Barbara H. Peterson

September 16, 2013

Farm Wars

And so it begins…

alfalfa 2GMO alfalfa is contaminating conventional crops in the state of Washington, and who knows elsewhere. We can safely assume that anywhere this crop is planted, contamination will occur. We can also safely assume that our seed supply is being irreversibly contaminated also, and the longer this is allowed to go on, the worse the contamination will be. Thank you USDA and Monsanto for bringing this scourge on the planet.

Alfalfa is a crop that when planted, lasts for around 6 years without having to replant. In fact, you cannot reseed bare spots because the roots are so deep and pervasive that they choke out new seeds of anything, including weeds. No one here that I know of sprays alfalfa with herbicides because it doesn’t need it. So, Land O’ Lakes’ Forage Genetics and Monsanto genetically engineer a perfectly good seed that requires no herbicides into a crop that now requires herbicides, and for what? Profit and control. Anyone who farms alfalfa knows this. Why on earth would they switch? Read the rest of this entry »