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The Odds Are Never In Our Favor

Dave Hodges

November 24, 2013

The Common Sense Show

hunger games-the odds are never in our favor

I just watched the hottest movie in the country, which is the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. The movie is based upon the second in the trilogy of books authored by Suzanne Collins and the movie takes up where its predecessor left off.

The punishment of the common citizens from the mythical country of Panem continues in retaliation for the previous rebellion of the 12 districts against the Capitol City government. As a result, the Hunger Games were created in which one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18, from each district, are selected through an annual lottery to participate in the games. This is an event in which the participants (i.e. so-called “tributes”) must fight to the death, until only one remains alive. The previously failed rebellion against the tyrannical elite, occurred some 75 years earlier.

The Hopelessness of Agenda 21

Both movies, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, do a marvelous job of introducing the sheeple in the movie-going audience to the absolute misery and tyranny which lies behind living in an Agenda 21 society. For example, there are 12 districts, in which the inhabitants live in absolute poverty and despair. Meanwhile, the elite live the life of luxury with none of the restrictions imposed on the citizens of the 12 forlorn districts. True to the nature of Agenda 21, the common people live in a squalor, while the elite bask in luxury, courtesy of the withheld technology that only the privileged has access to. 

Welcome to the squalor of Agenda 21

Welcome to the squalor of Agenda 21

The portrayal of the government’s control of all food is reminiscent of what the Obama administration has done to the raw milk producers in this nation with their swat team raids on such producers of raw milk as Rawsome Foods. Interestingly, the sale of raw milk of the California based Rawsome Foods is legal, but don’t try telling that to the Federal government. In the movie, the tyrannical President Snow raids and destroys all the non-governmental food and alcohol entities in continual raids against the people. Agenda 21 advocates for the control of all food by governmental entities.

President Snow swat teams Panem one district at a time.

Panem’s President Snow raided all of the non-governmental food and alcohol producers, who were operating outside the control of the government.

President Obama is swat-teaming America one food producer at a time.

President Obama is swat-teaming America one food producer at a time.

The United Nations Agenda 21 theme is on further display as the viewer quickly learns that the mythical nation of Panem is organized into 12 districts which is an ubiquitous parallel reference to the United Nations decree passed, in 1972, which demanded that the United States must reorganize into 10 super regions. Immediately, President Richard Nixon issued Executive Order # 11647 on February 14, 1972, which fulfilled the U.N. order as 10 distinct regions were created and, today, await activation in which all local governmental control will be rendered obsolete.

fema 10 regions 

America’s 10 United Nations Regions


A map of Panem's 12 Districts. Note that Capitol City is located in Colorado, precisely where the Federal government is moving much of its operations.

A map of Panem’s 12 Districts. Note that the elite inhabited Capitol City is located in Colorado, precisely where the Federal government is moving much of its operations.

The "Wildlands" biodiversity boundary surrounding District 12.

The “Wildlands” biodiversity boundary fence surrounding District 12.

The odds for being selected to participate in the games comes down to luck and the most important factor would be the amount of food rations that a family draws from the government. It is interesting to note that the vast wilderness areas surrounding the 12 districts are filled with plentiful game to hunt and eat. However, the government expressly forbids venturing into the pristine wilderness (i.e. Wildlands and biodiversity areas) to hunt because the central government wants to utilize food as an Agenda 21 population control instrument as well as a means to subjugate the masses through the complete management of this resource.

The United Nations biodiversity "Wildlands" map of the futuristic United States.

The United Nations biodiversity “Wildlands” map of the futuristic United States.


Before the tributes are selected, Effie Trinket utters the catch phrase of the movie "May the odds be ever in your favor".

Before the tributes are selected, Effie Trinket utters the catch phrase of the movie “May the odds be ever in your favor”.

There is a strong mitigating factor which influences the judicious acquisition of food. In the first movie, we learned that the more food rations a family obtains from the government, the more precarious the situation could become for each family. The more times the family’s teenage children are entered into the lottery, the more it increases their teenagers chances for induction into the lethal Hunger Games.

