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Say Goodbye to Your Car, House and Your Freedom

Dave Hodges

January 7, 2014

The Common Sense Show

If Satan has an ally in the halls of government, it would be Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is pure evil as it seeks to destroy all property rights, limit private citizen’s ability to grow their own food and it takes away critical resources from the people such as water. Agenda 21 was created by the enemies of humanity and the friends of Satan.

The Price for Opposing Agenda 21

If your name is Stacy Lynne, you know all too well the evils of Agenda 21. Stacy used to fight against the implementation of Agenda 21 in her town of Fort Collins, Colorado. She was very effective in her fight to preserve her community’s personal liberties. She was so effective, that the Agenda 21 forces stole her son without so much of an allegation of wrongdoing. A judge had to be imported to Fort Collins who worked for IMF and World Bank to exact revenge against Stacy and her child for her anti-Agenda 21 activities. Stacy has not seen her son in 15 months, yet her parental rights have never been legally severed. The Agenda 21 forces of Fort Collins, Colorado, are brutal and inhuman.

Kim Fahey of Antelope Valley, CA., liked living off of the grid. He also enjoyed building his own home. He was so good at living off of the grid, that the officials from LA County sentenced him 543 days in jail for code violations. Yes, that’s right, code violations! His neighbors are being forced off of their land in Antelope Valley by Agenda 21 code enforcement SWAT teams.
The people living in 15 counties in Northern California and Southern Oregon are attempting to withdraw from their respective states and form a new state called the State of Jefferson. These citizens are doing so because they can better deal with the abuse coming from federal agencies such as the EPA if they are not under the control of the California and Oregon state governments.

Farmers and ranchers from the area, who have had their water rights awarded to them by the courts over a 100 years ago, are seeing their water disappear through administrative fiat. Benign activities such as hunting, fishing and other outside recreation have all but disappeared under these policies. As a result, the farmers and ranchers in this area are facing financial ruination.

These three cases merely form a microcosm of the abuses being perpetrated all across this country. Nobody can oppose the unconstitutional Agenda 21 without risking the loss of their child, going to jail or losing their property without compensation.

Thank God It’s Not Me

The lyrics to the once popular song, Thank God I’m a Country Boy, no longer applies. In fact, just the opposite appears to be true. It seems that only the rural residents are at risk. Unfortunately, that too is no longer true. If you own property and don’t live in a core inner city with all the crime and pollution, you are at risk for suffering the same kind of plight as Stacy, Kim and the residents of the wannabe State of Jefferson.

A New Plan

If you have seen the two Hunger Games movies, then you understand that the average citizen must be made to live in stack and pack apartments, that they do not own, while they reside inside of eleven mega-cities totaling six million people each in densely populated living conditions. This is not Hollywood fiction, this is happening right now in America.

The real brains behind the unfolding Agenda 21-inspired mass migration from the suburbs to the inner cities is Mike Kruglig and his new group of community advisers, Building One America. Most of you have never heard of Kruglig or Building One America and there is a good reason for their anonymity. If a majority of the American people ever discovered Kruglig’s true intentions for suburban dwelling Americans, they would chase him down the street and string he and his people up from the nearest light pole.

The secretive agenda of Building One America has been mostly achieved by Obama’s appointment of like-minded community activists to his staff. In fact, Kruglig was one of Obama’s original community organizing mentors from the President’s Chicago Southside days. The word stealth applies because of a damning photo depicting Kruglig and Obama meeting at the Whitehouse in 2011 which appeared on the Building One America website. (The photo is displayed above).  However, this type of publicity would not have been good for the swing voters living in America’s suburbs in the 2012 election. Obama’s people had the video scrubbed as well as the search engine links. However, the Breitbart people retained a copy of the picture. This begs the question, if the Building One America plan is so good for America, then why would the Obama people conceal his affiliation with Kruglig and his group of Agenda 21 social engineers?

Kruglig’s Agenda 21 Building One America group proposes the creation of a regional tax-base sharing revenues in which suburban tax money is directly redistributed to nearby cities and economically depressed concentric zones of inner-ring suburbs. Building One America also seeks to move the poor out of cities by imposing mandatory low-income-housing quotas for middle-class suburban developments.

Kruglig’s group also seeks to export the controversial regional tax-base sharing scheme currently in place in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area to the rest of the country. Under this program, a portion of suburban tax money flows into a common regional pot, which is then effectively redistributed to urban, and a few less well-off “inner-ring” suburban municipalities. The Minneapolis-St. Paul area regional government is run by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats (i.e. Commissars) who are out of control. It is critical to know that removing the election process from this Agenda 21 wealth redistribution endeavor was deliberate for reasons that will become obvious.

The Specifics

Kruglik’s group also favors a variety of policies designed to force people out of their cars and force suburbanites, robbed of their own tax money, to relocate into densely populated stack and pack cities.
Among Kruglick’s strategies to separate people from their cars is the Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT). Road pricing for the VMT would be implemented to force drivers out their cars. This will impact all drivers except for the Obama inspired exemption of low income drivers.

The VMT is designed to give favored status to certain groups. These groups represent organizations that want to transfer wealth through the heavy hand of administratively controlled regional government by interfering in the housing, transportation and the land use market place.

This tyranny is also being beta tested in the (San Francisco) Bay area in a project entitled One Bay Area Plan. One Bay Area Plan is a 25 year plan which combines housing, transportation, and Agenda 21 land use policies. The public cover story is that the project is designed to save the planet by reducing greenhouse gases.

The generated revenue, estimated at $15 million per day, would be used to fund further Agenda 21 transportation schemes such as buses, trolleys and light rail in which only a few people presently ride.

This plan also calls for Upzoning which would expand the plan to even more areas in the Bay. This would mean even more requirements for high density housing in cities that do not have their “fair share” of low income people. This will result in more 200 square foot apartments being constructed near public transit lines. It should be noted that New York City Mayor, Commissar Bloomberg, is doing something very similar in New York City in which the construction of any new apartment unit over 500 square feet is being forbidden in some neighborhoods.
This Bay Area Agenda 21 plan also contains a concept referred to as the Communities of Concern (i.e. low income and communities of color) would receive funds from these windfall profits that the region would receive. It appears as if Obama is trying to provoke a race war. Additionally, development fees would be eliminated for affordable (i.e. low income) housing developments, while subsidies would be used for favored activities such as the creation of more micro apartments and the construction of low income housing in the suburbs.

Sadly, the politicians who enact this tyrannical lunacy rarely understand the implications and the overall scheme of their bad political works. What these mental giants understand is that ICLEI, courtesy of our central bank, is throwing huge sums of money at various communities to enact these draconian pieces of legislation.


