Does This Look Like a President That Can Save You From Ebola?

The Blaze is reporting that during President Barack Obama’s speech held in Maryland at a Democratic campaign rally, crowd members, almost exclusively of an audience made up Blacks headed for the exits as Obama began to speak. Reuters reported  that this act  “underscored his continuing unpopularity” .


Most Democratic candidates have had the good sense to avoid Obama like he has Ebola. However, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, who’s running for governor, is not one of them.

As Obama spoke at the rally for Brown in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, near Washington, a “steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium,” Reuters reported. Obama was heckled as he attempted on behalf of Anthony Brown.


More hecklers attacked the President. Race is not a significant issue when it comes to assessing the lethality of the Obama presidency when it comes to his administration.  Thank God that these Americans exercised their First Amendment right to voice their displeasure and fear of a President who is clearly every American’s most significant threat.  This is a case of Americans banding together and saying in unison, “Enough”!  From three thousand miles away, I lend my voice in support as should all Americans.

We desperately need to band together as Americans to stand up to the globalist tyranny being perpetrated against the American people by this administration. God bless these wonderful and brave people for their bravery and commitment to our ideals as Americans. Let this be a rallying cry. It might be too late but, by God, we can sure as hell try and follow the example of these people.


As we sit here in our homes and bemoan the fact that Obama has imperiled the nation due to his mishandling of the Ebola crisis by not shutting down air travel from West Africa, we lose sight of the fact that Obama has been public enemy number one since the inception of his Presidency.

Many of us in the alternative media have long pointed out how this politically inept and inexperienced man has illegitimately occupied the White House.

Since Obama took office in January of 2009, America has been under the most serious and constant barrage of blitzkrieg attacks in her entire history. Not only was Obama grossly under qualified to be president based upon his experience, he was not eligible to even run for the highest office in the land.

The following article summarizes many of the documented issues I have raised, in only the past several weeks, about President Obama and his subsequent leadership failures.

In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson accusing King George of his crimes against the American colonists, I bring forth a summary of the same kinds of charges against King Obama. I would ask that if you agree with ANY of the following allegations, that you share your concerns with your friends and family and then draft a letter to your Congressman imploring him/her to draw up articles of impeachment against Obama for treason and sedition. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.With these kinds of events happening in places like Maryland, the worm has turned. We have a chance for a push back in the brief window left before these midterm elections.

Can America Name One Positive Thing That Obama Has Done for the American Middle Class?

I think all of us would be hard-pressed to find an individual who could tell us with a straight face what Obama has done to help the American middle class. In fact, when we take a look at the Obama administration and its misguided policies, this administration has created a wide swath of destruction towards the American people reminiscent of what General Sherman did to the South in his now infamous “March to the Sea” during the Civil War.

The Military

Any discussion about the welfare of the nation must begin an end with an analysis of military strengths and weaknesses. Generally speaking, an athletic team is only as good and performs only as well, as the quality of coaches leading that team. The same can be said for the military. Along these lines, Obama has decimated the leadership of the military.

Since the beginning of 2013, he has fired 16 naval commanders and a much greater number of generals when it comes to the combined forces of the Marine Corps and the Army. Never before in the history of this country has a president so devastated a theater of war such as Obama has done, in Afghanistan, where he has removed commanders, one right after the other.

Obama has replaced these commanders with less experienced subordinates, thus, tremendously weakening our military. 

For the first time in American history, Obama has allowed Russian troops to train on American soil. And this “training” comes on the heels of when Russia threatened to nuke America if it dared to invade Iran. Based upon the Russian 2012 threat, America should be in a constant state of military readiness, not be training Russian soldiers who are self-declared enemies of the American people.

Even more incredibly, Obama has directed FEMA to engage in a bilateral agreement to train 15,000 Russian troops on American soil. This makes no absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why would a domestic emergency response agency be training with Russian combat soldiers? There can only be one answer; These troops are going to be needed for the enforcement of the upcoming martial law which will include participating in typical FEMA disaster activities such as food and water distribution, relocation to “housing centers”, etc. Based on this unwarranted agreement between FEMA and the Russians, many of us have concluded that Obama is going to use these troops to engage in gun confiscation and all the very bad things that could follow such an action.   

