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Agenda 21 Killed Their Son, Now Agenda 21 Forces Are Targeting the Parents

Dave Hodges

January 20, 2014

The Common Sense Show


There are people who want to be left alone and there are those that just won’t leave them alone.

Rich Farver, a graduate student at San Diego State University, fell victim to the “Smart Grid” along with eight other students on that campus. They died from RF poisoning which led to brain cancer. In the process, the death of Rich Farver turned a lovely lady, Rich’s mother, Virginia, into a fire-breathing opponent to the electromagnetic attacks which are taking place against unsuspecting American citizens.

This is the story of a mom who suffered a tragic loss and its about the forces which murdered her son. These same Agenda 21 forces are now threatening to make Mr. and Mrs. Farver homeless in the very near future. Rich Farver’s story and his mother’s rise to be a well-respected advocate is detailed on Deborah Tavares’s website.

Agenda 21 Victimizes Anyone, Anywhere

Before we get to the Farver story, I think it is critical for everyone to realize that nobody is safe from the ravages of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 forces do not respect the rights of parents, private property rights, the right to make a living, nor do these evil forces respect the Constitution of the United States.

For the farmers that live in Northern California, or Southern Oregon, they already know that the Agenda 21 servant, the EPA, is trying to force them off of their land by denying them access to water for their farms or ranches because some fish, out of its natural habitat, might be swimming in the water flow. Under Agenda 21, fish come before people on the pecking order of bureaucratic power.

For the independent people in Antelope Valley, located  in the outer reaches of Los Angeles County, they are being swat teamed and forced off of their land for minor code violations. One resident, Kim Fahey, was sentenced to 543 days in jail because he did not have the financial resources to comply with the LA County’s demand to tear down his house and dispose of all the material.

And of course there is the anti-Agenda 21 activist, Stacy Lynne, who had her son, Jaden, stolen from her by a corrupt court system without so much as an allegation of wrongdoing. Stacy was on the wrong side of Agenda 21 and some very nefarious corporate and political forces conspired to steal Jaden without even severing Stacy’s parental rights. Stacy has not seen her son in over 16 months. The judge in the case, Julie Kunce Field, used to work as a consultant to the IMF and the World Bank.

Add Virginia Farver to this mix of people who stand up to their local government’s support of Agenda 21, only to get slapped down. After losing her son in 2008, Virginia discovered that her son fell victim to the “Smart Grid” which is an Agenda 21 creation. Since that time, Virginia has worked tirelessly to expose these dangers to an unaware public. As was the case with Stacy Lynne, the forces of the Fort Collins area are coalescing and are now attempting to force the Farver family from their home in an attempt to silence Virginia

Virginia Farver Is a Declared Enemy of the State

Virginia is on “an enemies of the state list” which proclaims that if she, and others like her do not capitulate and accept the Smart Meters, they will be denied access to all public offices within the City of Fort Collins. Further, the notification sent to Virginia Farver advises her that if she continues to publicly identify the inherent risks of Smart Meters, the same prohibition will be enforced against her. For anyone else, does the word “Unconstitutional” come to mind?

Are Smart Meters Dangerous?

Even the organization which formally gave birth to Agenda 21, the United Nations and their sponsored World Health Organization through their International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), announced that Smart Meters can indeed cause cancer as well as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Deborah Tavares has detailed the danger of Smart Meters on her website. Some of this information is embedded inside Deborah’s article about the plight of the Farver family.

The City of Fort Collins vs. the Health of Local Citizens

The City of Fort Collins Utilities (Fort Collins) was awarded a Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the deployment of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system and other smart grid technologies. But wait a minute, the City of Fort Collins loves its citizens so much that they have allowed its citizens to opt out of Smart Meters as evidenced by the following regulation:

City of Fort Collins CURRENT CODE regarding Smart Meters.  The wording will supposedly be changed on January 21 that would make all smart meter mandatory:
SECTION 26-712 Fort Collins city Code
 Meter reading charge, per month, for those customers who request the option of mechanical electric meters and/or a mechanical water meter instead of the standard advanced metering
equipment $11.00.

Yet, where personal and public greed and career advancement and opportunity meets reality, Section 26-712 and the “opt out” provision in Fort Collins City Code is being ignored. As we see with all forms of Agenda 21, the rule of law is forsaken for the rule of tyranny!

The individuals who opt out, are now being targeted with a swat team style confrontation as utility workers are trespassing on private property, accompanied by armed police officers, in order to force people to accept the Smart Meters. These armed thugs do not have warrants and are not respecting the rule of law. But we forget, this country is no longer the United States of America and the rule of law rarely applies.