Your name does not have to be Stacy or Kim and you don’t have to live in Northern California or Southern Oregon to be a victim of this insanity. Agenda 21 is occupying America the same as any foreign army would.

As America is facing the real possibility of civil war and/or World War III, we are witnessing the post-occupation plans of our country through Agenda 21. In case the good guys do lose the upcoming struggle, we best resist how far we are going to let these policies become a part of our community fabric. We need to be at city council meetings, passing out fliers and generally calling attention to the authoritarianism which is quickly engulfing our communities.
One final thought for your consideration, do you think there is a possibility that the Agenda 21 SWAT teams which swoop down upon innocent Americans who are deemed to be code violators, that this is actually a portend for what is going to happen to known political dissidents?

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  1. John Rambo January 7, 2014 at 5:46 am

    I was thinking the other day as I watched 10’s of 1,000’s of losers pour out of a stadium cheering over what a bunch of monkeys just did with a ball … how can we POSSIBLY inform enough sheeple IN TIME ??? We can’t !!? Maybe the only way would be someone with ALOT of $$ mailed carefully worded flyers to every Caucasian household in America. They would need to be brief and explain how we are now “occupied,” and list the top 7 or so alternative news sites. For those patriots with no $$, the best way would be to pass flyers out to the dummies at sports events. After all … THEY are the ones that will be residents at these stadiums / FEMA camps when the dookey hits the fan 🙂

  2. TTS January 7, 2014 at 5:59 am

    They can put us all in tin cans if they want. Their evil glory will be short lived. Remember that we are dealing with some of the dumbest people on the planet here. These people are all inbreds (severe cognition impairment emotionally and mentally), whom in most cases have earned NOTHING in life (including the ivy league diploma), except satan’s respect because of their great capacity to do EVIL.

    To You, O Lord, I lift up my soul. O my God, in You I trust, do let me be ashamed; Do not let my enemies exult over me. Indeed, none of those who wait for you will be ashamed;


  3. John January 7, 2014 at 6:28 am

    The American people are being backed into a corner. They are trying to choke us off at every point. How can these SWAT teams and others like them follow unlawful orders to do what they are doing! What kind of monsters dream up and implement these things! It would be utterly hopeless apart from Our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ! I am a VERY thankful person in this way, = winner when this is all over!

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  5. bobd76 January 7, 2014 at 7:31 am

    I was just wondering, does Mike Bloomberg plan on moving into a 10×30 foot micro apartment now that he is no longer residing in Gracie Mansion? What about the Obamas when they leave the White House? No? These cardboard box style quarters a wee bit too cramped for our betters?
    I think it might behoove these people to remember that when the people of France were pushed too far the Bastille was stormed and the heads of the peoples’ betters rolled. What makes these people think that it can’t happen again here in the USA? Frankly, if the American people become aware that they plan on reviving the use of the guillotine on us, they may just decide to bring back the use of crucifiction on them. I sort like the idea myself. “If I had a hammer…”



  6. iwitness02 January 7, 2014 at 7:33 am

    These swat teams train for all kinds of scenarios, but they are most accustomed to dealing with un armed and compliant citizens. Folks that they catch time and again in this awkward stage between ballots and bullets. The wailing will be heard across the land when they encounter their first lethal resistance from the Norman Rockwell types. Evil has enjoyed continued success for six thousand years. It is no wonder they are so bold. So place your bets folks!
    Satan or Jesus, Evil or Good. Lies or no lies. Law or no law. You decide.
    We are a long ways down the stream of time in God’s ever unfolding Plan. Things are about to change for the better if you enjoy the light. As someone else recently mentioned; there is nothing hid that shall not be revealed. This will give new meaning to the expression “knowledge is power”. People Power. Truth! TRUTH is about to muster her forces as the Lord’s Great Army.
    Place your bets ladies and gentlemen. Oh, this is a global army by the way. We will meet evil head on, face to face. Only this time we have backup.
    Thank you Dave for all your time and effort.

  7. WeepForUs January 7, 2014 at 7:40 am

    I think that it is about time that we patriots, constitutionalists, freedom and liberty lovers start making our own list. If Evil can do it so can Good. It is time to name names. We know politicians will be on this list but look to your local communities. It is vitally important to call out the evil-minded authoritarians who continue to regulate and enslave us with their decisions. These names would be the judges, lawyers, bureaucrats, law enforcement, school admin, media etc. who have literally spit on our Constitution with their decisions. Put these names on paper. Print them out. I know times are tough but if each one of us could print out 20 pages with these names on each page, what a start that could be. Start circulating them at your community centers, court houses, schools, media centers etc. Drop them in mailboxes. Shove them between your local newspapers and flyers. Get my drift. It starts small and anyone can do it. It’s better than lying down in front of a tank. We are already in a tactical guerrilla war, and we are losing. Someimes the pen is mightier than the sword. A fight is what they deserve no less.

  8. KP24 January 7, 2014 at 8:02 am

    Still waiting, still waiting still waiting….I guess we are all just sitting here waiting for something to happen so we can say “I told you so”.

    These nuisance teams……….have you seent he properties of some of these trashy people….yeah they don’t have a lot and some live 10 miles from the nearest neighbor, but really trashy.

    And by the way Dave, do your research on the real reason…Antelope gov. valley has stuff planned for these areas and thus the reason to remove the people…has nothing to do with agenda 21..tell the whole truth not part of it….


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  10. Missy January 7, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Here in Southern Louisiana they are doing the same thing. They are trying to revamp downtown Lafayette, it is filled with homeless, drugs, and thieves. They hired a new Downtown area commissioner who stated that they would be building new apartments, that are small and affordable, and he said why do people need big kitchens when they have restaurants to eat at! Agenda 21 is everywhere and we have to fight it locally. Satan has his thugs in every city government in every state. We bought rural property, the biggest town in the Parish only has 13,000 people. I worked in this Parish for 2 1/2 years and I really liked the people, they were down home and nice. Well after purchasing the property we have learned that all the “elected” officials, including the Sheriff are all masons, all the big attorneys all of them. So the property will sit, we will be looking elsewhere to get rural property. Just a side note, I had went to an Estate sale about a year ago, the deceased person was a highly decorated retired Louisiana State Trooper. I was in the Master Bedroom of the big house looking at the items for sale, and I came across this small book ( I Love Books). So I opened it and WHOA! It was thanking him and his wife for all they had done to further the agenda, and it was her welcome present into the Eastern Star Society, all with the pentagram, and the book was full of ceremonies, omens, spells, etc. They were also masons (Satanists). Looking back I should of bought the book, I think they are hard to get unless you are in, but it freaked me out so bad I threw it down and got out as soon as I could!

