said they would arrest any protestors at the Bilderberg conference in England. Times have changed dramatically and the emperor has no clothes. The tyranny is fully exposed for all to see, at least for those who want to see it. The problem is, that most people do not want to see what is undeniable because, for the moment, their lives are working relatively well despite the fact that the five megabanks have conquered the U.S. government and is preparing to start WWIII, institute false flag events so that martial law can be instituted and then simultaneously collapse the economy. I know many of you are saying, “I already know this,” its just that our neighbors don’t want to know this.

I Am A Recovering Sheep

I have come to the realization that my journey from “being asheep at the wheel” to becoming an activist, is symbolic on why we do not have time to awaken 100-150 million Americans from their slumber. We probably do not have time to awaken 10 million and my own journey is the reason why and I am sure many of you will identify with my journey. 

The Awakening of Dave Hodges

Not too many years after I had graduated from college in 1980, I accidentally learned about the existence of the Trilateral Commission and what they were up to with their planned free trade agreements and their wealth redistribution schemes. Determined to get more information, I found myself one Saturday afternoon, going from bookstore, to bookstore and from library to library to search for information on the topic and found nothing but an obscure reference to the group in the Atlantic Monthly in the Denver University library. Then someone gave me a trilaterals over washingtoncopy of Anthony Sutton’s and Patrick Wood’s book, Trilaterals Over Washington. I then realized that the Rockefeller’s seemingly controlled the media, the manufacturing industry, transportation and more importantly, the executive branch of the President’s cabinet. I began telling everyone I knew about this conspiracy and I was criticized by some of my friends for even bringing it up and one person even asked if I had become a member of the John Birch

Co-Author of Trilateral Over Washington, Patrick Wood

Co-Author of Trilateral Over Washington, Patrick Wood

Society. I just couldn’t gain any traction. My own family thought I was becoming a schizophrenic. 

During that time, I was frustrated with the lack of information and became annoyed at the quick criticism my inquiry brought and I went back to sleep for 10 more years. Ironically, today, I am friends with one of the co-authors of the book which helped wake me up, Patrick Wood, and have had him on my talk show a number of times.   

Enemies Revealed

The CFR, no longer a secret.

The CFR is no longer a secret.

My oh my, how times have changed. I remember being criticized because I said the Council on Foreign Relations was up to no good as I provided a group of colleagues a presentation on how the group had been actively trying to subvert the Constitution and American sovereignty.  The time was 1990-91 as tried to awaken one more time. “There is no Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)” and this is the stuff of paranoid delusional kooks was the reaction I received. During the same time frame, I met Vance Davis (former NSA) and Bill Pawelec (former CIA) and they spent hours educating me as to our true history and where we were headed. However, my basketball coaching career was taking off and I was beginning my second advanced degree in the field of psychology. I had also met the woman of my dreams and I just didn’t have time to really learn the truth, much less act upon it and I got pulled back into the matrix one more time.  I understand how easy it is to stay asleep.


"The CFR can make you or break you.

“The CFR can make you or break you.

Today, the veil is off if we only take a few moments to pause and pay attention. It is now commonplace to see press conferences held by various entities with the CFR publicity backdrops featured prominently in the photo ops. The same is true for the Trilateral Commission. Today, I am shocked by the brazenness of what the globalists are revealing to us in print and in various forms of entertainment. We are on the precipice of a total Globalist takeover and most of us can’t imagine how evil this has the potential to become and how many millions/billions could potentially perish. Well, some people are aware, it’s just that most aware people are not from this country.

A Life Changing Encounter

Ten years ago, I was sitting in a Coco’s restaurant in Sun City, AZ., to meet with a colleague who called and said he was running 30 minutes late. At the table next to me were a group of very old ladies who were bashing then President George W. Bush with extreme vehemence. Finally, I gathered up the courage and asked to join them because I was intrigued by their conversation. They agreed and

"Don't worry, you will get an implant."

“Don’t worry, you won’t get a tattoo, you will get the high tech version of the same thing, an implant,” said an 85 year old death camp survivor from Poland.

promptly, one of the ladies showed me here death camp tattoo and said “We have lived through this before and your country, young man, is getting ready to live through these terrible events again. Your 9/11 is our Reichstag fire all over again. Bush is Hitler!”

All four ladies were death camp survivors and the contents of the conversation were life-changing for myself. Unlike my abandoned Trilateral Commission search some two decades earlier, I researched some of the things that these Holocaust survivors told me about and was easily able to verify much of their information that to the largely free flow of information on the internet. Plus after reading Sutton and Wood, I knew I could not keep running from the truth.  I realized my country was in deep trouble and no amount of denial was going to change my level of awareness. What had changed this time, is that I was now a dad. I knew at that moment, that my son’s future was already stolen from him.   

A Life Changing Event

Another simultaneous event, in addition with my chance encounter with four death camp survivors launched me into actively fighting against the New World Order.

Ten years ago, I moved my family to rural Arizona 20 miles north of metropolitan Phoenix. I lived close enough to the city to commute and far enough away be out of the reach of gangs and pollution. The first year of our life in the “outback” was idyllic. At least it was heaven on earth until the John luke afbMcCain forces of the government tried to steal our homes without offering us any compensation under eminent domain laws.