The Shame of Fort Collins Public Officials

Driven by greed and blinded by an egoistic desire to advance one’s career while risking the safety and health of innocent citizens that these officials are duty-bound to serve, the following individuals have seen fit to “force” the public to accept the new Smart Meters despite the inherent and well-known risks. Please take note of the following “public servants”, contact them and politely remind them of the error of their ways.

Wayne Sterler is the manager of International Operations for Electric Distribution Safety & Training Supervisor at the City of Fort Collins. Serler is rumored to be connected with FEMA which would put a whole new spin on this. Regardless of his origins, Sterler is the most rabid supporter of Smart Meter installation. This man, who clearly loves the democratic process and respects the opt out provision for the city which pays him his salary, can be reached at 970-221-6700.

Darin Atteberry is the Fort Collins City Manager and he has four children. I am sure that Darin loves his kids. Remind him of how his children’s brains are going to bake under the effects of a Smart Meter. Perhaps the nation needs to call him and ask him if he does not care about the welfare of his children. He will be careful with his answer because he lives in a county where the courts steal children from parents who do not go along with the United Nations, Agenda 21 company line, just ask Stacy Lynne if this not true.  Call Mr. Attenberry and ask him how much KoolAid he is consuming to accept what is being done to his four children. He can be reached at 970-221-6505.

Dennis Sumner is the Senior Electrical Engineer City of Fort Collins. According to Virginia Farver, Mr. Sumner likes to call and harass people who opt out of receiving smart meters. Sumner called both Mr. and Mrs. Farver and strongly chastised them for not accepting a smart meter. Perhaps, Mr. Sumner would like a taste of his own medicine by calling him at 970-416-2622.

Karen Kweitkunat is the Grand Inquisitor for the Smart Meters. As the city mayor she would ultimately be in charge of orchestrating swat teams going to the homes of people who tried to opt out under city policy. Let the Grand Master know your feelings by calling her at 970-416-2154.

Police Chief John Hutto is a transplant from Austin, Texas. Ft. Collins, CO., Santa Cruz, CA., and Austin, Texas are the jewels of the Agenda 21 empire of ICLEI. Hutto would be the one organizing the swat teams in order to raid non-compliant smart meter protesters. What does the Agenda 21 hierarchy do, simply keep reshuffling this New World Order trash until they get the desired effect, as they move from one Agenda 21 controlled city to another? Hutto can be reached at 970-221-6540 ( non-emergency).
All anti-Agenda 21 advocates should have a special place in their heart for Amanda Nagl from Neighborhood Services.  Below is the written text of the phone call Nagl made to Virginia Farver.


   I’m Amanda Nagl, I’m the neighborhood administrator for the city of Fort Collins.  Just wanted to reach out too you all, and see if we could discuss the concerns you have with the electric and water meter upgrades, and my goal is to really just try and understand more of what those are?  Hopefully in the long term be able to work out solutions.  I also want to let you know that your services are not in danger of being terminated until after February 14th.  You will receive a letter later this week that explains that a bit, and also encourages you to contact me, so that we could talk through some of your concerns.  My phone # is 970-224-6070, again 224-6070.  I’m Amanda Nagl, I’m new to the city, about 3 1/2 months now, and I work in neighborhood services and my title is Neighborhood Administrator.  I look forward to talking with you, and learning from you, and hopefully form a relationship with you.

I thought I would add my interpretation and provide my translation from the transcript of the Nagl voicemail: “ I know Smart Meters cause cancer in humans. However, I want you to call me so I can dress up the lies and make you feel good about being poisoned to death“.

Let Amanda Nagl know what you think about her cheery form of tyranny, Agenda 21 style.

When you call these “public servants”, make sure that you remind them that they and their children have to live in the same cesspool that they are creating for everyone else.

The Farver Fate

You can see, from the above letter, that the Farver family has until February 14, 2014 to agree to the installation of a Smart Meter on their property or their water and power will be shut off. In the severe winter currently besieging Colorado, this could prove to be a life-threatening event. However, don’t count on the empathy of Fort Collins officials.

Virginia stated on my show that she is not going to back down and if she has to be martyred in order to bring attention to these heinous events, so be it.

I predict that the Farver family will be swat teamed just like the 80 year old Fort Collins lady was a couple of weeks back as armed thugs showed up at her house and demanded obedience to the New World Order.