    So anyway, fight these Satanists, you may lose some battles, but Christians win the war, I read the end of the book!! We are Christ’s hands and feet to shine forth light in a dark and dying world! Stay in the Word, Pray and take action.

  11. Uzziel January 7, 2014 at 8:14 am

    So… be brutal and inhuman back: visit violence upon those who visit violence upon you.

    This isn’t rocket science!

  12. Scott January 7, 2014 at 8:46 am

    Our common willingness to allow ourselves to be “dumbed down” by inadequate education, combined with an unwillingness to take action to control our “public servants” has led us to the current state of affairs.
    We … Not “they” have created the conditions that allow our society to move in the current direction.
    It’s like a “bad meal” . We cooked it and now must eat it.
    The fools who idolize football players, despise smart people, and are actually expecting to “win the lottery”, are getting exactly what they have earned.

  13. David January 7, 2014 at 8:51 am

    Back in the late 60’s, early 70’s when my family lived in Hawaii my mother became interested in politics and global affairs. She talked about things like the “Council on Foreign Relations” and “The Bilderberg Group” and “The Club of Rome”. At the time I didn’t really pay that much attention because I was more interested in girls and surfing. As time went by however I became interested. Back in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s all that kind of talk of one world government and global governance was considered fringe and only discussed by “conspiracy theorists”. My mom died in 2002 and today my brother and I marvel at her prescience because she was spot on with her analysis.

    I was taught early on in life to be skeptical. My mantra is – “I believe none of what I hear and half of what I see”. This has served my well because knowing the truth requires the development of critical thinking skills. When I read about something I don’t take someones word on it, I validate the information through multiple credible sources. When it comes to Agenda 21 I was skeptical. And then I read, researched and studied. I went right to the UN’s documents and looked at them. Guess what Dave, you are absolutely correct about it. 100% correct. My brother and I have been talking about Agenda 21 now for five years.

    I dropped out of corporate America 4 years ago after spending 25 years in healthcare software and have ridden a bicycle across the country twice now. Along the way I’ve seen Agenda 21 in action. From the farmers and ranchers in Montana, Wyoming and Kansas to mid sized and larger cities Agenda 21 is being implemented nationwide. In some places it’s nuanced with buzzwords like “sustainability” and “green”. In other cases it’s a blunt instrument of control where farmers and ranchers can’t access water. It’s very real and very troubling to witness it in person.

    I’m all for taking care of natural resources and believe that we should be good stewards. However, looking at Agenda 21 closely I have determined that the real reason it is being implemented is not conservation, it’s about control and wealth consolidation. One only has to look at how Al Gore has capitalized on “global warming” to see the real motives of those in the so called green movement. The people that have been seeking global dominance for decades are using Agenda 21 as a means of achieving their objectives.

  14. lori January 7, 2014 at 9:04 am

    Forwarned is forarmed. I want to thank everyone who has faced this misery and who has not been afraid to speak out. Thank you for having principles and integrity and for being an example.
    Here are some cities and counties dumping ICLEI! Keep up the pressure people. I quit a finance job (brokerage turned mortgage loan broker) in 2002 ish as the underwriting guidelines were obviously too easy and how some brokerages pass off bad stock to clients is illegal. It’s not easy living a principled life but we must always strive to do what is right.

  15. lori January 7, 2014 at 9:12 am


    I forgot the link in my post above.

  16. laura m. January 7, 2014 at 9:45 am

    Revolution is coming as people are being pushed to the limit, please please everyone, read this article taken from: Alt-Market.com article dated Dec 29th: When revolution comes, what is your logistics plan. This applies to all patriots. The 300 sq ft apt above is too small even for one person. I have lived in a 600 sq foot place, but that was in the 70’s when people didn’t have all the stuff they have now, to incl items for emergencies/melt down situations, etc. way more clothing, electronics. But I can see one person living in 600-800 sq ft that is a minimalist like me and hates cleaning; couples maybe 1200 sq ft. if they choose to downsize. Politicians think they are exempt when ag 21 goes full force and they are bought off by promoting it. Martial law would implement ag 21 and take it all/bank shut downs, etc.

  17. Advanced Living Project January 7, 2014 at 9:49 am

    As I see it, the only way to stop this from happening is to be brave enough to NOT COMPLY. If enough individuals learned to give up the fear, these things can be stopped. Of course, it helps if you live in a place where you are “allowed” to live naturally. There are still some places like that. See fightingwithwater.com

    Advaced Living Project

  18. Kim Fahey January 7, 2014 at 10:29 am

    ….Sure, I had plenty of neighbors who had less then steller homes. I could care less. What they do on their property, as long as not a danger to the general public, is their business. Plus, if you need dozer parts or odd building material, easy trading….Now, lets get down to the more insidious ways to implement removing people from a landscape. What’s the easiest way? Why, don’t let them move there in the first place. How to accomplish this? Lets take a hypothetical scenario: Your a young couple who wants a place in the county. If you want to do your own thing, you need raw land. Cut to the chase. In the city its ‘location, location, location’. Swell. In the country? ‘Water, water, water’. Since 90% of the Antelope Valley is WELL water, your going to need one with no city water available. City folk have no idea. I have various parcels I could of sold a hundred times to naive people from the city. With ten kid and fifteen grand kids I just can’t do it. Ruining someone life for a buck. How’s that? In L.A. County you have to have a well that produces 3 gallons a minute on a gauged calibrator for 24 hours constant or NO BUILDING PERMIT. Do city folk know this? No. Will the county tell them? No. The county wants its fees: Lets start a check list shall we! Cost of two and a half acres (l Most areas its a 2 and a half acre minimum for density laws ) In a nicer area such as Acton where I use to live or Aqua Dulce, at least $120,000. Empty land. Raw. To get a loan to build you have to own this parcel outright and clear. Next, apply for a building permit. Remember, no one has told you a bout the water deal. Yet. THEY WANT THEIR DOUGH. Permit, $5,000 or up depending on the square foot, environmental impact, etc. Next, various fees for run off perks tests, rain run off routes, impacts to existing neighbors or fields. About ten of these. Most have to be performed with the appropriate permits. Another $20,000. Have a house yet? Nope. Get ready to not have one for at least two years even if all goes smoothly. I can guarantee it wont. You have now performed all of the above. You even paid $15,000 for engineered plans for your most likely 1,800 square foot house. If larger, $40,000 and up. Pre fab or Modular. Kill yourself now. They aren’t considered real homes by L.A. County. Try adding a room or deck later. Next, your informed about your need for a water source. Some have actually thought water was running by their land in a pipe. Oh man, do locals have fun laughing over these folk. Pull the fee’s to drill a well. Before drilling you have to have an OK by the Dept. of Health. Also, have your place ‘witched’ to find out if you even have any water. Ever drive to Vegas and wonder about all the empty spaces. NO WATER. Your Navajo witcher finds a great source. Can you drill there? Hell no. You drill where the inspector says you can. Problems? Too close to a neighbors septic/fence line/driveway/ocean run off course ( Thank Bush for this one ) You end up able to drill at the back end of your place. Maybe you bought fifty acres. Get ready to pay to have a road engineered for your DRILLING RIG…..If you want the rest, I’ll gladly fill in the dots. A well can cost MORE THEN YOUR LAND AND HOME. That’s why, Mr. Lookdown on the poor and dirty, they don’t have nicer places. Gee, how would I know? Drilled at least 100 wells in five states my friend…..

