It wasn’t until 1913, that this country ever was subjected to the communist inspired practice of paying an income tax. From 1789-1913, the United States raised the bulk of its revenue through tariffs on foreign products being sold inside the United States. This practice, although resulting in slightly higher prices for products, protected American jobs and stabilized American cities because there was a consistent revenue stream resulting from the fact that there would be steady employment thanks to tariffs.


First There Was NAFTA, Then CAFTA and America Got the SHAFTA


With the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the globalists were clearly positioning themselves to eventually get rid of tariffs in order that they might be able to find cheap labor in foreign markets and undercut the wages being paid to American workers.


In the 1990’s, after intense lobbying by the multinational corporations, NAFTA was passed. If the average American worker would’ve been paying attention, NAFTA could have been stopped in its tracks. However we know how well Americans don’t pay attention to anything that requires critical thinking.


NAFTA has had devastating consequences for American farmers, American workers, Mexican farmers, and Mexican workers. Almost immediately, NAFTA bankrupted over 3 million Mexican farmers. Should we be surprised that this triggered a mass immigration into the United States? 


Most aware people understand that the free trade agreements, NAFTA, CAFTA and the looming TransPacific and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), are about letting businesses relocate major manufacturing plants in countries that permit near slave labor conditions with very few environmental restrictions and then the corporations can ship their products back into the United States without paying tariffs.


This “free trade” trend resulted in the devastation of our economy from the US workers point of view. Based upon 1968 figures, America has lost almost 88% of its once lofty manufacturing base. This is an act of war against the American people. And yet, our Congress and our media acts as if this is the way that it is supposed to be.


If this is new information to you, then go into your closet an attempt to find any clothing which says “Made in America.” Take a chair with you, because you could be looking for a very long time.


If this is not new information for you, the net effect of free trade and its first cousin, illegal immigration, has overwhelmed America and the demise of our country is imminent. When the American people figure out what is in the proposed immigration bill, there could be rioting in the streets. However, by the time our dumbed down nation wakes up, it will be too late because our people will be too busy trying to locate their next meal.


The Tip of the Iceberg


If the global elite had their way, all American jobs would be shipped overseas in the name of cheap labor and low environmental oversight as well as lax enforcement of worker safety laws. However, the global elite still need people to clean their streets, take their orders at fast food restaurants, landscape their yards and join our military. So, if all the jobs can’t be sent out of the country for the purposes of finding cheap labor, the globalist need to create a system in which the cheap labor would come to them. Hence, the reason for the passage of the various free trade agreements. One aspect of free trade gave corporation access to cheap labor without having to pay tariffs. However, the other aspect of free trade was designed to bankrupt many of the economies in Central America. The latter would provide an impetus for Central Americans to come north for employment. And, Voila, the globalists get their localized cheap labor while still enjoying the fruits of their sweatshops in foreign countries. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!


Life Is Good for the Corporations


Corporate profits have never been higher as most of the Fortune 500 corporations are experiencing record returns on investment as well as reaping the benefits of the bailouts courtesy of beleaguered American workers. Stockholders are happy and corporations are growing by leaps and bounds. However, there is an inverse correlation between corporate profits that are largely obtained by the relocation of hard manufacturing to overseas labor markets, and the welfare of the American worker. Detroit, now in bankruptcy, is a living testament to the devastation of free trade agreements.


Illegal Immigration Is America’s Knockout Punch


Since the advent CAFTA, Americans are witnessing uncontrolled immigration into our country. We are being lied to by the federal government about how many illegal aliens are actually inside of our borders. The figure most often used in 1988-1992 period was that the United States had 11 million illegal aliens. According to the Arizona Republic in an article this past spring, the US still only has 11 million illegal aliens. Who does this Gannett Broadcasting owned entity think they are kidding? The media gets away with lying because the public is too distracted, too lazy and too unintelligent to do any meaningful fact checking. The real figure regarding how many illegal aliens are actually inside the United States, as estimated by many, is somewhere between 30-35 million people.


