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Dave Hodges Interviews Katy Whelan On How the TPP Will Shorten American Lives

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Dave Hodges interviewed the Health Reporter for The Common Sense Show, Katy Whelan, regarding various and nefarious aspect of the TPP and its effect on the health and well-being of American citizens. If the proposed policies of the TPP ever come to fruition, the policies of the TPP could actually lead to a lowering of the average life-span of America.

To hear Katy’s interview, click here.

Following Katy’s interview, Dave interviewed Pastor Dan Chrestman on the latest Jade Helm developments in Texas.

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Also contained in this clip is an interview that Dave did with Pastor Dan Crestman regarding the most recent Jade Helm developments in Texas.

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  2. Useless Eater June 13, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    It has occurred to me that it is time to dust off all of those old Codex Alimentarius links, as they now pertain DIRECTLY to these new trade agreements. Here is the one I have always posted (for what seems like a thousand times in the last year alone) – a fine link for rookies:


    BTW, don’t you just love the way spellchecker does not recognize “Alimentarius” – even when it is capitalized (and spelled correctly)?

    Time to wake up – before we’re put to sleep permanently.

  3. Gigi June 14, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    The pastor’s interview is informative and comforting (at the end). Keep up the good work Dave!

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