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Why Americans Are Submitting to the NWO

Dave Hodges

The Common Sense Show

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to … remain silent.

Thomas Jefferson

Many of us in the alternative media express constant disappointment that so many of our fellow citizens do not fight back against the forces of the NWO. This article will explore the recent journeys of two individuals, Blaine Cooper and myself, in an effort to accurately explain why so many of fellow citizens grovel like a flock of sheep in the face of governmental tyranny being carried out on behalf of the NWO.

I Like Contrarians

On my talk show and in my articles, I like to periodically give attention to individuals and groups who are making a difference in the fight against our out of control tyrannical government. Blaine Cooper is one of these people. The Tom Petty classic song, “I Won’t Back Down,” accurately applies to Blaine Cooper.

Blaine Cooper is awake and he is disgusted with the corrupt leadership of this country.  By all accounts, he is a good man and he will not be silenced in the face of abject tyranny running rampant over the citizens of this country. Cooper knows that our government has been hijacked by criminal elements and he is not shy about making his feelings known to the powers that be.

Unfortunately, Mr. Cooper has learned that freedom is not free and he has begun to pay a price for being outspoken about the criminals that are running this country into the ground, for their own personal benefit.

Facebook, the Direct Pipeline to the American Stasi

Blaine Cooper was accused by the federal government of promoting dangerous ideas because he speaks his mind. Recently Cooper published the following Facebook post:

It is obvious that Mr. Cooper is speaking about the potential day when Federal agents and local police are ordered to carry out unlawful orders against American citizens such as gun confiscations and NDAA type of illegal detentions.

In this specific Facebook post, Cooper wonders out loud if and when that day comes, will the police and the Federal agents stand with the people, or will the people have to fight against the forces of law enforcement in order to survive? This is a legitimate question.  For the record Mr. FBI agents, I wonder the same exact thing every time I watch your agents carry out another act of tyranny against innocent American citizens.

Every Move You Make, Every Breath You Take, the FBI Is Watching You

Although Cooper stated quite clearly that he hopes that an armed confrontation will NOT occur with law enforcement officials, the Federal government does not recognize Mr. Cooper’s First Amendment freedom of speech rights to voice objections to the corruption he is seeing on a daily basis. In his Facebook post, Cooper is not making a direct threat against any identifiable person or organization. But don’t confuse the FBI  with the facts as they moved, within mere hours of the post appearing on Facebook, to immediately silence Cooper.  It is obvious that the FBI views an American citizen who opposes the unfolding of the emerging police state as a terrorist. The FBI cannot have Americans stating that will they defend their civil liberties against enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Subsequently, the FBI paid Mr. Cooper a visit. According to Police State USA, Cooper was contacted at home by the Prescott Valley (AZ) Police and was told that he must come to the police station to speak with the FBI unless he wanted the FBI to come ransack his house for failing to submit to the Federal agents. 

When Cooper showed up for the “interview,” the FBI had a copy of every Facebook post that he had ever made including personal information about his wife and parents. You see, in the mafia, they just don’t take you out, they will go after your family as well. Unable to find any evidence of terrorist activity, the FBI had to let Cooper go.

A Caveat About Talking to Any Federal Agent

Under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001, did you know that it is a crime to tell a lie to the federal government? Even if your lie is verbal and not offered under oath? Even if you have received no warnings of any kind, if the Feds say you lied, you did and you go to jail! Even if you are not trying to cheat the government out of money, it is a crime to lie! Even if the government is not actually fooled by your falsehood, you will go to jail! You can go to prison if you misspeak about anything that the Feds determine is not true. If you give the wrong year that you got your last parking ticket, you can go to prison. You can do five years if you misspeak and give inaccurate information about what you had for breakfast on the first Saturday of the previous month. This is how the government mafia works and NOBODY should ever speak with them without a lawyer present and without the entire event being filmed. 

Martha Stewart did not go to prison for what she did wrong. She went to prison because Federal agents said that she lied when they interviewed her. I have repeatedly stated this fact in my articles and columns, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, talk to the Feds by yourself. It is your word against theirs and they lie. 

Blaine Cooper was lucky. If you are ever in the same situation as Blaine Cooper and Martha Stewart, and the Feds are threatening to trash your house for failing to cooperate, take a lawyer with you. And until you can get an attorney to be present at all questioning, invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer ANY and ALL questions. If the Feds do not cooperate with your right to avoid self-incrimination, or your right to protect yourself from their lies, call the media and invite family and friends to videotape.

If Thomas Jefferson Was On Facebook He’d Be Declared An Enemy Combatant

Thomas Jefferson had as much to do with creating our Constitutional Republic as anyone, yet he despised and mistrusted government. He frequently stated that our countrymen had more to fear from the bankers and the government than the standing armies of a foreign government. Can you imagine what would have happened if Jefferson was ever on Facebook and he posted one of his most famous quotes?

Periodic revolution, “at least once every 20 years,” was “a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

Thomas Jefferson

It is quite clear that Feds would have subjected Jefferson to intense scrutiny and interrogation and certainly, Federal officials would be looking for the slightest deception, or misspeak, in order to put one of the greatest patriots in American history in prison.

Blaine Cooper Won’t Back


The Federal government be damned, Cooper is not about to be deterred by Federal agents. To Cooper’s credit, he is not done confronting the criminal Federal government. Recently, Cooper confronted Senator John McCain at a public meeting for supporting the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels in their illegitimate fight against Assad. Cooper, as I have previously stated, also called the chemical weapons attack upon the citizens of Damascus, a false flag event. Cooper told McCain that he should be arrested and charged with treason for his actions. McCain appeared as if he wanted to crawl into a hole as his discomfort with Cooper’s confrontation was quite evident. Here is Cooper’s confrontation with Senator McCain.