I find the fate of the Farver’s to be unacceptable. They have already suffered enough through the loss of their son as his very promising life was tragically cut short. It is time for America to heed the call to action. We need to oppose this tyranny by calling attention to it. Therefore, I am calling for a massive phone-in campaign to the six public officials listed above until these rats run for cover after facing exposure for their dastardly deeds.

If we can turn back this tyranny in Fort Collins, we can stop Agenda 21 elsewhere. If we collectively engage in this fight, you will not just be helping the residents of Fort Collins, you will be dramatically slowing down the progress of this newest form of eugenics in your neighborhood as well. Make this the Lexington Green and stand up for yourself and the residents of Fort Collins.


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  1. lori January 20, 2014 at 6:41 am

    United we stand. ♥
    Also loved Karen from the show last night. It was amazing.

  2. Cujo January 20, 2014 at 6:50 am

    Here lies the problem, there are to many Sheeple running around who cannot see the violations taking place against the Constitutions and B.O.R. Now we are expecting these same people to understand and accept that Agenda-21 is a threat?

    Let’s take this article and link it to the previous articles on foreign troops in America There is not enough American (L.E.) SWAT Teams to enforce Agenda-21, the Gun Ban Treaty, Patriot Act and the NDAA on the American people.

    All we can do is to keep preaching about these abuses and then when some of the Sheeple start to wake up just maybe they will remember the “crazies” who fore warned them!

  3. Uzziel January 20, 2014 at 7:00 am

    Then, band together, move into ambuscade, and waste the f***ers, already!

    There comes a time for diplomacy and a time for action: to turn over the game board, throw the pieces at the opponent’s face, and dare him to do anything about it – knowing full-well of the potentially fatal consequences of what will happen to them, if they try! I heard one can catch quite a view from a street lamp, after all…!

  4. Ken S. January 20, 2014 at 7:24 am

    I read your articles every day and I am continually amazed at how we are in a battle that is being waged on so many fronts.
    I am semi-serious is saying that maybe Virginia should consider ‘rigging’ her house so that when the Stasi do indeed ‘SWAT’ her, not only can she be a martyr, but she could ‘send’ the luciferian SWAT team straight to hell where they are going to end up anyway. Just a thought.
    I think you and most of your readers suspect that some day soon there will be someone or many who will fight back against this tyrannical horde and eliminate as many as possible.
    When I read about the injustices being perpetrated on my fellow citizens, my blood boils … and I know there is a thing as righteous anger. I also believe that because We the People over the last 100 years or so have allowed this demonic infiltration of our government, that God Almighty has given us what we didn’t realize we wanted … a king – and in todays world he just happens to be a usurper, muslim piece of trash – and his name is Barry Soetoro – aka Barack Hussein Obama – I pity this luciferian when he breathes his last breath and then suddenly is in the presence of the Lord – because not only will he be cast into outer darkness, but his punishment will be ‘sweet’ in that he will be tormented forever probably on the same level as his idol Adolf Hitler. Yes you read that correctly.
    I believe when this is all over, Obama will be on the same par as Hitler … both evil to the core
    Dave, I pray that you continue to sound the alarm and I thank you so much for not running from this calling that God has enlisted you in. May the Lord continue to protect you, sustain you and encourage you as these coming days get darker and darker.
    I truly believe that Amerika is toast mainly because of the 55 million plus babies we have allowed to be murdered in the last 40 years and because our country has sadly embraced the disgusting sodomite and lesbian ‘sick’ and perverted way of life.
    But we must continue to sound the alarm because there are still people out there who have not given their lives to the lover of our souls – aka Jesus Christ – and therefore we need to continue to let them know that they must turn to Jesus and put their faith and trust in Him
    Amerika WILL go down because the end-game IS World government. Amerika can not be saved but people can.
    I know many people boast about fighting back etc. and that is good but I don’t think the coming events are going to unfold as we may think. Satan has been planning this for hundreds of years and as we get closer to the end, you can rest assure that he has at his disposal weapons that we are unaware of … I think you Dave know what I’m talking about.
    Satan working through our luciferian politicians and global banksters has been and will continue to put the ‘slow squeeze’ on us and ‘funnel’ us to the point where eventually we will have no choice but to fight back and with their weapons etc. we will be at a great disadvantage. I believe in order to survive this we will have to be one with the Lord because only He will be able to get any of us through what is coming.
    It is so sad that our children and grandchildren will have to experience tragedy like never before seen on planet earth. Satan’s forces are bloodthirsty and ‘we’ are on the menu …

    Thanks again Dave – and may the Lord continue to protect you and your loved ones!

