Part two of this series show in some detail that Obama’s governance is following Cloward and Piven’s plan to collapse the government through the destruction of the economy through free trade agreements. Nothing short of a miracle can save this country from economic destruction.  

America Is Dumber Than a Box of Rocks

Recently, I conducted a survey of a cross-section of Americans in which I asked the following two questions:

(1) Please describe the two key elements of a free trade agreement.

            In my rubric, the correct answer would have included (1) the owners of manufacturing relocate their factories in foreign cheap labor markets; (2) the owners of manufacturing are able to ship their foreign goods back into America duty free (i.e. without tariffs).

(2) Describe one group who wins and one group who loses as a result of free trade agreements.

         In the rubric, the correct answer would have identified the winner as the owners of the means of production who take advantage of the fact that tariffs do not apply to them and they have dramatically lowered their labor costs as a result. Respondents should have identified the loser in a free trade agreement as the person who loses their job because of the growth of cheap, foreign labor.

The Results Demonstrate Abject Ignorance

Out of 200 respondents who answered question one, only 2% (n=4) of those surveyed identified the two elements of a free trade agreement. Most of the respondents (45%) expressed the opinion which essentially stated or implied that free trade agreements are good for America because “”we are free to trade with whoever we want.”

Out of 200 respondents, over half (57%) believes that America is better off for having free trade agreements. About the same number (55%) could not identify one group that loses as a result of a free trade agreement except for those “who don’t want to participate.

It is interesting to note that all participants have incomes of under $150,000. Over half of the participants have income of under $60,000. The data shows that these people are most vulnerable to free trade agreements.

I have concluded that Americans do not even know what has hit them as we continue our slide into third world status. Yes, America you have almost arrived to third world status. If one takes away the top 1% in our country, we are a third world country. When more of us are on welfare (101 million people) than are working (97 million people), we have become a welfare state. A welfare state is representative of absolute poverty. At this rate, our poverty will soon rival the poverty rates of any third world nation.

If I were to make a sports analogy, our team is behind by 20 points in the 4th quarter and the players and their fans think that they are winning.  

FYI On Free Trade Agreements

NAFTA and CAFTA have removed millions of jobs from our country. Eighty six percent of our manufacturing base is gone. From a national defense perspective, this is a prescription for destruction because in a protracted military conflict, factories are typically converted to war production centers in times of war. The implication is clear and that for the first time in our history, we are vulnerable to being militarily occupied.

Ignorance Abounds

In our recent history, being classified as middle class implied someone who was educated, lived in relative comfort and had a good degree of discretionary income. Today, what is left of the American middle class represents a growing trend in functional illiteracy, a woeful level of ignorance about current events, massive debt, little to no savings and a lifestyle that can best be described as one that is hanging on for dear life.

In my recent article when I detailed how damaging our emerging welfare state is destroying the well-being of our country, my article elicited a barrage of attacks from classic underachievers who want the government to become their third parent. No, I am not talking about the temporarily unemployed or the disabled. I am talking about absolutely able-bodied people who are capable of work and who will not work. Here are some examples of their rationale for staying on welfare.

“As a working poor, I would like more hours, can’t find them. As far as working the welfare recipients for their benefits, I’m sure the capable ones would go to work if they could make a reasonable amount of wages. Minimum wage (or lower), is not enough to live on, it has not come close to keeping up with expenses in the last 50 years.”

The above person is capable of working full-time. If his present employer isn’t providing enough hours to make ends meet, then get a second job. If this person is typing a response to an article on the internet defending his use of welfare, he could instead be typing his resume to send out instead. Is there any reason why the above person is not at least getting a job in telemarketing?

According to some welfare recipients, they are performing a patriotic duty by helping to create a brand new economy by being one of those who administer benefits to those who will not work.

“I guess it never occurred to the author that these social programs create jobs. If we stopped “welfare” tomorrow, how many people will find themselves out of work?”

There is a hidden pearl of wisdom in the above response from a presumed user of welfare in that there is even a secondary economy emerging to administer the benefits for those who will not work. Isn’t this akin to a Ponzi scheme? And with all Ponzi schemes, they always come crashing down.

Then of course we get people who are addicted to the system and engage in denial to lessen the psychological sting of having a life that produces nothing and only exists because of the indentured servitude of American taxpayers. 

“Here’s the problem with the whole theory that millions of people are dependent on government. It’s simply not true.”


Cloward and Piven Have Won

The free trade agreements destroyed millions of American jobs and drove tens of millions of Americans to welfare. Many forget the cumulative effect of the free trade agreements. Not only do millions lose their jobs, but the reduction of spending power from the millions who are unemployed impacts the well-being of those in the service industries. The ripple effect from the free trade agreements explains how over half the potential work population in the United States end up on welfare.

Welfare has replaced the jobs lost to the free trade agreements. If 101 million Americans simply lost their jobs as a result of NAFTA and CAFTA, there would have been a revolution. Instead, the globalists have instituted a system of learned helplessness, in which people are conditioned to believe that their actions don’t make a difference because government will always take of them.

Bad News On the Horizon

The cold hard fact is that over half the country is unemployed and underemployed and it is about to get a whole lot worse. Obamacare is going to turn America into a nation of part-time workers.  Further, there are many more free trade agreements on the horizon.

The Free Trade Area of the Americas is being implemented as we speak. This agreement creates a free trade agreement from the tip of South America to the North Pole. It also erases all borders with regard to immigration

HR 1777 is a bill making its way through Congress which provides for American taxpayer dollars to be used to build the necessary infrastructure to construct factories in Africa’s 54 countries. I have dubbed HR 1777 the ‘African Free Trade Agreement.” More jobs lost to another free trade agreements.

There is one more monolithic free trade agreement which is being brought online through administrative fiat and it called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its impact will be bigger than NAFTA.

The amount of free trade agreements is inversely correlated to the number of remaining American jobs. In a few short years, there will be no American economy as we know it and very few people are standing up and protesting.  Why?

Welfare: The New American Way of Life

The Cloward and Piven disciple, President Obama, is following the plan to collapse America to the letter as seven out of every eight jobs that have emerged since his inauguration, have been part-time jobs.

The Cato Institute states that a New York welfare recipient earns more money than a first year teacher. Why work? Who cares if this president, who was bred and groomed by known communists such as Bill Ayers, is dismantling this country piece by piece.

At one time, I believed that if we in the truthful media could raise enough awareness, we could stem the tide. I know longer believe that to be the case. There is no way to rally the nation I would now call the United States of Idiocracy. The coming conflict will need new leaders and that is what the alternative media is creating.

One person wrote a comment to part two which I fear is prophetic in which he said:

“First we tried the “soap box” and we found out that didn’t work.
Second, we tried the “ballot box” well that didn’t work either.
Third, the only box left is the
“ammo box”.

Before you civil war advocates jump up and down and say “it’s about time,” I would invite you to read Sherman’s March to the Sea. There are very few winners in a civil war and most all of you reading these words have grown too soft to endure the hardships which accompany a civil war.

The fundamental question remains, how do we convince the tens of millions of able bodied people on welfare to not accept their fate and stand up for their rights when a new study by the Cato Institute, demonstrates that13 states pay welfare benefits pays of more than $15 per hour and 35 states pay welfare benefits which exceed minimum wage? The short answer is that we will not hear from them until their welfare benefits are cut off. Then all hell will break loose.