I was going to stay out of the Treyvon Martin case because it was and should have remained a local law enforcement issue. Since the case threatens to escalate into the biggest civil unrest event in American history, it is time to speak out.

Samir Shabazz

The extremist leader of the New Black Panthers Party, Samir Shabazz, has predicted “unrest all over America” if George Zimmerman was acquitted. Following the acquittal of Zimmerman, I sit in fear of this statement. Although the Shabazz group denied that it was organizing riots in light of claims its leader had vowed to burn down white communities. Apparently, some are making good on this threat as Oakland and Dallas are reporting protests and minor civil unrest over the Zimmerman acquittal at the time of this writing. I just hope and pray that the backlash to the verdict is confined to peaceful protest

 New Black Panthers leader Samir Shabazz, who can be described as nothing but an Obama stooge and DOJ operative for trying to stir up racial division in this country by inundating several numerous Internet sites in which he states, “This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.” This radicalized leader has also advocated the killing of white babies as well the burning of white churches.Why would any reasonable person listen to this insanity?

To Samir Shabazz, I ask you a question. Even if George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and race was a contributing factor, then what does the killing of white babies and the burning down of white homes have to do with rectifying Zimmerman’s misdeeds?

There was a time in this country when strong leadership from the Black community, which flew in the face of the establishment, was needed and deserved. Visionaries, such as Dr. King, Rosa Parks and Larry Pinkney knew that violence was not the answer to our racial challenges. If Dr. King had followed the radical path being pursued by Shabazz, race relations would still be in the same state they were in at the beginning of the 20th century. 

The Highly Flammable Tweets of Shabazz

No reasonable human being would consider following Samir Shabazz.  His radical teachings are even being rejected by honorable Black Panther members from the past such as Larry Pinkney, a former officer with the organization. He denounces Shabazz’s attempts at stirring up racial violence which will serve as a distraction from the criminal Obama administration.


If anyone thinks that following the radical agenda of Shabazz is a good idea, perhaps they should read a couple of tweets attributed to this leader of the New Black Panthers.  

1) NewBlackPantherParty @NewBlackPanthr1

New Black Panther Party will not give you specific details on anything other than to say we have rallies and street maneuvers planned.  (this is a direct tweet from Shabazz)

6:43 PM – 11 Jul 2013


2) NewBlackPantherParty @NewBlackPanthr1

From what we are hearing there is a HIGH chance of rebellion across the nation if Zimmerman is acquitted on all charges #MalikZuluShabazz

6:41 PM – 11 Jul 2013  

 Cooler Heads Need to Prevail

Shabazz is not to be listened to or taken seriously. Organizations such as ACORN and MoveOn.org are also calling for retribution against whites in the same light. I understand that feelings  are running high. However, ACORN and MoveOn.org are controlled by globalist George Soros and he is white!

Soros is one of Obama’s controllers. Soros is also facilitating the playing of the race card in the Treyvon Martin case in order to take some much needed attention off of the present scandals surrounding the administration. Soros needs an intact Obama administration to bring Cap and Trade and the other climate change initiatives to fruition.

Harry Reid is running interference on stirring up racial division as well. Reid stated on Meet the Press, that the Justice Department will pursue George Zimmerman for violating the civil rights of Trayvon Martin. The evidence presented in court does not support Reid’s conclusion that this is a civil rights case. The only motive for the federal government in pursuing Zimmerman is to fan the flames of potential violence until an inferno of racially motivated violence breaks out and an increasing level of tyranny is visited upon the country in the form of martial law which would be needed to restore order.

Zimmerman Is Not  A Role Model Nor A Hero

Plain and simple, George Zimmerman is a dangerous moron. He acted inappropriately, and I believe illegally, when he began to confront Martin with a gun. I believe that this is a criminal act. On the other hand, Martin had a shady and controversial past. This whole event should be entitled “when gasoline meets fire” and serves to illustrate why citizens should observe and report and not play the role of Barney Fife except when intervening to save a life. 

The fact that the two parties are of different races is irrelevant to the circumstances.  This case is, and should have remained, a local legal matter instead of something that could result in widespread violence which could potentially be fatal to untold numbers of innocent people who have nothing to do with this case.

The Real Agenda

Has anyone really figured out what the true aftermath of this case truly represents? To the Obama administration and the DOJ, the Martin/Zimmerman case is not about justice, it is about distraction by fermenting a divide and conquer mentality.

