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It’s Independence Day: Mom Declared Innocent, Free Dylan Immediately


There’s good news in Fairfax County, Virginia, as the Virginia CPS hired mediator, attorney Jim Pope, ruled that there was no evidence to sustain the child abuse allegation leveled against Monika Wesolowski, in a recent CPS administrative hearing.

Pope concluded that the unfounded allegation will be thrown out. Therefore, Dylan will soon be coming home to his mother, right? Well, not exactly, not just yet. One should not expect the Virginia CPS/DFS and the Fairfax County Attorney’s office to play fair. These groups show signs of concocting yet more strategies, and another false set of charges, that will keep the abused mother and son apart.








Monika Wesolowski was branded a “Level One Child Abuser” by the Virginia CPS. This designation would have stayed with Monika for 18 years. The prior CPS administrative hearing would give any Kangaroo Court a good name. At the original hearing, Monika was not allowed to present evidence in her behalf. In particular, Monika was in possession of a pediatrician’s medical report, that this author has seen, which concluded that her son, Dylan, was NOT assaulted by his mother. As this first hearing, the presiding CPS hearing officer refused to consider any evidence from Monika and, as a result, the boy was illegally stolen from the mother and put into the custody of two foster fathers where the boy has failed to thrive.

Monika’s declaration of being declared a Level One Child Abuser could have led to the loss of her State Department security clearance as this would have resulted in the loss of her job and also would have practically barred her from obtaining most future employment. Monika was only a few months away from losing Dylan, all together, when she contacted me and asked for my help.

The Bullies From the Virginia CPS/DFS

The terms justice and the Virginia CPS/DFS are not synonymous terms and should not be used in the same sentence.  It is a system of justice befitting the worst ethics of a third world country as these two organizations financially benefit from stealing children and subsequently money, not truth and child welfare, become the main motivating force. We the people need to force the federal government from giving federal funds to these criminal organizations because it incentivizes child kidnapping by misusing the power of the law.

Many of my readers and listeners are aware of the horrible abuse perpetrated upon Monika Wesolowski and her son Dylan, as they have suffered through unimaginable horrors brought on by vigilante style of justice by the Virginia CPS, Department of Family Services and the County Attorney’ s office of Fairfax County, Virginia. Since the time of Dylan’s seizure by CPS, Monika and Dylan’s lives have been a living hell.

While in foster care, Dylan, age 5, regressed to wearing diapers and would move his arms in a sexually suggestive manner and would call for his mother to cut his arms off. The boy also developed a rash in the vicinity of his rectum and the mother cried sexual abuse and reported these symptoms to the local authorities and to the Virginia CPS. The aforementioned tax supported organizations did not investigate in either a timely or meaningful manner, thus, leaving the boy in a continual state of stress and danger. No reasonable person could conclude that these rogue entities gave a  damn about this kid, but they did get their federal money.They did extort money out Monika to support their bogus and invalidated rehabilitation programs.

It Is About Winning, Not Justice

Being a sore loser, the Assistant County Attorney, M. Chris Sigler, of Fairfax County, Virginia, is still attempting to justify the unwarranted theft of Dylan. He is trying to get Monika to take yet ANOTHER psychological evaluation for the second time, because he did not get the insanity results he was looking for the first time she took the exam. He is obviously hoping that he can get an unscrupulous psychological evaluator who will play ball with the system and declare Monika to be insane after the fact and this will become the NEW justification to keep Dylan away from his mother.

In the first psychological profile, the presiding psychologist concluded the boy should be returned to his mother. The psychological evaluation was conducted by Dr. Sing. Despite being paid by CPS for his services, Dr. Sing concluded that “the bond between mother and son is strong and there is no reason that mother and son should not be reunified”. However, that was not good enough for  M. Chris Sigler and the Department of Family Services social worker, Magda Alarcon.  Monika was ordered by CPS to obtain, at her cost, a therapist. CPS approved the selection of Jenna Duffy as the therapist. Alarcon has subsequently pressured the therapist to diagnose Monika with a mental illness. Duffy has refused and has stated as much in her response to Alarcon’s unethical demand. These facts clearly exposes the NEW strategy being used to keep Dylan from Monika. They are forum shopping for a different psychological report (Sigler) and unethically pressuring therapists, that CPS approved, to make false and politically pressured diagnoses (Alarcon). If I lived in Virginia, I would be looking to clean house. Justice should start by unelecting the County Attorney in the next election and then Mr. Sigler would likely be looking for other employment. Everyone connected with this case, in CPS/DFS should be immediately fired. If you think this is a strong statement, read the following statement and you will see that this is righteous justice.