Immigration experts such as Frosty Wooldridge, have said that under CAFTA, which eventually opens the floodgates for all Central Americans to come to the United States, the number of these immigrants could grow to 150 million people by the year 2040. I am left wondering where we are going to find the resources to water these people, pay for their children’s education and provide enough housing and roads?


However, the global elite are ecstatic about the prospects of well over 100 million new people coming to this country. The competition for jobs will be intense and this competition will dramatically drive down wages. Combining this situation with the fact that Obamacare will effectively destroy the full-time job market with part-time employees to avoid the penalties for noncompliance for not enrolling employees into Obamacare, the devastation to the job market will be a irreparable for Americans.


You Just Can’t Export Every Job


The government is intent on serving their corporate masters, that they are trying to ram through an immigration bill which will provide the final knockout punch for the US.


I have read the over 1,000 pages of the proposed immigration (S. 744) bill supported by both McCain (R) and Obama (D). If Joseph McCarthy were alive today, everything he previously said about communists infiltrating our government at all levels would be 100% correct in today’s political climate.


No Enforcement of Immigration Laws Allowed


Under the immigration-reform bill currently under consideration by Congress, the only people that can be questioned about their immigration status would be people with blond hair and blue eyes.


1. Any law enforcement stop of a vehicle to demand proof of citizenship for anyone “appearing” to be Latino, would be breaking the law. For all vehicles coming out of Mexico, this could prove quite the boost for the CIA/Mexican drug cartel/HSBC/Wells Fargo/Bank of America/JP Morgan drug operations because busting large shipments of drugs inside of large trucks would all but stop. The CIA has to kicking up their heels all the way down the halls at Langley.


2. DHS is tasked with searching for and collecting evidence which could support a charge of racial profiling. What Border Patrol officer will risk losing their job and freedom under these extreme circumstances?


3. The DHS investigation into possible “profiling violations,” will result in triggering the Attorney General deciding on new guidelines to accommodate the law. In other words, Eric Holder, the father of Fast and Furious which shipped guns to the Mexican drug cartels in order to undermine the Second Amendment, will get to make up the immigration rules as he sees fit and he will be the decider on who gets into the country and who gets punished for enforcing the sanctity of our borders.


4. Prior bad acts cannot be used to disqualify one from coming into the country. For example, illegal aliens will be allowed up to two DUI’s before immigration officials can disqualify a border crosser from staying in the country and becoming a citizen. After reading the bill, I could not determine if a DUI resulting in death, would disqualify the illegal alien still be eligible for citizenship.


All other countries maintain immigration laws to keep people out of the country. This bill prevents government officials from keeping anyone out of the country.


The Breakup of the United States Could Result from Passage of S. 744


As if this is not bad enough, this is just the beginning. The immigration bill contains slush funds which will be used to literally and figuratively divide and conquer the United States. What is contained in this bill is criminal and treason is not a strong enough word to describe this bill.


There is a secret $300 million dollar slush fund which is earmarked for the pro-immigration group La Raza. The National Council of La Raza, whose former senior official helped draft the so-called bi-partisan Gang of Eight Senate Bill, is in line to collect hundreds of millions of taxpayer money under the more obscure provisions in S. 744.


S. 744 provides a sizable slush fund for lefty groups in the immigrant serving, advocacy and lobbying business. La Raza asserts that the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and even Colorado as well as parts of Nevada should be separated from the United States and become a separate country  as the nightmare of Palestine comes to the Southwest. This is an outgrowth of the radical and treasonous views of Reconquista de Atzlan. This is treason and the authors of these provisions of S. 744 should be tried, convicted and imprisoned for treason.


Reasonable Immigration


On my father’s side of the family, I am a second generation American. When my father’s family left Germany, they had to follow some very strict naturalization laws as a prelude to citizenship and we need to return to these immigration laws.


I hear people advocating sending illegal aliens back home. That is the most insane idea I have heard with regard to solving these issues. I will not support any legislation which takes on the flavor of a “trail of tears.” We may have people here illegally, but they are still God’s children and deserve our respect and the preservation of their dignity.