The Federal Government Is Not Done Harassing Cooper

I can speak from personal experience that the Federal government is not done with Blaine Cooper. He can expect to have his taxes audited. He can expect to hear clicks on his phone during conversations. He can expect emails to disappear. And if he becomes a real pain in the backside, he will face increasing acts of intimidation and violence as I did.

For an eight year period, I led a fight against the John McCain led globalists as they attempted to steal the homes and properties of 300 of my rural neighbors without being offered one dime of compensation in order to acquire free land in which to put a Canamex Corridor Highway through our area which also happens to sit on the state of Arizona’s largest underground water aquifer. During my much publicized fight against the McCain led forces, I experienced extreme (coincidental) harassment:

  • My emails between our opposition leadership continually disappeared
  • I received death threats which warned me to back off
  • Late one night while driving to my country home on a lonely road, a car attempted to run me off the road and then pursued me for 10 minutes. The entire event was recorded because I was on the phone with 911. I was able to get the license plate number and a description of the driver. The event only ended because I was able to elicit help from a group of people. The County Sheriff would not respond to my call. Two hours later, I received a cell phone call from a deputy asking what I had done to provoke the incident. The deputy said he was able to trace the identity of the driver but was refusing to do anything. The following business day, I attempted to obtain the 911 calls and was going to ask the county DA for help. However, the 911 tapes magically disappeared.
  • Near the end of July of 2009, while interviewing Jim Marrs on my talk show from a home studio in Phoenix, two individuals fired 8 shots over the house I was in. Further, several members of my family were also present.  My news director had to help me finish the show as we all scrambled for cover. There were at least a dozen calls that went to 911 from inside the house and we later learned that there were a dozen “shots fired calsl” from the neighbors. The house sits three minutes from police headquarters and they took 30 minutes to respond. The police, in their final report concluded that the event in question was actually fireworks being set off a few blocks away. Really? There were two eyewitnesses who saw the shooters.

Of course our well-publicized fight against the attempted theft of our properties and these acts of violence and intimidation are merely coincidences and figments of my imagination. The moral of the story is that the Federal government is not done with Blaine Cooper. And inside of these two stories, it is plain to see why more people do not get involved, even when they can clearly see how wrong things have become.

The Sheep Continue to Acquiesce

Blaine Cooper would probably tell you that he is no hero and does not consider himself to be extraordinarily brave. He is just pissed off as sees this country going down the toilet. I feel the same way. Before my battle with the globalists in an effort to save my home, I had a life that was working very well. As a result of my fight against tyrannical government, the quality of my life has indeed suffered. People that used to call me friend, now think I have lost my mind. Cooper is about to discover the same exact thing. If you pick up your cross and fight against this abject and unrelenting evil, you will face harassment and you could even lose your life as did Breitbart, Swartz and Hastings. However, what most pretend activists don’t realize, is that the wages of apathy will culminate in a destroyed life and eventually a premature death. Do you want to die on your or in a bent over kneeling position on the ground?

What you don’t know can and will hurt you. And what you don’t do can kill you.

Under the NWO, there is no such thing as going along to get along.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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  3. Arizona September 12, 2013 at 6:43 am

    RANDY WEAVER,found out about the criminals in the FBI ,the hard way,he discovered they are all children killers and they like killing children,THE american people kiss their ass because their mostly cowards,the FBI has killed more children in america then any other group,and the people haven’t figured it out,they kidnap children for the military experiments in underground labs,they are developing,hybred animals from children,and even if it were on VOMIT VISION,no one would notice,or care THATS just the tip of the iceburg with these rotten pond scum,BUT the days coming when they WILL be standing in front of the mightyest power in the universe,OUR DEAR GOD,and there ain’t a one of them thats smart enough to understand what he’s GOING TO DO TO THEM,heres a hint to the braindead fools in government,hard labor for “1,000” years,and then into the lake of fire for desposal,,,,good riddance……………

  4. Travis Devereux September 12, 2013 at 6:57 am

    Blaine Cooper that was very brave of you. I thank God and Jesus Christ that we still have such strong leaders in our ex-military. To many of the men and women taking part in these unlawful and unconstitutional acts are ex military themselves and are part of a vicious cycle of anger towards their fellow man. May the Lord God bless you , cover you with the protection of the Lamb, and let the holy ghost rein over you, your household, your life, and your family. This is the truest protection, failing that of personal defense

  5. Arizona September 12, 2013 at 7:01 am

    I hear people talking in the bars all the time about these rotten garbage in government,MOST are gearing up for the fight they see coming,I tell them ,don’t worry about it,their to stupid to understand ,THE RUSSIANS,and CHINESE hate them,and when they get a hold of them, they’ll wished they were NEVER BORN,most of americas leaders THINK you can make deals with the chinese,hahaha,their going to discover even the russians screwed up thinking that,MY cousin told me,the russians have located EVERY government agent and their family,AND PLAN TO ROUND UP THEM ALL,and the people who these morons have shit on for 50 years won’t lift a finger to help them,SO you see, right now they think their smart,BUT SOON thats going to change,OUR DEAR LORD is going to direct the russians and chinese right to where their hiding,and NOT a one of them will escape………pay backs are a bitch………….

  6. Jeremy September 12, 2013 at 7:13 am

    Remember one thing: You still have the right to remain silent. If any cop asks you anything, especially the feds; Simply quote the 5th Amendment, and say nothing more. If they detain you, then demand assistance of counsel as set forth in the 6th Amendment. They have no legal authority to force you to speak.