The psychological effectiveness of the phrase, “May the odds be ever in your favor”, is stunningly effective. President Snow’s regime seeks to remove hope from the personal landscape of Panem’s 12 districts. Psychologically, the goal is to condition the people that what happens to them is a matter of luck, both good and bad. This strengthens the hold that the government has over the people by removing the psychological connection between free will and possessing an internal locus of control in which one’s decisions can make a difference.

Travel between the districts and Capitol City is accomplished through the use of a bullet train as it rushes at speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour while it speeds through the vast empty spaces of Panem’s Agenda 21 “wildlands”. Interestingly, this bullet train is precisely what the Obama administration has proposed as an Agenda 21 adapted transportation entity which will be used to connect various cities in an attempt to eliminate the use of cars. And in the movie’s 12 districts, there are no cars. The elite and Panem’s version of the Department of Homeland Security have motorized vehicles, but not the people. The implied use of smart meters is also in play in the two movies as each house is very dimly lit. However, each house contains the omnipresent hi-tech propaganda tool that we call television which broadcasts the never-ending propaganda of the Capitol City government. And, of course, there is no private ownership of guns. The Agenda 21 portrayals are frighteningly accurate and ubiquitous throughout the movie.

The Goal of the Triology

The truth be known, the odds, as they say, are never in our favor. Although the two movies do present a message of minimal hope, the pervasive message is that the state is all-powerful and resistance is futile. The people of Panem are condemned to a hellish nightmare as they are fully engulfed by Agenda 21 policies. Hope is all but absent among the people. However, there is a seething undercurrent of anger towards the government throughout the movie and it parallels the current 9% approval rating of Congress as well as Obama’s plummeting approval figures. Throughout Catching Fire, there was a glimmer of hope that revolution is in the future of the 12 beleaguered districts.

If you are one of the people who believes that the elite would never speak to us through the movies or television, then you will want to stop reading at this point and trust me when I tell you that the sequel is well worth seeing as it is much better than the original Hunger Games.

President Snow played by Donald Sutherland.

President Snow played by Donald Sutherland.


In an interview conducted by Screen Rant with Donald Sutherland, who brilliantly plays the evil President Snow, Sutherland’s answers are very telling. Below, I have listed excerpts from two different interviews Sutherland has given to the media. If I did not know better, I would think that he is talking out of both sides of his mouth.




Question: Is the movie’s message open to interpretation depending on your point of view? Could someone from the Tea Party sit down and look at this and think of President Snow as, say, President Obama?

“No chance — Oh, I see what you’re saying. Well, the Tea Party doesn’t look at Barack Obama as a dictator; they look at Barack Obama as a black man in the White House. That’s what they look at. That’s what generates their hatred, you know. They’re saying “dictator” only because they can’t say what they really think. But it’s so hard for me because I can’t get myself into that mindset. You know, Ted Cruz is a smart fellow. Joe McCarthy, Senator McCarthy was a smart fellow. They almost look alike. But I don’t understand why people would go into government unless it’s for profit or for money, if they’re not interested in actually participating in a government that helps people”.

Sounds like Sutherland is a defender of the establishment and its puppet, President Obama. Yet in another interview, Donald Sutherland says he wants to stir a revolt. “A real revolt. A youth-led uprising against injustice that will overturn the US as we know it and usher in a kinder, better way.” Sutherland goes on to say that, “I hope that they will take action because it’s getting drastic in this country.” Drone strikes. Corporate tax dodging. Racism. The Keystone oil pipeline. Denying food stamps to “starving Americans”. It’s all going to pot. It’s not right. It’s not right.” Which is it Donald? Is Obama a good guy, or will he provide the impetus for revolution? Sounds like Donald is nudging the country towards rebelling against the establishment.


