//High Ranking Russian Defectors Warned of Attacks Upon the American Media
High Ranking Russian Defectors Warned of Attacks Upon the American Media

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Recently, I wrote an article which detailed how the American-based Russian media is attacking members of the media such as myself. The attack and subversion of our media and key media figures was foretold long ago by Yuri Bezmenov and Stanislav Lunev.

Former Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, a well renowned media/propaganda expert defected to the United States. in 1970, and subsequently exposed the KGB’s subversive tactics against American society. Yuri Bezmenov has conducted a number of interviews in which he explains how Marxist ideology is deconstructing America’s values by controlling the media and which would ultimately serve to demoralize the country, destabilize the economy, and provoke crises in order to Sovietize the United States.   Bezmenov is well known for revealing Russia’s doctrine of “ideological subversion”, a slow, long-term multi-decade process of media-based brainwashing in which the sole purpose is to confuse, confound, and destroy the moral base of America.

Has this plot been effective? When Bezmenov defected in 1970, abortion was not yet legal in the United States, Americans, by and large, trusted their government, the comparative use of profanity in the media was rare and there were over 250 corporations controlling 95% of the media instead of the six corporations which own the same percentage today. This media consolidation and the presence of prominent media plants, such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper, ex -CIA operative, have gone a long way towards achieving these Russian goals. Bezmenov’s account also casts serious doubts upon the severe decline of America’s moral base as being the product of a normal societal, evolutionary process which accidentally transpired.

Former Russian Colonel Stanislav Lunev has the distinction of being the highest ranking Russian military officer to defect from to the United States after doing so in 1992, after Boris Yeltsin came to power. Lunev’s information was considered to be so volatile, but accurate, that the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA placed Lunev, where he remains to this day, in the FBI’s Witness Protection Program.

Lunev served as the top GRU agent in America in the 1980’s and 1990’s. While in the United States, Lunev mission involved gathering intelligence information about America’s defenses and recommending Russian war strategies against America.  Some of Lunev’s information came to light, when in the 1997, he published his bestselling book Through the Eyes of the Enemy. In the book, Lunev reports that Russia’s military, despite “losing the cold war”, continues in its war preparations which are designed to conquer the United States by stealth. Since his defection, Lunev has served as a special agent to the FBI, CIA as well as many large corporations. Lunev is best known for revealing the missing 100+ missing suitcase nuclear bombs and the threat they would pose to the United States as they would be smuggled across the Mexican border.

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  3. yo March 27, 2015 at 9:29 am

    very abrupt end to this article.

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  6. Seen2013 March 27, 2015 at 10:59 am

    Remember the suitcase with a goblin like creature springing forth at the Denver International Airport?

    “Lunev is best known for revealing the missing 100+ missing suitcase nuclear bombs and the threat they would pose to the United States as they would be smuggled across the Mexican border.”

    If you factor in preconditioning, I can think of 3 games off hand:
    Shattered Union X-Box features a US Civil War in which Alaska is annexed by a Former Soviet KGB hardliner relatively unopposed. It even features European Union Peacekeepers seizing the DC area to secure international interests as California, Texas, New England, a new Confederacy, and Europe’s Peacekeepers fight for control. Interestingly, by 2015 martial law is declared.

    X-Box 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a World War III game in which Russia attacks the east coast utilizing a device crippling US communications and etc (Kinda like Grid X Drill would highlight)

    X-Box 360 Homefront: North Korea invades as deeply as Colorado that features a map of the Mississippi River rendered radioactive splitting the nation in two, and the eastern seaboard is relatively unknown.
    Additional features include Democide as mass graves, forced labor, leveraging family against dissidents, and then some.

    Bare in mind, X-Box is manufactured by Microsoft, and Bill Gates owns Microsoft.

  7. Philip March 27, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    If I can find a benefactor for the purpose, I am going to flee Hellhole, Arizona (you’ll find it on a map where it’s called Bullhead City) to a nice quiet – and hopefully scenic – dwelling where I’ll write a book. I haven’t decided details yet – either Recipes For Those Dying From Neocon Radiation, or All About Me, Including My Virtues (it’ll be a mix of humour, biting commentary, and an explanation why I never married – and it’s not for being gay, which I am not). But – and this is why I’m writing in today – I will find time to write the Nobel committee in Oslo and recommend Dave Hodges for something. I doubt they will award you the Nobel Prize for Literature or Peace, certainly none of the other prizes, but – with reference to former Norwegian Prime Minster Thorbjorn Jagland’s claim that he and the other committee members were drunk when awarding the 2009 Peace prize to Barry, I will probably fill them in on your work and recommend that they drink a toast to you. Hey, Dave, we can only do what we can do.