  7. Arizona September 12, 2013 at 7:25 am

    LAST OF ALL,our dear LORD said,your government is ROTTEN TO THE CORE,from top to bottom,inside and out,HE said,I sent oboozo to be part of americas punishment,I’AM going to POUR out a bucket of BLOOD on america,you’ve watched as my children were killed by your government around the world,NOW you will see the blood you LOVE TO SEE running down every street in america and your going to see the blood of your own children running down the gutters,THOSE WHO KNOW ME,will draw close,and call on my name every day,those who don’t ,I will say ,go away I never knew you….IN the coming destruction of mystery babylon the great,…IF your captured,DON’T TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST,your soul will be lost forever………

  8. Arizona September 12, 2013 at 7:46 am

    YOU won’t like this, but you do need to hear it,AMERICA is ending,oboozo and his friends are going to BOMB america BACK INTO THE STONEAGE,when their done,few will be left and america will be gone forever,never to rise again,THIS country was warned by the MOST HIGH, NOT to harm his little ones ,and america ignored it,YOUR BIBLE told you what would happen if you did,no one cared,NOW you’ve lost it all…SAY A PRAYER to the LORD before every BATTLE,as george washington did,and YOU might be one of the survivors…………………

  9. Don Was September 12, 2013 at 8:29 am

    There is absolutely 0 chance that the United States Government can be benevolently reformed. The horrors visited upon Dave Hodges and (soon to be) Blaine Cooper by Local and Federal Agencies is indicative of this fact. The USG will have to be dismantled utterly and entirely, for the The Rot has merged itself with the body of The Nation and cannot be removed any other way… Again, without a Unified Effort by Multiple “Hodges and Coopers”, True activists will be worn down and picked off eventually ala Hastings and Manning, one by one. The vast majority of Americans CANNOT be counted on for anything other than Token or Piecemeal efforts and support AT BEST, which results in Impracticality, Impotence, and Minor/Temporary “victories” against the Military/Industrial complex, which are no victories at all. The United States Empire is a carbon copy of Rome in it’s final days……

  10. Ovidiu Valentin September 12, 2013 at 8:49 am

    That is a good question. What’s holding us back? Why we can not free ourselves? Why for millennia, humanity is exploited by a handful of people? I will try to give some answers:

    1. Stupidity is the first on the list of sins of freedom and should be considered the main sin in society and in history. It’s a shame that stupidity is not painful. It can not be just ignorance in a society increasingly stupid. I’m referring to all those who follow their way thru life considering everything they are been told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable (docility is considered a virtue by this rotten system). People must learn to see through the ‘tricks’ and they can not afford to be touched by silly and manipulation.
    “The best argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with an ordinary voter” – Winston Churchill.

    2. Vanity. The system is flattering you to work beyond measure and consume happiness and normalcy, possibly translated as “belonging to the group”. This mistake is on par with the way stupidity keeps the money in circulation these days. It is in the nature of any man to have a certain sense of superiority whether it is justified or not.

    3. Assimilation. Is the mistake to conform to opinions and dogmas which initially you did not accept. Acceptance of this compromise, means your assimilation into the inert mass of flesh, transforming you and change you into something you hate and despise. Paradoxically, peoples unconsciously want to be assimilated and accepted exactly by those people whom they hate and despise.
    Assimilation system starts in childhood, in kindergartens and nurseries and overnight becomes compulsory in schools (thru indoctrination), religion (dull) – basically imposing a false value scale. A synthetic childhood will automatically attract a synthetic life. Also mentally you will be disarmed, you’ll be dazzled – your system will erase any trace of common sense that you would be able to save you (that’s why I love the name of this website).

    4. Self-deception is another major sin. World “ideal” sounds like: well-paid jobs and the illusion that we live better, higher paycheck, better job = happiness. We have become slaves to illusions. Worst still, when we see them we pretend not to not observe. Beautiful life we lead: we work like porters to pay taxes created by some degenerates, and in the process we make two or three kids just for diversification, and at the old age we wait to die thinking that what a great shit we’ve realized. We were trapped by the myth of success in the form of a career and a successful life. The dependence on the system through bank rates is the thread that keeps us in the leash.

    5. Conformity – from a social perspective. The common abnormal man will always judge new ideas from the perspective of the person who issued them and not with logic or ethics. People imitate and compare between them, people are under the impression that they think. It is easily to realize how their choices and decisions are born actually, or how can be influenced. Very few persons really think. Fools follow the herd, letting an impersonal entity (state, corporate, school, political correctness) to dictate. The key is to be his own man and to not permit to be enslaved to “inventions” that actually most are carefully implanted by an elite.
    “Skepticism is the first step toward truth” – Denis Diderot.

    6. Lack of perspective can bring much suffering to anyone. Learn to differentiate true desires from society influences (trends). You should never lose sight of who you are, and what you’ve become. We make history now, every day. Always keep in mind a broader historical and social picture, report both to you and to the group and society. Live in the present, but keep an eye on the future.

    7. Religion versus Spirituality. Be aware that religion is just a way of brainwashing the world, and is the first step towards globalization – the imposition of a religion (dogma) by force (just like Obama push far an absurd war). Once the dogma will be pushed onto peoples to think the same, they will act the same. They will obey to the same master and set of rules that peak-owners will never meet. That is the NWO try to do. Currently all the peoples are in the position of eternal sacrifice for a better tomorrow.
    8. Imposed Ego – we should start to stop the imitation which takes place every day in our lives, we must get rid of the influences and conditionings imposed by society so that we can think again free! Ego is not reason, is warped reason. Ego is a censor of the mind and decisions.
    Ego is the most common element for individuals in a given society. Ego is a conditioning, an algorithm implanted in the mind in order to train the brain in a crooked manner accordingly to the desire of some (kings, communists, democrats, republicans, capitalists, priests, corporatists, etc).
    “All parties without exception are forms of absolutism when seeking power ‘- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

    9. Lack of aesthetics. Aesthetics is personal, subjective, reflecting its own character, but there are universally valid ways of pleasure and beauty that can not be denied. Today we are inundated by kitsch, tacky, the bombastic and shocking for the sake of the propagation of shock & awe… propagating ugliness means a reversal of the scale of values and favorites all sorts of manipulations.