Can anybody truthfully identify one thing that Obama has done to better the life of the life of the middle class? Through the incompetent implementation of the wildly unpopular Obamacare, our current president has stuck a giant stick in the eye of the American people. He is unmoved and uncaring about the millions of people that his unpopular policies are negatively impacting. I have said it before, that it appears that Obama is trying to provoke a citizen uprising through his incessant agitation as manifested by his continual attacks upon the Constitution and our middle class way of life. Catching Fire, coupled with Sutherland’s, dichotomy of comments, seems to working towards the same end.

NBC's hit TV show, Revolution.

NBC’s hit TV show, Revolution.

Is there a revolution in our future? Certainly the hit TV show, Revolution, speaks to the encouragement of getting people riled up against the United States government, as in the show, the government is portrayed as being the evil enemy of the people.

What would it take for the American people to rise up in unison as it appears that it is what we are being encouraged to do by the media? Would it be wise to do so? Could a revolution succeed, or is this just a setup to smash all resistance to the coming New World Order? These will be the topics of a future article.


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  1. William B Stoecker November 24, 2013 at 7:17 am

    There appear to be what I call “good guy moles” in the media, government, and the entertainment industry, people who try to leak the truth to the people. But the NWO elite literally are Luciferians, and at times they tell us the truth…apparently as a kind of ritual. They may do this in fairly subtle ways, like the obviously staged suicides of people like Danny Casolaro and Vince Foster, or 911. In all the history of steel framed buildings, none ever completely collapsed due to fire until 911, when all three towers fell in their own footprint, a feat impossible to achieve save by controlled demolition. And then the “plane” that struck the Pentagon made a hole narrower than the wingspan and lower than the tail and left not a trace of wreckage, nor bodies nor body parts of the passengers and crew. This is, quite simply, impossible.
    So it is with the UN Wild Lands maps, approved by our own government. Anyone with even the vaguest understanding of how much land is needed for agriculture and watershed, and for timber and minerals, can see in an instant that not enough is left to sustain any more than a fraction of our current population. The people are to be herded into urban enclaves that will, quite literally, be concentration camps where most of the human race will die a slow death of hunger, thirst, disease, and interracial violence.
    We may lose a revolutionary war, but we may win and create, ultimately, a better world for the survivors and their descendants. Even if we lose we will die as men, not sheep.

  2. Michael, waiting on the cheka November 24, 2013 at 7:49 am

    Your work has been truly exemplary. I would hope that you are preserving it in treeware as a future testament to your awakened state and your attempt to also awaken your fellow human during these final hours of danger before the final curtain call. As you are aware, all digital storage will be reconstructed to serve the future purposes of the demons of the moment. Your work should be preserved and passed along as proof to future generations that not all of us were completely addled by the distractions of the moment as we descended into the new dark ages. Thanks for all the work that you are doing. Also, could you provide links or at least a listing to interviews that you have given recently.

  3. William_Wallace November 24, 2013 at 7:50 am

    The administration is employing Cloward-Piven at the economic front. It is working rather well.

    On the Issue of dealing with the bitter clingers on, they (the illuminists et al and water boy “obama” “bush”) are relying on a stratagem from the records of the warring states “Sitting on a hill watching two tigers fight” and “they” will come down after the fight and deal with the weakened surviving tiger. Hence, drones, bullets, bearcats, and contractors.

    Revolution opens a pandoras box that will only work in favor of the Panem society in washington/Denver. State and regional secession at the state legislative level is the next logical and ethical course of action. Major urban centers will not go along with it. The elite and the administration/insugency knows this.

    In the chinese thirty-six stratagems is a concept “kill with a borrowed sword” which is worth study.

    In dystopian sciece fiction I have always wondered why authors have never explored the concept of what happens when the Citizens of Panem withdraw to the breakaway civil infrastructures (aka bunkers) and the Plebs fill the bunker air intakes with concrete and cover the entry and exit doors. I suppose however Plebs are not able to unify in a way to safeguard their liberty in reality. One only has to observe how Americans treat each other on the roads and highways during daily driving to see the great divide and disconnect which the insurgency is using to its clear advantage.

  4. TTS November 24, 2013 at 7:57 am

    Thank you Mr Hodges.