In the recent hearing, the CPS officials, under oath could not even cite their own level one abuse regulations and procedures, that they did not follow, as these procedures related to the child abuse allegations brought against Monika. Monika’s attorney made them look like incompetent amateurs as he exposed their arrogance and lawlessness of each CPS witness questioned on this matter.

CPS Says One Can’t Be a Gun Owner AND a Parent!

Also at the hearing, Monika was told by CPS that they had serious concerns about releasing the boy to his mother because she is a registered gun owner. As incredulous as is this Second Amendment violation is, it should be noted that the two original foster fathers, who were given custody of Dylan, are reportedly gun owners as well. Again, CPS is grasping at straws because they were caught with their professional pants down and the Assistant County Attorney is going to have a very difficult time defending these violators of the public trust in a court of law.

What They Were Not Counting On

What Sigler, Alarcon and the CPS officials were not betting on is that they would encounter a petite, 5’1″ blonde who would have more intestinal fortitude than the parties who have acted in such a heinous manner towards Monika and Dylan.

What they were not counting on was the fact that Monika would find me, and through the incredible generosity of my readers and listeners, would be able to raise enough money to mount a formidable legal defense against this tyranny.

What they were also not counting on was the fact that other media, like Steve Quayle, Sheila Zilinski, John B. Wells, Ernie Hancock and Doug and Joe Hagmann, as well as many Americans with a loving heart would take an intense interest in this case and would lend a helping hand. It is no longer the Virginia CPS vs. Monika and Dylan Wesolowski, this is now the case of the fair-minded people of this nation vs. an over-reaching and out of control bureaucratic monstrosity that is undermining the American family!

A Word to the Wise

At the hearing, Monika’s adversaries stated that they had moved Dylan out of the foster home of the two fathers and placed Dylan with a Catholic family which is what should have happened in the first place since Monika is a Catholic and the CPS regulations require that the foster environment duplicate the original home environment as much as possible. Rather than admitting their prior mistakes, these public servants blamed The Common Sense Show and yours truly for needing to remove Dylan from the previous foster home.

The reason that they gave for moving the boy was that Dave Hodges had put Dylan at risk by publishing articles and airing shows about the case. They alleged that I placed the foster fathers in danger by somehow advocating for violence against them and subsequently I put Dylan at risk as well. First of all, I do not know the foster fathers names and addresses and I never insinuated or asked for anyone to commit any act of aggression towards anyone in this case. My sole actions have consisted of alerting the public to these illegal behaviors on the part of the identified organizations and individuals. Secondly, I helped to raise money for a legal defense fund for Monika and Dylan. That is the extent of my actions. in this case. These allegations made against my show and myself are on the court reporter’s record and constitute a blatant set of lies as these events have been related to me.

If these authorities continue down this path with this type of reported slander towards The Common Sense Show, they will be traveling to Maricopa County, AZ. in order to face a civil action.

The Future

Unless the Virginia CPS/DFS and the County Attorney’s office returns Dylan immediately, Monika is going to file an action in civil court in Virginia. With the allegation of child abuse removed, these parties have no material reason as to why they are still hanging on to the child. However, instead of admitting their egregious mistakes, they continue to try and justify the abduction of Dylan.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we have raised $25,000 dollars. However, this will not be enough if the bad guys continue to ignore the law and also act with their spirit of retribution towards Monika and Dylan.

We would ask that you would reach into your pockets and donate what you can to help Monika continue this fight against this horrendous abuse of power by the County Attorney’s Office of Fairfax Virginia and the Virginia CPS/DFS renegade agents. We are still well short of our goal. Any donation amount is appreciated, whether the gift is $5 or $5,000 dollars. You may donate below to our donation site which you will see below. Also, a snail mail address is listed below as well. 


The Snail mail address in Support of Monika Wesolowski’s Legal Defense Fund

Monika Wesolowski   PO Box 40926                 1210 S Glebe Rd                Arlington VA       22204-9998



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  1. henrietta July 4, 2014 at 5:42 am

    At the original hearing, Monika was not allowed to present evidence in her behalf. ……….that RIGHT THERE IS EXACTLY HOW a CPS or drive by guardianship hearings WORK and this is NORMAL PROCEDURE in their court rooms and remains unconstitutional .