    10. Death. Governments spend billions of dollars on wars, on roads, bridges and infrastructures, but not a cent for personal-development programs or on real life-extending technology. We were trained by this system and by religion to believe that man is a complex being and it is normal to die premature. The main cause of corruption is aging, many acts in the virtue of ‘I only have one life, fuck the rest’.

    The knowledge is the key. Self education is the key. Information is the key. Learning how to think is the key. Knowing history is the key.

    “How is it that we know so little, though we have so much information available?” – Noam Chomsky.

    This website. A “common sense” website, tries to do just that.

  11. No NWO September 12, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Come on people when is enough,enough!!! We’ve been letting this go on for WAY to long. Like this Patriot Mr Cooper,we need to stand up to these cowards. The new generation of cops are a bunch of self serving cowards that don’t give a damn about the people there supposed to serve. We affectionately call them the De-Generation!!! We have to take Mr Cooper’s example and stand up to these parasites . We need to back this man up in anyway possible! May God bless you all and keep your powder DRY!!!

  12. Frank September 12, 2013 at 9:31 am

    I think one of the biggest reasons is dependence. We depend on too much of their “services”, such as food with it’s “just in time delivery” to the stores, water treatment and municipal pumping, power grid owned by the TBTF banks needed to run all their gadgets they don’t really “need”, jobs that pay just enough to maintain all of that and a mortgage that is always only 1 month away from default, and homes that aren’t defensible against a platoon of Swatzi’s with armor and automatic weapons. We have allowed ourselves to be corralled into this, because it is “normal”… and how many people want to be ostracized as the kooky nutjob living in a secret cave in the hills, thinking we are all idiots for partaking of this easy life of secret slavery? Not many have the fortitude or means… but when you live the “normal life”, you are always at the mercy of government. Once people separate themselves from that, or accept it will be taken away, then they will not stand for these abuses. Until then, it’s doubtful… people will bow to protect their sense of normalcy. It is going to take a serious shock to make them understand… but, I think we may be on the brink of that shock. Unfortunantly, many will turn on each other before they realize who did this to them and destroy them.

  13. Leslie September 12, 2013 at 9:40 am

    BUUUTTTT… what about free speech OBAMINITES????? Everyday people use this country’s power of free speech to damage the youth with songs of drug use, sexuality and GOD knows. Everyday there is mass disillusionment via the power of TV speech. WHAT?!

  14. BSN renegade September 12, 2013 at 9:43 am

    Dave, you are a good writer.
    You have great insights.
    I don’t know how you manage to consistently come up with 5 clever articles per week like you do.
    They are fun to read as our nation dies.

    Articles like this present a chronic problem we face here in Amerika.

    A few days ago I saw a video on your site that said it all.
    A woman was handcuffed and arrested by a dozen cops for no crime that they could cite.
    The real kicker was that a dozen people stood around and filmed it.
    NOBODY had the courage to intervene.
    If they had, the whole outcome would have been different.
    If everybody in that crowd had said, “Well, then you need to arrest me too!” that also would have changed the outcome.
    But no one did.

    Some stick-armed kid ran around and filmed it for 20 minutes.
    A dozen others filmed it too.
    But unless these “men” grow a pair this scenario will keep repeating itself all over Amerika.

    Alone, we will each go to Guantanamo one by one.
    Imagine if this had happened in 1776?
    Would our ancestors just stand around while a woman was brutalized by the red coats?

    THIS is how it will end for all of us.
    Sure, your end might be a little different – with your wife and children being dragged away to separate detention facilities crying while you get beaten but make no mistake about it – you neighbors will not help you, Dave.
    They will just film the event and upload it to Youtube where we will all watch in horror and click our tongues.
    Possibly other bloggers will write about it and expound on how unfair it is.
    But will they actually DO anything substantial besides clicking their tongues?

    Ben Franklin said that we had all better hang together otherwise we will surely all hang separately.
    Quickly, we had better find some kind of unity and loyalty to each other.
    Judging by stick-arm’s reaction we can’t count on anyone under 30 for any help.
    I’d bet that if he was alone he would have stopped filming, pissed his pants and went home.
    Notice how no one too the offensive and invoked their constitutional rights.
    Notice that no one even asked for the arresting officer’s names.
    Notice that no one asked for the victim’s name in case she “disappeared”.

    It is by the inaction of the “crowd” that this tyrannical government is emboldened.
    They watch these viral Youtube videos too.
    They now know that they can push the limits of totalitarian control even further.
    And all that will happen is little stick-armed punks will film it in horror, clicking their tongues.
    And bloggers will write about it in horror, clicking their tongues.
    The government can handle that kind of response.
    In fact, it is exactly what they want.

    You can bet that little stick-arms will not be so bold as to step out of line after witnessing that arrest – especially because of the crowd’s lack of courage to help.
    He now knows that he can expect the same from any future crowd in any similar situation.
    No need to waste time putting stick-arms in a FEMA camp.

    Too bad the crowd was not packing heat concealed carry style.
    The outcome might have been different.
    Guns can sometimes make up for a lack of courage.