  19. el republico es morte January 7, 2014 at 10:31 am

    I zoomed the thumbnail of the micro apt. interior view above, and I have to say that is too dinky to live in long term- if the tenant sneezed she’d knock the pictures off the wall. It’s really no bigger than a large storage closet. It would not meet local codes here, and they would never pass a construction permit, but then I see how “green” we are turning around here and I realize, this too can change, please take note everyone, just because it isn’t code doesn’t matter because the code is theirs, and they can change it without notice or discussion at any meeting open to the public. Also, do you realize, these floor plans could fit inside those ocean going cargo containers? How would you like living in one people, stacked one ontop of another in large blocks. Dave, could you provide some insight into the psychological effects on a human being from long-term crowding/ lack of privacy? I know it can’t be good.

  20. WeepForUs January 7, 2014 at 10:36 am

    In response to KP24. Who cares if these places look like “trash” as that’s none of your business. Do you look like “trash”? Or are you another narcissistic sociopath like the one in the White House? Wake up and pay attention as you may just get to live in a free society again.

  21. Joe January 7, 2014 at 10:44 am

    Allodial title, ALL land in the USA is under land patent, “perfect title” to your land and tell the UN, US, the County to piss off, you have the LAW on your side. Check with: teamlaw.org for further info.

  22. DE January 7, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Just come to Texas. Just this morning I received an ad for property in Southwest Texas. 20 acre to 200 acre tracts. $7500 cash price for 20 acres. Pretty area surrounded by hills. Solar and wind power and wells and septic would be needed. You can subdivide and sell, hunt, do whatever. 80 degrees average high in the summer. Texas is full of land just waiting to be bought.

    I’m tempted to snag 20 acres if only to get some fiat money into something tangible.

  23. jim January 7, 2014 at 10:57 am

    I love these micro homes! cheaper property,lower costs,all that! Snowbirds live in an RV,whats different??

  24. Cindylu January 7, 2014 at 11:01 am

    So much for the American dream! This is a nightmare! I don’t want to lose my home or my car. I don’t want to live in a cubicle. I don’t want neighbors. I don’t like the city. I need a lot of space and I love my garden. Perhaps a solution would be to get involved in local government to try and influence what happens on the local level. At least that would be a platform to try to influence people to come over from the dark side.

  25. ARNOLD WYSOCKI January 7, 2014 at 11:01 am

    I don’t know all the facts of the 3 cases in the section, “The Price of Opposing Agenda 21”. But, I’ve seen and experienced this type of abuse of power before. Usually it’s a well intended law or ordinance that’s bent, twisted and exploited by corrupt individuals and politicians for their personal gain. Stacy Lynne could be the victim of a law intended to protect children from neglect and abuse used by corrupt persons to silence her. Did the community she was trying to help, want her help? If yes, why don’t they help her? Kim Fahey most likely is the victim of zoning or land use law. When that law was debated and enacted, why didn’t Fahey and others like him lobby to be grandfathered in? The State of Jefferson water matter. If those have a court order – decision giving them water rights, they need to defend that order. 1st by being certain they didn’t violate it. 2nd by filing for a restraining order to stop any interference with the water right. 3rd open talks with whoever wants to take their water rights and reach an agreement. Some agreement possibilities could be: 1) Say no to any release – lose of their water rights; 2) Sell all or some portion of their water rights. But, do the water right legal research and prepare for a hell of a court fight. All of the above have 2 other choices: 1) Do nothing but complain; 2) Get mad, get violent, get arrested, tried, convicted, and in prison. Choose wisely!!!
    Call it whatever you want, but WE as a people and nation are heading for a crash that others have said will make the 1930’s look like a stroll thru the park. WE can continue to individually bitch, complain, accuse and accomplish nothing. OR, WE, the People can and prepare to survive the crash and aftermath, and plan and act to put our country and economy back on track.
    Religious people have a expression I like. “God helps those who help themselves.” Themselves is us, We the People. We the People, have 3 choices: 1) Do nothing; 2) Use the ballot; 3) Use the bullet. Understand, if you use the bullet option, when your finished with all the killing, wounding, suffering, and destruction, you’ll most likely have a dictator, a hell of a mess, and not the ballot option. Choose wisely!!!

  26. SP January 7, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    If you are not already aware, you may want to interview Rosa Koire. She has been speaking out nationally on Agenda 21 and is the author of a book entitled “Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21”.
    There are several videos of her talks on YouTube and she has a couple of websites that might be of further interest to you and your followers. Here are the links:




  27. Lee January 7, 2014 at 1:11 pm
  28. ixthuslover January 7, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    I like weepforus and Ussiel’s comments about what WE can do before they do it to us. After gathering all the names, especially of the political, ruling class, as soon as martial law is declared, THAT DAY, visit our wrath upon them. Take them out permanently. When 200-300 of the top political masters of your state and federal reps are gone missing, they will have to change their plans to deal with us. During the time they are re-grouping, take out another 1000 or so. Maybe some this will cause some law enforcement types will think twice about enforcing unjust laws. But even if it doesn’t, lock and load and let the games begin. From this day, TODAY, never go anywhere with a federal officer. It will be better to die on your front porch for resisting than to suffer in their camps.

  29. response to KP24 January 7, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    I agree with Dave’s response. If you know so much, you still have the freedom to send this intelligence or is your response just filled with hot air. I will assume the second.
    I have the belief that all attacks will start in the country and move toward the cities. They already have most of the idiots living in boxes either stacked side by side or on-top of each other. This makes it very easy to control them as the only thing they have to do is limit their food, elec. water. etc. So look to the Lord for guidance and be ready for the attack. Do not let yourself or your family be forced into the trains/buses that will take you to their city of doom.

