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Facebook’s New “Snitch and Snatch” Surveillance Program Provides Intel to Jade Helm

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Technology is neutral. The same gun that is used to hunt for a life sustaining source of food, can be used to murder an innocent human being. In short, technology can be used for either the welfare of humanity or to the detriment of humanity.

In July, I learned that Facebook had instituted a new software program that ties directly into the new artificial intelligence programs connected to Jade Helm. I was told by my source that the program would ultimately be defended as a means to protect children from child molestation and that law enforcement would be dispatched by Facebook before an attack upon a child could be realized. I was also asked to wait to post this information until the cover story was in place in order to discredit this cover story.

The time to expose the Facebook controlled surveillance grid is now. The program has been in place since January and it has been rolled out just as I was told it would be in that this program will “protect children from predators”. Further, the early press release from Russia Today, the media outlet chosen to provide cover for Facebook’s latest intrusion into our private lives, states that the surveillance program’s further purpose is to detect person(s) or groups who are a “threat to national security” (i.e. people who are not on board with the encroaching tyranny currently unfolding in this country.

If the surveillance program was indeed legitimate in that Facebook really intends to only use this program to protect Americans, the choice of Russia Today (RT) to announce the roll-out of this program is a very poor decision.

I have had very negative dealings with the Russian media which has gained a significant foothold inside of the United States. In the Russian media’s protestations over an article I wrote two years ago exposing the propaganda nature of the domestic based Russian media, one of their officials actually wrote to the comment board of The Common Sense Show and stated that “although their entity is state owned media, they do not use propaganda all the time”. By the way, the Russian media was attempting to discredit me, at that time, because I had published videos and photos of Russian soldiers training on American soil on multiple occasions. Just for posterity’s sake, here is a picture of Russian troops at Ft. Carson. These are the same Russians training on American soil that RT, Pravada (lol-“the truth) and the Voice of Russia have tried so hard to cover up.

Subsequently, it is my mission in this article to expose the heinous invasion of privacy by Facebook, once again, by exposing the duplicitous nature of the domestic based state-owned Russian media and to inform the public on the true purpose of this new surveillance program.

Facebook to Provide Intel to Jade Helm and the National Surveillance State

As if you needed another reason to mistrust Facebook for its role in the police state national surveillance grid, there is one more reason to ditch Facebook and look for an alternative site for social media such as Unseen.is.

All in the name of keeping us safe, Facebook has introduced a new software program which is designed to browse postings and look for criminal activity. It works much the same way as the NSA as it looks for “criminal patterns” of behavior as discovered by key word searches conducted by a computer. As with the NSA, when a significant hit against a Facebook user is found, it alerts a human analyst, in Facebook’s case, a 21 year old mindless troll, who then makes a decision on whether or not to contact law enforcement.

The video, offered below, presents the notion of spying on Facebook users to be an good idea, as previously mentioned, because RT presented a partial set of covert Facebook spying protocols in which child predators would be caught before they could carry out their heinous acts against children. This is an excellent starting point to get the American people to acquiesce to the latest intrusion into one’s privacy because, of course, nobody is going to disagree that child predators need to be stopped. RT and Facebook are employing the psychological principle of incrementalism in that we present the program as being benign to today, but the program can easily be escalated to more nefarious purposes.

Red Alert

In this scheme, Facebook reports directly to the NSA, who in turn, reports to DHS. This then ties in with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) which coordinates with all the need-to-know parties such as Jade Helm with regard to American who are “citizens of concern”.

Criminal behavior of all types is in the eye of the beholder. For example, as we approach, as a nation, the threshold that telling the truth is truly a revolutionary act, then anyone who disagrees with the status quo authority can be marked for surveillance and later harassment by any social media site. The end result could be detention or worse.

The NSA, the CIA, ISIS, and now Facebook, it is all the same.  Further, time and time again on my site, I have documented that the American people should never take the Russian media seriously and that Facebook will prove to be on of the enemies of the people when the excrement hits the fan.