    Amerika needs its own Spartacus moment.
    These Spartacus moments happen every day in hundreds of places.
    The Boston Massacre was one.
    This was also an opportunity for one.
    They will keep surfacing and going unused until the complete enslavement arrives unless a group of citizens grows some pubic hair.


  15. facethefacts September 12, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Do they really think Satan can win?Satan already knows he lost to the Lamb of God.He just wants lots of company in that lake of fire.They are such fools.This life is short,we all die sometime.It is eternity they better start thinking about.They are deaf,dumb,and blind to the truth.I feel sorry for them. facethefacts

  16. Mike September 12, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Until the Citizens of America stop paying Federal Taxes in Mass, nothing is going to change on the federal level. Its a dangerous thing to preach this type of rebellion but it is the only thing that will work. Shut of the Pipeline of cash and watch em freak out.

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  18. Bill September 12, 2013 at 10:03 am

    you are guilty of Treason McCain, you and the majority of the senate and the congress, all of are seditionaries and in allegiance with enemies of my country, its sad that we have come to this point, but i guess i could say its our fault for allowing you slobs whores to continue with dirty campaign money from all dubious sources year after year.

  19. Don September 12, 2013 at 10:31 am

    I saw that clip of Blaine Cooper a couple of days ago, and I was proud of him as an American to stand up right in the face of one of these people that are aiding the cause of the demise of our country, and telling him exactly what and who he is! The one person in the crowd that stood out though, is the guy in the center of the shot with the yellow shirt and grey beard. By the look on his face, he was embarrassed by Blaine’s comments, even covered his face, and he was obviously a charter member of Sheeple Inc. It’s guys like that, that I would love to twist their ears off! They disgust me. He probably is very comfortable in his lifestyle, and he calls others, like us, conspiracy theorists. He was sitting there, proud of being a go-along person, but shocked that anyone would “rock the boat”. These are the first people that will be whining to the heavens when they are marched off to some camp after the powers that be take everything they own. Many will die of a heart attack from the shock of it all.
    It’s a less than desirable life, when I am thought of as someone with less than a full deck, or my elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, just because I take the time to investigate things as fully as possible, and am not afraid to speak my mind against tyranny. I try to post articles and videos showing the truth and lies on my facebook page, but I rarely even receive a comment or even a “like” from anyone. Even when posting using as many facts as possible to back up what I say, and writing legibly in a purposeful way to avoid coming off as a maniac or nut-ball, I still get less than any reaction. It’s enough to make me want to just give up and let them all get what they deserve for no opening their eyes. I can only surmise that they JUST DON’T CARE! You know…Give me my paycheck, a few beers, and my TV and I’m good! But, then again, I have children, and I want them to have a future devoid of the evil that we are facing. I also fear for those that will be helpless as this thing unfolds; like small children and the elderly. I can only imagine the suffering within those two groups when the final squeeze goes into place.

  20. Beano September 12, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Isn’t that funny you cannot lie to the gubmint but they can lie to you with impunity on just about everything else. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? The gubmint CANNOT LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? IT IS THE LAW???

    And ask yourself this, are they upholding the Constitution as required by OATH AND THE LAW??? That’s all Blaine Cooper had to ask them and turn the tables around. Are they threatening the republic by not upholding the Constitution and Blaine was just reminding them and also practicing FREE SPEECH as an exercise of his rights? .

    It is obvious the gubmint was intimidating him as a warning to those who threatens their power. Never mind you gave it to them and are responsible to see to it that they uphold it AS REQUIRED BY THE CONSTITUTION which THEY, yes THEY swore to uphold – NOT! And get this – you are even paying their salaries.

    Blaine, as an employer has EVERY right to see that he gets his moneys worth. And besides we aren’t even SUPPOSE TO PAY their salaries in the form of taxes.

    By constitutional standards TAXES ARE ILLEGAL. The instant this illegal act was done Americans began to hang themselves. (Notice how they keep raising it? Or the noose is just getting tighter?) But you guys kept going along and now look, MARTIAL LAW IS AROUND THE CORNER with all kinds of false flags to ENFORCE IT!

    The aim of all government is to ENLARGE themselves with impunity and ominpotence to create a largesse for THEMSELVES! You can read about in the Old Testament as a warning from God when you want a King.

  21. Troy September 12, 2013 at 10:54 am

    1) Most people are still asleep. They have yet to FEEL any negative effects from the NWO being built around them. They still watch Dancing With the Has Beens, still get their welfare and food stamps, still get to take their drugs and get drunk on the weekend. Yeah, the TSA gropings are considered a hassle, but they aren’t FEELING the pain of what is coming

    2) Those who are awake are being targeted by the state and the state media as crazy fringe lunatics. No one wants to become a target, especially those with families to protect

    3) Men across this country have an epidemic of low testosterone. You can draw your own conclusions of whether that’s intentional or not, but the end result is men are more timid and less willing to be aggressive and fight back than past times.

  22. Guy September 12, 2013 at 11:54 am

    The problem that is not discussed is the FACT that if you applied for and contracted to use a social security number, you are a federal employee (do the research and you will find that to be true). That is the nexus. Those in such contract are under the jurisdiction of the corporate United States and suffer under the Sedition Acts for anything they may say or do. Especially so, if they speak out against the corporate structure (whom they have chosen as master). The Constitution and Bill of Rights is not applicable to those who have sought “security” from corporate fedgov. Too bad for all the lemmings who think they can change the leopards spots while still being lemmings.

  23. Henry September 12, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    they say that disaster was avoided when McCain & The Other Whores passed that $15 trillion bailout in 2008 which was falsely reported as being $780 billion (5% of the true figure). Our national debt has risen from $2 trillion under Bush to about $17 trillion now. It cannot be paid off apart from abolishing the Fed and reestoring quality job creation domestically. I don’t see McCain & The Other Whores addressing their past crimes and our present and future needs. With all that plundering and shame taking place by government, the FBI and police have their work cut out for them, staying on top of any burning embers of freedom.