  30. JERRY January 7, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    You people crack me up.

    I told everyone I could think of that this was coming 60 years ago.

    Why? everyone wanted to know?

    Because they have been practicing this crap on non-melanin challenged beaten down people for 500 years and soon they will move on up to the privileged … you of the exceptional class.

    Oh, no, was the response, we are doing it to the “others” and we are too strong and too smart to take the crap that we dish out.

    Guess what guys and gals … it’s your turn!

    Want to change the system?

    Get AIM and the Panthers out of prison and adopt their programs.

    For the Melanin challenged among you, AIM is the American Indian Movement and the Panthers are The Black Panthers For Self Defense (not that CIA/FBI sponsored New Black Panther Party).

  31. alisaj January 7, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    If memory serves me correctly, didn’t they try something like that in the 1960’s called Pruitt-igoe? We see how that turned out for them:)

  32. light January 7, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    Maybe Satan is not the one doing this to us. Maybe it is the jewish/christian elite.
    Hex them.

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  34. John Rambo asks: “How can we POSSIBLY inform enough sheeple IN TIME ?, /concluding/, the only way would be /for/ someone with A LOT of $$ /to/ mail carefully worded flyers to every Caucasian household in America. They would need to be brief and explain how we are now ‘occupied,’ and list the top 7 or so alternative news sites.“

    Unfortunately, John, that wouldn’t work. However, on numerous occasions Dave has touched on the solution when describing his own experience. In yesterday’s post he again recalled:

    “Beginning in 2003, my rural community was targeted by our state and local politicians as they passed legislation to ‘restrict’ our property rights. Restrict was a nice term for ‘get off of your land, we have a better use for it and we are not paying you’. My community was told that we were in the way of the operations of Luke AFB, 30 miles to the south. The planes coming out of Luke had to fly over a quarter of a million people to reach my rural community, so we knew that was not the case. We subsequently found that three other Arizona communities were having similar restrictions in which the residents were told that if you have storm damage or a fire, you could not rebuild and we would be forced off of our land. This was de facto eminent domain utilizing an illegal practice called inverse condemnation. As I was pouring over maps one late night, I discovered that all of the besieged property owners lived near or on a planned CANAMEX Highway.”

    As Dave discovered, with rare exceptions, we humans never become aware of mounting threats to our communities until-and-unless we begin to feel them personally.

    That was clearly true of this country’s “founding fathers.” Only when England’s policies started doing grave injury to the colonial elites did Washington, Jefferson, et. al. decide upon the necessity of a revolution. Moreover, they saw no need for that revolution to go a whit further than protecting their interests required.

    Shay’s Rebellion broke out a decade after the revolution when small farmer’s in Western Massachusetts began having their land and homes expropriated to pay for it without diminishing the growing wealth of the colonial elites. Jefferson’s response to the rebellion was the most sympathetic. “Their motives”, he observed, “were founded in ignorance, not wickedness.” In other words, the rebels simply don’t understand what’s in their own best interest.

    To sum the point being made: with rare exceptions (Christ and Che Guevara?), we humans never call “true” ideas which will injure our own economic and social interests if we act upon them as valid.

    Even old Karl Marx was no exception to this rule. Marx was a native of the Rhineland, which was conquered by Napoleon’s army in 1795 and remained under French authority until three years before Marx’s birth. The revolution of 1789 had broken the feudal order in France, and, as a result, Rhineland’s industrialists and financiers had gained strength. Tensions between their interests and those of the Prussian feudal-elites rapidly intensified after Prussia annexed the Rhineland in 1815, and those tensions were part of Marx’s everyday experience during his formative years. Marx was 22 and working on his doctorate of philosophy at the University of Berlin when Frederick Wilhelm IV acceded to the Prussian throne in 1840, and, like many of his colleagues, he was a member of the Hegelian Left, contenting himself with posing reformist arguments against defenders of Prussia’s collapsing feudal structure.

    Then in 1841, Prussia’s Minister of Education suddenly attacked the Hegelian Left, expelled Bruno Bauer from his university post and shut the door to an academic career against Marx and other anti-feudalists. Et voila! In January 1842, shortly after the elimination of his prospects for an academic post, Marx wrote his first article, entitled: “Comments on the Latest Prussian Censorship Instructions.” Not surprisingly, his essay was directed against this particular manifestation of the growing feudal oppression. Later that same year Marx began writing for, then assumed editorship of, the Rheinische Zeitung, an anti-feudal/pro-industrial newspaper which was not just the voice of, but financed by, the Rhineland’s leading capitalists.

    So, I think we can confidently predict that Americans in general will assist in, quietly observe, or join the fight against the on-coming repression, depending upon which course best protects their own immediate interests.

    Being an optimist, I believe growing numbers will soon begin to feel the blade of fascism and become open to the arguments and analyses presented by Dave, Brandon Smith, Alex Jones, Sibel Edmonds and others. But labeling them ignorant or stupid won’t hasten that inevitable material process.

  35. NW Native January 7, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    I am sending this to the readers of The Common Sense Show, to show that if you file, or receive any “benefit” whatsoever from the Federal Government (the municipal corporation of the District of Columbia) you have entered into a contract with same, and are considered a corporate straw-man and have forfeited your Constitutional rights as a former sovereign Citizen of one the States United.

    Read this article carefully from the Gun Owners of America. (Paragraph 7)
    I Don’t think even the GOA really understands the ramifications of the fraud committed on the American people.

    Gun Owners of America
    Obama Proposes Massive Gun Ban by Regulation Fiat

    GOA prepares legislation to block implementation

    In a “Friday media dump” designed to conceal its actions by releasing them after the press has left town, the Obama administration last week announced its intention to push two regulations which would massively expand the federal gun bans imposed on Americans.


    The first proposal — from HHS — would effectively say that federal health privacy laws (HIPAA) do not apply to the Second Amendment.

    This isn’t the first time Obama has stuck his leering eyeballs into Americans’ medical records and private affairs. From its Orwellian government database on Americans’ health records to its voracious seizure of Americans’ phone records, the Obama administration can’t trample our personal privacy fast enough.

    But HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ efforts to turn over personal mental health information to the government’s gun ban blacklist (NICS) is particularly loathsome.

    Not to be outdone in the Sebelius/Holder “Mutt and Jeff act,” Attorney General Eric Holder — currently being pursued for contempt of Congress — intends to seize guns from persons subject to “outpatient commitments (even without a court order) (and) … someone (deemed by some bureaucrat to be) lacking mental responsibility or deemed insane…”

    More than 150,000 law-abiding veterans have already lost their constitutional rights — with no due process whatsoever — because they consulted a VA therapist about a traumatic incident in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Balkans.