    Your brother in Christ – Ken S.

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  6. iwitness02 January 20, 2014 at 7:30 am

    This is what I call journalism; who, what, when, where.
    This is what we are talking about.
    ……….and hopefully form a relationship with you, so that you will do it my way and like it, or there will be hell to pay. Thank you cattlearestupid, have a nice day. NOT

  7. Tony G January 20, 2014 at 7:32 am

    Dave, these public officials they live in the same town I am guessing. Won’t they fall pray to the same affects if these meters are all over town? Are they that naive or am I missing something?

  8. iwitness02 January 20, 2014 at 7:39 am

    and why.

  9. keenan January 20, 2014 at 7:57 am

    Excellent radio program interview last night. I spent several years working in all the courts in Riverside county,Ca- superior, juvenile, family law, traffic and spent some time in some of the San Bernardino county courts and not once was justice ever equally depensed. I watche’d and heard as all the judges put their own interpretation in it. Being in the system at the time I didn’t understand and now I do. Now it is worse. I watched the dismantling of the system I once knew. Talking to the judges was a difficult proposition. None the less study, observe read and share I do. Excellent article.

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  11. Susan Johnson January 20, 2014 at 8:22 am

    Very disturbing article. I find it outrageous also, that a neighborhood administrator would be new to the city, ” about 3 1/2 months now, and I work in neighborhood services and my title is Neighborhood Administrator” A neighborhood adminstrator should be from the neighborhood. I hope and pray these people get the support and help they need. .

  12. MODERNMINUTEMAN January 20, 2014 at 8:30 am

    It is time for American patriots to unite against this tyranny and met these swat teams with the same force they bring and then they will think twice before they steal peoples rights! What is so wrong with the old meters that they force the smart meters on people who don’t want them? Nothing except they don’t allow them to control what you use. It is all about control by corrupt government over We The People!

  13. deception ends January 20, 2014 at 8:32 am

    “All servants of lucifer who do not turn to me and live will burn in ETERNAL hellfire”- Jesus Christ

    The days of the wicked are INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED by Jehovah God Himself……and they are few. Turn to the Truth and live followers of lucifer…. continue to believe his lie and you will burn. Remember, he hates YOU too, as you are a human also……he’s just using you and then he will destroy you…. Of course he elevates you above others in power by giving you wicked knowledge in manipulation if you will serve him- but only for a short while. Then, when death comes, as it comes to ALL, you will literally burn in hell for eternity. Turn to Jesus Christ and live in paradise for eternity.

  14. End time servant January 20, 2014 at 8:36 am

    Keep trucking on truth very good truthfull article now tell the sheeple to pray pray pray history is repeating itself on grand scale lucifer in God out

  15. William B Stoecker January 20, 2014 at 8:49 am

    The sad thing is that we put up with everything the elites do to us, even though they are slowly killing us, because we are too cowardly to take up arms and fight for our freedom and our lives. In Islamic Iran a few years back, citizens opposed to the rule of the tire heads rose up; they were crushed, like the people in China’s Tianamin Square, but at least they had the guts to try. In Islamic Egypt people rose up violently against the Muslim Brotherhood, even though Egypt was its birthplace. In Mexico, vigilantes resisting the drug cartels and the corrupt government have taken over entire towns.
    But we Americans, better armed than any people on Earth, continue to submit to enslavement and a slow death.

  16. Chris S. January 20, 2014 at 9:00 am

    Hi Dave, people have no idea how bad the smart meter is. At this moment, my ears are ringing off the hook. When I am inside my house my ears ring. Even on my patio. When I leave my house. All of a sudden, my ears don’t ring anymore. I thank you for all your research and informing more sh-people too wake the heck up… OR IT’S OVER DAVE…
    I mean it…

  17. Rose January 20, 2014 at 9:20 am

    If the electric companies refuse to remove the smart meters, are there any options at all that are proven to be safe? A last resort might be turning off the power and going with an alternate source. Or does the meter still pose a threat just by being attached to the house even if the power to the house is turned off?

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  19. Black January 20, 2014 at 10:42 am

    Personally, I believe that supplementing with the over-the-counter hormone, PREGNENOLONE, makes us all less vulnerable to any of the standard electromagnetic/radiation/chemical poisonings around us today.

  20. TTS January 20, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Thank you, Mr. Hodges, for the great information.

    I would strongly encourage all readers here to dial up all the NWO, Agenda 21 puppets from Fort Collins and give them some of their own medicine. If you are hung up on, call back. Keep calling until you are able to be heard.

