Senator McCain and President Obama is OK with these types of atrocities

Senator McCain and President Obama are OK with the raping of female reporters by al-Qaeda backed Syrian Rebels.

A female Al Jazeera correspondent,Ghada Oweis, was covering the terrorist activities from different cities in Syria for months. She has been raped by one of the commanders of the Al Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist group. Oweis was raped in Aleppo was quickly moved to Qatar after the incident according to the Egyptian Daily.

A few days ago on the invitation of one of the commanders of this Salafist group, she went to his office and was forcibly detained. The Al-Nusra militias did not allow her camera crews to enter the office and they were told to come back for the interview tomorrow, then the rape ensued. She is reportedly still in great emotional distress as one would expect following an incident of this type.

Oweis has attempted to be outspoken and demand justice as she has asked that the leaders of the Al-Nusra group punish this particular unnamed commander. Rather than defend their reporter, Al Jazeera, is taking the cowardly position of trying to pressure and bribe Oweis into dropping the matter in order that the publication may continue to support the Syrian rebels.

Reportedly, the terrorist militias, in Syria have been committing numerous atrocities in Syria against innocent civilians through the use of what is call a Fatwa.  A Fatwa was issued by on the Myftis of Salafists, that militias fighting in Syrian can for women to “Jihad of Nikah.

In other words these terrorists pigs can demand of any female what they desire to fulfill their Jihad obligations in Syria and this is who the US government is in bed with.  

 Pretext for War

The pretext for war with Syria now exists as Obama has accused Syrian leader, Assad, of using chemical weapons against the rebels, despite the fact that it appears likely that the al-Qaeda run rebels are the ones using chemical weapons. This is the Syrian version of a false flag attack. This is their Gulf of Tonkin incident which will bring in American forces which will likely trigger a military response from both China and Russia.

Meanwhile, the stumbling and bumbling Senator John McCain downplayed known Syrian rebel atrocities being committed by Syrian rebel forces and suggested that he would be willing to allow violent extremists to take over Syria because they would most likely not be allied with Iran.

There you have it, McCain would accept Hitler and Stalin running Syria so long as the US continues to move further down the road of invading Syria. And why are we getting ready to invade Syria? This is happening in order to get into Iran with less opposition. And Iran has to be taken out because they are threatening the solvency of the Federal Reserve Petrodollar scheme by selling its oil to China, India and Russia for gold. The Kings of fiat paper currencies can never allow Gold to come back to prominence.

This is what we are paying taxes for.

This is what we are paying taxes for.

Sleeping With the Enemy

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The Syrian rebels are being controlled by al-Qaeda. You remember al-Qaeda don’t you? According to our government, they perpetrated 9/11. Doesn’t matter if its true, our government says al-Qaeda did it and now our government is sleeping with the enemy.

WWIII Is Right Around the Corner

Unfortunately, what I have been writing about for the past several months is now beginning to unfold. We now sit on the precipice of a likely series of events which will bring WWIII to the planet. As a prelude, we will witness false flag events inside the United States to justify the war and to provide an excuse to impose martial law upon the American people.

Ask yourself a question. If our governmental leaders are willing to tolerate the raping of reporters by al-Qaeda forces in Syria and senators like McCain are willing to look the other way on this and other Syrian rebel atrocities including the use of Saran gas against Syrian loyalist troops, then should any of us believe that we will not be the targets of the same strategies on the home front when we resist the coming dictatorial crackdown? It kind of makes you wonder why the NSA needs all of our information.  Just like Santa they want to determine who has been naughty or nice before the coming crackdown.