Hold you nose as you watch the following video which presents this intrusion as a good thing. Here is a superficial RT report on this new threat to privacy, liberty and tyranny and just like Santa, they are making a list and checking it twice. Reservations are being made based upon programs like this. Of course, you may continue to use Facebook at your own peril.



Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

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  1. Hunkerdown August 12, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    Seriously, what kind of idiot would have facebook. How we come so far to have learned so little? How can people blame the government when we open our lives up to each and every prying eye they have? We ain’t smart, are we?

  2. Pesky Varmint August 13, 2015 at 5:30 am

    Have we .learned nothing from Edward Snowden? (highly suggest you see the movie Citizenfour).

    There is no privacy whatever in electronic communications in this day and age. None, zip, zero (you can bet the NSA can break any encryption you think is keeping you safe). You know the old saying about criminals “if they only had a brain” is the premise which Facebook relies on for this crap. Any of the rest of us should now realize that everything is being captured, analyzed, and spied on.

    And the Russian media that appears in this country is the work of the American fifth column in Russia.

  3. ReluctantWarrior August 13, 2015 at 5:39 am

    I have no fear of ‘Jade Helm’ or of Facebooks new surveillance techniques. This is fairly obvious since I am posting on this web site which I am sure is closely monitored. I am totally without hesitation posting my comments on Facebook as well. The bottom line is that I do not want to live in a country, in a world that is going to be far worse than a ‘brave’ new world if it is merely to exist as some ensnared former consumer. HELL NO! I will not and cannot support a totalitarian state or world government. On the contrary I will oppose them with every fibre of my being. I think it is going to come as quite a shock when the public finally realizes that they are as lobsters cooking slowly in a pot. The real question, though, is who are really the ‘puppetmasters’ behind the NWO? Now that is a real tantalizing question.

  4. whodowetrust August 13, 2015 at 5:47 am

    Hitler said a population would put up with just about anything if they were told it was “for the children”.
    Be careful that your computer isn’t infected with a photo of an underage child or you could face many years in prison just for opening it or having it on your computer.
    My computer was infected with a photo that I never asked for and thank God it was a clearly adult woman in a state no woman should be seen in outside of the marital bed.I only found the photo when I was looking for another one and to this day don’t know where it came from since I am careful about links.

  5. iwitness02 August 13, 2015 at 5:57 am

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    Apostle Paul

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  7. jb August 13, 2015 at 7:34 am

    Wow. I’ve never been one for being on Facebook, etc. but did sign up so I could view some other people’s information, etc. Now I have deleted my account. I tend to be very outspoken. These days that could be considered a crime, unless you work for the feds. I think more and more that it will be best to go “off the grid”. I grew up without all the gadgets we use now, and we were perfectly fine. Maybe better. What boggles my mind is that all of these agencies are consumed with spying on American citizens and that they have spent billions amassing a “black ops” army and AI technology. The paranoia they exhibit is incredible. I, for one, don’t believe you have to have all that to win a war. David killed Goliath with a sling shot. As I have said before, they may win the battle, but they won’t win the war. God has some awesome surprises for them, and as intelligent as they are, you would think they “get it”, but they don’t. Revelations 18:20 says to “rejoice at the calamity of Babylon (America)”. The Feds brought it on us all.

  8. Bonnie August 13, 2015 at 7:54 am

    I’ve never felt good about Facebook and now I’m very glad that I stayed away! I’ve also noticed guard towers popping up in schools, shopping centers, etc. My husband and I are being very careful regarding where we shop now – and we’re boycotting WalMart!

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  12. Kohl Nidre August 13, 2015 at 10:33 am

    this has long been known. FB was set up by the CIA and then used Zioberg & Co as its frontmen to pretend that FB, google, twitter etc was just invented by a bunch of genius college dropouts in their garages. All bull. these social media were conceived and developed by DOD and took massive levels of expertise, resources and personnel to create.

