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There was no Plan A, nor was there a Plan B. However, there is indeed a Plan C and its consequences for the American people are dire to say the least.

Plan C

Reports are surfacing that recently released 1956 documents are revealing that the FBI created a “Plan C” during the Cold War with Russia which would have operationalized in the event of a nuclear war with Russia. Under the plan, the nation would have been placed under martial law, “dangerous” dissidents would be rounded up and enemy diplomats would be confined in hotels under the authority and supervision of INS.

These 1956 documents, acquired by MuckRock, detail the FBI plan which was shared with several top officials from every governmental department.  According the MuckRock, the FBI also distributed papers regarding the plan to its field offices. Plan C would have gone into effect after a war has begun in which the US is involved or may become involved and prior to an actual attack on the US itself.

The following Tweet, which is very telling, is publicly available.


FBI’s Cold War ‘Plan C’ Prepared For Nuclear Attack, Including Martial Law: Documents http://www.ibtimes.com/fbis-cold-war-plan-c-prepared-nuclear-attack-including-martial-law-documents-1800488#.VMvk90VETe0.twitter 

In all, Muckrock is revealed that under Plan C, approximately 13,000 dissidents and diplomats from hostile nations were to be rounded up in time of war. Can one imagine how that number has grown to millions in the year 2015? Could this be the origin of the infamous “Red List” of people who are to be terminated with extreme prejudice in times of martial law/war?
Among many facets of the plan, Plan C also included the following provisions:
  • “Officials would designate certain personnel as essential, and develop secretive remote backup offices to be used in the event of an emergency. Each of these sites was to have multiple communications links with the outside world.
  • The plan was to go into effect before actual war broke out, but when conflict with the USSR seemed imminent.”
The first provision would clearly relate to the relocation of several governmental agencies and records to Denver (e.g. CIA). The second provision validates what I have been saying for two years. Martial law, along with forcible detentions will be enacted as a precursor to war.  Just like in 1956, conflict with Russia is imminent. And as I revealed in a recent article, the FEMA detention camps will be manned by foreign troops (i.e. Russian, Chinese) who will have no hesitation in shooting American citizens, unlike many American soldiers.

               Originally published in Muckrock.

Who Are the Targets of Plan C?






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