    Fort Collins “civil servants”, are LUCKY that my family is not in your cross-hairs. You have the gall to knowingly push a deadly and unconstitutional agenda upon people you were hired to serve. God have mercy on you for you all participate in evil of the ugliest sort.

  21. Kim Fahey January 20, 2014 at 11:18 am

    ….Some info…Solar and Wind generated power are touted as alternatives to Edison and such. Not true at all. I live among vast tracts of land covered by both. First, solar. Sure, its passive. Until the panels start to degenerate and need replacing. In place life of panels is less then seven years of optimum performance. Wind turbines are even worse. Not only do they need constant maintenance they also destroy entire ecosystems of bird and bat populations. The new turbine blades are a hundred foot in length. When they spin they cause a tremendous vortex that sucks in any flying creature in a five hundred foot radius whether the creature likes it or not. We’re seeing an explosion of coyotes, foxes and bobcats that now feed quite easily on all the victims of these gigantic towers. On top of this, check out the older turbines. Usually spattered with grease and oil, most are environmental issues just for this alone. The real joke is how the power is distributed. On really windy days they shut most down to keep the power prices high. I only wish I was joking. The single factor for doing ‘none of the above’, is how to store the power if you didn’t feel like paying the powers that be in your area permits and ‘hook up’ fees to your local power folks. Usually ten thousand a permit. To bypass this you need battery storage for what your system, what ever it is, to collect your ‘free’ power. Large enough batteries are right around the cost of a new SUV. And they also have shelf lives. I’ve done both. To even get to the hassle stage with big brother your looking at $60,000 for the cost of your turbines and infrastructure ( Conduits-heavy gauge wire-special meter to interface-permits and fees from county-lap to to program them-maintenance ) Hope you have a sixty foot man lift around when its time to change out those pesky circuit packs your turbine housing is packed full of….Solar? Most have water exchanges. Wait until those start degenerating and leaking down into all your walls. Been there, done that…..

  22. mary January 20, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Apparently Antelope Valley, CA is a hot-spot for “Valley Fever” (link to article below). Could there be a connection? Or, would it have something to do with the Antelope Valley Solar Ranch 1 power project, also cited in article?


  23. SWIFT January 20, 2014 at 11:34 am

    There are millions of armed Americans who hate being told what to do. I’m so surprised the praetorian guard, while out threatening people, has not bumped into one and went to their reward, with only part of their head intact. Sooner or later, they will need combat pay, just to go out in the streets.

  24. Don January 20, 2014 at 11:37 am

    Dave great job !You have a way with words.
    Lets all stand together everyone and push back this evil !!!!!

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  26. Confederate January 20, 2014 at 11:40 am

    The spawns of satan will ignore all phone and emails. The only way to get their attention is to “swat” their residences. Call the cops and report a domestic disturbance and watch what happens, oh, tell them guns are involved.

  27. MongoPissed January 20, 2014 at 11:52 am

    A reminder to readers: your mobile devices are at least as deadly as the Smart Meter. I was involved in my former community (Harbor Gateway area of L.A.) in trying to keep cell towers off of the AT&T switching center behind my house. I obtained an article by a Scandinavian researcher correlating health problems, primarily cancer, and the implementation of city-wide cell networks. The more wireless devices you bring into your house, the greater the danger. I have not found any research into the additive effects of simultaneous exposure to various forms of EMF, but logic says it is probably greater than the sum of individual exposure effects. I personally mothballed my wireless router, and the improvement in my health was immediate. The Gnomes of Zurich, Elders of Zion, or whatever the Monolithic Conspiracy JFK spoke of might be, one thing is clear: they want us dead, and frying your brain is a good step in implementing that desire.

  28. Arizona January 20, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    THE smart meters are a diversion,the police gangs trying to murder everyone,the government agenda 21,Fema death camps,foreign troops,AND a hundred other things,ALL diversions,there is a level 10 EVENT COMING AND THEY DON’T WANT YOU PAYING ATTENTION WHEN IT HAPPENS,they want maxium death toll,THATS the real goal here,THE US MILITARY,is killing all the oceans and wild life,NO ONE ELSE,its them,All these generals who have been fired,FAKE,they have been in the plan since day one,Think about it,SATAN,THE ANTI-CHRIST,and the FALSE PROPHET,have a plan,IF THEY CAN DESTROY the planet,THEY believe OUR DEAR LORD,”WON’T COME BACK,AND THROW THEM INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE”the lake of fire was created just for them,and they know it too…..