  8. Joe March 27, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Surely, the U.S. government is in full cooperation with this. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be distracting us with this Muslim nonsense.

  9. Greg Osborne March 28, 2015 at 6:10 am

    The greatest cause for concern in our United States is not Iran, North Korea or radical Islam. It is not Vladimir Putin, our rapidly dissolving borders or China’s emergence as a world power. It is not a threat from some disaffected nutjob with a bag of fertilizer and an axe to grind.

    No, our terror began a long time ago. It is a very sophisticated and slow-brewed kind of terrorism that began and thrives in the upper strata of our society. Our Terrorist was not born out of inequality or lack of opportunity. He has never squatted in a cave, stood in line or worried about his next meal.

    In our country’s eyes the Terrorist stands like a pillar of society, while he hides in plain sight.

    Though he may officially list the USA as his place of residence, he is in actuality, a citizen of the world. He is wealthy beyond imagination, he wants for nothing – common fantasies are for lesser beings. His offspring are set for generations, their futures, paid for in advance. Yet still, he does not feel complete, something is missing. Love, money, property and possessions fail to satisfy. The only thing that will scratch his itch is more power, and the CONTROL that it brings him.

    He is his own god.

    So the Terrorist decides to take the country that he shares in with his fellow citizens. Only he does not bother to ask or inform them. He has the means and discretion to view his objectives in strategic terms, over the course of decades and longer. Generations pass, economies are made and broken, the right wars are started and won, the wrong people are moved out of the way. He wields influence over vast amounts of land, property and population. His allies are legion. They are ideologues who have a precise and specific plan for humanity. They know best how to order society and how we shall spend our puny lives.

    They know better.

    Money and its markets have been his from the outset, they are the base of his empire. Now he owns and influences governments, he controls the gateways to power. His muscle goes by the names FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, MOSSAD and a myriad of other groups who carry badges, wear uniforms, body armor and business suits. They fly, sail and drive state of the art killing machines. The Terrorist sits on the greatest arsenal of destruction that humanity has ever known.

    His finger hovers over The Button.

    The Terrorist realizes early on that the key to growing and holding this power is not simply in might or military power, but in our schools and universities. Every year the indoctrination centers turn out new cogs for society’s machine. Those who smell the rat and refuse to comply will be marginalized, ridiculed, rejected or worse, but the vast majority of our best and brightest will be shaped and polished into obedience. Many will be exceptional leaders and pioneers in their fields of endeavor. They are well intentioned and of great benefit to humanity. A majority, educated and otherwise, will accept the Terrorist’s worldview as gospel.

    It will become conventional wisdom to do so.

    Aside from his financial, educational and public institutions, the Terrorist’s most prized possession is his mouthpiece. No, not the politicians and judges that he carries in his pocket, they are but useful ephemera that come and go with his rigged elections.

    That honor is reserved for his Propaganda Arm – the  television, movies, literature, games and technology that saturate our culture and hold it spellbound, the Terrorist’s prime tool of misdirection and the means by which he evangelizes his stratagem for our country and the world. It confirms to him daily, his reach and influence.

    And it really scratches that itch.

    Twisted and insane? Of course. But if that’s not tragedy enough, “our” news media, our government and societal watchdogs, that last bastion between The People and Tyranny – The Mainstream Media (MSM), has not only ignored this crime, but is in collusion with the Terrorist and his demented bretheren. Some are ignorant, some are aware, some are even resistant, but in the end, they are all WILLING ALLIES in a monolithic and vastly corrupt system.

    So, literally ‘broadcasting’ these crimes to the general populace is simply out of the question. Not when the airwaves and outlets responsible for informing them (as mandated by the FCC) are owned by the same morally deficient conglomerates that pay their journalists to slop The Herd with their daily ration of Happy Talk and Info-gruel. It will not happen because The Herd has been conditioned by these corporate jackals to remain willfully ignorant of the truth that’s been purposely relegated to the fringe elements of our society.

