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Major Hasan Was a “Jolly” Man

 Major Nidal Hasan, age 39 at the time of his heinous crime, had a well-documented of history of deep-rooted psychological problems. He was not married, had very few friends, his parents are dead, he was estranged from his brothers, he was a self-professed loner and he had experienced psychological problems in his previous psychological training programs. Hasan fits the classic Psyops profile of a mass murderer that we have seen so many times before in such false flag event shooters such as Loughner, McDonald, et al.

We all know that psychiatrist, Nidal Malik Hasan, as the army major who is responsible for slaughtering 13 unarmed people, and wounding another 31 on November 5th, 2009. And now questions are surfacing about the likelihood that Hasan was his own patient who was treating himself psychotropic drugs, likely of the antidepressant variety. Given his psychological profile, it is very likely that he was indeed self-medicating. This possibility raises a whole host of interesting questions which never seems to be asked by the state run media who are owned and controlled by the military and medical industrial complexes.

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have a lot of answers on what we can do to stem this senseless tide of violent behavior which was almost nonexistent only a generation ago. I do, however, have many questions which need to be honestly investigated and answered.  

Why is it that as recently as 30-40 years ago, our children could safely play in the front yards of their American homes and largely be safe from the dangers confronting children today? Why are child abductions, suicides, homicides and other violent enacting behaviors greatly increasing? In a potentially related link, I wonder why is today’s drinking water which has been proven to be laced with Prozac (London Observer | August 8 2004) and why is this not being investigated by the media?  Why are not credible government agencies exploring these obvious links between our psychotropically polluted drinking water and the dramatic increase of serial shootings in recent decades? More importantly, why hasn’t the government launched a massive movement to eradicate this unwarranted threat? This is no accident, this is a part of a Psyops program used to promote false flag events. 

Psychotropics Are Dangerous and Are a Traditional Part of Psyops

Why are many dangerous anti-depressants (e.g., Prozac) and various anti-psychotics still dispensed to patients despite the black box warnings related to violent enacting behavioral side-effects?

Why hasn’t there been a public/government outcry since pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lilly, fully acknowledged a staggering 1200% increase in suicide risk for consumers of the Eli Lilly manufactured Prozac. This stunning revelation came in the wake of findings published in the British Medical Journal  which clearly established the link between violent behavior (i.e., towards self and others) and taking the drug. Why is this dangerous drug still being prescribed while the government sits on its hands?

Jolly Contacts   

Fort Hood has long been the site of mind control/brainwashing experiments which emanate from the infamous MK-ULTRA program in which Louis “Jolly” West was a primary player.

Why wasn’t the link between the late psychiatrist and brainwashing expert, Louis “Jolly” West, and Timothy McVeigh and Sirhan ever been explored? Why hasn’t Dr. West’s Black Ops, mind control work much of it based on drug therapy, ever been explored in relation to the heinous acts of these two notorious figures? Since West was the psychiatrist of record for both McVeigh and Sirhan, why wasn’t West’s ground breaking research on brainwashed American POW’s from the Korean War era ever brought into question in either of these two cases as a possible mitigating factor on why Sirhan cannot remember the details of his actions? Did you know that Dr. West  visited Tim McVeigh 18 times while in prison? Why? Did you know that Dr. West was also the psychiatrist employed by the government to evaluate the “mental condition” of Jack Ruby after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald? Did you know that West played a prominent role in the CIA’s drug induced mind control experiments? Why weren’t the interconnections between these links ever explored?

Why hasn’t Jason Rodriguez’s, the serial killer who murdered two and wounded six on November 6, 2009, mental state and medication history been a topic of discussion in the Lame Street Media? And now it is confirmed that Rodriguez was on psychiatric medications when he went on the infamous shooting spree in an Orlando office building. Fox News reported that the former mother-in-law of Rodriguez stated that “He was under medication …for control of the brain.”    

