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Teach Your Child To NEVER Get On This Bus and Then to Run Like Hell

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Children become the leverage to lure in the parents.

Children will become the leverage to lure in the parents.

There are two drills that are conducted in every public school across America, and parents should be leery as to the end game intent of these drills. The drills are popularly known as bus evacuation drill and school lock-down drills. On the surface, these drills seem like a good idea as they appear to be designed to protect children in times of emergency. However, the manner in which some of these drills have been acted upon is very concerning.

In the past couple of days, the following letter has been appearing all over the internet and the persons reporting on this development are acting as if this is something recent and novel and that we should suddenly be concerned about.

Actually, for the past four years, the events described in the following letter, constitute standard operating procedure and contrary to what many are saying, this is not a new development. Should we be concerned? Absolutely, but I have been sounding the alarm on these events for the past four years.

st james lockdown

Lock down drills and bus evacuations go hand in hand just bacon and eggs. Both events appear to constitute a common sense approach in protecting our children from danger. However, the application of these drills should give every parent cause for concern. Let’s take a look at these implementation of these practices and why all parents should have grave concerns about what their child’s school is doing.

Never Let Your Child Get On This Bus

bus evacuation drill 3There is bus that parents should never allow their children to board. It is a bus that could endanger every child and potentially their parents, should the children every board this bus.

The bus I am referring to is a bus that could be used to entrap children and their parents. It is a bus in which the children are used as leverage as the parents are lured into a secure facility. Please read on.

Bus Evacuation Drills

In a theme repeated over and over across America, your child is forced by government regulation, that allows your school to put your child on board a school bus, in a mock disaster drill. Sometimes. the school bus will exit school grounds drive a short distance and return to the school and the children exist and return to class. Sometimes, the children merely board the bus, listen to a lecture about school safety and then return to class. On the surface, these bus evacuation drills appear to be a necessary and proper means to get our children to practice against a potential disaster. That is what I thought until September 23, 2011 and FEMA introduced a drill and a civilian “defense” strategy called Operation Mountain Guardian.

Operation Mountain Guardian

mountain guardian

At your children’s school, you cannot even have your child’s aunt pick them up unless she is registered with the school and shows identification. However, these rules do not apply to the Obama administration because they feel that they own your children.

On September 23, 2011, children, without warning, were abducted from their Denver Public Schools, without the permission of their parents, by FEMA and taken to the Colorado Sports Authority football stadium. This set a precedent that FEMA can literally kidnap children from their schools without parental permission or notification. This is outrageous!


Where will they take the children? Will you get them back and when?

As a part of the drill, several busloads of school children were taken to Sports Authority Field along with their teachers. Surrogate parents were hired by FEMA to attempt to pick up their children at the stadium. The training was apparently a desensitization exercise for security personnel designed to refuse demands to pick up their children from these “pretend” parents. The real parents of these children were not properly notified that their children would be transported to the stadium and would be a part of this disaster drill.

As a parent, I have a major issue when government officials refused to release children to their parents because the authority over a child belongs to the parent, not to a government agency.

In the latter part of the event, as parents discovered that some of their children were likely transported to the stadium, some parents attempted to go to the venue and secure their children.  When they did so, at least initially, the children were not released to the parents. Again, who is the sovereign, the government or the people?

Maybe this picture located near baggage claim at Denver International Airport will make a little more sense after reading this article.

Speaking of Denver International Airport, explain the meaning of the above depiction which was displayed for years near airport baggage.



During Operation Mountain Guardian, the elite were flown into Denver International Airport from which they disappeared, presumably underground, for the three days that the drill lasted. Meanwhile, on the surface, children were being abducted from their classrooms by government officials from FEMA.

In the following report, Aaron Dykes reported on Operation Mountain Guardian and the abduction of children from their classrooms without their parents permission.


If the Operation Mountain Guardian drill was an isolated incident, perhaps the sounding of the alarm bells would be a gross over exaggeration. Unfortunately, this is not the case,  these kinds of drills are popping up all around the country and the overtones which accompany these drills are very disturbing.

Given these events, parents should view bus evacuation drill in a new light and take corrective actions with regard to the enabling the compliance of their children to this illegitimate authority. For any parent to sanction the legitimacy of these drills, the parents are making a tantamount statement that they implicitly trust DHS, FEMA and the Obama administration with their children’s lives.

Lock Down Drills

In the second part of this two-headed monster, lock down drills constitute another area of concern for parents regarding the schools, their partnership with FEMA and the illegitimate use of authority.

Lock down drills are predicated on the notion that we should gather all the children together and placed them behind a locked door and have them lie on the floor.

As a military unit approaches a combat zone, do they bunch up together in a confined space, or do they spread out? Conventional military wisdom says that they would spread out. Yet, in a lock down drill, we have our children do the opposite. And since when does a locked door prevent someone armed with a gun from gaining entry to the locked room? The security practices associated with a lock down drill are almost designed to guarantee maximum casualties.