    See this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykrZXc4TjFw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    We are all living on borrowed time. The “Hunger Games” will soon begin. Seek and find Jesus Christ before it is too late.

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  6. The Gonzo Survivalist November 24, 2013 at 10:46 am

    While The Hunger Games is a very prescient and foretelling story, there is another film
    that is every bit as ominous in its outlook. That is the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale.
    That film tells of an economically collapsed Japan where the youth have become rebellious
    against the authorities so the government takes one high school class every year, puts them
    on an island and forces them to kill each other until only one remains. The film is more
    straightforward in its depiction of the control mechanism that the government has put in
    place to keep the populace in check which is the obvious message of ” Do what we say or else”.
    The violence in Battle Royale is very graphic but the film carries an emotional punch that
    resonates deeper than The Hunger Games. Viewing Battle Royale and then reading your
    recent post about the slave mentality that is being drilled into our children should give a clear picture about where this country is truly heading. Also worth watching is the film
    Series 7: The Contenders which is about a future reality TV series that forces unwilling
    participants to hunt down and kill each other all while being filmed for the masses to
    watch. Almost there already, aren’t we? It is my belief that the illuminati/new world order
    infested media puts out some films like The Hunger Games for the same sick thrill that
    many psychopathic murders gain from torturing their victims. They want us to see it coming
    so they can feed off our fear.

  7. Raider November 24, 2013 at 10:57 am

    What good has Obama done for anyone in the middle class? Absolutely nothing. In reality, he does no good for anyone. When he wakes up each day and starts talking he is already lying. He is the embodiment of evil.

    The NWO enemy wants the American people to openly revolt. That way we become very easy for them to kill us, our families, and everyone else associated with us. What they don’t want are the American people to form anonymous like-minded fighting units, who fight effectively and strike them hard when they least expect it. This is the way we must begin fighting back in an armed method.

    Keep up to date lists of all top government traitors. The traitors don’t want us to do this, so all the more we should do it.

  8. CS Murphy November 24, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Please clarify your use of terms. If we are still a Constitutional Republic, a revolution would be against the Constitution; done with the intent to instill the dictator chosen by the revolutionaries (as in Marxist revolution.) If we are no longer a constitutional republic, a rebellion to restore the Constitution would be a counter-revolution.

  9. Sonflower28 November 24, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    According to SGT Report. . . http://sgtreport.com/2012/12/a-startling-fact-gigantic-coincidence-about-fridays-mass-shooting/

    Suzanne Collins is the author of ‘The Hunger Games’. Suzanne Collins resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, with her husband and their two children.
    Interesting isn’t it? Coincidence?. . . . I think Not!! Just sayin’

    Thanks so much Dave for your persevering work.

  10. Pine 4 Better Daze November 24, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    NGOs working for the government to get AGENDA 21 implemented in every state….
    AGENDA 21 (In One Easy Lesson)—

  11. bobd76 November 24, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    Many years ago I met a very wise man who told me that the Earth is run by Nazis and aliens. Knowing very little about the Elite’s agenda at the time, I thought this man must be crazy, but he had such a vast amount of knowledge in so many areas I found it difficult to summarily dismiss his assertions, so I began to do my own research. Much to my dismay, after immersing myself into the veritable sea of information available if one only bothers to look for it I found that my friend was correct. I am sure that if you are a regular visitor to this site you have done the same. I know that there are some of you that still question the idea of aliens, but the meaning of that word is relative. Some of these aliens may well be (I believe they are) interdimensional, and are what those of you who are religious prefer to think of as demons. This is just semantics, they are here, have been here for a very long time and I don’t see them going anywhere just because we are cognizant of their existence. They have an agenda of their own above and beyond that of the Elite whom they use as tools to do their bidding. I said in an earlier post which was a reply to a post from a fellow who uses the screen name Sovereignty, that these entities are using us to harvest energy. This is not my idea, researchers far more learned and intelligent than I am reached this conclusion long ago. My wise old friend believes that civilization on this planet is allowed to progress just so far and is then brought down by some sort of catastrophe, sort of a mass energetic harvest of misery as these entities require negative energy (at least from our perspective) and then they start the cycle all over again. The theory of catastrophism has gained acceptance in the world of alternative archaeology. Since the archaeological evidence seems to back this up, it would seem that we may be in a hopeless situation. These entities are far more advanced than we are, and since periodically wiping us out is something that they are wont to do, there may well be nothing we can do to alter our fate. I fear that our only hope may lie with some other race of superior beings that might wish to take pity on us and intervene on our behalf. I am not saying that we should just lay down and die, I agree that we might as well go out fighting; I just don’t feel especially confident. I must confess that I sometimes envy those who have faith in a higher power, I wish I could look forward to some blissful afterlife, unfortunately, I do not.