    This, of course, does not excuse The Herd.

    The mainstream, corporate-owned and for-profit news media, will not countenance anything that resembles open and honest dissent. Thanks to Political Correctness, a horror conceived and nurtured in our Terrorist’s universities, otherwise intelligent, honorable news gatherers have become petrified of speaking the truth. To do so can risk insinuations of “racism”, “intolerance” or “hate mongering”, the kind of slander in our culture that’s almost impossible to overcome once it has been leveled. (Is that not alone a form of terror?) Equally as tragic are the fools who believe in the lies that they’re “reporting”.

    I have never listened to or watched much of Glen Beck, and I can’t say where his heart lies, but I strongly suspect the true reason he left the mainstream television airwaves is that he started to ask the right questions of the wrong people (or vice-versa). Something is rotten when you’re making boatloads of cash for your network and they show you the door for your trouble. It’s anyones guess what kind of non-disclosure agreement he signed before he left, look at the criminal(s) that he was working for.

    What does it matter, he is a very rich man now.

    I may disagree with much of what Keith Olbermann has to say, but speaking on the current state of TV journalism, he hits the nail squarely on the head: “You can rock the boat, but you can never say that the entire ocean is in trouble…You cannot say: by the way, there’s something wrong with our…system.”

    Here we had two disparate news personalities at opposite ends of the political spectrum, facing eerily similar obstacles. They were like two blind boxers swinging away at each other in the same corrupt ring. They sensed – or knew, a greater evil was out there, but they couldn’t – or wouldn’t touch it. It remains a shapeless blur in the periphery of their sightline. They know the penalty for getting too close if they do.

    So the Right and Left duke it out for the sake of show biz and their own misguided egos in:

    RIGHT vs. LEFT

    The Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots of the Talking Head world – verbally assaulting each other “with a LEFT! – and a RIGHT! – and another LEFT!”. Bobbing, weaving and jabbing – backing each other into the political ropes.

    But they never come anywhere close to landing a punch on the real opponent’s jaw.

    It is because the REAL opponent * WHO SETS THE AGENDA * owns the Bank – that owns the Conglomerate – that owns the Corporation – that owns the Network – that answers to the Advertisers who are Subsidiaries of the Conglomerate – who buy the Airtime – that are Partners in a Limited Holding Company – who pay the Lobbyist – who greases the Palm on Capitol Hill – who pitches it back to The Lobbyist – who passes it to the Network CEO – who hands it off to the Network Lawyer – who, like the odius little Dung Beetles that they are, roll the Perverted Ball of Crap all the way up the hill to the President of The Network – who drops this Stinking Pack of Lies in the lap of the Figurehead Editor that manages the Sales, er, News Division – who then reminds the pompous, lying, propaganda-spewing Bobble-Headed Talking Hair-Do – what He or She can and cannot say.

    “Good Night and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow!”

    How can a journalist honestly report or editorialize the news in our country when they answer to the myriad of people who own and influence it? They can’t. You just don’t bite the hand that signs your paycheck. Not anymore. Not in The Corporate States of America.

    Is The Herd really “informed” by this theater? Apparently some of them like to think so, but I know many who are left angry, disgusted and confused by it. Yet they still refuse to accept the possibility of evil on the scale that I describe, that many of us know and feel in our gut to be true. It is too mind blowing to ponder. It’s simply more comfortable to stay ignorant and distracted, to not call into question one’s core beliefs. It’s easier to talk about your latest bowl movement on Facebook or follow the Tweets of Kim, Katy, Kanye or whatever the “app” of the moment is – than have to THINK.

    Let the Mathews, Maddows and Hannities stay on top of the situation for them. Stewart and Colbert will make them laugh AND FEEL smart and informed. And let’s not forget our honorable and eloquent president. A few sweetly spoken platitudes will sooth their souls and lull them back into complacency (“He sounds so PRESIDENTIAL!”). Anything to keep their consciences free of the oncoming train that they’re in desperate denial of. Anything to keep from THINKING.