    CPS for da kids
    PROBATE for theft/kidnapping of our adult aged disabled and elderly.

    as for child abuse–MAKE IT A CRIME ONCE AND FOR ALL so there will be indictment and then a trial -NO MORE ANONYMOUS reporting permitted.

    CLOSE THEM DOWN dammit.
    PLEASE,NEVER FORGE THAT THESE ILLEGAL ACTIONS TAKE PLACE NATIONWIDE ,24/7 via one anonymous call and in some states with disabled UNDER THE BOOTS OF THESE ILLEGAL COURTS EX PARTE HEARINGS CONTINUE and the actions are the same–law enforcement shows up with a warrant BASED ON BS and your family member GOES WHEREVER.

    hope SHE already has FILED HER CASE and did not leave out Olmstead and ADA violations.

    get these courts CLOSED.

  2. shimon ellison July 4, 2014 at 6:11 am

    I would say prayer works ! How DARE these scum take this mothers child anyway ! OK Virginia CPS (Child Pedo Services) be aware that YOU are under the scrutiny of the WORLD – don’t believe you will get away with this satanism – you won’t !!
    S.E. England.

  3. hondo July 4, 2014 at 6:14 am

    One has to wonder how many countless times this same type scenerio is playing its way out across the country w/o the well deserved publicity this one is getting. Wouldn’t it be great if the government workers would come out of the “closet” and admitted what their agenda really is! It would not be surprising if Mr. Sigler isn’t sitting at his desk masturbating while thinking about what’s happening to Dylan while in the tender loving arms of two gay men. You think I’m kidding! These people are nothing less than pedophilic Satan worshippers carrying out the wishes of their pathetic little god. Hell is too good for them.

  4. WillNotBow July 4, 2014 at 6:15 am

    When people finally stand and protect their BLOOD as is GODLY, this criminality will come to a stop.

  5. Arizona July 4, 2014 at 6:47 am

    THE sheriff of the county should have arrested everyone involved in the KIDNAPPING of this child,which proves the sheriff and ALL the government officals are INVOLVED IN KIDNAPPING CHILDREN,what will be done,WELL considering no one in virginia cares about their children being kidnapped,OR EVERY GOVERNMENT OFFICAL IN THE COUNTY would be HANGING from a tree limb,besides it really looks like the kid has been being raped and if thats the case ALL THE EMPLOYEES OF “CPS”should be stood up against a wall and shot,right next to the pole peterpan the sheriff and his girlymen are tied to………….

  6. stuart July 4, 2014 at 6:59 am

    Dave, I read your commentaries first every day. You are my absolutely number one person to get my honest perspectives from.
    I would like to just make one comment, which I do not expect you to allow to be published.
    When the boy was taken from his mum, I doubt that it mattered whether the foster family were two men, two women, one of each, one man or one woman. It would seem to me that taking an autistic boy from his mum would be so outrageously destabilizing to him, that he would regress.
    Thus, I do not agree that one can assume that the two men were sexually abusing him without real proof and I think that the fact that he was fostered by two men is not necessarily of importance. There are lots of great gay men and women who love children. There are lots of “straight” men and women that abuse children sexually. So the sexuality and sex of the foster parents really is secondary.
    The entire issue is the disgraceful way the authorities are abusing parental rights at an ever accelerating way.
    You account of what the mum has gone through make me very, very sad and I have shed quite a lot of tears over this, as I read your narratives.

  7. Leslie Williams July 4, 2014 at 7:01 am

    I just wrote a huge long comment on this on this post and when I went to submit itit did not post sending it from my phone which is hacked I emailed Dave Hodges earlier this morning July ,4 th 2014 YouTube and Google learning disabled woman being tortured in San Diego // learning disabled woman brutally assaulted on MTS bus / learning disabled woman on national radio shows /learning disabled woman exposes evidence of gang stalking the previous comment that I attempted to post discussed Monica’s abuse andthe fact the same crimes are happening here in San Diego I will repost after the holidays when the computers at libraries are available Leslie Williams

  8. Amy July 4, 2014 at 7:25 am

    Dave, this poor child will not come back to her the same way he was taken, thanks to the politically correct placement which was obviously not well vetted in which he was traumatized. CPS should have to pay for whatever medical and therapeutic treatment he needs as a result of this travesty.

  9. […] By David Hodges who is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show. […]

  10. TTS July 4, 2014 at 7:35 am

    I have been following this story and it makes my blood boil. Two plus two is not necessarily four in the eyes of these child-abusing, kidnapping public servants of Fairfax county, it is whatever they want it to be. They simply make it up as they go. I would encourage readers to call these CPS FREAKS and give them a piece of your mind. These people who work for Fairfax county are sub-human scum at best. They will ALL get what they deserve. That day cannot come soon enough.