At a time when America has been threatened with nuclear annihilation, Obama has gone so far as to remove the two leaders of our nuclear arsenal by using such ridiculous allegations as one of the men was using a counterfeit poker chip. If this president has time to consider what constitutes a counterfeit poker chip in a harmless poker game, he is spending too much time on the golf course and not enough time doing his job. What is more likely, is that this is a deliberate move to weaken the leadership of our nuclear arsenal leadership. As a result, our national security has been compromised and all Americans are less safe today than they were six years ago when Obama assumed the presidency?

These are the actions of a traitor. 

Devastating Our Healthcare

The magic number for healthcare appears to be just under three, because just about three times our present cost is what most people, being forced to pay to convert to Obamacare. I pay just under $500 a month to insure my family. When I went online and used the Obamacare cost calculator, I discovered that I would be paying over $1300 a month for my family’s health care.

I remember listening to the Hannity radio show as he was interviewing LA attorney, Jennifer Hudson, who is four months pregnant. Hudson stated she was dropped from her health carrier and that Obamacare was going to cost her more than three to four times when she is presently paying.

Didn’t Obama say ” if you like your healthcare, and you like your doctor, you get to keep your healthcare and you get to keep your doctor under my health care.” Didn’t this Manchurian candidate also say ” a family of four is going to save an average of $2500 per year under my plan”.

There are so many lies tied up in Obama’s previous two statements, that it is difficult to know where to begin. Let’s just suffice it to say that at least 16 million Americans are going to be forced to convert to Obamacare and that doesn’t even begin to cover the number of private healthcare carriers who are going to dump their insured customers in order to save themselves the expense of providing an ever-expanding healthcare coverage under Obamacare rules and regulations. Further, most Americans who are converting to Obamacare are suffering from sticker shock. And for those who can’t afford the new premiums, well…, they will just have to go to jail under Obamacare regulations which requires each citizen to carry the federally mandated coverage.

Why isn’t the corporate-controlled mainstream media asking Obama why are over 1,300 of his preferred corporate campaign providers and their employees exempted from mandatory participation in Obamacare? Why isn’t the media asking Obama why he and Congress are not forced to use the very same “health product” that they have forced down the throats of American citizens? This is a clear case of rules for thee, but not for me. If the American people were fully aware of the duplicitous nature of Obamacare, there would be an erosion of confidence in government, even above and beyond the record levels of unhappiness we are witnessing today. When people lose respect for leaders and their policies, an air of civil disobedience rears its ugly head. This is why the corporate controlled media will never challenge the president on these issues. This is a communist takeover by stealth.

Attacks Upon Our Food and Water

I have previously documented how Obama is moving to control the food supply in the United States. The Obama forces have swat-teamed the Amish, raw milk producers and several private food producers, while leaving the large corporate farms alone.

After making 50 million Americans dependent upon food stamps, Obama is allowing Congress to make significant cuts among this vulnerable population group, with no transition period, and Obama could have prevented this action with an Executive Order. I am not in favor of the welfare state. However, as one cannot expect a heroin addict to quit the drug by going cold turkey, we cannot expect 50 million poor people to make this kind of adjustment with no transition period. I believe that this is a provocative strategy designed to get protesters in the streets where all resistance will be crushed and Obama’s Bolshevik revolution can continue unabated.

Under Obama’s leadership, the EPA is using their self-proclaimed power to control water. And when one controls the flow and usage of water, one also controls property rights as well as food production. The EPA has announced that they control all forms of water ranging from streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, standing water, well water and water of any variety regardless of the source. This is the underlying impetus which is providing the motivation for the two counties in northern California to withdraw from California.

The Deindustrialization of the United States

Since Obama has been elected president, he has been on a mission to impose the phony science of global warming which serves to justify his extreme control of all industry and personal usage of energy. Unable to get his cap and trade policies through the Congress, Obama has begun to implement his agenda through executive orders at the state and local level. Hence, we are starting to see some citizen push back in the previously mentioned California and Oregon situations.

From my research on the Gulf oil explosion, I learned that Obama was once a member of the Joyce Foundation along with Al Gore and Valerie Jarrett. Together, the three parties created the Chicago Climate Exchange which was designed to be a $10 trillion dollar venture to administrate all cap and trade within the United States. I believe that this why Obama was selected to be president by the bankers.

As I have documented in recent articles, if Obama has his way, we will be living in an 1880’s hellish nightmare reminiscent of the opening scene of the movie, The Hunger Games.