  24. facethefacts September 12, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    Cooper is not alone,There are many others just waiting for the right time.Men like cooper get people thinking and there are others who do what is needed in different ways.It will all come out for the good and they will be surprised.They think it will be a peice of cake,but that’s what they get for thinking.All is not lost.I have faith in most of the American people.Even the ones who haven’t woke up yet,because when they do,look out NWO.Why do you think they are trying to disarm us.Why do you think they have the drones,Special vehicles,and are stockpiling amunition.They are expecting a formidable enemy.At least they are smart enough to know that.And don’t forget our ace in the hole;Almighty God!

  25. today September 12, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    If any of you know voodoo, energy ripping (power of the mind), black magic, sorcerery, witchcraft, etc. then you can target criminal elements in government, police, military, etc.
    Psychic warfare. You can drain their life force, Then send death energy (grey) into them. KEEP THE DEATH ENERGY OUT OF YOUR OWN BODY AND AURA. It should only touch your target.
    Group energy is stronger than a single person’s energy. (On average). 10 against 1 where psychic energy is concerned is similar to 10 against 1 on a physical basis.
    With one mind and one intent, they can be sent the element of fire (visualization and intent used here). There are various ways to use the elements.
    And now, the best solution is to ‘peacefully’ get all of the people aware and protesting, as one .
    That should help drive out the thugs and keep honest people in office.
    I will swear by God, Jesus, Satan, Beelzebub, etc. (If I had to) that these energy exercises work. “Until you know experientially, then it is always best to apply the caveat ‘so I heard’ “.
    I know experientially ‘energy does follow thought’.
    You can type in ‘psychic energy ripping techniques’, ‘using psychic death energy’, ‘power meditation techniques’, ‘black magic warfare’, etc.
    I won’t endorse anything for nor against. These are just some possibilities.

  26. Lucille Rothstein September 12, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    All these words above me mean nothing. The only people that count are those that do. 80/20 rule. blah blah blah!

  27. Afshin Nejat September 12, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    Curses to the evil ones. If you are one of them, and have read this, it is guaranteed the scorching eyes of my Father are upon you.

    Someone here whines about “too many clicking tongues, not enough action”

    What action? Do you mean the “clicking tongue people” should find some way to throw away their blood and treasure ON TOP OF the risk they already take speaking out and the expenditure of time and effort the use to do that? Why? Because everyone else should get a pass? What about all the people upon whose deaf ears this tongue clicking, as you call it, has fallen? Why are they not exhorted to act? After all, they make up so many, these wretched lemmings, that if they all just lifted a finger it would add up to 1000 times or more what a single determined man could do! You know you are, Mr. Accuser of those who speak out but “don’t act”. Speaking out IS a form of action, and even if that’s all that was done, CLEARLY NOT ENOUGH ARE DOING EVEN THAT MUCH. You have no right to arrogantly stand on YOUR stump and demand others jump of theirs and “do something”. Direct your special dispensation to dictate action to those lemmings who for their masses not only add up to most of the problem, but won’t even listen half as carefully to all the tongue clicking as the powers that be will.

    Damned HYPOCRITE! But you got an honorable mention from the Editor.

  28. […] Highly recommends you visit Dave at: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com for more great/pertinent […]

  29. Guy September 12, 2013 at 6:27 pm

    Even Almighty God recognizes and respects contracts (check the scriptures). So it appears, from my point of view, that almost everyone in this nation has sold their souls (via their voluntary contracts and hardheartedness by refusing to study and find the perilous state they are in)they, as a result, can expext no relief from the God they purportedly worship. Accept benefits from the state and……………accept the whirlwind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ruth Abraham September 12, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    The problem is, there is no political solution for spiritual problems, as Steve Quayle always says. Humanity degenerated to a point of no return, in every sense of the word, no principles, values, morals, dignity, respect for themselves, and got far away from God. It is very sad to see people walking toward slather like this passively, completely numbed, most don’t even realize what is coming their way. The ones who have knowledge, also won’t act, somehow paralyzed, completely mind controlled and brain washed. Reminds me a cat I use to have back in Brazil, he would spot a bird on the roof of the neighbors home. He would start moving very slowly almost in slow motion, climbing the stairs, step by step, he would climb about 10 or 12 steps, at the same time making some weird noises with his mouth. The bird would be there stuck, while it had plenty of time to fly away, flee from danger, but it was immobilized almost like hypnotized by the cat’s noises, when the cat gets dangerously closer, the bird try to fly, way too late, the cat catches it in the air with a fatal move. That’s how I see the american people. The only hope is to repent and accept Jesus as the only Savior for all the wickedness of this mad world. God bless and protect you David and you Blaine as well as all of us.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Steve Quayle is correct. Can we retrace our steps and recover? Perhaps, but it is doubtful. What we are going through now are the spiritual consequences of our previous actions. We are a nation under God’s judgment.

  31. Churchill September 12, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    Well said and good question. The bulk of Americans are submitting to the NWO for the same reason they tolerated the burial of our original Bill Of Rights thru amended amendments, executive orders and taxation without representation, not to mention the willingness to allow those who prefer to enslave them to educate their children with emphasis on History and Science to who they are.

  32. Black September 12, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    I have read in comments on other websites about the end of the world. At the end, the devil will be in power and Jesus will come and put an end to him.

    What seems to be the popular religious understanding of end-times is that Jesus will literally come, and have a literal kingdom on earth for a thousand years. This will be a time of prosperity when Jesus is actually sitting on a throne and ruling the whole world. The idea is that, since we haven’t seen this happen yet, the final end is not anywhere near.