Illegal aliens are as much of victims of the establishment as is the American middle class. They are exploited for their labor and often mistreated because who would they complain to? The “dream children” are placed in a terrible situation in which they truly do not have a country to call their own. And, we as a country, need to take responsibility for the fact that our free trade policies destroyed the lives of millions of people south of the border. Further, the shipping of hundreds of thousands of Fast and Furious guns which have been used to murder tens of thousands of innocent human beings south of the border by criminal gangs set up by our CIA needs to be kept in mind as well.


As a country, we do need to take responsibility for our actions. However, that does not mean that we misspend our tax dollars on crazy left wing organizations who seem intent on undermining our national security.


Illegal aliens need to understand that there are political agendas motivating the global elite’s desire to make citizens out of illegal aliens with absolutely no prerequisite conditions. Obama wants to take our guns. Most Central American countries do not allow private citizens to own guns, even in self-defense. Further, Obama seeks to destroy the middle class of this country. Having tens of millions of immigrants who will work for 50-500% less is exactly what the doctor ordered. If this is allowed to happen, we will have over a hundred Detroit scenarios in this country in no time at all.


We have the ability to naturalize the people who are here. Then we need to put a prohibition on immigration for 10 years, from anywhere, to allow our infrastructure to recover. Our schools have taken a big hit as have the over 100 hospitals forced to close and we cannot afford to build more highways and develop more water treatment plants given the state of the economy. In my book, before someone can become a citizen, they must do the following:  


1. When someone enters the country, or are in the country illegally and are seeking resident status, they must undergo a criminal background check. If they have committed a felony, then they are ineligible for admittance into the United States. If they are in the country, they need to be deported.


2. All non-criminal immigrants will be granted a seven year provisional status as a resident alien. In that time, all resident aliens are required to learn to speak English and must prepare to pass a test on the US Constitution and basic US History before being granted citizenship. This is important to national security and to the preservation of our civil liberties. The United States does not need millions of people who do not speak English, do not understand our heritage of protecting civil liberties and are ignorant of the basic traditions of this country. Encouraging people to retain their cultural heritage should be maintained. Changing the culture and legal structure of an entire country to accommodate immigrants is quite another and should not be considered. 

If immigrants were made to pass a test on US Constitution, we would have 30 million allies “using Judo” against the globalists. Can we imagine that if in seven years, we had 30 million constitutionally aware immigrants who have just become voting Americans?  What an incredible force for powerful change we could harness as these people who just passed a test on the US Constitution would not give in to Obama’s planned gun confiscation. This would shift the knowledge paradigm in this country and the ignorant sheep would be in the minority. Wolf Blitzer would be relegated to being a greeter at Walmart.


We are the only country in the world that is creating a special privileged class out of immigrants. And it is not for the benefit of the immigrants. When the children of immigrants do not speak proper English and do not have a basic understanding of how this country is supposed to work, how are they better off? They are not better off and are condemned to a life of being a member of an economic underclass which is just fine with the globalists who have hijacked our government.


Go to any foreign country and see if they will provide public benefits to you as a foreigner. See if they will press 2 to speak your language and see how far you get with an expectation of tolerating criminal behavior while inside their country. The fact that our immigration policy is so insane, is because Obama, like Bush and Clinton before him, are using this issue to divide and conquer this country in order to strip the last vestiges of constitutional protections.


If the establishment really cared about immigrants, they would teach them to speak English. They would demand they all know their rights as an American. However, that is not the goal. The establishment wants millions from third world countries to give up their dignity, work for next to nothing and let themselves be unwittingly used to undermine the Constitution. To all illegal aliens, Obama is a fraud and it definitely not your friend.


At the end of the day, I have more in common with an illegal alien than I do with Michelle Bachmann or John McCain and I like and respect most of them much more than I do the two aforementioned traitors to this country. Personally, I welcome illegal aliens into America, so long as they become Americans who will work hard, know their rights and oppose tyranny. Again, this issue has become just another in the long of divide and conquer strategies employed by the globalists.


And please spare me the “you’re a racist” argument. This whole issue centers around economic and political subjugation by the elite over the people of this country and this includes illegal aliens.

I don’t think Americans have been hit with the stupid tree, i think we have been hit with the whole forest.