If someone starts shooting, the best course of action would be to run like hell.

Some will survive by employing this strategy as opposed to crowding children together in a compact killing zone.

Lock down drills have taken on a very ominous presence of permanence. It is no longer a case of a school performing the drill and it is over as the teacher resumes instruction. Please refer to the St. James Catholic school letter to parents about the impending lock down drill. The school is requesting that parents provide supplies to the event in order that the children will be able to stay at the school on a more permanent basis. In fact, FEMA has already prepared its strategy which is designed to turn schools into FEMA camps.

FEMA has published a training manual which serves as the rough draft model for school safety to be enacted by all 50 versions of the State Department of Education, in times of an emergency. Of particular importance and relevance is a document  from the Arizona Department of Education entitled “Staff Skills Survey and Inventory“, which is located on page 76 of their school safety manual. Please note that the lock down letter featured above, mentioned

Some of the skills listed in the inventory make good sense (e.g. EMT, CPR skills, etc). However, there are some skills being surveyed which are concerning because the skills suggest an air of permanence to the use of a school as a permanent site for housing children (see below).

In other words, the organization is in place to turn schools into FEMA camps.

Here is a list of some of the general skills that the government wants to know about with regard to the skill set of school personnel across America.

1. Mechanical Ability (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc.)

2. Waste Disposal

3. Construction

Some have suggested the schools of the future may look more like…


In fact in some of the remodeling of schools, they have been made to look more like prisons than schools.

schools prison fema camp

Prison dining hall of school lunchroom cafeteria? Answer? This is where elementary school kids eat their lunch.

Prison dining hall of school lunchroom cafeteria? Answer? This is where elementary school kids eat their lunch.


Prison fencing and a guard tower at this Denver Public School.

Prison fencing and a guard tower at this Denver Public School. A Denver Public School like the ones that permitted the abduction of the children by FEMA without parent permission.

In a school lock down terrorist drill in New Jersey, students were told that the gunmen were from a group of “fundamentalist Christians” called “The New Crusaders“. You just had to know that the demeaning of Christians and the conditioning of their persecution would weave its way into this process.


In Operation Mountain Guardian the precedent was set that you, as a parent, do not have the right to secure your child in times of a perceived emergency. In other words, the state owns your child. Increasingly, we see this ultra “It takes a village to raise a child” approach in many of our institutions (e.g. CPS) to the exclusion parental rights and constitutional authority.  And let’s not forget that Christians are increasingly being portrayed as the terrorists that everyone needs to be concerned about.

This philosophy is not being practiced in EVERY school district, but it is present in most as we continue to buy into the myth that “they are coming to get us”, “the attack could be tomorrow” and “we could all die”.  All of these thinly veiled excuses serve to propagandize the supremacy of the state over parental authority and the ultimate acceptance of living in a police state based upon a manufactured threat with a very low probability of transpiring.


Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

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  1. smart cookie September 16, 2015 at 5:10 am

    The parents need to sue the teachers (individually and also, the school, the school committee (the individual members and the committee as a group), the principal, the superintendent, the bus driver, everyone in authority, including the town, immediately. Every single person involved. Have each of them arrested for kidnapping and taking their child to undisclosed location (that includes taking them for a ride and turning the bus around and bringing the back), sue for your mental anguish as well as you childs’ mental anguish. Sue them monetarily and sue for their house, car and belongings. Also sue to have their drivers and teaching licenses taken away. If a school nurse is involved, sue her and have her license taken away. If a cop(s) was on duty, get his badge taken away and sue him monetarily as well.
    Each and every parent should do this Immediately.
    You can get a lawyer on contingency. They will make lots and lots of money on this one and so will you.
    DO IT!
    AND all those who received letters (even in good faith), send it to your lawyer (GET ONE) and tell him/her u want them to send a letter to the school committee that if this is ever carried out that they will sued immediately.

  2. whodowetrust September 16, 2015 at 5:20 am

    The best idea is to get your children out of public school and home school (if you can).
    Second best is a faith based school. Note: the above noted school was a private Catholic school that may have sent notice due to the arrival of the Pope and all the chaos that could result.
    Your child would never be able to run when those nice yellow transports arrive since adults would just catch them,but they can be taught how to use a window as a means of escape (without getting injured) if shooting starts and then run like hell (right off school grounds and keep going). Children should always have a fast means of contacting a parent ON THEM.
    I truly pity anyone who must rely on the public school system.
    It’s important to teach children to stay calm, think and not just follow the herd in a crisis. People who live don’t freeze and obey but take the doors God opens (of escape).

  3. ginny September 16, 2015 at 5:21 am

    Sue for your children or you deserve to lose them.