    There is a second end-times understanding that is extremely popular among multitudes of Christians, even though it is not as strongly published as the one above. This one (like the above) has been around since the time that Jesus walked the earth. It has to do with the idea that the thousand-year-reign-of-Christ-on-the-earth is figurative language in the Bible, and particularly in the Revelation.

    It says that the devil was thrown into the abyss, and it was locked and sealed over him, at the time of Jesus crucifixion and resurrection. It suggests that the thousand-year-reign is figurative language, and has essentially been ongoing since the time of Jesus. The end-times prosperity idea lies with the idea that the devil is out of the way, and all the things being done in the earth since Jesus’s resurrection are entirely man’s doings.

    When you read the Revelation about Babylon, the description of Babylon is similar to a description of today’s virtually one-world banking system, and how money is being used. What’s interesting is, the Revelation says that the one who comes up from the abyss at the end-times, is the one who will destroy Babylon, and burn her with fire.

    While I don’t know for a fact which (if either) of the end-times understandings is accurate, let’s watch the banks. If the world banking system (along with the governments of the world somewhat) is destroyed or at least dramatically changed so that it loses power, seems to me that then we will truly know that the end is upon us.

    So, watch for the banking system to collapse, and watch for governments to lose a lot of their power and control, and then watch for some form of new world government to come about with great strength. There will probably be a short time of prosperity when this happens. Then there will be a worldwide push against Christianity, because it will be the devil back up from the abyss that is the new world government. Then Jesus will come.

    If it doesn’t happen something like this, we can expect that Jesus will come, and actually sit on a throne and rule the earth for a thousand years.

  33. MagenD September 12, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    Re – Arizona

    I’ve received 100 confirmations to whatest thou say – “Russians and Chinese”. There are many who seem to me confused that the so-called Illumined Ones (Ha!) are working to bring about an agenda of depopulation and World Domination – and may be they are, but according at least to my Bible, it is G-d Himself who directs the depopulation – as He brings indescribable HELL on the One-Worlders and New Agers in Judgement. See the following vids for profound/extreme thought provocation along your own line of reasoning —

    “By 2 or 3 Witnesses shall a thing be established”









    8 Witnesses enough?!

  34. lee b. September 12, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    The government has destroyed so many decent people who just wanted to be left alone. New york state government also perpetrates fraud upon people with false affidavits and framing people. It can happen to you if you have not so much as a parking ticket your whole life. However, there are small victories. Skaneateles, NY is a small tourist village that was run like hitler germany by one man, when I used to live there. They used to persecute people for having political signs in their yards and place huge illegal fines on people. They even cited people for signs that did not exist. Now the bastards are running scared because another town got busted doing these same things, due to a prominent man’s lawsuit. Thank god, because the average person could never go up against these fascists, because they would financially run you into the ground. Shortly after my escape from municipal hell, the police were caught stealing from the parking meters.

  35. Zellie September 12, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    And look at the wickedness in the females they are promoting in the media…they have become drunk on their own slutslavery….immoral, arrogant, unrefined signs of an end of an age….they are satiated pigs and bringing out the pig in mankind…man is behind it for sure but woman is willing throwing herself on the funeral pyre.

  36. Anglo Saxon September 12, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    You are never going to conjure up a majority. The enlightened ones, and those prepared to fight tyranny are destined to be the minority.

    Recently, I read an article where it was “scientifically presented” that seismic attitude-change occurs only after the transformation first creeps beyond about 12% of the adult population. So, I reckon you must be pretty close to that number now. Just keep pushing for another year, and the dam of resistance will surely burst.

    I do believe that Secession is your key to success.

    As has been stated already, you are never going to reform the USG. It is too far gone. In fact, I would say its been too far gone since the Kennedy assassination (or even since FDR). You must either kill it … or neutralize it to the degree it falls away into oblivion due to infighting and self-destruction. But, that requires leadership. You haven’t quite got the right leadership yet. Secession would enable you to concentrate forces and bring like minded people together, physically, instead of digitally. Also, secession would likely attract members of the military, and police, and possibly the FBI into your ranks.

    You can always undo the secession at some future date. Once you have routed the globalists, weeded out the worst of the criminals, and confiscated the assets stolen by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. You could also close down Manhattan, and commence a demolition project to physically destroy Lower Manhattan … wipe it off the face of the planet. But, remember to first collect the gold held deep down in the granite rock, under the Federal Reserve Bank of ‘Jew’ York.

    For all you Astrology buffs out there, the writing for America is on the wall. According to certain transits (especially those of Pluto and Uranus, which are ongoing) the institutions of the United States will experience fracture, confusion, and upheaval during mid to late 2014. This is when the PTB will finally realize they are toast. Once Jupiter departs America’s natal sign of Cancer in about April/May of 2014 — Jupiter currently passing through the sign of Cancer has given Washington and Wall Street some lucky respite — then the edifice will at last begin to crumble … slowly at first, then with a sudden big whoosh. After which, people like Cooper, and millions like him, can move in for the kill. Justice will be served.

    And that is what you must all do; first block all outgoing flights to Israel, then hunt down and: k i l l – t h e – g a n g s t e r s

  37. babette September 13, 2013 at 6:20 am

    Anglo Saxon: I’ve often wondered and talked to many over the years about why the states haven’t seceded yet. Seems perfectly legal and in their Constitution to do so, but nothing happens. It would solve the problem fairly quickly and as you and I said, they can always re-join later, once they’ve cleaned house.

    Things are moving quickly towards either a FALSE FLAG/WWIII or a BETTER WORLD.

    Those who survive the upheaval will know.