  12. James November 24, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Ever so slowly over many years we see one more movie telling the sheeple what is in store for the future!? I used to get upset as I read these things almost daily. Then I moved to where I didn’t have access to a daily dose of all this negativity. What a great relief mentally and emotionally and that worked into my physical also over a short amount of time. Just because I am not reading these things does not mean that that force of evil is not pushing for their intended NWO. I do believe they will push until they get their desired outcome of world turmoil but they still don’t factor in that one element that will bring about their final demise. The Word of God as it is written in the scriptures. Everything you see from these movies and what we see and hear about from our governments is all written in those books of the bible. I said, ‘they still don’t factor in that one element that will bring about their final demise’, but that is not completely true. The human flesh of men and women that are a part of that NWO may not factor in this final death blow to their regime but that ‘one’ they follow has and even though he knows his true end he will attempt to overthrow the Word of God as it is written. I know that what is in store for the entire world is not going to be a walk in the park. We have many things from history to let us know what an evil regime will do to millions but knowing also that I have my salvation through the blood of the Lord Jesus I know that whatever happens to me that I have that blood applied to my soul and in my end will be taken up out of this earth to an eternal place where evil will not be forever. If I am able to stay for even a short time my mouth will not be shut for those that don’t yet have this hope of eternal life. I will speak that to those in need of hope instead of all this negativity. I already have more stars in my crown then I can even imagine and working for that is so much better then walking in fear of what is coming from this evil NWO.

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  14. NW Native November 24, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    During the middle 1930’s the US government officially published a book celebrating the sesquicentennial of the US Constitution. In the back of this little book was a series of questions and answers pertaining to the Constitution. One of the questions: “Where in the Constitution is the mention of education.” Answer: “There is none. Education is reserved strictly to the States”
    My, my how far we have fallen.
    Here is my take on Hollywood and the movies. First, anyone who has read Neal Gabler’s
    “An Empire Of their Own” and Joel Stein’s defense of Gabler’s book in the LA Times (for which he was fired) should know by now who controls and has run Hollywood from the beginning and for that matter TV and now at least 90% of the mass media of this nation.
    (Thank God for the internet and writers such as Dave)
    In any case it is my contention that movies out of Hollywood are created to disarm the movie goer. A great mind-washing machine. Most if not all of the movies, such as the Hunger Games and other such movies are viewed as science fiction or fantasy. These movies implant some thought(s) into minds of the viewers that the lords and masters of the dictatorship want. Most people subjected to the public schools, now government schools controlled by the numb-nuts in Washington, will think, well, that can never happen. Not here in the good ‘ol US of A. Not with all the money we get from “the great (black/white) father in Washington” with all the safety nets such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps (all to enrich JPMorgan) and now Obamacare. What, we worry? All this of course to more easily enslave you my dearies.
    The people have traded in their birthright for the “benefits” from the great father in Washington. Movies such the “Hunger Games” will have at least a duel message. One is for those few in the know and one is for the dumb down masses.
    Don’t look now, but the American people are already enslaved.

  15. Laurie C. November 24, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    The most important message in the movie…”Remember who the real enemy is.” When we drop the incubated hatred, suspicion and fear that is stoked up to drive us to our own destruction, then we can join forces with our fellow man and receive power from on high to fight for what is right, no matter what the cost.

