Dave Hodges appears live on the Weekend Vigilante from 6-8pm (Pacific) on 6-28-2014.

Dave Hodges appears live on the Weekend Vigilante from 6-8pm (Pacific) on 6-28-2014.


Tonight, from 6pm-8pm, Dave Hodges appears with Sheila Zilinski on the Weekend Vigilante Show

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Dave and Sheila will be discussing among other current events, the case of Monika Wesolowski in which the Virginia CPS abducted this mother’s  5 year old boy without any probable cause and placed the boy in a home with 2 foster fathers. The boy is not receiving his usual religious instruction (Catholic) nor, is he receiving his mandated occupational therapy as mandated in his treatment plan because the boy is also autistic.

The Assistant County Attorney, M. Chris Sigler, of Fairfax County, Virginia, is attempting to get Monika to take a psychological evaluation for the second time, because he did not get the insanity results he was looking for the first time she took the exam in which the psychologist concluded the boy should be returned to his mother. The mother also alleges sexual abuse of her son Dylan since he has been removed from her custody.

No charges, no conviction and yet, we still have a stolen kid. Dave Hodges is attempting to raise money for Monika’s legal defense fund. Dave and Monika have raised enough to pay an attorney the requisite retainer. We had an original goal of  raising $10,000, but that only paid for the retainer. Monika, in order to have a chance of getting her son back, will need to raise much, much more. The final legal costs are unknown, but Dave estimates that if Monika can raise $30,000, or more, CPS will know they are in for a fight and we hope that they will see that their unconstitutional behaviors will soon see the light of day and subsequently back down.

Read the original story that Dave wrote about Monika and Dylan by clicking here.

The staff at The Common Sense Show wants to thank personally thank an anonymous donor for generously donating $5,000 today.  We also thank all the people who are giving what they can. All gifts are equal in the eyes of the Lord!

We would ask that you would reach into your pockets and donate what you can to help Monika continue this fight against this horrendous abuse of power by the County Attorney’s Office of Fairfax Virginia and the Virginia CPS/DFS renegade agents. We are still well short of our goal. Any donation amount is appreciated, whether the gift is $5 or $5,000 dollars. You may donate below to our donation site which you will see below. Also, a snail mail address is listed below as well. 


The Snail mail address in Support of Monika Wesolowski’s Legal Defense Fund

Monika Wesolowski   PO Box 40926                 1210 S Glebe Rd                Arlington VA       22204-9998



Dave and Sheila will also be discussing the border crisis and the related presence of UN military vehicles on US soil.