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“I just want to be back with my mom… she never did anything wrong.” That is what teenager Isaiah Rider told the Inquisitr in an exclusive interview.
Missouri resident, Isiah Rider, has specialized medical needs. His mother took him to Illinois for specialized treatment. After two months of Isiah’s condition back-sliding, the mother informed the doctors that she wanted a second opinion. In order to cover their malpractice backside, the doctors called CPS who immediately moved to terminate Michelle’s parental rights. Isiah was made a ward of the state. While in the hospital he was raped at gunpoint. Neither hospital officials or the CPS have called the police. Isiah was also given to a 60 year old foster parent where his mental and physical abuse continued.
Many have speculated that Isiah’s condition, which is receiving federal grants to treat, is the primary reason that Isiah was taken from his mother. He was worth too much money to the hospital. Since CPS receives federal money for children taken away from their parents, and even more compensation is granted for children with disabilities, like Isiah, all the authorities in this case are motivated by the almighty dollar.
Listen to the 1 hour interview of Michelle Rider conducted by Dave Hodges. This is a very difficult interview to listen to because the abuse is so horrific.