I am not naive. I know turning this country back to what it used to be is naive. However, at this point in history, the people with real conviction and guts in this country need to make some bold decisions.

Didn’t you get the memo? The globalists brag in their writings that they want to reduce the global population by 95%. Real men do not succumb to tyranny without a fight. Most of us are not going to survive what is coming anyway, so wouldn’t you rather put up a fight and die with dignity or would you rather be marched off to a FEMA camp without offering so much as a whimper? We have a choice America. And even if this government is able to defeat the Syrians, the Iranians, the Indians, the Chinese and the Russians, do you really want to be a part of such a horrific regime which will rival the death and destruction of any despotic regime in the history of the planet? For myself, I am choosing morality over despotism, right over wrong and Christianity over Satanism. I cannot be killed, only my address will change.

It is time for the American people to “man up.” The day has come where the people who truly understand what it means to be an American need to stand up to this tyrannical and out of control establishment whose lunatic leaders are preparing to lead us into WWIII.

In the next part of this series, I am going to illustrate how quickly things can unravel in our society which will be beset by war. Once we attack Syria, life in America could be impacted as quickly as 24-48 hours as this will not be a benign event for America like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan were. But for now, it is time to identify our enemy, resist and make plans to survive.

A Nation of Sheep, Ruled by Wolves and Owned by Bankster Pigs

The world is ready to be plunged into a struggle like none other the people of this planet has ever seen. Millions, if not billions, will die unnecessary deaths and modern civilization will be brought to its knees as a result of the lunatics who run this planet. And why will this happen? Our people and our way of life will perish in order to satisfy the greed and lust for power by a few morally deprived persons on Wall Street.

The bankers who have hijacked this government are nothing but a pack of warmongering murderers. These morally deprived creatures have murdered millions of innocent people in Iraq simply because Saddam Hussein was selling oil for Euros instead of the almighty dollar. These same criminals murdered hundreds of thousands in Libya. These psychopaths armed al-Qaeda which led to the unwarranted murder of a legitimate head of state in Libya. This is the same al-Qaeda that these psychopaths funded to carry out the attacks of 9/11. This is the same al-Qaeda who our CIA let get control of 20,000 stinger missiles following the fall of Libya. Care to guess whose planes they will be shooting down in the upcoming staged terror attacks which will serve as a prelude to martial law? If a person thinks the upcoming attack on Syria, will stop with Syria, then that person is hopeless deluded.

Could We Find Ten Good Men In Government?

These psychopathic bankers appoint other psychopaths to do their bidding. Obama is one of the psychopathic warmongers. If this is not true, then ask yourself if you personally could order the deaths of millions of innocent people simply to further the bottom line of Wall Street.The leadership of this nation are also nothing but a bunch of warmongering and hate-filled murderers.

Obama, on behalf of the bankers have no right to invade Syria or Iran. Syria, like Iraq, has done nothing to America. Syria poses no threat to America. The CIA and al-Qaeda perpetrated the chemical weapons false flag attack which killed an estimated 1,000 people, not Assad. And so what if Assad did use chemical weapons on his people? He didn’t, but so what if he did? What business is it of ours? Americans are being poisoned every day in this country by the establishment and no nation is coming to our aid.

While Obama pretends to worry about Syrian children who have been gassed, what about the starving children in Libya? How about the children of Iraq who are dying in record numbers from breathing depleted uranium? What about the children of Afghanistan who are killed by the Drone Ranger, Obama? What about the starving America children, Mr. President, who are destitute because of your failed economic policies?  Who is going to rescue the children of the world from Obama and those that he serves?

Who Is Coming to Our Rescue?

We live in country where the air is not fit to breathe, the food is not fit to eat and our water is poisoned. Indeed these globalists bankers have poisoned our food with cancer causing and unlabeled GMO’s. They have put IQ lowering and cancer causing fluoride into our water. We breathe aluminum and barium falling to earth from the chemtrails as our cancer and Alzheimer rates are exploding.  We have hundreds of thousands of Americans die each year at the hand of their doctor’s malpractice or the pharmaceutical companies.America has the 51st longest lifespan on the planet because of this deliberate assault upon the American people.  Who is going to save us? Mexico, Bolivia, Germany or Somalia? Who will cry for and save America from these tyrants? Then why are our psychopathic leaders claiming the moral high ground and preparing to murder millions and for what, the Petrodollar?