  11. katy July 4, 2014 at 8:13 am

    God Bless you Dave Hodges… You are a true ‘super soldier’ in God’s army. May He protect you and your family from every attack and may your courage grow and the light of God shine through you like you have never seen! Amen

  12. Whitedove Apple July 4, 2014 at 9:34 am

    been through this mess years ago w my 4 kids, seems like nothing has changed, half of the “social workers’ don’t even have children so how can they determine what is needed now in defence of them child care needs to be watched over for real so many little ones are in dire need. BUT DONT ASSUME all parents are bad. and don’t print their names so they have to clear their names

  13. mom for freedom July 4, 2014 at 10:42 am

    Your article doesn’t make it clear, so I can only assume that the “two fathers” that Dylan has been placed with are homosexual. While I do not have a problem with people being gay,(I am a Hair Designer and know plenty of gay people) I do have a problem with gay couples trying to raise a child. And I do speak from personal experience when I say this. I dated and lived with a man whose mother is gay and had a live in partner. This man learned of his mother’s life style as a preteen and had a very difficult time dealing with it. Not only was he ridiculed at school in regards to his “parents”, but he rebelled more than I would say most young men do as a result. As a young adult, he finally began counseling to discover why he was in such a mode of “self destruct”. He not only engaged in drug activity, but also spent time in prison on 3 different occasions on breaking and entering charges that he was found guilty of. When I met him I was unaware of his past. When he told me, I was disappointed, but decided to give him the opportunity to improve his life and encouraged him to seek counseling. After spending 8 months in prison for his pending charge prior to when we met, I sought out a great counselor, who he started seeing on a regular basis. It was then that he realized that he held tremendous anger at his mother for her lifestyle and was engaging in the behavior that caused all his legal troubles as a means to “get back at her”. I am happy to report that, although we are no longer together, he has dealt with his anger and is now the owner of a very successful business and has not been back to prison. To make matters worse, it sounds as if the “two fathers” are the ones who are perpetuating abuse on this precious 5 year old boy since the child regressed to wearing diapers( a classic sign of sexual abuse) and developing a rash on his rear around his anus.

    Now, having made this comment in regards to the “two fathers”, I honestly believe that this prosecutor and CPS are way overstepping their authority and need to be held accountable. I will personally be looking to find the prosecutors email address at his office to voice my concern and disgust at his actions. The people of Virginia must stand up and take action. This is disgusting coming from the state that so many of our founders originated from. When will “We The People” finally get fed up with our runaway government and start voting these bums out of office? These people work for us. And while children do need to be protected from truly abusive parents, this case does not sound like it qualifies for their intrusive interference. Dylan is clearly not doing well in foster care, and as a mother of 4 children, 2 of which are boys, I can tell you that boys especially have a very special bond with their mothers and being separated from her on these trumped up charges just might be doing irreparable harm to this young child. If anyone is guilty of abuse, I would definitely have to say that CPS and this prosecutor are the guilty parties in this situation.

  14. yapie July 4, 2014 at 11:38 am

    Congratulations on the 1st, or was this the second round. This may sound nuts but here goes “something”. I very rarely watch TV, but I remember a show with a woman named Nancy Grace. I hope that’s correct….is it possible she could bring this story to the mainstream’s attention? Just a thought. My heart is heavy that this fight for custody has taken place. Both you (Dave) and Monica continue to be brave and amazing fighters for all children. May God watch over you both and all the many people who have contributed to the fund raiser.

  15. Susan Stanton July 4, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Wow. Thank you for writing this article. Please tell Monika to stop trying to appease the criminals at CPS and simply appeal to higher courts. I have had hideous felonies committed against me and my poor traumatized little girls here on Maui. My precious children miss me so much, they have permanent psychological and emotional from the damage inflicted by these sick, sick, corrupt CPS workers, and a severely corrupt “judge” here on Maui. I lost one and a half years of my beautiful children’s life’s because of these criminals. They are guilty of kidnapping and child trafficking . It’s sickening. I declared sovereignty to get my girls out of the system. Tell Monika to look into denouncing federal citizenship and declaring her and her child American Nationals. They have to dismiss the case because once you declare sovereignty , all the court orders are fraudulent and non enforceable. She is not alone in the games these sick, sick government employees play. Their behavior is criminal, and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. God bless you for supporting this woman. There is nothing sicker than corrupt government employees hurting single mothers and their children. It’s disgusting. Tell her to stay strong and call them out for what they are. They are criminals with titles. They are nothing more than that.

