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Update On VA. Mother Whose Son Was Kidnapped by the Virginia CPS


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Most readers of this site are familiar with the case of Monica Wesolowski and Dylan Wesolowski Rodriguez in which the 5 year old boy was taken from his mother with no proof of parental wrongdoing or neglect.

Donations Are Making a Difference

Our donations to Monika’s legal defense fund are making a big difference in this case, as Dylan has been moved away from the home of the gay step fathers, who Monika emphatically has stated that Dylan was being abused while in their care. The boy was then moved to a Catholic family with more traditional values. The rules of CPS mandate that a child be put in foster care and must be put into a home which most closely approximates the original home environment. Virginia’s CPS went months while violating the rights of Dylan and Monika in this instance. Further, Dylan is on the autism spectrum and is supposed to be receiving occupation therapy at state expense. The Virginia CPS saw fit to deny the boy his therapy until a recent hearing Monika won back her son’s autism occupational therapy.

There was an event which took place in this recent hearing which is highly noteworthy. Mary Tyndall, the director of the Parent group VOCAL, was attending this meeting via conference call. While Mary was speaking to the group assembled at the hearing, a voice cut in over Mary’s phone line and said “Don’t you know that the words that you say can hurt you”? This comment was heard by all 13 people in attendance at this meeting and should be considered to be a direct threat against, Monika, Mary and Monika’s attorney.

As you will read in the paragraphs below, it will become obvious why there are nefarious forces breaking in on phone calls, at public hearings, and issuing threats. There is a lot at stake.

Monika is winning on every front, but she still has not achieved final victory, which would be the reunification with her son.

Monika Wins An Important Battle

Monika won an important procedural hearing last week, which exonerated her from all wrong doing with regard to any child abuse allegations. This victory would not have been possible if Monika had not been able to afford an attorney. And if it was not for our continuing fund raising efforts, Monika would not have a attorney and Dylan would be gone forever.

Armed with her attorney, Monika successfully appealed her CPS determination that she abused her son Dylan. The original ruling was issued without allowing Monika any due process, the right to call witnesses and present any evidence. With the judgment set aside, Dylan should be coming home to his mother. Right? Well, not exactly.

Fairfax Asst. County Attorney, M. Chris Sigler refuses to reunite mother and son. In the eyes of many, this constitutes state sponsored kidnapping. Certainly, in the eyes of all, it constitutes bad judgment to keep this fight going after the government has failed to prove their case

The Victim of Political Targeting

Monika, a State Department employee with a security clearance, believes that she was politically targeted and this led to the seizure of her son. My investigation in this matter has revealed an acquaintance of Monika who has likely met with foul play, lends credence to her belief of being targeted for what someone thought she knew about child sex trafficking and elements of the U.S. government. Somebody thinks she knows more than she does because at the same time, this federal employee with no outside income was targeted by the IRS for an audit and the State Department began to drug test her. The operating hypothesis is based on the notion that this child abduction strategy was adopted in order to (use your imagination).

Monika firmly believes that her son Dylan would be sex trafficked by now if it were not for our intervention. The evidence trail for Monika’s beliefs is pointing to Congressional involvement on both sides of this issue. I have been approached by whistle blowers with insider information which points to various nefarious activities in Virginia and other locations and these events are related to some very serious topics. The topics include state complicity in child sex trafficking and the suiciding of uncooperative witnesses.

Present Legal Direction of the Case

Monika’s attorney is headed back into court to file against the failure of Sigler to return Dylan since there is no legal reason to hold him in light of the recent ruling. This all takes money and once again, we are asking for the help of the public in putting an end to the child kidnapping being conducted by the Virginia CPS/DFS.

Monika has just been dealt a setback. Monika has just learned that CPS//DFS has been secretly meeting with the father of the Dylan who had his unsupervised visitation rights severed by court order because of his past behaviors. Now CPS/DFS is trying to get the father custody of Dylan even though it is clearly not in Dylan’s best interest. Monika has to go into court to block this action. This is all part of the CPS/DFS plot to drain Monika’s legal defense fund dry so these Virginia officials can keep Dylan and keep receiving federal money for this child seizure.

This is all going to require Monika’s attorney to go into court and block this action. Monika’s attorney is filing an action to block the father’s unsupervised visits as previously ordered by the courts. In the eyes of CPS and DFS, these unsupervised visits on the part of the father, are a back door move towards reunification between the father, who had his parental rights basically severed, and his son. Once the boy is in the father’s custody, if he does anything like he did to get in trouble as he did before, the boy will revert back to foster care and the Virginia CPS/DFS will win without having to convict Monika of anything.

To donate to Monika’s legal defense fund, you may make an electronic donation to the following:

To send by snail mail, please send your donation to

Monika Wesolowski
PO Box 40926
1210 S Glebe Rd
Arlington VA 22204-9998


Isn’t it nice to know that the laws and past judicial rulings mean nothing to the Virginia CPS/DFS? Monika will prevail and get her son back. However, she is going to need our assistance for a while longer as by the end of the week, she will have two more administrative/legal actions in play.

Originally, I was naive enough to believe that Monika could win this case with one legal action. Therefore, we set our legal defense monetary goal at too low of an amount.

Please give as generously as you can because Monika is going to have to spend at least an additional $30,000 to get her son back because of all the legal roadblocks being thrown down by CPS/DFS. Please remember that no amount is too small to donate.

Breitbart’s mistake was to hold on to sensitive information that only he had. I will not make that mistake. As far as the whistle blower allegations go, the charges are serious and allegedly involve some high level officials. For my safety, I have disseminated some of the evidence for evaluation, to some of my contacts. I know for a fact that FOX News has some of the information and they are sitting on it.  I will be reporting on these allegations should the charges prove to have merit.

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  1. thisheart July 16, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Good Lord, Dave! I even fear for your life and Monika’s! Brietbart did not have a sudden heart attack because of a bad heart. He likely was remotely switched off by an RFID chip embedded in his heart through surgery or vaccination, which was triggered by a tone sent through his cell phone. Might want to avoid answering the phone, or taking a drive, or a plane ride, or . . . ! Thankfully God is our strength and refuge. My heart and mind pour over the nightmare Dylan is in and every part of me cries out.I will share with others who have the means to give as well. Knowing that Alexandria, VA is HQ for the satanists, I am sure they operate any number of nefarious and hardcore evil plots against the innocent. Be careful while it is good to know your enemy it is even better to know the Words of God in order to resist the devil. Thankfully God will avenge it all.

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  3. RickE. July 17, 2014 at 6:27 am

    How exactly, can Sigler refuse to give her son back when there’s NO legal precedent keeping him in their custody? Something doesn’t sound right here.
    I would initiate a law suit for millions of dollars, and have them explain to the court EXACTLY WHY the boy is still not with his mother!
    One would think that there would be an attorney that would see the potential dollar signs here and take the case pro bono. Not only is this potentially lucrative, but the state of Virginia needs to be taught a big fat lesson!
    Sure, the tax payers would be footing the bill, but perhaps they would bitch like crazy and affect change.

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