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Ebola doctor runs around NYC bowling alleys after telling authorities he was ‘self-quarantined’ – report


(NaturalNews) NY Daily News is reporting today that Dr. Craig Spencer ran around New York City “after first telling authorities he self-quarantined himself.”

[1] The paper also says Dr. Spencer “hit the [bowling] lanes in Williamsburg.”

Dr. Spencer recently returned from Guinea, one of the worst-hit Ebola outbreak nations in West Africa. Today he was “rushed to a hospital with suspected Ebola symptoms” which reportedly include nausea and a 103-degree temperature. Media reports say Dr. Spencer has been in New York City for a period of 10 days, first entering the country through the JFK airport.

According to news reports, Dr. Spencer is now confirmed to have tested positive for Ebola. [4]

The bar area of one of the bowling alleys Dr. Spencer visited has now been closed, reports NY Daily News. This brings up the obvious question: was Dr. Spencer drinking alcohol? If so, was his judgment impaired? Society rightfully frowns upon drinking and driving, but what about drinking and potentially transmitting Ebola in public places?

Self-quarantine lies

A worrisome pattern is now emerging where Americans who claim they are under “self-quarantine” consistently violate that quarantine.

NBC News reporter Dr. Nancy “Get your damn flu shot” Snyderman violated quarantine and was discovered running around town buying food. “New Jersey health officials ruled that her quarantine should be mandatory after Snyderman and her crew were spotted getting takeout food from a New Jersey restaurant,” reports the NY Post. [2]

The fact that Dr. Snyderman was placing the public at risk of Ebola didn’t seem to bother NBC, which has now reinstated the discredited doctor. Perhaps Dr. Snyderman’s updated medical advice on NBC should be something along the lines of, “Get your damn flu shot because there are people like me running around spreading diseases that might kill you.”

Doctors Without Borders… or Quarantine Without Borders?

Dr. Spencer was part of a Doctors Without Borders mission to help halt the Ebola pandemic in Africa, and he should be commended for those efforts. However, unless the new name of the organization is “Quarantine Without Borders,” people like Dr. Spencer need to be sternly educated on the definition of “self-quarantine.”

Self quarantine does not include a night on the town at the bars of bowling alleys. It does not include sharing cars with UBER users, either.

What sort of lapse in judgment is happening with these people who come back from Ebola-infected nations and then run around high-population cities, potentially exposing others to Ebola? As much as Dr. Spencer might be lauded for his efforts to help halt the spread of Ebola in Africa, those efforts do not stop upon arrival in the USA. Once you go to Africa and work on the front lines of Ebola, you have a moral duty to isolate yourself from the public for at least 21 days after your return, and a 42-day self-quarantine is actually far wiser.

By running around in public, Dr. Spencer was rolling the dice with other people’s lives. That sort of behavior is unethical and unacceptable, and it reflects poorly on the lapse in medical ethics associated with Doctors Without Borders, an organization that overall contributes enormously to the betterment of others.

Here at Natural News, we hope Dr. Spencer turns out to have no Ebola. We also hope that he didn’t spread it to anyone else. And even more, we hope that if he does have Ebola, then it never mutated in his body to mimic the airborne transmission vectors of influenza. But one thing all doctors know is that “hope” doesn’t stop the spread of infectious disease, and every time you have a potential Ebola carrier running around crowded cities, you are playing medical roulette with an extremely dangerous level-4 biohazard virus with a known history of rapid adaptation to new hosts. [3]

As Natural News has already reported, one strain of Ebola adapted to become airborne as far back as 1990, indicating that Ebola has the potential to mutate into a form that could spread like influenza. Every time someone carries Ebola into a crowd, they increase the risk of Ebola successfully mutating into a fully airborne variant that could kill millions in New York City alone.

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  1. JOB 2.0 October 24, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Dave Hodges /Gary Franchi- did you know that a physician son of the infamous David Rockefeller was the founder of Doctors Without Borders? Obvious connection to New World Order – “Without Borders”. I read about it in an article in the past year about the private plane crash/death of one of Rockefeller’s sons (I think it was the doctor son but not sure) returning from D.R.’s birthday party crashing in the Northeast. Check it out.

  2. pantsupdontloot October 25, 2014 at 5:50 am

    Job 2: No sir, I did not know that. Thanks for doing the research and filling in a blank. Very interesting, very interesting indeed how Rockefellow has his unseen hand in everything. thanks

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