Economic Devastation

Under Obama, he has increased deficit spending by a factor of more than two, when his major campaign promise was to balance the budget. Even more disturbing, under Obama’s watch, the government is setting up to steal retirement accounts as I have documented that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has begun to “borrow” from select federal retirement accounts.

More disturbing is the fact that Obama has done nothing about the mammoth derivatives debt, totaling at least one quadrillion dollars which is 16 times the value of the entire planet, and the interest continues to grow at an exponential rate. The derivatives debt plus the unfunded liabilities that, which totals $238 trillion, will absolutely crush the economic system of this country. This is by design.

Obama Has Outwardly Declared War Against the American People

Under Obama’s watch, the Department of Homeland Security has armed themselves with 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers. Even such innocuous federal entities, such as the National Weather Service, are arming themselves to the teeth. Obama has expanded the TSA tyranny, which violates all Americans Fourth Amendment rights, to the streets, the bus depots and certain highways. The Obama administration has purchased hundreds of concrete, bulletproof checkpoints which will be placed on the nation’s highways.

In the recent government shutdown, Obama forbade pastors from administering to their Christian flock in the military. However no other religion, including Islam, received such a prohibition. Under Obama, the Department of Homeland Security has declared Bible-believing Christians to be domestic terrorists. And let’s not forget that the American people have been saddled with the two most virulent forms tyrannical legislation in our nations history, the NDAA, in which Americans can be abducted by the government off of the street with no due process of law. And of course, there is Executive Order 13603, in which the President can take control of all resources and conscript all Americans to perform any duty as he sees fit.

This is the stuff that martial law is made of.


These events only represent the very tip of the iceberg. Again I ask the question, “can anyone name one thing that Obama has done since taking office, which in some way benefit the American middle class?” And I have not even touched upon Fast and Furious, the Benghazi scandal, the IRS harassment of the Tea Party Scandal, the government spying on AP reporters scandal, the NSA scandal and the mysterious deaths of Michael Hastings and Andrew Breitbart. Most, if not all of these scandals, are worse than anything Richard Nixon did in relation to the Watergate scandal.

Hitler would be jealous regarding the overwhelming nature of Obama’s blitzkrieg attack upon average Americans. And before you write to me and tell me that Obama is merely a stooge, and I agree he is a stooge controlled by bankers, please realize that we have to fight this battle at the level that it is occurring. The situation is so dire, that most Americans don’t even know who’s responsible for the attacks upon their lifestyles and their pocketbooks. This was the motivation for this article.

America is in need of a game-changing event. Perhaps these brave people in Maryland have lit a fire. However such an event would require a collective action and the only medium of communication and ultimately collective resistance against this tyranny, will soon be gone because Obama and his minions are seeking to control the Internet. Obama needs to be impeached and he needs to be impeached right now.

I used to be foolish enough to believe that we could turn back this type of tyranny by collectively and effectively using the political tools at our disposal. However, I have come to realize that we are playing in a game that has absolutely no rules. There is absolutely no higher authority that the people can take their case to that hasn’t already been corrupted by the bankers who have successfully hijacked our government and control the executive branch. On my talk show, I employ a catch phrase which states “Freeing America one enslaved mind at a time”. It may no longer be possible to save America, but you can save yourself by properly adapting through proper preparation and by embracing your spirituality in which you can provide your soul with a degree of permanence that the American government can never provide for you.

I ask you America, does this look and sound like a President that can save you, or even wants to save you from Ebola?

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  2. Tea Party October 21, 2014 at 5:40 am


    People screamed by the end of Barack Ebolas first term that he was no good.

    And 96% of blacks voted for him anyway and labeled everyone as racists.

    I am not implying Romney would have been any better, but they made their own beds.

    Leaving the ballgame when your team is behind by 10 runs and already has 2 outs and 2 strikes doesn’t count for anything.

    Poor Chicago Blacks to Obama: “Just Quit”


  3. DeaconDan October 21, 2014 at 5:52 am

    Thanks for a great News Article Mr.Hodges
    I do wonder though ,who is really behind Obama. A community organizer doesn’t have the intelligence to perpetrate the crimes he has committed.
    Just how deep are the Jesuits involved in decimating our great nation?
    And it is quite apparent we do not have any representation in Washington DC all those people there are nothing more than thieves. Corporate Welfare. They get paid for lying and doing absolutely nothing

  4. Sierra Dave October 21, 2014 at 5:52 am

    I’m afraid to comment with this corrupt government. But I will.

