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Victim of Castro’s Round-ups ‘Worried Immensely’ About Jade Helm


Paul Joseph Watson 

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A victim of Fidel Castro’s mass round-ups of dissidents in Cuba has expressed alarm about the upcoming Jade Helm exercise, writing that he is ‘worried immensely’ about the military drill set to take place in nine U.S. states this summer.

In a letter to the editor of the Corvallis Gazette-Times, Larry Daley remarks that he was shocked to see video out of Fort Lauderdale which features military and police training together to arrest citizens and take them to internment facilities.

“It has been more than 55 years since 1961 and the Castro-ordered round up suspected resistors in Cuba. According to some press reports in excess of 200,000 were arrested during the Bay of Pigs,” writes Daley.
“My youngest sister and I were arrested and taken to improvised holding facilities. We ended up in the huge Blanquita Theater. We tried to sleep under lights on the theater seats for days on end. There were bodies on the floor. The sanitary facilities overflowed with sewage.”

His memories were stirred after reading about Jade Helm, a “realistic” military training exercise, which will involve the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, and is set to take place from July 15-Sepember 15.

Some fear that the drill is an escalation of preparations for martial law in America, plans for which have been in place for decades. During the exercise, troops will operate “undetected amongst civilian populations,” to see if they can infiltrate without being noticed.

The issue attracted controversy after Texas and Utah were labeled “hostile” territory in documents related to the exercise.

“That horror is still with me,” writes Daley, referring to his internment under Castro, adding, “Now I hear of operation Jade Helm. I read the official denials of such intent here, but I also saw a horrendous video shot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida purporting to show this training.”

“I worry immensely,” he concludes.

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  1. messenger April 3, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    I used to long for the good ‘ole Reagan Days: Now I would settle for the good ole’ Carter Days. Never has so great a country fallen so far, so quickly, and destroyed by so few, while so many stood idly by and evidently applauded its demise. God help us, for I truly fear there really is a bottomless pit awaiting us.

  2. edwitness April 3, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    We keep hearing about scenarios that immigrants have experienced in the country they left. I for one think their experiences tell a real story of what could be happening here. There are just too many similarities. A scary time for those who don’t know the Lord. With Jesus we have hope in a certain future. We don’t have to fear what they are planning because no matter what, they can’t take Jesus away from us. An eternity of joy, peace, and hope in exchange for a vapor of hardship. I’ll take that offer. Won’t you? At this time of remembrance of all that Jesus has done for us, consider that question. Your eternity depends on it. Blessings :-}

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