  16. Arizona November 24, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    CS MURPHY,you’ll be tickled to death to learn its to late,DUE to thinking like yours, and by idiots who were afraid of their own shadow, 90% of americans,will soon be dead,AND MORE then likely you to,So in a way you have cursed your own family,AMERICA is ending ,very few will be left when its over,BUT I can tell you one thing,NONE OF THEM WILL BE COWARDS,and if americans HAD kept reading their BIBLES,they would have been on the watch for the ANTI-CHRIST OBOOZO,and the BIBLE warned,IF he got into power,it would not be possible to REMOVE HIM,now all of america should be looking at DANIEL 8:11/8:12,now there is a silver lining to all this,WHEN its over,EVIL will have been removed from america,FOREVER,…..and just small farming villages will be left,not towns,…..villages,………

  17. The Odds Are Never In Our Favor | November 24, 2013 at 8:36 pm

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  18. Arizona November 24, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    NOW to move on,THE sixty nine weeks of daniel,ENDS on November,28,2013,…then you have the striking down,of oboozo,a great earth quake,the comet hitting the sun,the sun blinking out for three days,OBOOZO is saved by GOD and oboozo declares WAR on america ,and the great tribulation begins,he sprays everyone with poison,starts dropping bombs on cities and towns,THE US AIR FORCE really does a job on everyone,the earthquake is very destructive on everything,and then out with the lights,and in with the RUSSIANS and CHINESE soldiers who CLAIM TO BE HERE TO HELP,yea,TO TAKE OVER THEY MEAN,and they will, because everyone will believe anything their told BY VOMIT VISION…they don’t know it brainwashs them,……ONE MORE THING……

  19. matt crawford November 24, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    The Hunger Games Trilogy is only incidentally a commentary on the coming tyranny. It’s real purpose is the constant mythos of powerful women. It is a continuation, through the imagination of it’s feminist author, of traits and capabilities in women that place them as physically equal and morally superior to men. It is more social engineering through the application of supreme qualities to women to both embolden females and emasculate immature males. The heroine is, of course, a girl, who loves her “sensitive” male compatriot, and the villains all men. Perfectly trite, but the ‘Party Line’ of the last generation now consolidating their hold on the 21st century.
    As to the resemblance to what is coming, that is less a description than an obvious format developed by the authoress as a vehicle to display her antipathy to male leadership through all of history. It’s as if the ” Chalice and the Blade” were made into a novella.

  20. Arizona November 24, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    WHEN the comet hits the sun,YOU will haft to have everything ready,NOW what do I mean by that? 1.get extra virgin olive oil,any kind,2.HAVE it blessed by a man,who walks in the path of GOD,3.then with your finger,put crosses on every door,window,door frame,window frame,INSIDE and OUT,as your doing this,say a prayer to GOD for a blessing,each time,4.DRAW all the curtains closed,NO matter what you hear going on outside,DO NOT LOOK,it will be the ANGEL OF DEATH,you don’t want him to see you,and you really don’t want to mess with him anyway,SO DON’T BE LOOKING OUT THE WINDOWS.,WHEN your able to go outside again,A LOT will have changed,I’am not sure if it will be good or bad……we’ll just have to wait and see..THE LORD WILL be coming by to see all his people,SO BE EXPECTING HIM…If you’ve never seen him,Your in for a pleasant surprise,hes a great guy…………..REMEMBER you have till nov.28,.to be ready….DO NOT BLOW THIS OFF,get it done right away……………..

  21. Arizona November 24, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    HEY DAVE,its 19 degrees out side and snowing hard,this living in the mountains ain’t whats its cracked up to be,I couldn’t believe it when the LORD told me to leave Daytona,and move to colorado,BUT I do what he wants,no matter what it is,NOTHING but devil worshipping demoncratres here,BOY are they in for a surprise….well you take care,you don’t have to leave this up,I just thought I’d throw life in the snow at you……but do get your crosses up if you haven’t already…………………………….