McCain said we were in the way of Luke AFB over flights from F-16’s and myself and our 300 neighbors should never have been allowed to build our homes and live where we were at. I was involved in meetings with various state legislators and McCain’s ring of criminals at the state capitol. No compensation for our property, just get out, was the message. They took away our right to permit anything, a pool, a fence or even tool shed. More importantly, if we had suffered storm damage, we would have been unable to repair, forced to move by Maricopa County officials, while still paying on our mortgages. Most of my neighbors figured we were months from losing everything we had worked our entire life to achieve. Eminent domain would have looked good, but outright theft was the goal of John McCain and his minions.

Shortly after being asked to be our community’s spokesperson, I appeared in every media outlet that would interview me as I was intent on exposing the corrupt behavior of McCain and friends. Most of the major communications media would not touch me with a 10 foot pole, especially Clear Channel Communications radio stations and Gannett Broadcasting owned newspapers. I was vilified by local reporters of the Gannett owned Arizona Republic newspaper as being unpatriotic because I was willing to risk America’s national security by fighting to preserve my property rights.

az repubThe editorial board of the Arizona Republic told my wife and I that we should be willing to sacrifice our homes “for the greater good.”  We also used to get “reporters” from the Arizona Republic calling our home and pretending to be writing an expose on these events only to discover that they were editorial writers for the paper and they were seeking my viewpoints hoping they could flip them and use my statements to discredit me and our position. This was the time that I lost all respect for the media.

A Shocking Revelation

I discovered that the real issue was not the F-16’s flying over our property and we were somehow in the way. After all, the jets had to fly over a half a million people to reach our community and we are 30 miles north of Luke AFB. McCain’s actions made no sense until one night I discovered that we lived adjacent to a planned CANAMEX Highway and on top of Arizona’s largest underground water aquifer and that three other areas in the state had the same dilemma with the same set of circumstances. Being a former statistics professor, I calculated the odds of all of these events being due to chance at about 65 million to one. I knew then why McCain, a federal official, was involved in a local matter. The CANAMEX was an accompanying piece of the North American Union and the globalists needed the water we were sitting on to supply the planned CANAMEX multimodal infrastructure hub planned in our rural area. The lure of free land for the CANAMEX is why McCain wanted us off of our land and I began to expose it. The obtaining of free land for the globalist owned CANAMEX would no doubt aid in his ability to fund his first run at capturing his party’s nomination to run for President. Take it from somebody who knows, McCain would have been a worse President than Obama and there is not one of neighbors that feels any different.

The first leg of the CANAMEX Highway

The first leg of the CANAMEX Highway

My  advocacy work landed me an offer to host a weekly radio show in Wickenburg, AZ. on the now defunct KSBC radio and I also began to write for Freedoms Phoenix. As a result, I was able to fully expose this plot, and at least so far, the McCain forces backed off especially as I was able to obtain free legal help from the Goldwater Institute. I don’t claim total victory because John McCain is like the turd in the toilet that will not flush. At least for now, life looks normal for my family, except for what I write and broadcast. I may be a slow learner, sheephowever, unlike the other times, I refuse to continue to inhabit the Kingdom of Sheep ever again.

This was my journey on how I awakened as to who and what seeks to dominate and ultimately destroy most of us. I subsequently set out on a mission to wake up humanity after I took 20 years to wake up. I am ashamed to admit it took me 20 years to be moved to action and I only did so after I was forced to.  I was slow to act for the reasons that so many other Americans don’t want to hear our doom and gloom message, my life was working. I was making money, I was happy and thought I could ignore the problems. I understand the mentality of a sheep, because I was the biggest sheep of them all. And because I am a competent “sheep psychologist,” I understand one thing:

We do not have time to wake up most of our fellow human beings. Most of us are too engrained in the system, to hypnotized by the media and are absolutely stuck too far inside of their normalcy bias to wake up. We do not have 20 years to accomplish the task of waking up America. We do not have 20 months in my estimation. We need to save who we can, beginning with ourselves.

A New Direction

America, and the rest of the planet, are coming in for a planned crash landing. It is really time to brace for impact. Subsequently, I am refocusing my efforts away from waking up the sheep in order to identify pressing problems and talking about strategies that the awake among us can implement in an attempt to soften the crash landing that is coming, assuming that is possible.

It is my sincere hope that by some miracle that we can indeed wake up all of the people. I would still speak to a VFW gathering about the NWO, but it will no longer be my emphasis. My focus is going to be on adaptation and survival because I no longer think that we can go from an aware 5-10% of the population to a vengeful majority in the time we have left.

You Are the Resistance, Or Not

For those who continue to ignore the rapidly encroaching tyranny, you chose to do so at your own peril. I look at my new emphasis on adaptation and survival as a form of political triage in which we have to save who we can, or as the saying goes, “don’t throw good money after bad.”  Before one thinks that this is callous, please consider that the Bible has clearly warned about what happens to people who lack knowledge and the discernment of what to do with that knowledge.

Twenty years ago, I thought we were in trouble in this country. Ten years ago, I went to knowing we were in trouble in this country. Today, there is no way that I can see that we can preserve the Republic given what is coming. However, we can prepare to survive and some of us might actually get through what is coming and be able to rebuild a society which will not succumb to the evil that we presently live under.  

It Is Time to Move Out of the Hen House

The DHS, the military, most of our local police constitute the proverbial fox guarding our hen houses. Last fall, the fox guarding my hen house was licking his chops as he, in the form of DHS, purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers. They are the foxes and you are the chickens.

train wreckThe next several articles that I write will summarize the coming threats in a prioritized manner accompanied by solutions which can enhance survivability. In the meantime, I encourage all to pray for a miracle, because a miracle from God is the only hope that this Republic has left.