  16. Wily July 4, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    YES, YEs, Yes!!!!!!!!

    & Amen!

  17. NW Native July 4, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    The abuse of autistic Dylan started with the childhood vaccines crammed into his immature body that most likely gave rise to his autism all under the watchful eye of the criminal FDA, the criminal federal government and the hear, see no evil medical “profession.
    One out of 68 births are now autistic, brought to you with loving care by the criminal big pharma industry in bed with the Federal Government. This is a medical catastrophe with heart ache for millions of American families, while big pharma and the so-called doctors laugh all the way to the bank under the approving eye of the criminal Federal Government and the FDA.
    Forth of July my eye.

  18. birdman July 4, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    This is all about money with these people in CPS. They get loads of money from the feds to take children out of the home. Children are also more likely to be abused in foster care than at home. Some people in CPS are also working for sex slavery rings who pay CPS workers big bucks to get them kids use for their perverse operations.

    This woman will end up having to leave her job and go into hiding with her child. If she moves to another state, they will call that state and tell them she is an abusive mother and that state will go after her. In fact she should get as much money as she can and leave the country.

  19. American mom July 4, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    That miscreant M. Chris Sigler needs to be hit with a Writ of Mandamus to compel him to perform his public job duties. Monika can accept his Oath of Office and his full Commercial Liability in the Writ, then complain to the underwriter. I believe three complaints to the company then the BAR member becomes uninsurable with any Commercial Bond Company.

    Send everyone Cease and Desist letters for harassment and slander, it’ll buoy your civil suit Dave.

    Happy 4th of July, may we reclaim and restore our Republic, fellow liberty lover.

  20. rachel July 4, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Where are the Militias in these kind of cases?? there should be a huge uproar with thousands of people surrounding CPS and the courthouses. Why will Militias fight and risk their lives to protect someones cows but not someones child?????

  21. melissa July 5, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    For more articles about the corruption of CPS join the group Unjustly Taken National on Facebook.

  22. melissa July 5, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    The injustices of the currupt CPS system which in its self is a National is so volatile and putrid, the entire system needs an overhaul. These stories are becoming the norm instead of the exception. CPS is now harming children and families instead of helping them.


  23. AZgirl7 July 6, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    You nailed it Dave, saying that now they must lie some more to justify the initial attack. How can these courts get away with not allowing a defense to be presented? Oh, that’s right, it would go on the record and prove that the whole case is a sham to begin with. This way they get their Gov. payoff AND get their filthy hands on the kids, even if temporarily. So parents may get their children back, but not before the soul and spirit of these innocent children have been forever crushed and destroyed. Even if they were miraculously NOT sexually abused, their basic trust and faith in their parents and all adults has been irrevocably damaged. To my mind it is just one step away from actually murdering someone. These child kidnappers deserve nothing less than life in prison!

  24. zbrain July 7, 2014 at 3:49 am

    It is interesting that the Assistant County Attorney wants Monika to take a psychological evaluation test when they should be the ones taking it first. M. Chris Sigler and all public elected and appointed officials should be required to take a psychological evaluation test both to qualify for office, after elected, then annually thereafter. That way, if done correctly, the psychopaths that run this country and the world would be forced to step down.

  25. BAW4JESUS July 8, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    I am a father of 2 girls. Me and the mother youngest are togather and had our daughters kidnapped out of school and put in foster care with there half aunt and told there grandparents they could see them when they were back in their parents care its been 3 years and the CPS recommended that the children be returned and the judge denied and then they took our rights on substancial evidence with was all petty lies with no due process. We are now in the appeal courts and pray to have are children back home it has been the darkest road ever they have destroyed our family and been trying to take JESUS out of the hearts of our girls.


  26. benotdecievd July 9, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    Praise Jesus

  27. tcibbs2869 July 10, 2014 at 3:57 am

    So, everyone wants to lable CPS and all the agency kidnappers, and get ride of the agency altogether. Okay… but, then what? Who/what is in place to protect? I am a CPS caseworker. I don’t want to take ANYONE’s child. I firmly believe that IF a parent can provide a safe and appropriate environment then that’s exactly where the child should be. However, if they are abusing the child… then what?

    Seriously, those that want CPS gone… what’s in place to protect the kids? It can be a flawed system, and there are mistakes made. But the caseworkers couldn’t care less about the politics. We are there only for the kids.


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