  22. Anglo Saxon November 24, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    This is a response to bobd76 (3:30 pm).

    You are absolutely correct bobd76. Everything on planet Earth was hunky-dory before 1933, then those damned ‘Nazis’ appeared … and nothing has been the same since.

    I have documents that prove Aliens contacted Berlin in late 1944 following the Normandy Landings. The US Army was amazed to find that an entire ‘crack’ battalion, of hardened gum chewing GIs, was unable to dislodge and defeat a company of 14 year old German boys, who were valiantly defending their ancient homeland from the brainless fools encroaching upon it. Such efforts appeared “superhuman” but were in fact the result of Aliens giving secret information to the Wehrmacht so that German boys over the age of 12 could be turned into fighting men within 24 hours of pre-conditioning. Whenever they trained their guns on an American, they became crack shots.

    Yes, as the Soviet-Bolshevik, ‘Jewish’ led scum advanced upon the perimeter of Berlin, a fleet of flying saucers landed near the Reichstag to ferry away the leadership of the Third Reich to … no, not Argentina, but to Antarctica!! They were taken by these Aliens to specially prepared underground bunkers dug deep into the Antarctic rock, under the ice-layer. There, the Nazis have thrived ever since. Herr Hitler survived this journey, and went on to father 10 children with the delectable Eva Braun. Those children were later sent to cause havoc, by getting employed as newsreaders for NBC, ABC, CNN, and later Fox. Have you not noticed the preponderance of tall, blonde and attractive newsreaders in your country??

    The various high-tech aeronautics pioneered by German (oops, sorry, I mean ‘Nazi’) scientists throughout WWII were continued in Antarctica. This is why you Amerikans keep seeing formations of flying saucers over Washington DC and Denver, Colorado. They don’t bother much with Jew Yawk City as the air turbulence over Lower Manhattan is a bit problematic for maintaining smooth flight at low altitude. They did witness 9-11, but were NOT involved. So don’t waste your and our time (bobd76) by trying to blame 9-11 on the ‘Nazis’. It just won’t wash. I know for a fact it was the Irish and nothing is gonna change my mind about that. Irish terrorists pretending to be Saudis.

    These Alien piloted, but Nazi controlled flying saucers have frequently dropped ‘Nazi’ agents into Amerika to cause all kinds of social and economic havoc there. This is the true reason why your nation is in a total mess. Those damned ‘Nazis’ have been picking on you poor little Amerikan people for so long it really should already have been an issue raised at the United Nations Security Council. Perhaps an Israeli flotilla could be sent down to the southern Atlantic to investigate? I know that the Israelis must always feature in any ‘Nazi’ manhunt. So, let them go.

    Yes, I would agree. All your problems are down to ‘Nazis’. We should organize a sweep of our respective societies to hunt them down again. Where is Elie Wiesel? Put him in charge. I understand he is still fit enough to withstand the tremendous woosh as these flying saucers take off and accelerate up into the stratosphere. Maybe they should take a look in the Congo, or Sierra Leone? I believe it would be easy to hide Nazis within those populations, no? What do you think bobd76??

    Clearly, the post-Weimar and pre-1945 Germans (ooops, I mean the ‘Nazis’) were a superior race, otherwise, why else would they be selected for special assistance from our Alien friends? Had those Aliens visited Berlin just 2 years earlier then the Third Reich would surely have prevailed, and Jew Yawk City would long ago have been turned into a pile of rubble. And deservedly so.

    Even the Aliens know exactly who the guilty ones truly are.

  23. Truthseeker November 24, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    well it looks like we just bought a little more time – check this out

  24. Eli November 25, 2013 at 5:19 am

    Very astute Matt Crawford.I agree with you.There is an underlying Feminist agenda along with an anti-white bias in almost all modern movies and television shows.
    You only need ask yourself the question of who controls the media.( Hint: most of them like Israel).

