Dave Hodges

January 20, 2014

The Common Sense Show


There are people who want to be left alone and there are those that just won’t leave them alone.

Rich Farver, a graduate student at San Diego State University, fell victim to the “Smart Grid” along with eight other students on that campus. They died from RF poisoning which led to brain cancer. In the process, the death of Rich Farver turned a lovely lady, Rich’s mother, Virginia, into a fire-breathing opponent to the electromagnetic attacks which are taking place against unsuspecting American citizens.

This is the story of a mom who suffered a tragic loss and its about the forces which murdered her son. These same Agenda 21 forces are now threatening to make Mr. and Mrs. Farver homeless in the very near future. Rich Farver’s story and his mother’s rise to be a well-respected advocate is detailed on Deborah Tavares’s website.

Agenda 21 Victimizes Anyone, Anywhere

Before we get to the Farver story, I think it is critical for everyone to realize that nobody is safe from the ravages of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 forces do not respect the rights of parents, private property rights, the right to make a living, nor do these evil forces respect the Constitution of the United States.

For the farmers that live in Northern California, or Southern Oregon, they already know that the Agenda 21 servant, the EPA, is trying to force them off of their land by denying them access to water for their farms or ranches because some fish, out of its natural habitat, might be swimming in the water flow. Under Agenda 21, fish come before people on the pecking order of bureaucratic power.

For the independent people in Antelope Valley, located  in the outer reaches of Los Angeles County, they are being swat teamed and forced off of their land for minor code violations. One resident, Kim Fahey, was sentenced to 543 days in jail because he did not have the financial resources to comply with the LA County’s demand to tear down his house and dispose of all the material.

And of course there is the anti-Agenda 21 activist, Stacy Lynne, who had her son, Jaden, stolen from her by a corrupt court system without so much as an allegation of wrongdoing. Stacy was on the wrong side of Agenda 21 and some very nefarious corporate and political forces conspired to steal Jaden without even severing Stacy’s parental rights. Stacy has not seen her son in over 16 months. The judge in the case, Julie Kunce Field, used to work as a consultant to the IMF and the World Bank.

Add Virginia Farver to this mix of people who stand up to their local government’s support of Agenda 21, only to get slapped down. After losing her son in 2008, Virginia discovered that her son fell victim to the “Smart Grid” which is an Agenda 21 creation. Since that time, Virginia has worked tirelessly to expose these dangers to an unaware public. As was the case with Stacy Lynne, the forces of the Fort Collins area are coalescing and are now attempting to force the Farver family from their home in an attempt to silence Virginia

Virginia Farver Is a Declared Enemy of the State

Virginia is on “an enemies of the state list” which proclaims that if she, and others like her do not capitulate and accept the Smart Meters, they will be denied access to all public offices within the City of Fort Collins. Further, the notification sent to Virginia Farver advises her that if she continues to publicly identify the inherent risks of Smart Meters, the same prohibition will be enforced against her. For anyone else, does the word “Unconstitutional” come to mind?

Are Smart Meters Dangerous?

Even the organization which formally gave birth to Agenda 21, the United Nations and their sponsored World Health Organization through their International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), announced that Smart Meters can indeed cause cancer as well as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Deborah Tavares has detailed the danger of Smart Meters on her website. Some of this information is embedded inside Deborah’s article about the plight of the Farver family.

The City of Fort Collins vs. the Health of Local Citizens

The City of Fort Collins Utilities (Fort Collins) was awarded a Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the deployment of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system and other smart grid technologies. But wait a minute, the City of Fort Collins loves its citizens so much that they have allowed its citizens to opt out of Smart Meters as evidenced by the following regulation:

City of Fort Collins CURRENT CODE regarding Smart Meters.  The wording will supposedly be changed on January 21 that would make all smart meter mandatory:
SECTION 26-712 Fort Collins city Code
 Meter reading charge, per month, for those customers who request the option of mechanical electric meters and/or a mechanical water meter instead of the standard advanced metering
equipment $11.00.

Yet, where personal and public greed and career advancement and opportunity meets reality, Section 26-712 and the “opt out” provision in Fort Collins City Code is being ignored. As we see with all forms of Agenda 21, the rule of law is forsaken for the rule of tyranny!

The individuals who opt out, are now being targeted with a swat team style confrontation as utility workers are trespassing on private property, accompanied by armed police officers, in order to force people to accept the Smart Meters. These armed thugs do not have warrants and are not respecting the rule of law. But we forget, this country is no longer the United States of America and the rule of law rarely applies.

The Shame of Fort Collins Public Officials

Driven by greed and blinded by an egoistic desire to advance one’s career while risking the safety and health of innocent citizens that these officials are duty-bound to serve, the following individuals have seen fit to “force” the public to accept the new Smart Meters despite the inherent and well-known risks. Please take note of the following “public servants”, contact them and politely remind them of the error of their ways.