    Under these new regulations, tens of millions of police and firemen with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — or people who, as kids, were diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder — could lose their constitutional rights without any court order, merely because they sought a benefit under a federal program.

    And you want to know the hidden agenda behind DOJ’s “commitment” language? We have a member in a rabidly anti-gun state. Many years ago, he was picked up by police and, without the approval of any court, sent to a mental facility overnight for “observation.” The mental facility found no mental problems and promptly released him.

    However, many years later, as a result of that state’s anti-gun crackdown (which Holder is now trying to emulate), his name has been sent to the NICS system. He has lost his constitutional rights, and it will cost him tens of thousands of dollars (which he does not have) to get them back.

    We believe this is unlawful under current law. But it will probably not be unlawful by the end of Holder’s regulatory proceedings.

    What does Sebelius have to say about this? Well, she is surprisingly flip: “There is a strong public safety need for this information to be accessible to the NICS, and some states are currently under-reporting or not reporting certain information to the NICS at all.”

    And this from the White House: “…when persons with a mental illness do not receive the treatment they need, the result can be tragedies such as homicide or suicide.”

    But herein lies the problem: When Americans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder realize that nothing they say to their therapist is really confidential, they’re not going to be seeking treatment for very long.

    But there’s an even more fundamental problem: Last winter, Barack Obama decided that he would devote the first half of 2013 to the destruction of what he and his supporters characterized as “the gun manufacturers’ lobby.” Tens of millions of Americans let their senators and representatives know that they found Obama’s views and Obama’s legislation to be odious and offensive. As a result, it was rejected in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

    So now, as has happened so many times before, Obama has set himself “above the law.” What could not be done using constitutional processes is now being slammed through by regulatory fiat.

    The Justice Department and HHS regulations will now be submitted for “public comment and review.” But, as with everything else Holder and Sebelius do, this is little more than a sham.

    Rather, our efforts will be to get Congress to defund these unconstitutional efforts. And we will start by submitting proposed legislation to friendly senators and representatives.

    ACTION: Click here to contact your senators and representative. Ask them to cosponsor and support legislation which will block Barack Obama’s unconstitutional gun bans.
    Please do not reply directly to this message, as your reply will bounce back as undeliverable.
    Please forward this e-mail to friends and family
    Gun Owners of America
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102
    Springfield, VA 22151 703-321-8585
    Contact Form
    If this alert was forwarded to you, you can subscribe to receive alerts directly by clicking here.

  36. […] of an allegation of wrongdoing. A judge had to be imported to Fort Collins who worked for IMF and World Bank to exact revenge against Stacy and her child for her anti-Agenda 21 activities. Stacy has not seen […]

  37. Chinaempress January 7, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    “If Satan has an ally in the halls of government, it would be Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is pure evil as it seeks to destroy all property rights, limit private citizen’s ability to grow their own food and it takes away critical resources from the people such as water. Agenda 21 was created by the enemies of humanity and the friends of Satan.”

    Some say the East (Asian societies and others) is not on board with the Cabal trying to gain control of the world and their associated agenda (which includes depopulation down towards 500M). True or not true?

    • EASTERN SECRET SOCIETIES VS THE ILLUMINATI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8vI4TX5OPk
    The son of a Canadian diplomat, Benjamin Fulford rebelled against his upbringing and at the age of 17 made his way by boat into the heart of the Amazon to live with a tribe of former cannibals. Continuing to seek answers and better understand Western society, he spent time in a self-sufficient community in Argentina before heading to attend university in Japan.
    Principled, brave, and still a diehard idealist after all these years, he resigned as Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine after investigating a scandal which the editor refused to report. As he researched global affairs further in his own time, he uncovered for himself the complex web which is global financial control at the hands of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds – and also the existence of racially targeted bioweapons such as SARS.

    It was these plans for global depopulation that upset some important and powerful factions in Japan, Taiwan and China. After being approached by a real-life, present-day Ninja, matters came to a head in 2007 when Benjamin became the first Westerner for 500 years to be admitted into the ranks of the Eastern Secret Societies, a vast group with six million members. Acting as their spokesman, he stepped up to the plate to deliver a simple message to the Illuminati:
    “Recognize that your time is over, step down without a fight, and allow the world to thrive as it should – or face the consequences from up to 100,000 professional assassins for whom no love is lost towards the self-styled ruling elite of the planet.”

    • Chinese Mafia destroy Illuminati – Interview with D. Rockefeller – Benjamin Fulford http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW4p9N2Ocs8
    • UNDERGROUND BASES NUKED!!! David Wilcock September 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwnyibwlIbA Uploaded on Oct 30, 2011 (discusses DUMBE installations nuked along with Fukushima)

  38. TTS January 7, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    KP24 said: “Still waiting, still waiting still waiting….I guess we are all just sitting here waiting for something to happen so we can say “I told you so”.

    These nuisance teams……….have you seent he properties of some of these trashy people….yeah they don’t have a lot and some live 10 miles from the nearest neighbor, but really trashy.”

    Spoken in very good narcissism language. Your comment about the “trashy” people pretty much seals the deal for me. Sounds like YOU have a need to always be right. Do not count Mr. Hodges and the rest of the posters here in that category.

    May the God of Abraham be with you all.

  39. Chinaempress January 7, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    a few more links:

    • Benjamin Fulford’s Urgent Message To All !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CCm6YSJltM (re: Cabal trying to dominate world nations)

    • Karen Hudes and Benjamin Fulford – 9/19/2013 – Audio Fixed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcfrnuT9Hx8
    Published on Nov 10, 2013 Thanks to Benjamin for allowing this interview to be disseminated. This is the hard-to-get video of his interview with Karen Hudes of the World Bank on topics including the impending global financial restructuring, where the power exists currently, who can and cannot likely be trusted. She does reveal that we HAVE been (I repeat, have been) at the edge of a world war and possible mass genocidal event in recent months. However, she expresses conviction that world leaders in favor of peace are very near ready to act against our enemies.

    • Whistle BLOWER- Secret Plot to NUKE parts of the USA Exposed/ coming collapse… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iemedJ6RVnk Karen Hudes of World Bank talks about various corruption at top of various levers of power…

    • MILITARY ACTIONS MOVEMENTS ACROSS AMERICA 2013! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7FXSEhgjoE Military officers fired; martial law?

  40. Peter January 7, 2014 at 11:09 pm

    This is one of the big problem in the US and the world.