  13. Jeff August 13, 2015 at 10:39 am

    FYI Dave, Facebook has had this system in place since its inception! The difference recently is the software augmentation of the program which was rolled out earlier this year (it used to be much more human eyes based which of course was costing them a lot of money).

    As far as the Russian Media and other “government blessed” non-USA media sources such PressTV out of Iran goes, your comments are pretty off based. Do they have inherent biases? Off course they do! The reality of the situation though is that both RT and PressTV present a much more balanced reporting of issues concerning US citizens than you will EVER see on USA based MSM outlets such as FOXNEWS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS or ABC, to name just a few. The other reality about RT and other sources such as PressTV is they will report on things YOU WILL NEVER SEE ON USA BASED MSM OUTLETS! I have not watched ANY USA based MSM news channel now for over 2 years and quite frankly, based on my extensive research of reported “news” events that concern the USA, I am MUCH more informed on what is going on than I was before. And just so you know, the reason I read your blogs on a regular basis, even though I disagree with your takes and views on issues probably over 90% of the time, is so I get a balanced view of various issues that concern me so I can evaluate that particular subject as to what the “real” truth of the matter is. Make no mistake that process is never foolproof and takes a great deal of time and dedication to make it work effectively.

    Unfortunately for the People of the USA, and based on my broad interaction with people from all over the country, I would estimate that over 95% of the population of this country is too lazy or too stupid to go through even part of this process and just defaults to getting their information from the propaganda spewed by USA based MSM “news” or very selective web sites (i.e. if a web site provides info in opposition to their biases or viewpoints they won’t regularly, or ever again, get information from those sites).

    Take care,


  14. /realnews/ August 13, 2015 at 11:59 am

    Dave, from what I’ve read from cryptome.org documents released after the alleged White House ‘NSA reform’ hype, the DHS has taken over many of the previous *domestic surveillance programs. The NSA and FBI now is focusing more on foreign surveillance to track ‘terrorist’ activities. Under the DHS MIAC report, ‘terrorist’ activities include “2nd Amendment rights activists” and “disgruntled veterans”. I’d just like to point that out, it is now the DHS and their fusion centers across the country spying on Americans, much more so than the NSA. I’m sure the NSA still stores domestic communications, but the DHS are the ones putting it to use the most. If readers want to know how to really dodge spying there are some things you need to learn and study: 1) end-to-end encryption techniques / platforms (this is how Snowden bypassed their radar), 2) forward secrecy (on a online ‘social’ level; think alias, lying about identity, posting fake ‘personal’ info, etc), 3) using an air-gapped computer (physically disconnected offline) and hardcopy for storage of *sensitive data. 4) Use strong passwords, the longer, the harder to brute force / hack into. Think of a sentence, memorize it, then use it as a long password. I could go on and on, I know a lot more than I’m supposed too and have put these techniques to use for many years. Remember, the DHS are the ones watching now, the NSA is just collecting up communications en mass.

  15. skipNclair August 13, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    Anyone that is using face crook or has not closed their site is deserving of what they get, for they are brain dead fools.

  16. toejam August 13, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    Can there be any doubt that facebook was from the beginning and still is at this time a joint operation of the NSA/CIA/DHS and who knows what else, with the likes of billionaire (as his reward) Zuckerface as the front-child and the dictator’s servant.
    Of course all this info is fronted to the computers in Tela aviv.

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  20. billy August 14, 2015 at 5:43 am

    None of my comments ever appear so I am not sure if this will either. Facebook is hilarious, in a sad way.I don’t use it, but have looked via a friend’s a couple times. It is like a tragic comedy with people telling everything to the world. Their mood,what they ate for breakfast, personal and impersonal information of not only their own but also others.
    There doesn’t need to be a special organization for spying. People tell everything publicly. All walks of life parade their lives,good and bad with the strange mindset that others “need to know”. What a brave new world….

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