We now reside in a conquered country in which its citizens are under attack every day and we are left with no ability to redress our grievances due to our compromised elections courtesy of the electronic voting machines.  Congress is irrelevant and Obama will begin WWIII without Congressional approval as required by the Constitution.  What Constitution?

I Am Calling for America to Finally Man Up

I am calling for the military leaders of this country to stand down and not execute this illegal war. Waging war on Syria is indeed illegal. Obama’s orders delivered through the UN and NATO are illegal and unconstitutional.  Be an Oathkeeper and stand down.

America needs a two pronged attack against the globalists. First we need to directly oppose their tyrannical policies with firm and uncompromising civil disobedience. Secondly, we need to prepare for the worst. We could be in a full scale global conflict by September. Therefore, we would be fools if we did not prepare. The following represents the combination of defiance and preparation.

Defy but Prepare

I am calling for people to support the cessation efforts in your state as I know most of you certainly do not want to be a passive supporter of a genocidal regime. Most states have cessation movements,  seek them out and bring this process to fruition. We can re-enter the Union once the bankers and their unwarranted influence have been purged from our government.

I am calling for the people to withdraw their money from the system. Stop supporting the system that is a direct threat to humanity.

I am calling on every person to stock up on ammunition and guns. Store food and water and my suggestion is hide some of your resources in the event of looters might take at least a portion of what you have.

I am calling for all American families to develop a daily meet up plan in the event martial law is declared. Devise meeting places on a daily basis. Invest in walkie-talkies  and keep fresh batteries at hand. In a time of emergency, your cell phones will likely be shut down. Barring an EMP event, your walkie-talkies should still work.

Note the adjacent photo of a recent bus evacuation drill at an elementary school. These drills are mandated by DHS. I am calling for you to not let your children get on evacuation buses from their school. The schools may mean well but they are presently doing evacuation drills and will take your children to points unknown. I suspect they will be taken to detention centers such as stadiums or malls if these evacuations are ever executed for real. Coach your children on how to evade and meet up with you at a prearranged meeting place. If your children board a bus, you do not know where it is going. When FEMA and DHS conducted their disaster drill in Denver, the children were taken to Invesco Field and parents were not told where their children were for hours and it took even more time to get their children back. What was FEMA practicing for? 

I am calling for all Americans to keep two to three days of supplies (i.e. food and water)in your car as you may get caught away from your home when the excrement hits the fan. You have to make your own determination about keeping a gun in this situation.  Do not let your gas tank go below a half a tank in the next several months for when I lay out the likely domino effect from attacking Syria, you will quickly see how fast things can unravel.

I am calling for you to store up medicines, medical supplies and toilet paper.

I am calling for all Americans to make a pact with your friends in your area. If your friends are closest to the school, or you are, rescue each other’s children from the clutches of “government protection.” We must work together.

I am calling for all Americans to make their house look like it has been ransacked during times of trouble. Throw out some dresser drawers with old clothes on the front lawn. Vandalize something in front of your house in an effort to make gangs pass by your house.  As time grows near, you will want to try and get out the city and stay with friends and family.


The aforementioned list of suggestions is by no means an exhaustive list. However, these suggestions are a start. I would recommend having these items be completed by the end of this coming Labor Day weekend because the attack on Syria is imminent. I do not think things will unravel quite this quickly on a global scale, however, Russia and China may become proactive and then all bets are off.

There are terrific prepper sites that you should visit which will help you prepare to survive. Do not procrastinate. If the Syrian war goes global most of us will not survive. However, if you do not prepare, you are guaranteeing that you and your family will absolutely not make it through what is coming.

In the next article, I will lay out the likely scenario of events. Can anyone say
“World War I is the model?”