  41. Beth January 7, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    It’s time to think about bugging out Dave! Maybe Mexico…a friend of mine just moved out of San Fran as she was frustrated with the noise of construction projects where they are building 300 sq ft apartments. By the way, I have a few military friends, and the consensus is that upwards of 90% dislike the policies of the current administration. And they pointed out that their absentee ballots never made it, therefore, never counted. The military is on the side of the people…it’s time the people March on the Capital May 16th, to show Congress who they should fear!

  42. RKae January 8, 2014 at 1:54 am

    That floor plan of the Agenda 21 micro apartment looks damned similar to the dungeon that Josef Fritzl built to contain his captive daughter and his secret, incestuously-created family.

    …And now we’ll ALL get to live like the prisoners of a madman!

  43. Chinaempress January 8, 2014 at 7:38 am

    There’s numerous youtubes on this topic with graphics to go along with this article. but here is one.
    • Agenda 21 The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MQlIpJ2lmM
    Published on Aug 31, 2013 NASA Warfare Document From NASA Website
    http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rc… Links Mirrored from and Links here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igz2mP

  44. […] of an allegation of wrongdoing. A judge had to be imported to Fort Collins who worked for IMF and World Bank to exact revenge against Stacy and her child for her anti-Agenda 21 activities. Stacy has not seen […]

  45. The Revealing January 8, 2014 at 10:17 am

    Apparently, within the minds of some members of the ruling class bloodline, these view Agenda 21 as the answer to, not only controlling the human population explosion, but to lower carbon emissions, not realizing that the coming Realm Border Crossing will, not only create (again, as did the time of Atlantis when earth’s population was same as is today) a culling effect of all physical life forms on planet earth, but also an end to ruling class control over the creation residing within the earth’s physical realms of consciousness. Call the ruling class the Illuminati, demons, devils, Satan, Sons of Biel, Draconian or whatever you wish, but the social memory complex Lucifer is just doing its job to help us see the errors of our ways. They require a fear-based negative harvest, and they are most grateful for our aid; http://www.focusonrecovery.net

  46. […] by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show: […]

  47. PoorButterfly January 8, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    chinaempress, I’m sorry to rain on your parade, but Benjamin Fulfored is an Atonist, and a very successfully-exposed traitor to humanity. He is not on the side of freedom lovers.

  48. Serf January 8, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    As long as I can sit in my pen and play video games, smoke dope and collect a redistribution welfare check from dear leader.

  49. mick January 8, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    Its not funny, but that 10×30 is actually a tab more room then what my RV space is. I am on 10 acres in the country with friends who have a few spots set up for RV’s. I am doing survival training. I can say its not for everyone. It will be 2 years at the end of this month. The wife did real good. But I just rented a place this month so she can stretch her legs for a few. I have had a few folks who have been incarcerated comment that I have a lot more room then they had had for the time they had done. Plus I can go in and out at anytime. So maybe it comes down to living or just existing?

  50. ANON January 9, 2014 at 12:09 am


    Ian Wishart, author of TOTALITARIA, A MUST LISTEN !!! 18 December 2013 Show – C2C

    Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate Power

  51. Heinrich Mueller January 9, 2014 at 6:56 am

    Couldn’t stop shootin’ when I first took hold.
    It was a warm spring night at the ole town hall.
    A group called ‘We the People,’ they were layin’ it down.
    Don’t you know I’m never gonna miss that Monkey around.
    Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    Lordy Mama light the fuse. (Light the fuse)
    Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    Drop one now and spread the news.
    Media starts buzzin’ bout this time of fear.
    I’m goin’ round back to get my gear.
    We were shootin’ from the grass that grows behind the barn.
    When my ears started ringing like a fire alarm.
    Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    Lordy mama, light the fuse. (Light the fuse)
    Lock and Load Hoochie Koo, (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    Drop one now and spread the news
    Did someone say “ keep on poppin’’
    Hope you all know what I’m talkin’ about.
    The way they wiggle that trigger, really knocks me out.
    Getting by all the time, hope you all are too.
    C’mon little closer gonna do it to you.
    Lock and Load Hoochie Koo (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    Lordy Mama light the fuse. (Light the fuse)
    Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    Drop one now and spread the news.
    Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)

    Lordy Mama light the fuse. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    Lock and Load Hoocie Koo (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    My guns out spreadin’ the news (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    That I getting tired of paying dues. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    Done said goodbye to all the screws. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
    Lordy Mama light the fuse.

  52. shieena January 9, 2014 at 7:19 am

    has anyone ever looked at the agenda 21 housing that was built after Hurricane Katrina? the entire Golf was forced into a gender 21 housing they were not allowed to rebuild. If you want to have a real life example someone needs to go look at what I’m talking about.

  53. bladecrimson January 9, 2014 at 7:19 am

    In 1913 a foreign group illegally seized control of the United States money and later stole it’s gold and silver. They called themselves the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve Act is an act of treason yet, nobody challenged it, the current defenders of freedom at the times between 1913 and 1980, the U.S. citizens never moved to do something about it. And as a result the United States sits on a precipice! Agenda 21 is the consequence for inaction, because all evil needs to succeed is that good people do nothing, and nothing they did do, so I don’t know if the good is applicable now. Now as all these feeble old bastards die off and wait to die, that sat by and watched the country be murdered, who is more accountable, them or the soulless that got a free pass?

  54. jon westerfield January 9, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    I love agenda 21! Stop the over development of the rural areas. Some asshole thinks he needs a giant house in the middle of what was once productive agricultural land or a wooded area that once gave a sense of country to the small rural communities and some greedy developer appears like the Devil himself.

    I live in an area now that is undergoing the cookie cutter housing development hell that is eating up rural farmland. It disgusts me that certain americans think they deserve or need thousands of square feet of housing piled on top of five hundred others that mirror their own.

    Talk about keeping up with the Jones’s. Most of these developments resemble soviet style indiscriminate block housing. Same floor plans, same exterior colors, same patch of transplanted grass. If the house numbers were shuffled no one would be able to find their own home.

    People are a plague upon the land. Stack them and pack them and let nature restore itself. The best thing to come out of the Chernobyl disaster was the displacement of the human population and the restoration of the forested areas. americans are the most wasteful and destructive society on the face of the earth and nobody needs excessive amounts of “personal” property for their own vanity.

    One the subject of home gardening, the urban population that remains in Detroit is making the most out of the opportunity to home garden and raise fresh poultry that they in turn sell to local markets and restaurants as well as to their own neighbors.

    If any local government or state or federal attempts to road block the ability of the people to feed themselves thru code violation then it is up to the populace in mass to protest to the point that the governing officials back off.