    Sue every single person involved, from teachers to cops, to security to bus drivers to school committee, to the town, to the principal. Sue them individually and sue the individual groups to which they belong (i.e. school committee; school; town; police dept; security company; homeland sec); nurse; bus driver.
    If they hold a license of any kind at all, sue to take it away and sue monetarily as well.
    Get a lawyer fast. Send letter to warn them they will be sued if they KIDNAP and traumatize your child and for traumatizing you.
    If they traumatize u and your child it is terrorism under the patriot act. Sue under the patriot act as well.

    Some lawyers take a good case on contingency. You pay nothing til he wins. Lawyer stands to make a bundle and so do u.
    Teach them a lesson. It’s the only way it will ever stop.

    DO IT. ACT.

  4. Philip September 16, 2015 at 5:21 am

    Probably nobody here fully understands what America’s Founding fathers intended, nor what early Americans had in terms of freedom and actually-owned property. It takes lawyers and bankers to swindle you out of what millions of people fought and died to achieve. They got your rights and monies years ago, now it’s your children. Just like your home, your name (that birth certificate thingy which is securitisation for your lifetime tax payments), your car (the state owns it, do your homework)…..your children are owned. If you do not agree to any of this, drop everything and study what’s available online.

  5. jnarcus September 16, 2015 at 6:15 am

    This is not a new thing. In the late 1950s they used to have city wide evacuation drills. Children were bussed from school to the ‘safe’ location outside of the city for pick up by their parents. It was called civil defense training

  6. Joejoethabeanslayer September 16, 2015 at 6:51 am

    A couple weeks ago in middle tn we had bomb threats for two weeks at varous schools and they had lockdowns and I heard on middle school was bused to another school without parents permission. When I heard about this I went and pulled my grandaughter out of her school. I think and know there are a lot of good teachers in these schools and good police officers at these schools that think they are just protecting the children but I believe when the time comes to pull this atrocity on every school it will be eather DHS or some fed that comes and takes charge and then everyone at the schools will have to obey and go along with it.but like I said to our local news chat room THE STATE DONT OWN OUR KIDS, THE TOWN DONT OWN OUR KIDS, AND THE COMMUNITY DONT OWN OUR KIDS. WE AS PARENTS OWN OUR DAM KIDS AND WE WILL PROTECT OUR KIDS!!!!!!

  7. Johnnycomelately September 16, 2015 at 7:14 am

    As I have said before in previous post’s, the FEMA camps are not for the like’s of you and me. ‘They’ do not have the facilities for that. At best they can sequester about 15 million people. There is estimated about 15 million students in public school at any given time. The recent additional facilities ie Wal-Mart and strip mall remodeling are , I think, a result of the massive influx of illegal ‘children’ poring in last year.

    Do not despair, The children are not being rounded up for extermination but for re-conditioning. They will be relatively safe. Why do I think this? The NWO boys, when all is said and done, want to be left with a manageable and ignorant work/slave force to rebuild with. re; the Georgia Guide stones “Maintain the World population at 500 million.” This would imply that each “surviving” nation is allowed an allotment of slaves. Perhaps I’m not so wrong after all.

    In the meantime, after the children are ‘safely’ sequestered, the NWO boy’s and their minions will unleash the dogs of war in the form civil war, race war, religious war, and WW III/Global war. They plan on a worldwide conflagration of such chaos that will overwhelm the senses of just about everybody. So don’t worry about the children, they will be the safe ones.
    PRAY AND PRAY HARD its gonna get rough.

  8. Arizona September 16, 2015 at 7:51 am

    I KNOW none of you PAY ATTENTION TO THE PROPHETS,but they already warned you the children HAVE ALL been sold to china,and all these drills are to round them up,1.to get your guns,2.get gun owners into a place where they can be taken away to a death camp and killed,the children will be taken to a train to be transported to the coast,where they’ll be loaded on ships to china,KISS them goodby,AND your beloved HERO’S, the police gangs will be protecting the entire operation,IT CAN’T be stopped,the children in america have gone to ZERO in value in the eyes of america,TAKE YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF ALL SCHOOLS NOW,or lose them……..thats If anyone cares…….