Wayne Sterler is the manager of International Operations for Electric Distribution Safety & Training Supervisor at the City of Fort Collins. Serler is rumored to be connected with FEMA which would put a whole new spin on this. Regardless of his origins, Sterler is the most rabid supporter of Smart Meter installation. This man, who clearly loves the democratic process and respects the opt out provision for the city which pays him his salary, can be reached at 970-221-6700.

Darin Atteberry is the Fort Collins City Manager and he has four children. I am sure that Darin loves his kids. Remind him of how his children’s brains are going to bake under the effects of a Smart Meter. Perhaps the nation needs to call him and ask him if he does not care about the welfare of his children. He will be careful with his answer because he lives in a county where the courts steal children from parents who do not go along with the United Nations, Agenda 21 company line, just ask Stacy Lynne if this not true.  Call Mr. Attenberry and ask him how much KoolAid he is consuming to accept what is being done to his four children. He can be reached at 970-221-6505.

Dennis Sumner is the Senior Electrical Engineer City of Fort Collins. According to Virginia Farver, Mr. Sumner likes to call and harass people who opt out of receiving smart meters. Sumner called both Mr. and Mrs. Farver and strongly chastised them for not accepting a smart meter. Perhaps, Mr. Sumner would like a taste of his own medicine by calling him at 970-416-2622.

Karen Kweitkunat is the Grand Inquisitor for the Smart Meters. As the city mayor she would ultimately be in charge of orchestrating swat teams going to the homes of people who tried to opt out under city policy. Let the Grand Master know your feelings by calling her at 970-416-2154.

Police Chief John Hutto is a transplant from Austin, Texas. Ft. Collins, CO., Santa Cruz, CA., and Austin, Texas are the jewels of the Agenda 21 empire of ICLEI. Hutto would be the one organizing the swat teams in order to raid non-compliant smart meter protesters. What does the Agenda 21 hierarchy do, simply keep reshuffling this New World Order trash until they get the desired effect, as they move from one Agenda 21 controlled city to another? Hutto can be reached at 970-221-6540 ( non-emergency).
All anti-Agenda 21 advocates should have a special place in their heart for Amanda Nagl from Neighborhood Services.  Below is the written text of the phone call Nagl made to Virginia Farver.


   I’m Amanda Nagl, I’m the neighborhood administrator for the city of Fort Collins.  Just wanted to reach out too you all, and see if we could discuss the concerns you have with the electric and water meter upgrades, and my goal is to really just try and understand more of what those are?  Hopefully in the long term be able to work out solutions.  I also want to let you know that your services are not in danger of being terminated until after February 14th.  You will receive a letter later this week that explains that a bit, and also encourages you to contact me, so that we could talk through some of your concerns.  My phone # is 970-224-6070, again 224-6070.  I’m Amanda Nagl, I’m new to the city, about 3 1/2 months now, and I work in neighborhood services and my title is Neighborhood Administrator.  I look forward to talking with you, and learning from you, and hopefully form a relationship with you.

I thought I would add my interpretation and provide my translation from the transcript of the Nagl voicemail: “ I know Smart Meters cause cancer in humans. However, I want you to call me so I can dress up the lies and make you feel good about being poisoned to death“.

Let Amanda Nagl know what you think about her cheery form of tyranny, Agenda 21 style.

When you call these “public servants”, make sure that you remind them that they and their children have to live in the same cesspool that they are creating for everyone else.

The Farver Fate

You can see, from the above letter, that the Farver family has until February 14, 2014 to agree to the installation of a Smart Meter on their property or their water and power will be shut off. In the severe winter currently besieging Colorado, this could prove to be a life-threatening event. However, don’t count on the empathy of Fort Collins officials.

Virginia stated on my show that she is not going to back down and if she has to be martyred in order to bring attention to these heinous events, so be it.

I predict that the Farver family will be swat teamed just like the 80 year old Fort Collins lady was a couple of weeks back as armed thugs showed up at her house and demanded obedience to the New World Order.


I find the fate of the Farver’s to be unacceptable. They have already suffered enough through the loss of their son as his very promising life was tragically cut short. It is time for America to heed the call to action. We need to oppose this tyranny by calling attention to it. Therefore, I am calling for a massive phone-in campaign to the six public officials listed above until these rats run for cover after facing exposure for their dastardly deeds.

If we can turn back this tyranny in Fort Collins, we can stop Agenda 21 elsewhere. If we collectively engage in this fight, you will not just be helping the residents of Fort Collins, you will be dramatically slowing down the progress of this newest form of eugenics in your neighborhood as well. Make this the Lexington Green and stand up for yourself and the residents of Fort Collins.