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Second County Votes to Secede From California

Written by Christopher Shay


September 26, 2013


Along Interstate 5 near Yreka, a Northern California town of about 8,000 people, the roof of an old hay barn informs drivers in bold, black letters they have entered the “State of Jefferson.”

For over 70 years, a group of citizens in Northern California and Southern Oregon have pushed to unite their rural counties and secede from their respective states, creating a new state following the small-government ideals allegedly professed by Thomas Jefferson.

On Tuesday, a second California county joined the growing movement. Modoc County supervisors voted 4-0 in favor of secession, following in the footsteps of neighboring Siskiyou County that made a similar decision earlier this month.

Modoc County Board Chairwoman Geri Byrne told Al Jazeera that public sentiment was strongly in favor of passing the resolution. In a packed public meeting of about 40 people, Byrne said only two people spoke against secession.

Her constituents, Byrne said, are “frustrated,” because rural counties have “no voice in the state of California.”

Supporters of secession say that urban California holds sway in the halls of Sacramento, where both legislative houses are elected proportionally. Since California’s 33 rural counties make up only 9 percent of the total population, rural residents simply are not represented, Byrne said.

“People in LA have no clue what we face,” Byrne said. “We don’t tell people in Los Angeles how to manage crime, so why should they tell us how to farm potatoes?”

Liz Bowen, a member of the Jefferson Declaration Committee, said it takes six hours to drive through her state senator’s district. Senate District 1, which includes Modoc and Siskiyou counties, covers 10 counties. In contrast, Los Angeles metro area has 18 Senate districts. Without influence in Sacramento, she said, “So many laws, rules and regulations have been placed on us that our freedom has been eroded.”

Over the years, many rural residents have been frustrated by federal environmental laws restricting logging and other forestry activities. Byrne said becoming a state would finally allow them to push the federal government to alter the onerous restrictions on government-owned land.

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  1. John Rambo September 26, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    Push the movement !!! A seceded patriotic Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Western Nevada WOULD BE A NEAR PARADISE !!! PUSH IT PUSH IT PUSH IT !!!!

    No blacks browns muslims gays democrats and men in womens bodies, ( eg., women doing mens jobs like representative judge police etc. )

    Just a nice modern version of Mayberry / 1950’s America !!!!

  2. John Rambo September 27, 2013 at 5:00 am

    Mr. Editor : The Illuminati has done an outstanding job brainwashing 90 % or so of society to be good little sheeple. Don’t be “racist, sexist, homophobic or nationalist.” It’s even ‘trendy’ to “prove you’re not racist.” They even got Alex Jones !!! Mr. Maddow calls him a racist and he falls right into their trap by spending most of his entire 3 hour show, “desperately convincing listeners he’s not racist !!!” They played him like a fiddle !!!!
    If you wish to be a really good watchman / source of intell … you have to ask yourself, “what would the founders do ?” Would they delete comments that stated women should be feminine and men masculine and were truthful about the races ? Or would they in fact laugh at anyone calling them “racist,” or “sexist,” and proudly tell them, “yes we are !!?” ( Which doesn’t mean they hate anyone based on race or sex. Look up the words in an old paper dictionary. Then see how “they” changed the meanings in web dictionarys !!! ) No … the founders were not feminized ma ma’s boys who would allow themselves to become pseudo conservative metro male “centrists,” being so weak as to be slowly moved left over the years by a dumbed down media without even realizing it. They would – without hate – call a spade a spade and a man in a womans body an abomination, and maybe even arrest us supposed patriots for doing nothing more than “commenting” and e-mailing as 0.00001 % of society known as the nwo occupy our inheritance, and poison our food water and air while setting up a police state. IMAGINE what they’ld do to any member of the press that calls themselves a ‘patriot’ … but deletes comments that aren’t “center, or center left enough !!!!!!”
    Watch a few old Eastwood / John Wayne movies and pay a visit to Vdare ( dot com. ) Then remember the verse : To him who much is given much is expected. God’s given you much. Don’t piss Him off. Don’t become a Glenn Beck !!!

  3. canadian man October 1, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    first i just wanna say 1950s north America was not the best of times …for the white man it was. i personally could not care less if your white, black, purple ,or yellow, gay, straight, or otherwise not mentioned … there are rights and freedoms as human beings that are deserved by every man woman and child weather Canadian, Mexican, American or African or eastern Indian. safety, respect, right to live and work and the pursuit of happiness. personally i believe as long as you do not endanger others or their rights who is anyone to judge ?
    this dose not mean i support child abuse or pedophilia/bestiality/incest or murder or hate speech. a woman yes should be able to be a woman… raise children keep a homestead ect in the circa 50’s way if SHE chooses.
    but in saying this a man should be able to provide for his wife and children akin to this circa 1950’s ideal. which is no longer possible apparently.
    in many many places all over north America i am disgusted in the mentality learned or taught into children by media , schools, parents . there is no longer a mentality circa 1950’s. men have children at random women could care less …society yes has formed an acceptance of this…trendy to do so in fact i agree… but be weary “john rambo” as you like to be called…ironically in fact. i hope there is no will in you to see the ideology of white supremacy. and the fault of all our problems on ethnics… America was stolen and its original owners duped murdered and destroyed. robbed for north America to exist….period.

    Sins of the father should not pass to the son this i truly say but a measure of responsibility, however rare in western mentality, must be shown to right the wrongs of the past…

    people are people …regardless of sex , sexual orientation, or religious view. and it will take all people and all kinds to make this world right again…

    i am a Canadian, and admittedly i am still learning as i grow and mature and learn how the world is these days and how it may not be in the future…but i do know … its not the past you need to return to or reform now into what was accepted and palatable to American white folk of the 1950’s. its the future we need to look to and decide as a collective, what we will be …we (together) need to stop being led by any government that is not elected by the people for the people and start as a populace opening our eyes and putting treasonous, profiteering officials in jail.

    i am a lower middle class 27 year old 230 pound 5’11 straight (engaged in fact ) Caucasian male, college student … i am in basic training here in Canada for our armed forces. i love paintball and the guitar and reading and working out … i love my nieces and nephews and hope to one day have children of my own …my father lives on a ranch south east of Ottawa where i was raised and learned hunting and basic survival skills and how to be a man … and im saying nothing else matters besides , no hunger , no fear , no pain…..for ALL!!! it can easily be done … trillions in the hands of the 1% ….?

    anything that needs to be changed needs to be done together … voted by the people for those people… we need to stand up against the greed of money… we need to say forget fast food and the latest new electric razor and ask what the hell is going on in the world when trillions are being spent to kill ….

    cheers gentlemen.

  4. lori October 1, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    ICLEI is that farming towns problem too. It’s the UN s way of grabbing private property.
    YES GO GO GO! PUSH IT! As the man above said so well.

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