    Best Regards.

  38. Piper Michael September 13, 2013 at 11:48 am

    It is good that you stand up for what is right, and righteous. For righteousness is almost forgotten in the land. Political Correctness and a lukewarm church preaching hope to the hopeless, are the Cause of apathy, complacency and cognitive dissonance. Our preachers were neutered with the false ‘wall of separation’ between faith and governance. They did this for 30 pieces of tax free silver, they are the Daughters and the Mother of Harlots, that ride the Beast of centralized governments, the money powers of the ten lost tribes, the Rich white men who run the world. They admonish the people to ‘submit to Godly authority’, and the People are deceived, for where is Godliness and righteousness in the Leadership of this once great land?

    Did you know, the British feared something much worse than George Washington’s army? They feared the Black Robe Regiment, true men of God in those days, who stood up to tyranny, and stirred the people into rebellion. That is what it will take Dave, a revival of conscience to open eyes. But it is not to be, because the minds have been fooled by the power of MYSTERY, the superstition and division of the churches, that men cannot understand the things of God, that left and right are both righteous. Thus they will suffer under a one world government, money and false religion.

    Our minds are divided by our hearts, with science and religion, and politics, pulling us in different directions. We are not united, even the patriots are divided because of the power of mystery. The left ‘feels’ they are ‘right’, and the Right, ‘thinks’. The power of minds cannot overcome the power of feelings, and feelings cannot sway minds. Thus the iron of mind is divided by the clay of emotion in the ten lost tribes of Israel. Those who went ‘into the wilderness, on the wings of an eagle’, to escape the persecution of Rome, the true Anti Christ power. Prophecy becomes history, when seen in the Time of God.

    Is this the time? The time when the confluence of events, degeneration of minds into systemic irrationality, caused by this conflict of sense vs nonsense, that causes cognitive dissonance, to deliver us into the state of the Depraved Mind? Methinks we see it taking place before our eyes, yet do not know what to do… why? Because there is no force of unification. There is no absolute to overcome the relativity, there is no knowledge to overcome the Mystery power of the Harlot that rides the Beast.

    But, the Knowledge has come, in a New Revelation, in the Unified Field of God. The Knowledge that comes in a lady with twelve stars in her crown, so that, ‘The Mystery of God is finished..” Read revelations again, slowly. And see that the Revealed Knowledge of God will come, but not in the words of Preachers and Priests in a fantasy of Rapture, that keeps men apathetic, in hopeful submission as sheep, doing nothing, as evil rises to take control of the world. Where is the Modern Black Robe Regiment? It was bought off for 30 pieces of tax free silver…

    The Revelation comes, not as a fantasy, but as golden oil that flows from the pipes, as in Zachariah. The Knowledge that overcomes the Mystery, is the Proof of God, not a mystery used to keep you as sheep, but to release you as men. To find your ultimate destiny as a son of God, as a rock that tears down the statue of the Head of Gold on the two legs, not as a brick in the Wall of Conformity in the Babylonian System of money, government and religion as One Thing. The Truth will set you free, but first, you must quit listening and open your eyes that you may see.

    The Piper plays a New Song,
    so the Chorus may sing,
    and the People dance,
    that the forest will echo with laughter.

    God Bless,
    and may the Force be with you.
    Piper Michael

  39. Churchill September 13, 2013 at 11:49 am

    Amusing, people still talk of secession as the way to preserve their Freedom. Indeed, as society continues to tolerate the death of America from with-in, how will even a portion of society defend even less freedom with-in a much smaller Nation?? How many Americans are willing to actually follow in the footsteps of our historical Fore-Fathers. Even many many Veterans and current military personel of today would be mentally hard pressed if they/family/we were to suffer as the South did in the US Civil War or the Communist Revoltion of Russia as they were/are trained in Offense, not Defense of their Rights and Freedom on our own soil… Allegiances, Oaths and claiming one’s loyalty towards God, Country and Bill of Rights vocally in defense of Freedom is quite different than actual physical defense in the preservation of one’s own family on a national scale. In other words, peaceful Secession is only possible if allowed by those who will retain authority over you under pre-set conditions with those supposed patriots who organize the secession movements, otherwise, blood must be shed. Actual Freedom and Sovereignty and secession is never acquired by peaceful compromising negotiations whether it be National or Individual. Freedom is fought, lest ye be slaves sold and bought .

  40. Guy September 13, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    @babette…Not only DC…the state houses are flush with traitors, as well.

  41. bobd76 September 14, 2013 at 12:01 am

    Americans are submitting to the NWO because for the most part, they are unaware of its existence. The normalcy bias, I believe you have written an article about it Dave, is the predominant worldview of the vast majority of Americans. Mind control has progressed from a science to an art, and the PTB are the new Leonardo. I keep seeing encouraging information on various alternative websites. One says a new study reports that those who refute the obvious (911) lies from the PTB are actually the most rational, and are starting to outnumber the gullible. Others talk of a “great spiritual awakening.” Sorry folks but I don’t see any of that. Most people I meet remain blissfully ignorant. I wish that people would open their eyes to the frightening reality that I see, but the awake are still a small minority. David Icke’s new “The People’s Voice” channel may help in this regard, but how many cable systems are going to be willing to carry a TV channel that seeks to undermine the mind control being perpetrated on the masses by the owners of these cable systems? I am afraid that if “The People’s Voice” is relegated to the net, David will wind up preaching to the choir. I don’t like being some prophet of doom, but I fear that Vladimir Putin was wrong in what he said in his “NY Times” editorial about the American people not being exceptional, they are. Americans are exceptionally uneducated, unread, politically uninformed, gullible, and generally unintelligent. Sorry, but the truth hurts.


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