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Shutdown: A Single Ebola Patient Has Overwhelmed The System: Dallas Hospital Forced To Close Emergency Room


Despite numerous procedural missteps over the course of the last several weeks, theCenters for Disease Control want the American public to believe they have everything under control.

But with a second case now being confirmed in Dallas, one can’t help but consider that these so-called ‘protocols’ set forth by the CDC are either inadequate, or they are being wholly mismanaged.

Where were the Hazmat suits for the police officers and clean-up crew that were first to arrive at Duncan’s Ebola-stricken apartment? Or what about the ambulance that carried numerous patients and personnel for 48 hours after Duncan was dropped off at the hospitalbefore anyone realized it needed to be isolated? Or how about the quarantine procedures, which left Duncan’s extended relatives in an apartment with no established procedure for  supplying the detainees with food? And why were others who were living in apartments adjacent to these, who had close proximity to  Duncan’s ventilation systems, not moved?  Moreover, why did the Obama administration wait almost two weeks before suggesting that we should be screening passengers arriving in the United States from flights originating in Africa?

These are just a handful of the inconsistencies which suggest, among other things, that the CDC was caught completely off guard and unprepared.

But if that’s not enough to convince you that we have a serious problem with emergency response protocols for pandemics and outbreaks, then perhaps the fact that a single Ebola patient in Dallas overwhelmed the system to such an extent that Texas Presbyterian had to shut down their emergency room to new patients.

The CDC now is recommending that the Dallas hospital, Texas HealthPresbyterian, keep the number of workers treating possible Ebola patients to an “absolute minimum,” Frieden said. The agency also wants the hospitalto provide a full-time infection control officer to ensure that safety measures are followed with Ebola patients.

Varga did not identify the worker and said her family has “requested total privacy.”

The hospital announced Sunday that its emergency department had stopped until further notice accepting patients brought by ambulance “because of limitations in staffed capacity,” a step known as “diversion.”

“While we are on diversion we are also using this time to further expand the margin of safety by triple-checking our full compliance with updated CDCguidelines,” the hospital said. “We are also continuing to monitor all staff who had some relation to Mr. Duncan’s care even if they are not assumed to be at significant risk of infection.”

The infected woman sought care immediately after her symptomsdeveloped and was placed in isolation at the hospital, Frieden said. (News Observer)

That’s right. The hospital literally closed its doors to new patients.

Consider for a moment what something like this might look like if  several cases popped up throughout a major metro area simultaneously. Would all of the hospitals to which those infected with Ebola were taken then shut their doors to new patients?

What this means for you is very simple and it’s something that members of the preparedness community have been warning about since before Ebola was even on the CDC’s domestic radar.

If this virus (or any other contagion) spreads like it did in Africa, our entire health care system will be paralyzed.

This means that whether a person needs medical attention for a viral infection or a broken arm, they will have nowhere to go for help.

Of course, CDC director Thomas Frieden would disagree. Ebola, as he so adamantly statedback in July, is simply not in the cards for America.

We are sure that the medical professionals at the CDC and other government agencies are the cream of the crop. It’s not that they are incapable of doing their jobs. The problem lies at the top of the decision-making hierarchy and one government emergency manager claims that these officials are are not only violating all containment and response protocols, but they are doing so on purpose.

Whether their reasons for this are politically motivated – like causing a panic so they can run GOP-blame commercials – or something even more sinister, they are playing a very dangerous game with the lives of 300 million Americans. Alarmingly, the CDC’s directoradmitted yesterday that they’ve completely dropped the ball, despite every assurance that they were ready for Ebola. “We have to rethink the way we address Ebola infection control,” Frieden said at a press conference.

This ‘rethinking’ should include real, actionable preventative measures that can be taken by the American public, something the CDC has failed to provide thus far in any serious capacity. Given the (mis)handling of Ebola in the United States thus far, it’s probably about time each individual and family take it upon themselves to establish a pandemic preparedness plan and protocols to deal with this crisis if it continues to spread.

Or, you can just sit back and relax knowing that President Obama has you and your family’s interests at heart while he’s taking a swing on the Back Nine for the 200th time in his Presidency.

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Mac Slavo is the Editor of SHTFplan.com

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  1. iselish October 14, 2014 at 10:36 am

    They tell us 5 to 10 thousand new cases a week in Africa. Then they tell us one has died and one sick nurse closes the hospital. Maybe this is a controlled panic, just enough to ensure a new agenda is put in place. A law, money, control of some form. Not mass panic. Just enough for their plan to succeed.
    And a distraction from other things like the Dow, Middle East, Obamacare, etc.

  2. Kim October 14, 2014 at 10:39 am

    Ebola is fake, not one pic of classic ebola symptoms like bleeding and boils on skin.
    Crisis actors busted in Africa.
    Oil discovered off the coast of Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Liberia.
    All victims wearing green, yet another color revolution.
    The Africans know its fake, the only people who got sick had been vaccinated by the Red Cross. Africans kicked the Red Cross out later.
    Doctors Without Borders “where ever these people have gone disease followed”


  3. pantsupdontloot October 14, 2014 at 11:45 am

    If anyone is not ashamed of this peopel we call Americans then that person has no shame. And without shame stalked by correction there can be no honor, and a people void of honor are destined to die the death of shame.

  4. matt October 14, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    not too long ago we were all talking about an EMP attack or multiple nukes going off to kick things off but who needs nukes when ebola can accomplish all the same things and maybe more with less collateral damage and.less explaining to do. and if the govt does have a vaccine they can use that to keep the military and police under control so their families could be the first to get them.

  5. towtruck October 14, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    You lied Dave, you said we could go to at least 20 patients…this is all your fault, can’t trust anybody these days. Sorry, for once in my life I wanted to act like a liberal…it was disgusting..

  6. houndsRus October 14, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    Want to know what is really going on? go to
    the Power Hour Oct 13, 2014 podcast and listen.

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