Dave Hodges

October 13, 2013

The Common Sense Show

The federal government is lost to the people. It has been compromised and taken over by the bankers. America’s only hope is to hang on to any remnants of our collective civil liberties, for as long as we can, lies in confronting tyranny at the local level. Subsequently, any successful revolution against a tyrannical government will be won at the local level. Every community in the country is in dire need of local activist groups who are willing to take a stand against unconstitutional encroachments into their lives. And who will start and lead these activist groups? Look in the mirror, you are resistance the tyranny which threatens life on this planet.

Any successful resistance against the globalists will be the result of the guerrilla warfare which employs the strategy of death by a thousand cuts.

Freedoms Phoenix Is a Solid Example of Effective Activism

There is a group in Phoenix that is loosely referred to as Freedoms Phoenix, which was created and is operated by Ernie Hancock. I am fortunate enough to be able to occasionally attend their monthly meetings referred to as the Arizona Breakfast Club, in which critical issues and timely guests are presented to an audience of Phoenix area activists as they eat breakfast. From these associations developed through this organization, tyranny is being confronted on a daily basis.

Freedoms Phoenix and Ernie Hancock are the real deal when it comes to getting in the face of governmental tyranny. They exemplify what it means to be an activist and actively fight for individual liberties. I began my writing career with Ernie Hancock’s organization over seven years ago and I have not looked back since Ernie gave me my first break in the alternative media.

Freedoms Phoenix Helped to Save My Community

My rural community, located 20 miles north of suburban Phoenix, comprised of 2,000 people, faced the real possibility of losing our homes and our properties, without one dime of compensation being paid to the impacted home owners. The perpetrators of this attempted public theft of private property can be credited to the corrupt forces of John McCain and his globalist colleagues.

Freedoms Phoenix was instrumental in helping me to report on the abuses of the McCain group at the same time that we were being censored by the mainstream media. Freedoms Phoenix also played a critical role in helping my community to obtain legal representation at a time when McCain had the entire legal community in Arizona afraid to take our case. Today, nine years after the governmental abuse against my community commenced, we are still in our homes and we have held the globalist forces of John McCain at bay. Every community needs an organization like Freedoms Phoenix. There are some organizatiosn in this country like Freedoms Phoenix, such as We Are Change, which are effective. However, there are not nearly enough of these organizations as tyranny continues to swallow this country one bite at a time. 

Below is an example of the grass roots type of activism that Freedoms Phoenix advocates undertake on a daily basis.  

An Example of In-Your-Face Community Activism That the Globalists Hate

One of the most objectionable police state practices being carried out across America is photo radar. A number of these criminal organizations, such as Redflex and ATS have been caught up in bribery scandals, faulty equipment and outright fraud.

One of the more colorful people in the Freedoms Phoenix group is an activist named Shelton Obadiah (AKA 4409), who maintains a Youtube channel at Youtube.com/RP4409, which is a site devoted to stopping the nonsense that has become known as photo radar. Obadiah likes to embarrass communities which employ photo radar which is nothing more than a money making scam designed to separate people from their hard earned money by local governments. All too frequently, photo radar usage results in tickets being issued under fraudulent conditions, it takes time away from police patrol hours and undermines the respect that the public has for law enforcement.  

You might say that an issue like photo radar is trivial and I would say that you are dead wrong. Photo radar is an in-your-face big brother scheme designed to, not only rip you off financially, but to dehumanize you and subject you to the corrupt authority of a machine designed to control you and remind you that you are a prisoner of the state. Photo radar, drone surveillance, what is the difference? There is none, it is no different than the NSA spying on your emails and cell phone conversations.

Below is a video recorded on Obadiah’s cell phone from a confrontation he had last October with a photo radar operator and then a Scottsdale police officer.

The video shows Shelton walking up to a photo radar van and yelling at the man inside.

“You all making money, pirates,” Obadiah said on the video.