Dr. West’s Black Ops road involving psychotropic drugs and mind control and the causal link between psychotropic drugs and violent behavior may seem to travel two different roads. However, one has to ask why the possible links between these two seemingly unrelated topics are not being fully examined given the fact that the Columbine, Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood, et al shooters use the same kinds of drugs utilized by the Black Ops MKULTRA mind control crowd. Is it some kind of diversion?


One last set of questions: Where have all the investigative journalists gone? The Main Stream Media, are they Watchdogs or Lapdogs?

Incredibly, Hasan’s horrific mass murder event is being falsely labeled as a work place violence act. No it’s not, it was the act of a mentally ill, brainwashed Islamic extremist.

However, if Obama and the United Nations have their way, the days of labeling an event as an act of Islamic extremism are near an end. In fact, in a few short weeks, I could be jailed for writing these words if Obama and the United Nations have their way. Yes, the Hasan serial killing case is being used as a beta case to criminalize the First Amendment and that is the topic of the next article on this subject.

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  1. Rabbitnexus August 8, 2013 at 7:14 am

    Some damned good questions which shall remain just that and no more for at least a few more decades probably.
    Meanwhile the slaughter continues.

  2. Pine 4 Better Daze August 8, 2013 at 9:42 am

    There is also a link to psychotropic drugs in both of last year’s shooting massacres in
    Aurora, Colorado and Sandy Hook, Connecticut… And the federal government’s obvious
    intent was to use these shooting massacres to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.
    In the case of the Aurora theater shooting massacre, the alleged shooter, James Holmes,
    was, without question, on drugs, very possibly SSRIs, and unless there is a government
    cover-up, it may come out that he was on a DARPA program, if not MK-ULTRA (mind control). He did have an Air Force psychiatrist!
    In the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre, according to Adam Lanza’s uncle, Adam
    Lanza (the alleged shooter) was a psychotic schizophrenic and taking “Fanapt”, an
    antipsychotic drug. Fanapt (iloperidone), one of the SSRIs, has a number of side effects including, delusion, hostility and paranoia. Fanapt was re-introduced in the U.S. on May 6,2009. (( See the website http://www.fanapt.com/ )) It was reported that Lanza was into satanism and played violent video games.
    In one report, on http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1638.htm , it said that the shooter’s
    mother (and victim also), Nancy Champion Lanza, was one of CIA’s top psychological
    analysts assigned to a DARPA project and had CIA-issue weapons at home.
    In another twist to this story, there is a report that Adam Lanza was the victim of a
    pedophile ring that was responsible for taking the weapons, killing his mother and
    making him the patsy in the shooting massacre…
    Two of the reports re Sandy Hook—
    ‘Sandy Hook Tragedy: Corporate Media’s “Lone Gunman” Storyline Losing Ground”
    ‘Sandy Hook – Tragedy, Drugs, Rights and Common Sense’

  3. Jeff Simpson August 8, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    I agree that the (obvious) link between these psychotropic drugs and violence has to be emphasized and is ignored/covered up by the media and gun control lobby.

    But the question I have is whether Hasan is even guilty of the crime he is alleged to have committed. Is there any hard evidence Hasan actually killed all those people?

  4. Don August 8, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    That Sandy Hook “massacre” is a strange event. We really don’t know who, if any, people were actually killed there. There are numerous films taken by the news helicopters that show a whole staging area for the “actors” at the fire house which was not far from the school. The principal of Sandy Hook, her name was Dawn H., was seen and photographed at the Boston bombing, and many of the town folk say they had never seen many of the children that were supposedly shot before their pictures were splashed across the news. All these things can be Googled. The Aurora shooting also is in question, as James Holmes was seen with at least 2 other men at his apartment, and he started acting weird at school about the same time. Why would a graduate student give up everything for a crazy act, unless he had been set up for it. After all, he was found outside the back of the theater in a car in a drugged stupor, seemingly just awaiting the police arrival. I don’t believe he even went into the theater, but was left to take the rap. After all the recent revelations about our sinister government, who’s to say all these things aren’t being set up to further an agenda? Seems very likely to me. The good thing is, that this type of news getting out is waking up a lot of people, and I am finding that the general public is much more aware that things are not as we are being told. Hopefully, this tide can start to go the other way as more truth is laid to bare. If only some of the REAL perpetrators were to get caught and tried, then you’d see the cockroaches running for cover! Maybe this is starting to occur. This thing is getting SO big, that it can’t hide in the dark much longer!