    The financial damage is done. Voting better people in won’t help as the government will get stuff on them or make stuff up.

    We’re not going to change the government and then slowly lay off the TSA and NSA. Many who are simply tools and don’t know that they are expendable.

    They will be joining the starving masses when the financial collapse happens. As food deliveries come to a stop due to a bank holiday and the debit card system stopping. No more truck/food deliveries.

    The job at that point will be to clean up the trash with lead.

  5. TTS October 21, 2014 at 6:09 am

    One of your best articles ever.

    I try very hard my entire life to love all peoples. However, Anglo Saxon Americans suffer extreme cognitive dissonance if they refuse to see the truth – that blacks are a cursed race full of hate, entitlement, lawlessness, conceit, and arrogance. Obama epitomizes the black race quite well. There are always exceptions, but I speak the truth whether a person is willing to see it or not.

  6. Maggie October 21, 2014 at 6:33 am

    Dave, I agree with you. At least they are taking a stand and showing their disdain. Sorry to say, if the crowd were mainly white and exited they would be labeled racist, by the MSM.
    The truth will prevail.

  7. Gar October 21, 2014 at 6:37 am

    Not only do we need impeachment now, but we need to rescind every executive order implemented under his watch, cancel Obamacare, and do away with Common Core, for starters.

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  9. Kimmie October 21, 2014 at 6:43 am


  10. KIMMIE October 21, 2014 at 6:50 am

    I SERVED IN THE Usaf FOR 22 YEARS. I RETIRED IN 1998 AND HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH KIDS IN THE DEPARTMEMT OF CHILDREN SERVICES IN THE STATE WHERE WE LIVE. Last year, our Tricare – PRIME went away for my family. Of course, I, like ALL who bravely served, have had our healthcare taken away from us.
    God Bless You guys for having the courage to speaking blatantly and honestly, as GOD is going to judge this country swiftly, as HE did in the days of Noah. God Bless You as you continue to take away the veil from this current debacle that is going on in our country. The morale in the military is at a all time low. I was even disappointed as President Clinton signed my honorable discharge papers!!! I can’t imagine if I were still serving and the signature on it at this time. God Bless You, and keep up the good work……Your Sister In Christ,

  11. Nam Marine October 21, 2014 at 7:27 am


  12. olde boomer October 21, 2014 at 7:55 am

    This is not new. 5-7 yrs ago my company policy was $1000-1300 deductible for me. My co-workers paid about $5000-6000 for a family deductible.

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  14. newLIFEthruCHRIST October 21, 2014 at 8:19 am

    For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment; and did not spare the ancient world, but saved Noah, one of eight people, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood on the world of the ungodly; and turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, making them an example to those who afterward would live ungodly; and delivered righteous Lot, who was oppressed by the filthy conduct of the wicked (for that righteous man, dwelling among them, tormented his righteous soul from day to day by seeing and hearing their lawless deeds)— then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment, and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. THEY ARE PRESUMPTUOUS, SELF-WILLED. THEY ARE NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK EVIL OF DIGNITARIES, WHEREAS ANGELS, WHO ARE GREATER IN POWER AND MIGHT, DO NOT BRING A REVILING ACCUSATION AGAINST THEM BEFORE THE LORD.

    (2 Peter 2:4-11)

  15. knobster October 21, 2014 at 8:23 am

    Doesn’t matter how ‘angry’ these people are. They’ll vote in Hillary without a second thought. More of the same, just a different face in the white house.

  16. Michael October 21, 2014 at 8:30 am

    Dear Dave & Readers,

    Americans in their hearts know what has to be done to restore our Republic, it seems that time will soon be upon us. It is…there is no other way! We have guides, that have done this sort of thing before-excuses are now gone, hearts are preparing, courage is being sought…soon.

