Every team I have ever coached consisted of good people and not so good people. Every class that I have ever taught has contained good people and not so good people. Any institution contains good and not so good people including people who work for the government.

A Tale of Two Politicians

I never cared for President Jimmy Carter’s politics while serving as President (e.g. the Panama Canal giveaway), but I have always regarded the man as a decent, caring and honorable person who unwittingly allowed himself to be used by the Rockefeller forces to advance the cause of globalism. 

Jimmy Carter, “The Good”

However, when a former President, a President who staffed his entire executive branch with members of the original Trilateral Commission, says that America is no longer a functional democracy, we should sit up and pay attention. Subsequently, Jimmy Carter has unequivocally condemned the unconstitutional practices of the NSA. If we boil down the substance of Carter’s statements to its base elements, we have a loyal  globalist in the form of President Carter stating that the new flavor of the New World Order, as it has embedded itself in the United States of America, is an out of control dictatorship which is dangerous to all.

President Carter is not just concerned about the spying aspect of the NSA.  The NSA spying is not an end unto itself. Governments spy because they plan to use the information. And governments most often use this kind of information to consolidate power and eliminate all opposition. Although Carter stopped short of saying that Americans, both individually and collectively, are in grave danger. It is clear the former President Carter believes this to be the case for when a society permits uncontrolled spying and the abrogation of its fundamental laws, tyranny will inevitably rear its ugly head and we will see a police state surveillance grid complete with forced detentions, unconstitutional gun confiscations and summary executions of dissidents take shape in this country. These events are on the horizon and I praise President Carter for encouraging America to peer down this rabbit hole.

Conversely, we have Michelle Bachmann who falsely describes herself as a constitutionally based Tea Party Republican. Bachmann says she supports the constitution. She never misses an opportunity to state that she stands for the preservation of civil liberties. Yesterday, Bachamann voted to give the NSA unlimited power to spy upon Americans. In reality, Michelle Bachmann is a fraud and a liar. Worse yet, she is a whore to the sum and substance of the New World Order.

How can a supposed advocate not vote against the illegal NSA spy programs? Yet, this is exactly what Bachmann did as she demonstrated her loyalty to the New World Order who are intent in completing the task of constructing a Stasi type of control over the American people. Yesterday, Bachmann voted with the left wing lunatic,  Nancy Pelosi, in defeating a House of Representatives bill which have defunded the NSA illegal spy activities. Bachmann pretends to support the Constitution, yet with yesterday’s vote, Bachmann demonstrated that she is willing to prostitute her moral integrity to the New World Order agenda.

There are good people in government, former President Carter, and there are not so good people in government, Michelle Bachmann, who has revealed for all to see who she really is.

The NSA Wastes No Time

In the aftermath of yesterday’s vote, the NSA is now demanding that internet companies surrender stored passwords. This is also the first step around defeating the encryption system employed to secure passwords.

The Huffington Post revealed that the Democratic whip Steny Hoyer, sent the following message to the House Democrats with regard to preserving the Stasi powers of the NSA. 

Amash/Conyers/Mulvaney/Polis/Massie Amendment – Bars the NSA and other agencies from using Section 215 of the Patriot Act (as codified by Section 501 of FISA) to collect records, including telephone call records, that pertain to persons who may be in communication with terrorist groups but are not already subject to an investigation under Section 215

In other words my fellow American citizens, every person in this country could be a terrorist and therefore, should be treated accordingly. If there ever was a deserving candidate for appropriate discipline under the NDAA, it would Congressman Hoyer. He is a disgrace to his office and to his country.

Personal Ramifications of the Congressional Action on NSA Spying

I refuse to accept the notion that we now live under the mandate that to protect and defend the Constitution is now a treasonous act.

I speak only for myself, but I feel my personal sentiment is growing among my colleagues in the truth movement. First, I am loyal to the letter of the law of the United States Constitution. I view all parties and organizations, which knowingly and consistently, violate the Constitution to be a traitor to this country and as a result, they are my personal enemy and should be considered an enemy of the people. .

I remain a loyal citizen to the ideals of the US and its promised civil liberties. I am, however, committed to the removal from office of all 217 Congressional members who voted to retain the illegal NSA spying programs. I am also committed to removing the undue influence of the Wall Street bankers, the Federal Reserve, President Obama, Eric Holder and the illicit IRS from the landscape of our government.

God Bless the Oathkeepers

Every now and then a courageous and inventive entity or person comes along and makes one proud to be an American. The Oathkeepers are just such an organization.

The Oathkeepers make an excellent point when they recently quoted CIA Director Brennan’s position. The Oathkeepers noted that his announcement that the CIA is indeed following their oath of office, exposes the CIA’s position that they are not serving the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. The oath that Brennan is referring to is the oath designed to “reinforce our culture of secrecy” through education and training. To Brennan, the proper oath is the one that stops leaks and whistleblowers no matter how unconstitutional the CIA’s actions may be. If this does not make the CIA the enemy of the people, I do not know what would.

In a stroke of genius, the Oathkeepers have placed billboards outside of military bases at 29 Palms Marine Corps Base, Ft. Benning, GA, Ft. Hood, TX, Ft. Stewart, GA, and Hunter Army Airfield, GA. The Billboards are also being placed outside of known CIA facilities. The Billboards say it all in this “one picture is worth a thousand words” approach” which serves to remind our police and military who they are supposed to be serving.

My hat is off to the great people at Oathkeepers. Their innovative actions should inspire us to politely confront a policeman or a person in the military. Ask them if they plan to “just follow orders”, or are they going to protect and defend the Constitution that they have sworn an oath of allegiance towards.

I am also grateful to Andrew Breitbart, Ed Snowden and Michael Hastings for protecting and defending the Constitution. Your government may judge to you to be traitors, I judge you to be heroes.

When martial law is visited upon our citizens, we need the military to rise up and defend the people. I wish we could solve our issues in the political arena. However, that ship has sailed. The enemy is inside the gate and we need all the help and support we can get. We need to look at every police officer and military person as a potential ally and somebody that can be won over to the cause of liberty. Start talking to these two groups, today, as if your life depends upon it, because it does.