  29. Virginia Farver January 20, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Hello Everyone!
    This is Virginia Farver, and YES this is really happening to our cities and counties, all across this wonderful country of ours. In Alabama approximately 2 weeks ago when temperatures plummeted to 8 degrees, these smart meters were systematically turned off in several places. These people were using too much energy! Hello ‘ it was 8 degrees!’ They were told to go to town centers and go into ‘ WARMING HOUSES ‘ to warm up! WAKE UP AMERICA! This is a scam and a world wide GRID for energy.
    GENI GRID – Global Energy Network Institute
    ISGAN – International Smart Grid Action Network.
    If we do not take a stand, this will end our Freedoms completely! These meters are NOT UL certified and have caused thousands of home and business fires. The UK in June, and Germany end of August, banned these meters. They were making people sick. 57 cities and counties in California have banned these meters, and 15 have criminalized these. In Maine during court hearings the utilities have been found lying about the emissions of these meters. Curtis Bennett the thermoguy.com who has an environmental consulting business in Canada, has testified in Texas has a lot of information. 1 meter can emit up to 5 miles, a Collector meter up to 125 miles! There are Medusa meters every 500-700 homes which will gather data from these 500-700 homes. These meters receive massive amounts of data and of course massive amounts of RF Radiation. The mesh networks are putting 1.8 Billion pulses of RF radiation throughout our environment at all times. This is damaging the very concrete foundations of our homes and businesses, making our local building codes rendered useless. I can only imagine what this is doing to the human body. Our kids are the most susceptible to this radiation!! Non-Ionizing Radiation is a Class 2B Carcinogen, the same as DDT and LEAD. There are now calls to make this at ‘ LEAST’ a Class 2A. I cannot get the link to come up, but if you type in:
    Devra Davis – Kesari/Class 2A Carcinogen – the very 1st link. This will explain the Class 2A. Cindy Sage’s 2012 BioInitiative Report. 1 hour of Wi-Fi is equal to 20 minutes of cell phone exposure! Cell or DNA damage at 300 hours! This also applies for cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, power-lines etc…
    I have also investigated 2 other cancer clusters. There was a cancer cluster on the UCSD Campus in 2009. After finding the articles about my Son being involved in a ‘ Brain Cancer Cluster on the SDSU campus in San Diego ‘ I found articles about UCSD. I contacted Dr. Sam Milham an EMF expert. Sam offered his services for free to the UCSD Administration to conduct a toxicology study. He was denied access and knew he would not be allowed to conduct one for me at SDSU.
    This cancer cluster involves 15 people, 8 women with Breast Cancers. In the NY Times article below, please click on FULL REPORT that should be highlighted in blue. Page 4 shows a list of victims. Page 27-28 there is a thank you to Jim Turman from SDG&E ( San Diego Gas & Electric ) for his help in this investigation. Dr. Leeka Kheifets who works for the ‘ Electrical Power Research Institute ‘ was commissioned by UCSD to conduct a study. Both of these people should have been excluded from any, and all I investigations. This was a complete conflict of interest. Once their Epidemiological Report was released, just like SDSU, all investigations stopped! Now Dr. Kheifets is testifying that smart meters are safe. It is the FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE! There are high levels of RF RADIATION in an office that is directly next to an elevator in the Literature Building on campus. Behind the elevator is all of the electrical equipment for the whole building!!
    This involves several kids who have died from brain tumors and leukemia’s near or from Kelly Elementary in Carlsbad. I contacted Bob Stevenson who is an EMF expert who lives in this area of California. Bob has also testified for Representative Andrea Boland out of Maine. They both wanted warning labels put on cell phones concerning brain cancer. Bob tried to get some of the parents to get the emissions tested from High Tension Electrical Power-Lines that cross this school property, and surrounding residential neighborhoods. I have a list of 59 CELL TOWERS and 219 ANTENNAS that are within a 4 mile radius of this school! Dr. Thomas Mack and Dr. Raymond Neutra who are both epidemiologists for the state of California were the heads of this investigation. It is interesting to note that they were the 2 men that headed the study at SDSU. Once again, after their reports were released all investigations stopped!
    Had any of these Cancer Clusters received proper investigations, this whole DUMB GRID – METERING could have been significantly slowed down. A proper investigation being a TOXICOLOGY STUDY. I had tried to contact the SDSU Administration several times after finding the brain cancer articles in 2009. I found this futile. I then drove out to San Diego and met with some of the professors off campus for meetings. After arriving home the SDSU Administration sent me Dr. Thomas Mack and Dr. Raymond Neutra’s epidemiological report. 3rd paragraph in this report states ” I have no known knowledge of chemical or radiation concerns, and therefore are none.” I immediately e-mailed Dr. Thomas Mack, who then called me at home. I asked him about a HUGE cell tower directly outside of this building called Nasatir Hall, and were most of the brain cancer victims were located. He denied this could be the cause. I then told him of my concerns and the concerns of the professors. He said,” they should be concerned.” I KNEW at that point it WAS the cell tower. This made absolutely no sense. Because of Dr. Mack’s report, the SDSU Administration stopped the investigation. I also could not find this cell tower on antennasearch.com. This cell tower is still there! STAND UP parents for the health and safety of your children!!
    The movie ‘ Take Back Your Power ‘ http://www.takebackyourpower.net
    This is an investigation into the Smart Grid and Meters. Many of these world renowned EMF experts are in this movie!!