Moments later, the photo radar operator stepped out of the van.

“You out making money you (expletive)? Get a life dude. Get a life,” Obadiah said. “You (expletive) stealing from people using a scam van. You are a thief.”

A few minutes later, Scottsdale police officers arrive and there’s more discussion.

“You’re typical, being a (expletive) dude,” Obadiah told the officer.

According to the police report, Obadiah “stood in front of the van’s camera and blocked his view of oncoming cars” for about 10 minutes, and that is why he was arrested. The video shows the policeman is a liar and made an unconstitutional arrest. This Scottsdale police officer is clearly an example of a police officer who has been “federalized” by DHS because his behavior is thuggish as opposed to being a servant of the community like our police used to be. 

The driver of the scam van was actually fired by the Photo radar company ATS for getting out of the van and confronting Shelton. Shelton has been charged with disorderly conduct. I expect, however, that the charges will be dropped because his behavior does not meet the legal standards for disorderly conduct and the video clearly impeaches the officer’s arrest statement.

This is an issue about the First Amendment and the right of a citizen to verbally confront unconstitutional behavior. Shelton’s attorney Marc Victor stated, “You might not like his methods, might not like his language, might not like that he filmed it,” said Victor. “That’s fine. That’s what a free country is all about. It’s really going to be a sad day in America if a person like Shelton, expressing his political opinion, is found to be committing a criminal offense.”


Although a trial date in the case has not been set, it is clear that Shelton is not done making life uncomfortable for the traffic scam companies.


Does your community have an organization which actively confronts tyranny on a local level? If not, you might want to start such an organization.

 As you will see, being an effective activist is not hard, it just takes a little investment of time, the use of a cell phone and some intestinal fortitude. Here is Shelton’s confrontation with ATS and the Scottsdale police.


One organization like Freedoms Phoenix and an activist such as 4409, makes some difference to the depth of tyranny that we are willing to accept into our lives.

Some will say that Shelton’s behavior is crude and unacceptable. I say that this is the first cut and we have 999 cuts to go. A thousand like-minded organizations would make controlling the American people an impossible task for the central bankers. We must resist tyranny in the trenches where we find it in our daily lives.

Guerrilla units of three to four people could begin to carry the kind of activism we see here by 4409. If your cause is committed to the spirit of freedom, in opposition to central banker led tyranny, these freedom-based groups would grow exponentially.

Our generation has lost the war to the central bankers on an international and national level. America, there is no America, you are living in an occupied country. This fight will continue beyond our days on this earth and on into future generations. This is what we have reaped for our collective complacency. However, there is one compelling reason to keep on fighting.


Thomas Paine once said, “If there is to be trouble, let it be in my time, so my child will know peace.”  

This is what we are fighting for. We are not fighting for you to have more time to watch football or American Idol. Your future is sealed. Life as you know it will soon dramatically change forever. We are fighting so that our children will not live under a Stalinist or Mao type of regime. We should be teaching our children the tools that they will need in order to engage in the fight against tyranny. You brought your children into this world, it is up to you to fight for their future.

The brave people in the alternative media such as John Stadtmiller, Steve Quayle, Jeff Rense, John B. Wells, Doug and Joe Hagmann, Stan and Holly Deyo, Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ernie Hancock, Julie Telgenhoff, Roger Landry, Michael Edwards and many, many other heroes, are giving your children a fighting chance and they are risking their lives to do it. For if we totally lose in this war against the central bankers, the above-mentioned people will disappear forever and your children will be condemned to a hellish nightmare. They are not risking their lives for you and your children so that you will continue to sit on your fat rumpus on the couch. They are doing so in order that you will join them in the cause of freedom and liberty.

As Ernie Hancock likes to ask, are you an activist or a “slacktivist” who is helplessly dependent upon the efforts of people in the alternative media?  FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. It is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work and stop depending on the labor of others to defend you, your children and their rights.