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CSS Health Reporter-98 Million Infected With Cancer in Polio Virus

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CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus

Dave Hodges interviewed Katy Whelan, the health reporter for The Common Sense Show. Katy had many stunning revelations regarding health care beginning with the fact that the CDC admits that 98 million Americans were infected with cancer when they took the Polio vaccine.





INVESTMENTWATCHBLOGThe CDC has quickly removed a page from their website, which WAS cached here (since removed by google so you can view an image of the cache here), admitting that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span from 1955-1963 when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40. It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine.
Here is a link to the cached CDC page
Michele Carbone, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone cancers and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. He found SV-40 in 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in 40% of other bone cancers, and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers, writes Geraldo Fuentes.
Dr. Michele Carbone openly acknowledged HIV/AIDS was spread by the hepatitis B vaccine produced by Merck & Co. during the early 1970s. It was the first time since the initial transmissions took place in 1972-74, that a leading expert in the field of vaccine manufacturing and testing has openly admitted the Merck & Co. liability for AIDS…

USDA sued for violating FOIA, denying Americans the right to know the harmful effects of GMOs


by: J. D. Heyes -A food activist organization has filed suit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, alleging that one of its agencies is in violation of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provisions after failing to provide requested documents.

The Center for Food Safety, in its suit against the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, or APHIS, said the agency has ignored FOIA requests for records related to genetically engineered crops by unlawfully delaying responses and withholding public disclosure of information.

As reported by Sustainable Pulse, the suit charges that APHIS has failed to provide timely responses to at least 29 separate FOIA requests or appeals. In addition, the suit claims that of those cases, the agency has failed to provide a final response to ten requests and two appeals.

The suit is asking the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to order APHIS to promptly provide the center with requested information and to further order the agency to end its practice of failing to respond in a timely manner to future FOIA requests for GMO-related data.

Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine Offers Valuable Training for Both Doctors and Laypeople


By Dr. Mercola
Have you ever wondered where a doctor, or even you, can go to get some of the finest training in the world in integrative medicine?
Dr. Lee Cowden is a long-time friend and served as one of my initial natural medicine mentors. He is a former interventional cardiologist who became disenchanted with conventional approaches and used his brilliant intellect to explore natural alternatives.
He’s been working with the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM) to develop the finest, most comprehensive, and cost-effective natural training program currently available.
Dr. Cowden’s interest in integrative medicine goes back to his days in medical school, when he developed an allergy that got progressively worse despite following the conventional treatment protocols.

Circumventing Restrictions Imposed by Professional Organizations and Industry

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to have a medical license to train at ACIM. In fact, the academy encourages laypeople to further their knowledge about integrative medicine in order to help heal themselves and their families. One question that arises is whether or not you might get into legal trouble should you decide to counsel others after receiving a certificate in a particular modality from the academy.
For example, organizations such as the American Dietetic Association (now calling itself the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) has pushed state laws to block almost anyone except their registered dietitians (RDs) from legally giving nutritional advice. One way around this is to establish a private membership association.

Katy’s notes:

Everyone who has listened to this show for any length of time knows that I encourage people to be their own physician as best they can and use the tools God has made available to do so. I am heartened when I hear people tell me how listening to this show helped them understand they have the power to be their own best health advocate so they did a little digging on some health issues and were able to make positive changes in their health.
There are many natural products out there that address everyday health concerns and one of those products is essential oils. They have a host of beneficial properties and work synergistically with the human body to support and initiate natural wellness benefits.

Another thing listeners to the show will know is that I am an independent contractor with an essential oils company and a long term food storage company and that is how I stay on the air providing you with the weekly health report. My passion is self reliance and my time is spent working on the information you hear on this show each week and providing the best possible products to help the listeners prepare for self reliance whether it be in dealing with your health or with food storage.

When you contact me about either of the services I provide, I try create a relationship with you, providing links and information  and help guide you through the process…and your loyalty from the first email or phone call to your first purchase and experience with these services and products, and ONLY through me directly.. is how I am able to continue on the air sharing the health report with you.
I do my best to keep up with the demand and it’s exciting to see so many people waking up and stepping up to be self reliant so I ask you to hang in there and I will get back with you as soon as I can.
When you call, please leave a date and phone number.
Call me at 720 630 3111 and let’s get you started on building your own home wellness cabinet and home food store for the days to come.
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Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

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    This is the basic SCIENCE of the medicinal value of CANNABIS OIL [the ESTSENTIAL OIL] as it relates to cancer: The CANNABINOIDs [the main constituents in cannabis, e.g. THC and CBD] are the counterparts to the ENDOCANNABINOIDs [just like morphine is the counterpart to our endorphins] produced naturally in our bodies [such as ANANDOMIDE]. When these cannabinoids link up with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body’s ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM, a substance called CERAMIDE is released. It is the CERAMIDE that seeks out cancerous cells, destroys the mitochondria [the energy-producing organelles], and thus kills the malignant cells, while leaving healthy cells intact.

    There has been plenty of research on the relationship between CANNABINOIDs and CANCER. These studies show that not only do CANNABINOIDS inhibit tumor growth, but also that they INDUCE CELL APOPTOSIS [programmed cell death]. This is a fact that even the US GOV’T admits on their own website cancerDOTgov [linked below]. Furthermore, Dr. Manuel Guzman [Complutense U. of Madrid] conducted a landmark study that showed: “Cannabinoids are selective antitumour compounds, as they can KILL TUMOUR CELLS without affecting their non-transformed counterparts.” Also, research shows that CANNABINOIDs PROTECT the brain against neurodegeneration.

    We all know how SMOKING cannabis is therapeutic in certain ways, but the HIDDEN SECRET [thanks to RICK SIMPSON and his film: “RUN FROM THE CURE.”] is that the REAL MEDICINE is in extracting the ESSENTIAL OIL [this is NOT the seed oil found in health stores] and using it topically on skin cancer, burns, rashes,… or ingesting it for internal cancers and other ailments.

    Check out the links to the scientific research. Also, check out the clip of the PBS special “Clearing the Smoke.” In it, Dr. Donald Abrams [professor at UCSF & oncologist at SF Gen. Hosptital] & Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti [U. of South Carolina] explain the human body’s ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM and a study that shows that CANNABINOIDs KILL CANCER CELLS in test tubes and in mice.

    Lastly, DENNIS HILL [biochemist, formerly of MD Anderson Cancer Center-Houston–one of the top-ranked cancer facilities in the world] most eloquently explains for the layperson how CANNABINOIDS KILL CANCER CELLS, and how he cured his STAGE 4 prostate cancer in 6 months, without chemo or radiation therapy.


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