  25. bobd76 November 26, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    To Anglo Saxon,
    Where do I begin with this?
    I do not blame the Nazis for 9/11, look to the Illuminati for that one.
    There are factions fighting for supremacy within the Illuminati, I do not know where the Nazis fit in within that hierarchy and power struggle, I do know that only about a third of the German people were true believers in the party during the war, the rest were going along as German patriots or were living in fear and going along to avoid incurring their wrath. I do find it difficult to admire the Nazi philosophy, even if you wish to believe in Aryan supremacy, do you really think it is a good idea to try and marginalize or eliminate the vast majority of people on Earth? That’s sort of nasty don’t you think?
    I do not think things were “hunky-dory” prior to 1933, however the Nazi philosophy certainly did cause some major problems, or do you think WWII was positive experience for the millions who died between 1938 and 1945?
    The Illuminati have outright told us they want to eliminate 93% of the world’s population, it is literally written in stone in Georgia on the guide stones. That is an attitude that is right in line with National Socialism. Tell me, did you get your invitation to join them in one of their DUMB hidey-holes, or are they lumping you in with the rest of us useless eaters? Still want to defend these assholes?


  26. BADGER BADGERISM November 27, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    Of course it is a setup…they want us to revolt because they have all this secret technology they have been hiding that will supposedly be a surprise and crush us once and for all……..BUT
    That is not how the universe works…how many of their plans have already gone of track, how far behind schedule are they already and why? That’s Right! …EVIL NEVER WINS…..and WE HAVE TO TRY….AND WE WILL….BECAUSE WE HAVE TO!

  27. NoChip4Mw December 3, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Before 911 there were various movies that foretold us 911 had already been planned and paid for. I have noted that with each decade, demonic PTB, are getting more bold at proclaiming ahead of time, just what “they” have in store for us.

    For 40 years, I have watched the tyranny march a little closer, step by step, inch by inch, slowly all the while the average American did not read “Give Me Liberty” or “The End of America” by Naomi Wolf. Every single man, woman and child over the age of 13 should have read at least those two books, should have gone to “Occupy Wall Street,” “Occupy The Federal Reserve, Senate, Congress and White House.

    Only a hundred million strong would have (past tense) meant a possible victory. Only a hundred million out of 350 million should have put down their Harry Potter, Shades of Naughty Grey, Twilight novels, their remote controls, their buying and working to send a message to the “elite” that we are united and not going to work or do what you say any more.

    Before I go further, I was at Occupy Wall Street, two weekends in a row and the number of people that showed up was shamefully paltry.

    I have been to numerous protests and have written, phoned, e-mailed my State Reps and the President to no avail.

    The number of Americans that do not care is sad because it is Nazi Germany all over again, except, this time, it won’t be 12 million but more like nine out of ten Americans.

    And, it’s too late to stop it.

    Our votes no longer count.

    I watched as storm troopers swarmed into private citizen’s homes in Boston…………without Due Process of Law.

    Massive shootings, probably from mind controlled (voice to skull – look that up) sleeper cells and patsies with the end in mind of totally disarming us…………….then the real fun will begin.

    Nobody cared that Bradley Manning was imprisoned for over 1,000 days in solitary confinement and no trial.

    Nobody cared that Edward Snowden had to leave the country and seek asylum because he dared to whistle blow.

    Nobody cared that Michael Hastings was murdered, like countless others because he knew too much.

    Sheep eventually go to slaughter, that is because they are dumb and passive.

    Sheeple is a good and just term for the average American.

    Most Americans are dumb and passive. Those that are awake and aware shoot off their mouths on chat boards but when push comes to shove, I have been at numerous protests and folks, the numbers were not there.

    You were missing.

    When the DHS, CIA, FBI, or one of the other alphabet agencies come to get you and you’re family and you find yourself, outnumbered, outgunned and headed for a FEMA Death Camp, know you have no one to blame but yourself IF you were not along side of me protesting in you’re physical body vs. whining on a blog.

    Short of divine intervention from God our Father, we are screwed, so repent and pray up folks, it’s almost show time.

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