Because of the incessant pounding by the alternative media, the murder of Ambassador Stevens is not going away. Then there is the NSA spygate scandal that is growing in intensity and if this government is dumb enough to murder Snowden, that will really fan the flames of the NSA scandal. The IRS will never recover from the revelations about their criminal behavior. Obamacare is going backwards and threatens to implode before this misguided program even gets out of the starting gate. Hillary Clinton is gone as the Secretary of State because of Benghazi. Janet Napolitano is gone as the director of Homeland Security because of the lewd sex scandals impacting the agency and the millions being spent to settle the gender discrimination cases.  Then there is the emerging banking scandal in which it is being revealed that the Federal Reserve is giving away billions of dollars to foreign banks. In death, Michael Hastings is on his way to become a martyr for murdered journalists who are uncovering more criminality in the Obama administration than one shake a proverbial stick at. And there is no shortage of the list of scandals that this administration is responsible for. The President needs to be impeached.

How does a President avoid impeachment in response to his criminal acts? Obama needs a distraction to take the eyes off of his criminality. The globalists need a distraction to take attention away from the implementation of their abject criminal acts and global enslavement policies through their sociopathic minions in government. And there is one more motive that few are discussing. It may be true that Zimmerman put himself in harm’s way to be attacked with his immature bravado, but he was justified in defending himself against a vicious attack. And just as we see in England, the Obama administration is seeking to eliminate the right to self-defense.

This administration and its agent provocateurs have embarked upon the course where they feel they must employ divide and conquer strategies. Samir Shabazz should be outraged that this President is using the tragic death of Martin as a distraction from his criminal activities. In fact, this administration is invoking the use of distraction as matter of policy as evidenced by the newest version of the immigration amnesty bill,  Both the Martin case and the amnesty bill are the outgrowth of the distraction strategy. Namely, Obama is employing a divide and conquer strategy. The immigration bill, for example, is so filled with controversy that it was bound to promote division and pit citizen vs. non-citizen.

In today’s America, gays are pitted against non-gays and, of course, the administration is fanning the flames of black vs. white for the same purpose and a good portion of the country’s sheep is falling for this trick, hook, line and sinker.

Reversing the Race Card

If George Zimmerman was black, this case would not be a national issue. If Trayvon Martin were white, this case would have received little more than a passing glance from the local media. However, this administration chose to exploit this tragedy for their own purposes. Even if George Zimmerman is a racist, I fail to see how his depraved actions are representative of all white people who somehow have a racist agenda.But to provocateurs such as Shabazz, Zimmerman is the personification of all white people. And what is most disturbing is that many of the sheep in this country are going along with this ridiculous characterization.

For the next several days, people like Samir Shabazz, are very dangerous and threaten to unravel 60 years of progress in the civil rights arena. Race baiters, such as MSNBC and CNN, need to be ignored and columns such as mine need to be addressing the following issues which are receiving less attention because of the Martin case:

1. The murder of Chris Stevens and the role that Hillary Clinton, President Obama, et al, played in his death.

2. The yet to be released Snowden details about the NSA and his impending assassination by our government.

3. The IRS scandal and why nobody has done the perp walk

4. Arming al-Qaeda in Syria the same as our administration did in Libya.

5. The murder of US citizens by drones.

6. The murders of journalists such Hastings and Breitbart for revealing the criminal activities of this administration.

7. The use of Executive Orders to usher in Agenda 21, Cap and Trade, vehicle mileage taxes and the process of depopulating the rural and suburban areas of this country through Obama approved programs such as Building One America.

8. Our continued murder of millions of innocent people on behalf of the oil companies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, et al.

9. The fact that we have an illegal alien serving as President

10. The ongoing banker giveaway of billions of dollars to foreign banks.

11. The Federal Reserve continuing to purchase 40 billion dollars per month of mortgage backed securities.

12.  The continuing and unpunished MERS fraud resulting in people’s homes being stolen

Instead of dealing with these critical issues, we allow ourselves to be distracted by a local legal matter while the banksters continue to rob us blind and plan for our demise.  

News flash for Samir Shabazz: The banksters who have hijacked our country are your enemy, NOT, white people. In the same vein, Samir Shabazz is not my enemy, the banksters are.

Gay, straight, citizen, illegal alien, yellow people, black people, white people, brown people, red people and people from all countries have one common enemy. We need to stand united and not allow ourselves to be distracted by their servants in this administration. Know thine enemy!