    A grin starts to form on The Terrorist’s lips…

    The Left and Right have retreated so far to their respective ideological sides that they’re in danger of bumping asses at the opposite ends of the political sphere. (Possibly a GOOD thing?) Is it any wonder WHY the country is frustrated into confused apathy? It is BY DESIGN – Our Terrorist and those like him across the globe, are laughing at Humanity as they sit transfixed by this perverted dog and pony show – a show that he’s carefully nurtured and grown for decades – as he slowly and surely funnels The Herd into one big super-sized pen of indentured servitude.

    What I refuse to take seriously now is any conversation or debate framed solely within the context of Democrat/Republican, Progressive/Conservative. These are the only parameters that The Terrorist will accept for serious public discussion, and only because he knows that it’s a circular and distracting DEAD END. If I listen at all to the MSM, it’s for WHAT IS NOT SAID, or what is being said BETWEEN THE LINES of oblique statements and lies of omission.

    Can populist movements like Occupy or the Tea Party help us? Sorry, no – they’re aberrations, crazy fringe elements. But if gone unchecked, could pose a threat to the accepted paradigm. The MSM swoops in, brands it extremist/radical/racist and out of touch with mainstream America and VOILA!– potential threats slandered, subverted, marginalized and contained. Any truly dissenting voices will NOT be tolerated in the faux-republic.

    The Terrorist smiles…

    The chances are slim to none, but it will probably take at least one grand icon of the Mainstream Corporate News & Propaganda Machine, to grow a pair, break ranks, pull the curtain aside, fall on his or her sword and be the cold bucket of water that shocks The Herd out of its collective bovine trance.(sorry for that merciless melange of metaphors and this blatantly gratuitous use of alliteration!)

    To The Mainstream Media Icon:

    DO YOUR JOB FOR REAL! Break free of the Terrorist’s grip and help this country to be what it is was always meant to be – a free and open society whose overriding currency is The Truth – not the Lies and HALF Truths that you peddle for his putrid machine.

    It will be nothing less than heroic.

    But all we can really count on is forums such as the one you are on right now. This, and pockets of insurrection like them across the Internet, have sparked a global, political and social brushfire. WikiLeaks and digital social networking have played no small part in the recent populist awakenings. The Internet is the last frontier for immediate and shared free speech in this world. The Terrorist is more than aware of this and is working overtime to contain and smother it for good.

    The Terrorist may be smiling, but he’s not sitting still.

    The modern journalistic line has been blurred beyond recognition. FEELINGS and the likable on-air “Talent” who are adept at conveying them are what SELL now. This is but one of the shiny objects that the Terrorist uses to attract viewers – or customers – to the Corporate News & Marketing Machine — that in turn attracts advertising dollars. The average cable or network news zombie has been conditioned to crave this EMOTION in their so-called news. Inconvenient and boring facts are distorted or sacrificed if they don’t push the narrative, i.e., show the Terrorist’s government or corporation in a favorable light.

    Sometimes you have to look really hard for that old “Liberal Bias In The Media” when, for instance, self-described “Progressive” reporters are practically cheerleading the America’s latest manufactured war effort by NOT questioning it – and sometimes even gushing over it! This was glaringly evident at the leading up to and beginning of George Dubya’s war.

    The public’s confusion of Liberal and Conservative bias in the mainstream news is only natural because both sides ultimately SERVE THE SAME MASTER. Anybody who listens to these hacks CAN’T HELP but be confused! Hell, anyone NOT confused is probably a Democrat, or a Republican…or a simpleton. 

    The Terrorist is laughing…

    Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Gonzo’ brand of investigative journalism has long educated and entertained me, but this approach has slowly become the norm for everyday NON-investigative journalism. How does a reporter maintain any sense of objectivity to a straight news story when he/she injects their emotion INTO the story? The sad IRONY is that they aren’t even doing it right! There is a dearth of honest, critical thought and skepticism in mainstream news reporting, PERIOD – something H.S.T. had by the truckload (drug-fueled or not). It’s Gonzo Journalism without the substance! (Gonzo-Lite?)

    What the MSM are GOOD at questioning, is honest, conscience-led rebellion amongst the general citizenry. And no, I’m not talking about the fake, Hollywood, James Dean-tee shirt-’n-jeans-wearin’, beer commercial life-style livin’, crazy-cool kind of fantasy that makes dentists and accountants ride Harleys on the weekend. I mean the kind of rebellion that our Constitution requires of us:


    My curiosity is piqued anytime the MSM goes out of it’s way to marginalize or condemn ANYTHING. I start looking closer at subjects that trigger their ire and attention. You know – the usual radical things like legitimate grass root attempts to hold Government and Wall Street accountable for their crimes against humanity. Things that will get you called “patriot”, “extremist” and other dirty names.