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  18. Seen2013 October 21, 2014 at 10:07 am

    Tea Party 21 October, 2014, 05:40

    You should conduct more research… Your silence and apathy is in actuality being encouraged by said governance.
    If you research the topic, you’d know the entitlement culture is encouraged to create apathy as well as polarization to enhance divide and conquer…


    Man-made climate change utilizing CO2 emissions and overpopulation are double arguments for reducing population as CO2 correlates to populations of the Biomass, and overpopulation through Authoritarian Euphemism of Big Government is Population Control.
    Yes, it absolutely does mean that gun control results in genocide-democide that is often hand and hand…
    This is why a Neo-Malthusian sits in a position of authority…

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  20. Pine 4 Better Daze October 21, 2014 at 10:23 am

    This president can’t (and won’t) save us from anything… All ‘bathhouse Barry’ apparently wants to do is to divide and destroy this country for the globalists. Even blacks are now waking up and starting to see him for the fraud that he is.
    Re the military, in a revealing report by on Oct. 20, 2014, it had sections on ‘Military Cuts wage Mindwar’ & ‘Military Satanic Ties to ISIS’.—
    ‘NEO – ISIS Downs Two US Warplanes – Who Is Responsible?’
    According to this report it says that former Army Major Gen. Paul Vallely (is) running with the Neocon mob and that when he was a Colonel in the 1980s his command was the center of the most sinister scandal in U.S. military history which involved Major Michael Aquino and Satanic practices.
    Re the Obama purge of over 200 military officers, the report said this,
    “Pro-Israeli news organizations cite the removal of these commanders and others who support ISIS/ISIL as ‘attempts by President Obama to destroy the American military’.”
    BUT, I don’t buy the argument saying the reason the highest-ranking nuclear commanders were removed was because of “misconduct’ and “incompetence.”
    I think it was because they refused to go along with a ‘false flag’ or worse!…

  21. pantsupdontloot October 21, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Yes, me too, no sympathy what so ever MR/MRS tea party. “They” are already [this morning] promising all hell will break loose if Officer Wilson is not indicted in Ferguson, Mo. The investigation has already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the deceased’s [thank God] fingerprints were on Officer Darren’s pistol, inside the squad car, and ‘they’ still promise mayhem if this officer isn’t tried for murder. But you don’t hear one work from ‘them’ about the black seven year old girl in Detroit that was murdered by the swat team. Isn’t it so grand that after ‘they’ and ‘them’ put this ‘thing’ in office for two terms, now they decide to walk out on him. Lots of good that does. Can anyone even imagine what would have happened if Carter had been reelected. Shudder at the thought, but we still have two plus years of this ‘thing’ before ‘it’ leaves office, and there is no way we can survive that. NOWAY!

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  23. Curtis October 21, 2014 at 11:26 am

    What do you expect from Russia as it moves closer and closer to our NATO bases? Our State Dept. spending BILLIONS fomenting unrest, in the name of the Holy American Democracy, along its borders? And damn Putin for not getting on the Pussy Riot/State Dept. program! And how dare he spit on our Federal Oil Notes! And how dare he laugh at our flaky president, congress, senate… that Americans vote for. And how dare he be right that our meddling in Libya and Syria and Iraq would, and did, create a vacuum that let out the Jihad crazies! How dare he defend his country and try, despite the Holy American Democracy, bring some virtue to his peoples!

    America? The habitat of darkness.

  24. matt October 21, 2014 at 11:57 am

    it’s not just Obama.
    Bush Jr. Clinton and Bush Sr. set the stage for Obama
    if the last 3 presidents were so patriotic then why aren’t they out there being more vocal?
    Mr. behind the scenes guy for the past 60 years said Obama would be the guy to usher in the NWO

  25. Wally-G. October 21, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    @teaparty Obama is not black, he’s mixed. Every time you call him black and treat him as such, you give him a shield to hide behind every time a legitimate complaint is brought up.

  26. jake October 21, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    He might be just a stooge but by God nobody forced him to do anything.

  27. towtruck October 21, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    response to kimmie: we don’t owe you squat diddly, pay your own damned medical bills. 22 years of doing nothing and we owe you for life. BS! I’m a veteran and don’t remember any of my medical benefits being taken away, but if they were that would be great too. Nobody owes us anything, deal with it and get rid of the welfare mentality and stop screwing the taxpayers. Geez!

  28. Calabash October 21, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Right when I finally reached retirement age after working 40 years as an Accountant with almost no time off, Obama steals 750 billion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund by using the SS Fund money to pay for Obamacare website and funding deficit due to poor enrollment figures. I was forced to pay into the SS fund and my employers were forced to match my payments for 40 YEARS. If we had known there was an Obama in our future who would literally steal my retirement savings, I may have gone onto welfare rather than be made a fool of after 40 long years of sacrifice.

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