    But to spin nightmare scenarios to the uninformed and particularly those who think they have the right to destroy and build and amass obscene wealth from doing so all for the building of monuments for the vanity of the few is neither a fundamental right nor good stewardship of the land.

    I am all for population reduction and fencing in the herd to prevent their destructive spread to rural America just so they can live in a identical McMansion next to their self absorbed neighbor.


  55. Jeff January 10, 2014 at 8:37 am

    The people who take the kids, or do other acts like this are mortal. They have homes they go to and they have families. I think that it is high time we implement “an eye for an eye” strategy folks. ONLY when these evil SOBs experience for themselves and their families what they do to others will this stop.
    We also have many in the military who are opposed to the Globalists. We know where their City of London is and we know that they go to work. Hmmmmmm
    I wonder what it would take to make the city of London simply VANISH? We have the technology and it is I’ve to use what we have, at every level of the continuum.
    I abhore harming thers. That being said, there is nothing that will stop these people unless we get rid of them.

  56. Steven R January 10, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Personally, I could live in a smallish home, and own a car smaller than the mid-sized hatchback than I have now.., because if it saves me money in these tough times, I’m all for it. It would be my own choice.

    However.., HOWEVER; I LOVE the fact that other people own large, comfortable, sprawling homes (with swimming pools – yes!); and that they have large, magnificent cars – You can’t beat a ’59 Oldsmobile for looking impressive. I like the fact that these things exist out there. There’s nothing wrong with the populuxe fantasy.
    Plus enough land for homeowners to have a decent garden, a few trees and ‘poultry’ (chickens are only the baby ones.., apparently). It’s peoples own money, let them get what they want with it.

    Oh.., how I’m annoyed with a workmate of mine! He’s always on about: ‘Why do people NEED that gas-guzzler..’, ‘they’ll never use all those rooms’.., ‘It’s too cold for that swimming pool’.
    Just because it’s not for him, he thinks it should be for nobody. People like him will never protest Agenda 21.

  57. John Christopher sunol January 10, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    Agenda 21 is going world wide, I am speaking from Newcastle In Australia, just north of Sydney. I speak agaisnt this all fo the time and I have a man taking me to court on so called villification charges I know nothing of. I beelive he is part of Agenda 21

    red my blog to see who this is but I dare not put his name on this web site other than Garry as he will sue me for nothing

    so this is not only im America but Australia as well. i also beleive that same sex marriage is part of agenda 21 as well

  58. Linda Williams January 10, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    Either you are prepared to fight Agenda 21 as competently as possible, which means with your all, or you would do well to embrace it and look for the positive. I cannot possibly begin to tell of my highly unique experience. Only in 2007 did I begin to understand many facts. After several years of website research, I printed concise, well-formated pages and placed them directly into the mailboxes of the most affluent of my city. As a result, I was slandered and had my driver’s license removed from me by fraudulent means. I know many many facts, of which most people know nothing. I have discovered most of them horrifically, firsthand. Nothing is sacred. Any method can be used by “rulers” who do not consider human life to be sacred. Are you aware of what can be done covertly to a law-abiding professional who does the slightest thing that the world wide regime does not like? If you wish to fight, I strongly advise that you develop extreme patience and do everything in your power to treat every person with the utmost respect and encourage the same in everyone. No matter what, you have no complaint with any person. You will never call anyone a sheeple. You will not say that even the retarded are stupid. You will look for whatever contribution every person can make. The police are our allies, and we must avoid confrontation. The greedy will join us in time, when the tiny number of rulers have finished using them and begin to tear them apart. If you are not being directly ambushed–or even if you are, you can still spread the word. However, you will have to be highly ingenious and tireless. People may use different methods. I know that this advice is highly challenging.

    Ask yourself –if one hundred thousand Americans agreed with you today, who would organize them and how? Would it be enough? If so, depict for those who will listen what it will look like when the U.S. is red China or Russia or North Korea and engage them. It may seem that people are stupid when, in fact, they are under unimaginable, covert duress and gagged on top of that. Sincerely, the last holocaust looks very humanitarian from my vantage point. (For example, think of secret service agents kidnapping a person and carrying out surgery, altering body parts, think attacks with chemicals and electronic weapons.)

    If we lose, we can only look to the positive. I do not make that statement lightly. I have been aggressively and relentlessly tortured for my initiatives at a time when I did not even realize that mainstream government was at work. I have already lived the preview of what is to come. They will reduce water, food, space, hydro any time they are displeased with the slightest of your attitudes or actions. They do many acts that constitute extreme torture. Mentally consider that we may well end up with the standard of living of the poorest Bangladeshi. We may live to be part of mass genocide. Before it comes about, if America is converted to a slave regime, try to focus on any aspect that is positive, as much as possible. Try to rise as much as possible and elevate others. Seek out what is of value in this shift. To do otherwise is to embrace the worst of life. Even the most shocking, agonizing experiences can have value.

  59. Linda Williams January 10, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    Correction –I meant –if you had 100 MILLION Americans today, totally aware of the situation and completely in agreement with you, would that be enough? How would you organize and deploy them? I think that people tend to grossly underestimate how difficult it is to govern. I think that the “rulers” do far more than is understood. For example, obscurely, they carry out MK ULTRA on probably tens or hundreds of thousands of children, preparing them as slaves, oblivious of their slavery. That is right. It is quite unknown to most.

  60. […] Say Goodbye to Your Car, House and Your Freedom – by Dave Hodges, TheCommonSenseShow.com […]

  61. Ajax January 12, 2014 at 6:40 am

    The Devil’s Triangel – Empire Of The City (States) ~ The Crown – Washington DC – The Vatican



    Rothschild – ‘The City’ – World Conquest – “We Own You – We Will Take Everything”



    Their puppet in Our White House – Sent to Destroy – DO NOT COMPLY!!!


  62. charlie January 12, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    joan veon stated all this years ago she informed everyone about agenda 21 and the sustainable prince (Charles) in her books check out the rio summit in the 1980 s.We are all doomed until we real eyes that all countris nations are involved/co-erced into this as in if you don’t play ball we give you civil war or terrorist activities etc.Anybody wonder why we can install all nations countrymen on a spacestation and kill each other on mother earth.
    wake up and grow up once U.S. which spells us, loses its guns the genocide will begin there is a master plan and we aren’t part of the NGOs committees soon the blue helmets of the U.N. will control all lands that all the people have paid for with their taxes and then we get herded and shot.i.e.
    black man in white man’s country do you feel he gives a shit if whiteman has just raped and murdered his people ?

  63. Homepage January 13, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    … [Trackback]

    […] There you will find 48605 more Infos: thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/01/07/say-goodbye-to-your-car-house-and-your-freedom/ […]

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