  5. Rainmaker August 8, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Its even more interesting to note who Holmes and Lanzas’ respective fathers were (and when they were scheduled to testify and on what subject). Look those two up and then think again……

  6. Arizona August 8, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    SANDYHOOK was a staged even,no doctors,no nurses,no people screaming I need help with this one,sealed caskets,not even the parents got to look inside,HUMMMM,BOSTON,kids who weren’t guilty of anything,8,000 police searching every house and 150,missing veterans,army rangers,navy seals,green berets,all missing in the middle of the night after the search was over and the IDIOTS were yelling horey to the criminals who had just broken every law in america??? ..and kidnapped their fathers and sons returning from over seas,IDIOTS,this country can’t be saved ..GET READY AMERICA,all these crimes by government proves their getting ready to ATTACK US,boston was nothing but a warmup,they’ll be coming for sure now………

  7. Ms.MaRayGodsfreedom August 9, 2013 at 5:00 am

    p.s 90 % of psychiatric patients who act out against themselves and others do it because it is hard to get them to stay on their meds they go off them and hit a wall- so we can be clear that drugs can be used in either way for good or evil- its the mind control part that we need to expose and we need to educate people so that their thinking is not vulnerable to the shocks that are happening all around us – that’s the way at it – through peace raise consciousness without fear.

  8. Gerry Morinowski August 9, 2013 at 8:07 am

    With NSA spying, all of us here, and everywhere, have come under scrutiny, including myself. This is the reality. They are fixing to collapse the US dollar as a way of expunging the debt and introducing an all digital currency as a reset to the financial system and economy. One YT video shows a man trying to pay his monthly mortgage and the bank refusing to take his cash. The man was arrested and taken into custody.

    Cash is being routinely refused across the country. Why on earth would a coffee chain refuse cash and demand you pay for your 1.75 coffee with a credit card? Because data mining is the way to track your habits, revenue, savings, activities and movement. They will be able to find you any time they want.

    FEMA camps are ready to accept several million people including whole families. The TSA has purchased billions of rounds of lethal ammo. When congresspeople asked, they were told it was for “training purposes”.

    Alphabet agencies like NASA, TSA, FDA who have no business doing so, are training low IQ, paramilitary forces. WHY? What are they anticipating/planning? WW3?

    Bug out? Where to go. NOT the Eastern Seabord of North and South America, currently beind doused with lethal amounts of radiation from Fukishima.

    Go to,


  9. Pine 4 Better Daze August 10, 2013 at 8:48 am

    As a follow-up to my previous posting (re Sandy Hook) see this report—
    ‘MK-ULTRA Links To The Sandy Hook Assault’
    Excerpts from this report:
    “The MK-ULTRA program that reached into campuses across Connecticut quickly created a human garbage heap of wrecked minds and twisted souls. …..”
    …..”Adam Lanza fits the profile of a pedophile-ring recruit….”
    “The coven (of pedophiles) is larger and more powerful than Mrs. Lanza could ever have imagined. Sexual violation is the key to creating intelligence agents and assassins who are impervious to reason and mercy, lacking any original thoughts or
    moral qualms. Plus a supply of children is needed in Congress and the White House
    to entertain the satraps and moguls from Columbian drug lords to Israeli weapons
    dealers and French money launderers, not to mention America’s own homegrown
    pervs.” ….
    ….”Is the CIA satisfied that its mind-control techniques that have created hordes of
    homicidal monsters from Iraq to Libya and now Connecticut?” ….

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