    Because they are fearful of losing access, government and corporate press releases are taken as fact and all too rarely questioned by the people “covering” these events. The New York Times is sometimes the only source of information and the last word for many news outlets in this country, (and their record speaks for itself).

    I’ve seen it happen more than once on my local news channels. To paraphrase Bill Moyers, speaking of the MSM: “serious investigative journalism in this country has become lazy”. He was being kind, I would take this one step further and say, at the very least – they are peer-pressured, morally deficient, cowardly and willfully ignorant drones. (sorry – four steps)

    The Terrorist is rolling in the aisle.

    Our government used to be a nice, amiable little pooch that we kept out in the backyard to guard the property and make sure nobody picked on us — and it heeled when it was told to heel! Now it’s a drooling, ten ton federal-feral Hound From Hell that’s chewed through the back door and won’t get off the couch.

    And guess who let it happen?

    No, as much as we would like to; we cannot put this one off on The Government, the Mainstream Media, the Left Wing, the Right Wing, The Terrorist, or ANY of the usual suspects – It was us, The Herd, aka The American People. Some of you prefer the term “Sheeple”, that works too. Or how about “The Simply Screwed”?

    Rather than risk their highly profitable and exalted positions in popular culture, reporters and anchors simply keep their mouths shut and literally “go along with the program”. This behavior, according to the Founders, is nothing short of treason. Any news-person with a brain and a modicum of conscience knows that something is dreadfully amiss in the world’s power structure and is therefore HONOR BOUND TO REPORT IT!

    The Press, as the MSM used to be known, is the vanguard of Free Speech, and a critical component of our country’s freedom. Does this really need to be said? What kind of mass self-delusion exists in this profession – in this country?

    It’s the kind of self-delusion that is the result of a deep and profound fear. A latent, insidious fear that creeps into the mind by way of slow and purposeful indoctrination, so deep in the sub-conscience that one is hardly aware that they’ve been made fearful. The kind of fear that only terrorism, on any level can provoke.

    The kind of fear that makes people want to lobotomize themselves by watching Jimmy Kimmel.

    Our government’s Watchdog has gone way past Lap Dog status and has its nose firmly planted in the lower posterior region of his master’s body.

    The lack of honesty – the lack of concern – the lack of OUTRAGE by our own citizenry, is what bothers me to the core. WHO watches the watchdog?

    I guess that would be US, the people in the funny hats made courtesy of Reynolds Wrap; the ones who have inconveniently broken off from The Herd. American citizens that The Mainstream Media have relegated to The Fringe. A fringe that they’re desperately trying to keep contained for their Master.

    I won’t bother repeating the usual Franklin/Paine/Jefferson be-watchful-of-tyranny quotes, most of you have heard them by now – if you haven’t, look them up, they’re free, plentiful and more relevant now than ever.

    I am grateful that forums such as these are here to speak the truth, but I fear the worse. And for better OR worse, this collective lethargy will remain until our Terrorist does something on a grand scale to spook The Herd. Then you can count on his Propaganda Arm to misrepresent and exploit it to his best advantage.

    The next thing you hear after that will be the sound of 300 million heads popping up out of the sand. Or is it the pasture?

    Hopefully. But will they recognize The Terrorist for who and what he really is?

    I know that somewhere right now, the Terrorist is laughing — at us.

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  11. Bob March 28, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    That photo is Vladimir Zhirnovsky, leader of the LDP which is the largest minority party (controlled opposition) in Russia. That is not Stanislav Lunev. That photo at the top of the article is a screenshot from this video where Zhirnovksy brags about a Russian super tsunami weapon that can put entire continents “to sleep”. Scary stuff to be sure…

  12. Bob March 28, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    P.S. the link to the Vladimir Zhirnovsky video is here:

  13. Bob March 28, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    Actually it was Alexsander Lebed who leaked the story about the missing Russian suitcase nukes. Lebed died in a very suspicious helicopter crash in Siberia shortly after leaking that information.

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