  9. wb September 16, 2015 at 9:01 am

    you miss the point of these exercises completely, Dave. people are unaware because they don’t pay attention to history or different political systems out there. what the school systems are doing, at the behest of the feds, for the day martial law gets declared. these exercises are designed to test how long it would take to seize hostages. how else do you expect the feds to get police and military co-operate? with their children whisked away to secret locations most of the parents will comply, at least in the first few days, just enough time to get hundreds of thousands of UN personnel who will arrive and go straight to their hidden stockpiles of vehicles and weapons. once they fan out they will relieve the parents of their duties, drive them to a secluded area, where their children are located, and machine gun them to death. this was Russian and Chinese methods during the early days of the revolution. this method has been used dozens of times across the globe in places like somalia, north korea, iran, pakistan. i find it amazing how little international news gets through here. this shows that the large media conglomerates already have total control of what the American people are told. after such an event, every other parent out there, especially those with smaller children, would absolutely obey the orders of their new masters. parents with older children may flee the area and attempt to start up resistance efforts. this is just fine with thew PTB as among the UN troops will be some of the best on planet eart spec ops forces, designed to hunt you down and execute you. so many people out there that the scenario in the movie Red Dawn would play out the same way here. first of all, we are not talking reservists and these people will be under orders to eliminate entire neighborhoods if required to get the situation under control. look for further than 1980’s Afghanistan, when Russian troops surrounded villages then used chemical weapons and bulldozers to eliminate thousands at a time. this war with the elites will be a war of extermination and their forces will not take prisoners most times but will shoot on site. a group of high school kids going up against special forces would not last the day. the American military has for the most part already been disarmed. all the trains carrying military equipment are being sent to unknown locations and guarded. this way, when hostilities do break out, it will make the elite’s efforts at seizing military bases and troops far easier. a military compound without tanks and artillery simply will not have the firepower to fight back for very long.

  10. Lil September 16, 2015 at 11:42 am

    I have trained my two oldest children who thankfully or high school age to get the heck out of that school at any cost if SHTF . I gave them a plan of action for every possible contingency , have taught them how to gain alliances among other teenagers because there is strength in numbers and if they see an opening take it and run like heck . Parents need to either enroll their children in self-defense or teach them basic Street fighting skills because in a SHTF scenario it’s either fight/run or be imprisoned . This is harder to institute with my youngest one because you don’t want them disrespecting their teachers and having it go to their heads . However running through scenarios is very important I only live a few blocks from my school for my youngest one and I am very into tune with what’s going on there . There is a couple of trainings recently that really disturbs me about my school one was an intruder lockdown training that happened the day before school started but the staff was involved in and secondly there was a “legality “training that was done last week … Followed by an intense survey of all the school staff that’s a huge red flag to me . They tried making a stand against some of the parents by changing some release policies lately and which I threw a hell of a fit . It was not received well at all but I was amazed at the amount of parents who adjusted their plans to accommodate the school .
    Please please please take stock in notice of your child’s school, get to know the office staff really well take notice and make conversation about what kind of trainings that they are being offered noticed publications and bulletins better yet get to be a part of that PTA and get involved in your child’s school in every way possible more parents that we have active in volunteering the better chances we have a exposing this crap before it happens … I urge you , do not take Dave’s warning with a grain of salt saying “it can’t happen they wouldn’t do that” to her kids because believe me they can.

  11. AJ September 16, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    Operation Mountain Gaurdian has kept me in a constant panic since it happened. I’m sure the more and more parents that learn about it will feel the same way. This is a good article as far as explaining the the threat but my question is: What on earth do we do about it? Especially with the younger children, how do we prepare them at all? How do we explain the difference between “be good today, learn a lot & mind your teacher” and “don’t listen, just get out of dodge”? While the threat of the situation terrifies me the idea of not being able to prepare for it makes it 10x worse….

  12. Joshua September 16, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    Dave, The states do “own” these children as is evidenced by their attendance to “public” school. Future parents should consider avoiding contractual agreements with that which seems to work against our best interest.

  13. Dalejrfan8 September 16, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    My daughter just informed me that they have been doing bus drills before They get to school. I ask why she said in cause the bus would catch on fire.They had a lock down the other day at school.

  14. Useless Eater September 16, 2015 at 7:34 pm
  15. Churchill September 17, 2015 at 1:02 am

    Mr. Hodges, I believe this article of yours is quite relevant towards ‘Common Core Education’ and ‘Classroom Integration’ as both represent the non-requirement of parental supervision. ‘Common Core however, does prefer and urge on Parent participation (blind leading the blind). In label directions, they left out the warning of ” Warning, may be hazardous to you and your child’s mind’ ‘Classroom Integration’ is the ability of single or multiple classrooms in another or various schools in different localities to be taught by a Teacher in a classroom several hundred miles away via computer/internet big screen technology with no parental supervision required on the subject at hand. Thank you for the above article. A continually true Republic is only possible through the desires of it’s populace within to educate the young as to their capabilities of Individual Thought. Creativity of continuality is best sought through commonality of Individuality.

  16. Disabled Veteran September 17, 2015 at 3:16 am

    A very valid analysis. If they really cared about the students they would, like in Israel, allow the teachers, bus drivers, and school staff to be armed. We would also secure the borders. The wide open border with terrorists crossing into the US daily is evidence that the federal government couldn’t care less about our safety. The “War on Terror” is a fake.

  17. b September 17, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    Very scary.

  18. b September 17, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    Very scary.

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