  30. Arizona January 20, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Listen,just because everyone in america loves satan,IT only shows how badly decieved the USA has become,even the minions of satan are decieved,THEY don’t realize,the game their playing is coming to an end,and THEY WILL be going into the lake of fire with satan and ALL his followers,THE NATION,of mystery babylon the great is ending,IT chose that instead of heaven,their own choice,SOON war will start in america,THE ONLY HOPE anyone has is to get close to the LORD,.I could harp on this all day,would it do any good?well maybe,THINGS beyond imagination are about to come on america,the SEEDS planted today, may save millions tomorrow,OVER WHELMED with TERROR is whats coming,the pleasent life style everyone has lived at the expence of the world is over,ITS ENDING,do you understand?NOW is the time to get ready for the change,THE ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE,is coming and the TERES,must be gotten rid of,so only the wheat will be left,THIS will involve a world wide war starting with america,ending in a pole shift,wipping out billions,THE LORDS PEOPLE will be all thats left……cause they were protected…………….

  31. Arizona January 20, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    I was surprised,THE LORD called americans COWARDS,his words, not mine,even though I already knew it,Jeremiah 51:30,no you don’t have enough men in america to win a WAR anymore,all your ALPHA MALES are in prison,they wouldn’t kiss the governments ass,so they were locked up,and america celebrated it,stupid,stupid…now you all will pay dear for it,PETERPANS don’t win wars ,THEY LOSE,and this is one they’ll lose,EVERYTHING you own will be taken,INCLUDING YOUR CHILDREN,the slave camps in CHINA will be full of american kids,THANKS mom I didn’t really want a future anyway,and the rest of you are going to pay dear for NOT STANDING UP to the government,WE ARE ONE disaster away from oboozo declaring himself dictator and chief,and then the roundups will start in earnist,I sure hope everyones ready,RED DAWN IS COMING and the blood will flow in every street in america,AT THE HANDS OF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT…………………

  32. Seen2013 January 20, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    “I predict that the Farver family will be swat teamed just like the 80 year old Fort Collins lady was a couple of weeks back as armed thugs showed up at her house and demanded obedience to the New World Order.”

    Based on the information thus far, as I am pretty sure, I’ve read about her before, and the local government has been very corrupted. I’d tend to agree.

    “You can see, from the above letter, that the Farver family has until February 14, 2014 to agree to the installation of a Smart Meter on their property or their water and power will be shut off. In the severe winter currently besieging Colorado, this could prove to be a life-threatening event.”

    Even if they decide to not raid her SWAT styled, they’ll certainly send police officers to overshadow the process of disabling the property’s energy and water supply that also likely includes garbage pickup aka refuse. If they’re forced to leave the property for an uncertain length, the local government will probably either seize it or if owned by the bank will pronounce it abandoned and thus rendered foreclosed upon.

    In either case, the local government seems to be seeking to force her compliance or expel her out of town.

  33. jinx January 20, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    Mr. Hodges my on behalf of my friends, my family, and myself, I want to thank you for the tireless research and reporting of the truth about the facts and the numorous unspeakable tyrannies being forcefully inflicted on our fellow countrymen and innocent, hardworking US citizens by these horrible monsters.
    That being said I am compelled to stand up and do my part as a patriot and a true believer that our constitution is as true and valid today as when it was written.
    The NWO and its soulless, mindless servants are clearly on an excellerated schedule towards seeing their agenda is carried out, but what those servants are not seeing is that one day they too will fall victim to Agenda 21 as they will no longer be of use to the elites that they serve.
    I vow to exercise my rights as an American, ever mindful if we do not exercise our rights we cant keep them.
    I vow to do my part as a patriot and lover of my country and our constitution to pass on the information to alert and awaken those who may be unaware to the injustices being done against us.
    Last but not least I vow to fight to by whatever means necessary in order to protect and preserve what our forefathers gave their lives for.
    God bless you Mr. Hodges and God bless the United States of America.

