This is a story that is going to boil your blood. This is the story of a corporate entity that is abusing its power and threatening to make homeless a 77 year-old veteran. This story also illustrates the undeniable fact that if and when the establishment makes a move on our guns, it will be the veterans that will defend America.

At the end of the day, in this battle between David and Goliath, the good guys finally won a small battle against the anti-Second Amendment forces in Colorado. Yet, there are establishment minions, seemingly in every walk of life, prepared to help this president strip all of us our constitutional rights when he cannot coerce Congress to do so. 

Backdoor Methods to Disarm America

This present administration is hell bent on getting us to give up the only protection that we enjoy against a tyrannical government, namely, our guns.

If the liberal establishment is not successful in getting us to give up our guns directly, the next strategy is to administratively create gun free zones which dictate where you may possess a gun including in your home. Unfortunately for liberty loving Americans, the Obama forces have allies consisting of millions of mindless sheep who inhabit this country and are willing to create no gun zones, on their own volition, in complete violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Attempted Authors of the New Second Amendment

Attempted Authors of the New Second Amendment

On August 1, 2013, The Oakwood Apartments Castle Rock, Colorado, run by Ross Management Company, sent out a notice to all residents saying they will be enacting a new policy that would ban residents from owning and storing a firearm in their own apartments. The new policy was set to take effect on October 1, 2013.

The owner of Ross Management Company is Debi Ross. Ross and her husband have given $9,000, only to Democrats, since 2006. The connection between Ross’ political allegiances and her company’s infringement on the constitutional rights of their residents should be apparent to all.

Not Everyone Is a Liberal Democrat

Word of the Ross gun ban emotionally impacted 77-year-old retired Marine Corps veteran, Art Dorsch. Dorsch, who lives on a fixed income in which he can barely pay his bills, was told by management that he had three options: (1) Get rid of his guns and keep his apartment; (2) Keep his guns and voluntarily leave; and, (3) Keep his guns and be forcibly evicted by the Douglas County Sheriff. Interestingly, Dorsch’s lease agreement was in effect and the existing contract stated nothing about a gun prohibition. But since when do liberals care about the law? 

Dorsch lives on a fixed income and barely makes ends meet. He was faced with a difficult choice, give up his guns and hunting, the love of his life, or try and find a place to live that he could both afford and would let him keep his guns.

Marines Know How to Improvise

Art Dorsch, Retired Marine

Mr. Dorsch learned a thing or two while in the Marine Corps regarding improvisation and he contacted 9Wants to Know on August 7th and asked for help. 9Wants to Know investigated the unconstitutional actions of Debi Ross’ management company and found substance to Mr. Dorsch’s claims. 9Wants to Know promptly contacted the Denver Housing Authority, and they held an emergency meeting and squashed the actions of Ross’ company and offered a serious rebuke.

The good guys won, right? Yes, in this battle, the good guys won. However, we are still witnessing liberals all across this country trying to impose their liberal will on the rest of us, whether it is the tyranny of an HOA or forcing school children to pray to Obama.

The assault against our liberties has left the halls of Congress and freedom-loving Americans are involved in a street fight in order to preserve what is left of the Constitution. Are we strong or weak? Are we Americans or are we sheep?

Seeking Information from the Violators of the Second Amendment

When 9Wants to Know reporter (Channel 9, Denver), Will Ripley, went to the office of the Ross Management Team, they rudely shut the door in his face.

Subsequently, I thought I would take up where Ripley left off and contact Ross Management and seek to understand the motivation for their unconstitutional actions. 

I called Ross Management Company and identified myself as the host ofthe nationally syndicated Common Sense Show. I explained that I only had one side of the story, from Channel 9, of 9Wants to Know, and that I wanted to hear their side of their attempted gun ban and what had motivated their action. The receptionist promptly hung up on me.   

Subsequently, I called the Oakwood Apartments, where Mr. Dorsch resided, and spoke with a surly young lady who only identified herself as “Betsy.” I asked “Betsy” if I rented an apartment from her, could I bring my gun with me? She became extremely rude and defensive and curtly referred me to a 9Wants to Know (Channel 9, Denver) KUSA website. I asked her why I had to go to a television station’s website in order to determine if I would be eligible to rent an apartment from her and she immediately hung up on me.

Is This Just An Isolated Incident of Abuse of Power?

How many Ross Management Company type of constitutional usurping organizations are actually out there violating the constitutional rights of their tenants?  How many owners of businesses are attempting to rewrite the Constitutional while serving the globalist agenda of disarming Americans in their own way? 

The time is now to send a message to those who would abuse their authority, violate the Constitution and even abuse veteran heroes such as Art Dorsch. We need to take this battle to the street. We must meet force with force. We need to let the Ross Property Management Company’s of America know that we will vigorously oppose these types of heinous actions.

I would respectfully suggest that all people who feel that Ross Management Company is infringing upon citizens Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, contact them and let this organization know how you feel about their efforts towards rewriting the Second Amendment.

The Ross Management Team

 (303) 860-7885

4251 Kipling St, Suite 405

Wheat Ridge, CO  80033

Conversely, Americans should be contacting the Denver Housing Authority and letting them know how much you appreciate their positive stand in defending the Constitutional rights of Colorado apartment dwellers.

Denver Housing Authority
PO Box 40305, Santa Fe Drive Station
Denver, CO 80204


It is also great to see a mainstream media outlet conduct itself with integrity and stand up for the little guy even when the contemporary liberal agenda seeks to confiscate our guns. My deep appreciation goes out the good folks at KUSA in Denver, Colorado, for overturning this injustice.

semper fi

And of course, a big salute goes out to retired marine, Art Dorsch.

Art may be a retired veteran, but he is still proudly serving his country. God bless you Art and may you enjoy many more great hunting seasons.