  34. […] Agenda 21 Killed Their Son, Now Agenda 21 Forces Are Targeting the Parents | Dave Hodges – The Com…. […]

  35. R January 20, 2014 at 7:31 pm

    I’m calling all of them tomorrow

  36. LeDair Dixon January 20, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    I live in Mesa, AZ. I have a smart meter that was installed about a year ago. If I am successful in having it removed, what about the effect of my neighbors meter on our household? Our meters are about 35 feet apart.
    I am very interested in your reply.
    Thank you
    LeDair Dixon


  37. Lori January 20, 2014 at 11:46 pm

    United in (calling these freaks) we stand. I loved your show last night. Is there something wrong with my comment? It was still being moderated.


  38. arts January 21, 2014 at 6:32 am

    They are not after Virginia Farver they are after her PERSON. The PERSON is an agency as evidenced by the birth certificate. The name on the birth certificate is not Virginia Farver but an agency that was created at the registration of her birth. When she agrees that she is the PERSON on the birth certificate she is then responsible when they act against the person. You are, as evidenced by the birth certificate, a government agent but on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. They are coming after her “legally”. Everything they do is about contracts. When Virginia was born her parents registered her birth in exchange for benefits. They didn’t know and they didn’t tell her mother the implications that would follow later on in life. Her mother, upon registering the birth agreed via adhesion contract to care for Virginia. She gave up her God given rights to raise Virginia her way. After registration you must 1. send your children to their public fool system. 2. Give her all the poisonous vaccines they want her to have. 3. apply for a social insurance number in order to work. (there is no law that you must have a social insurance number to work) 4. apply for a drivers license in order to drive and abide by all the road regulations they pull out of their hat. (no law you must be licensed to drive. 5. Apply for insurance in order to drive. 6. Register your motor vehicle. (you effectively give it over to the dmv).
    The birth certificate and all other documents assocated with it are voluntary. They tricked you into “applying” for things you had a God given right to do all along.
    It is because of all of these documents that the government can come against you. They can take your car, crush it, take your children, take your home. Anything registered with them is theirs. If you surrender all these documents to the government and tell them you no longer wish to contract with them they can’t come near you. Tell them you resign the position. They can’t summons you to court. They can’t serve you notices or traffic tickets. They are powerless without these documents. Look up “the birth certificate” on youtube. Learn the truth and break all ties with the government. If you desire to stay in this wicked system because of health care or social security than you deserve what you get. You have sold your soul for a bowl of pottage. Your authority comes from God….not a bunch of wicked men that call themselves your leaders. If they hurt you they will be acting against the man or woman and not the person. Look up common law. Common law only applies to people who have not contracted with the government. If they hurt or shoot you when you are no longer under their authority it will be murder in the first degree. Look up the apostolic letter pope francis released in September. His servants or agents began resigning in droves on or after that date. Pope is not doing you any favors. You work for him too you just don’t know it. Your taxes go to the Vatican. He holds your birth registrations. You are serving the devil himself. Get out of the system and keep your homes. Act now!

  39. scott January 21, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Hi Dave. Great job as always. I called the minions this morning with little success. Voice mails or they are in “meetings”…..cowards. I did talk to Ms. Nagl however…..clueless slug(???). The number for Dennis Sumner has been changed and is 970-221-6718, got his voice mail too!!! Thanks Ms.Nagl for the info. I hope your readers are actually voicing their opinions…DAILY,and not just sitting back waiting for SHTF. Remember,there are ALOT more of us than there is of them. They are scared to death of us. Much easier to speak in numbers than try to fight them physically. Although, I have an agenda 223 as opposed to agenda 21. Stay safe Dave. We all need to have some common sense and big ol’ cajones!!!!!

  40. B Patrie January 21, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    You can install a feraday cage to take the signals to ground but get a frequency tester to make shure it works once installed. SMA technologies AG uses a meter that you can use with solar pannels . Instead of having a battery to store the energy you use the existing grid in your area.

  41. Jonathan January 21, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    It’s a disturbing story indeed. These horror stories are and have been happening for ages, and your interview with Karen Hudes has identified perhaps the root cause of the problem. Should we not all focus on that foundation? We are sovereign men and women. Karen was correct about the Moors.


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